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Latest Update: Aug 1, 2019


About the BLB

The 'Little Book' is a Book of God's that has been hidden within the Holy Word of God the Holy Bible for countless years. The Little Book recently revealed to us by God contains information which helps us to understand who God is. Throughout The Little Book God Himself reveals who the Holy Son of God is.

In Revelation Chapter 10 God tells us that His mysteries would be revealed in the End of Days. The Little Book is the instrument God uses to reveal many such mysteries, not only about God but about many other things including ourselves.
The Little Book also takes us on a journey of understanding that we all are about to experience a great change on earth. For true Christians this is a time to rejoice for soon we will be going home. For non-Christians this time of great change will be a time of horrors and hardships during the Tribulation Period.
God states within The Little Book that this revealing Book is to be used by the Church of Christ to save Almighty God's precious Jews and all non-believers from the Tribulation Period which will soon be upon us.

The Little Book is full of information that is important at this time for both Christians and non-Christians alike. The Little Book was given to us by God Himself to be shared with the world.

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666: The Mystery Revealed

This Code System is called Gematria. It has been used for hundreds of years with the Greek and Hebrew alphabet only with somewhat different values to each letter.

The Code, though complex in its make up, is simple to work. The Code itself is simply the addition of 6 to the number 6 and then to each sum total. Then each letter of our English alphabet is given a value based upon the Code.

How the code works

Here each English letter has its own value also. The values of each letter in a word or verse are simply added up. This code uses separate words or all the words within a verse or partial verse. A full verse would be from the beginning of the sentence to the period. Partial verses are up to the commas or other marls God Himself has placed in the Holy Word such as :;."'. and so on.

The Old King James Bible is the one used. This Bible was watched over by God and those whom worked on it were inspired directly by God to insure the Code is written within it. Today there are many versions of the Holy Word, however the Old King James is the only Bible to use with the Code.

666: Now 666: the Updates

666: Mystery Revealed

Aug 1, 2019

This code is the same code used to calculate "The Little Book". Is all regarding the "The Little Book" and 666 going to come true? Only time will tell. I do try hard not to make mistakes but it is certainly possible I tend to leave out letters and words or may add wrong I will try not to do that but excuse me if I do.

Update 46

666 Notes

- On July 26 about 9:50 P.M. we saw a new, very bright light in the south eastern sky.

- This bright light did not rise from the East, it just appeared suddenly a quarter way up the south eastern sky.

- For most of the winter and until tonight the light count has been three, located high in the south western sky.

- The sky has been clear for the last few nights and this new light was not there until tonight and not there all winter.

- So the count of points of lights is now four.

- The best time to look for new points of light is dusk when the sky is still somewhat light blue. often these appear before the street lights turn on.

- I smoke outside so there is nothing better to look at than the south western and south eastern sky. It's difficult to see stars because of city lights where I sit but it's the best place to see points of light that we know are not stars.

- Update: this is now July 27 2019 and the bright point of light we saw last night did not appear again. The three are still there.

- What are these points of light? There are a few possible things they could be but just normal stars they are not.

- The Spirits say they saw a smallish Gray ship come down from high above. Thery know it's not an Anunnaki because their ships are different. God and spirit have not seen Anunnaki ships for a long time now.

- This ship was a smallish spacecraft but not the smallest the Grays have but also not the biggest they have.

- The ship was very bright so it came very near the Earth.

- The past winters have been far more active regarding seeing strange points of light then in the summer months even taking into consideration the dusk time difference.

We are working at typing the 666 section of the Little Book on to a computer. This will better organize the book and make it easier to read and understand. Do not expect it overnight, I hate computers and have long forgotten how to type. All 666 has been recounted and there are a few errors to fix but nothing major.

If something of interest comes up we will put it on this website as we have in the past.

666: Mystery Revealed

The Library of Updates

As of Aug 1, 2019 our 666: Mystery Revealed has 46 updates, beginning with the original first update January 1, 2014. Select a range of updates by year from the list below. Please read these updates beginning at the bottom and read update by update upwards. The last update of each year is at the top and the oldest update is at the bottom.