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Update 8

Oct 15 2014


The following are corrections /mistakes I have made in adding.

Not by heat = 660 Not by a heat = 666
banking causes = 756 banking caused = 666
man causes = 576 man causes an = 666
papacy caused = 690 papacy cause = 666
an orange circle = 750 a orange circle = 666
had bygone days = 780 had bygone day = 666
devote Judah = 690 no correction
oh Lord God = 540 Oh Lord God of = 666
womem help = 660 women help = 666

Sorry about these mistakes. All words were counted again and hopefully all errors were found and corrected.

- When people talk about ET's they often talk about beings from other planets. God says look closer to our own home planet. I an told that the alien Grays home planet is our Earth. What happened many thousands of years ago? When I know we will write about it.

- Mr. Blankenship has been involved in the search for treasure at Oak Island Canada for many decades now and is still involved. Can God predict everything? No, but he does try to.

- God tried to give a few people eternal life by giving mankind souls but that failed for all peoples. But the Little book and God do say the flesh does create a ghost. I don't know if this is happy news or not. Is the existence of ghosts like the existence of flesh? Are there good and bad ghosts? How smart are ghosts?Do evil people make evil ghosts? Do ghosts maintain the hatreds and hateful ways of their flesh? Are there evil ghosts that torment the ghosts of good people?

I remember my grandmother. When she died I saw her standing at the foot of my bed. She looked so sad and she shook her head side to side as if to say that being a ghost had its problems. I can not remember her ever looking so sad.

Was this a dream I had? I don't remember anything in my life that was more clear to me as that was. When people think of souls going to heaven it's generally a happy thought but I know for sure no flesh has such souls.

Can ghosts fly to the stars like Spirits ca? I don't know but I do know I would not want to share this earth with the ghosts of many people who lived like Hitler and Jim Jones and many others. Ghosts are energy and I wonder what an atomic bomb would do to such energy. God forbids Spirits to be on earth now because of the threat of nuclear war. The Spirits would not survive. So would ghosts?

- Will there be a Rapture? Will Christians be taken away before the war? The answer is definitely no. God cannot do that and even if He could why would He? Most Christians today are more pagan then they are true to the real truth about God and the faith that Jesus taught.

- Was Jesus married? The question should be does it matter if Chist was married or not? If he married Mary Magdelene and had children is that a sin? God blessed the marriage between a man and a woman and among the first things he said to Adam and Eve was to be "one" and have children. Is mattiage a sin if by man and a woman? No. So the question is does it matter if Jesus was married or not? No, he would still be free of sins either way.

- So why does the Catholic church not allow priests to marry? There should be nothing in the Bible against it. Financially it is cheaper - a lot cheaper to cover the cost of a single man, food, shelter, clothing - then it is to cover the needs of a family. The Vatican City is a very rich place, as is generally the Catholic church.

- Jesus instructed mankind in Matthew 23:9 saying - And call no man your father upon the earth: For one is your Father, which is in heaven. I never understood the Catholic church regarding this verse and why it is completely ignored by the Catholic church.

- Is Obama going to give Iran the nuclear bomb? It's starting to look that way. Iran's leader and many of its people have not hidden their desire to destroy Israel and the U.S. but it won't stop there.

- Where is flesh going? It's like three strikes and we are out. Flesh was created on Earth a long, long time ago and flesh peoples almost destroyed all on Earth. Those people were into a space age such as we are now only more advanced. Survivors who were not on Earth when total destruction happened went to Mars because Earth was a toxic environment. An old saying "History repeats itself" happened and most all was destroyed.

Now ET's as they are called are back to Earth because Mars is difficult to live on now. They want their old home back. Why? Because there is no place else left to go. They are no more able to go to another planet in another solar system than we can.

That is twice now that flesh has almost completely destroyed a planet. If we do it again we are out. Jehovah will never again tell another Adam and Eve to "replenish" the Earth or any other planet. It's over for all mankind, including our related brothers we call ET's. All flesh will die out. This experiment with making living creatures out of dirt has failed, we failed. The third strike is right around the corner. The fact that our brothers the ET's waited too long to take back the Earth as their home proves they are not much smarter then us.

- Jehovah has a different way of thinking about abortion then most all people have. Jehovah created mankind many hundreds of thousands of years ago. He thinks Himself as being the Father of all mankind and of all living flesh creatures. These young babies with the womb are as much His children as they are children of the parents and even more so. He is the Father to all of us. To abort a child is to abort His child.

Again bout our third strike. I made a mistake in updates that God seeded life in three galaxies. God did seed the beginnings of life but it was three times, twice on Earth and once on Mars. Those who know the world as it is know we are heading toward a third strike out and again an end to all flesh life. The Bible says all life will die "unless" Jehovah shortens the days. This is God's way of saying He could step in and stop things that will destroy all life before those days come to be.

Will God shorten the end time number of days so to bring an end to mankind destroying all on Earth and so much of end prophecy does not come to be? The answer is simple: No, God will not shorten the number of end time days. Put simply Jehovah has given up on human kind. God will not shorten the end time days not allowing the most evil of days to be numbered during these end times. God said in the Bible that if He wanted to only He could shorten the end time days so end time prophesies do not happen. God and Spirits have gone through a lot so to keep mankind on the right track but with all of that we have still struck out. God telling us that He could shorten the end time day was our only hope to avoid all that prophesy teaches about our time but Jehovah has given up on mankind in general.

You only need to look around the world and to know our history to know why. ET's, our brothers from ancient times, need the Earth as do we. Not even ET's can travel to far from here which is why they are often seen. God is going to allow those destructive days to happen so an end to all flesh creatures does happen. God cannot trust mankind or ET's not to take our evil stuff and evil ways beyond our solar system and simply mankind and ET's must die.

- The Rapture can't happen. Jehovah can not make flesh suddenly disappear and reappear in Heaven. There is nothing in people that is truly Spirit except for a few people who have a Spirit spy with them. No Rapture.

- About scientists. Romans 1:30: ...inventors of evil things... Romans 1:32: that they which commit such things are worthy of death...

- Doing the Little Book is easy for me, it's like I know what God want to talk about. The reason why updates are few and far between is because Satan caused many problems for millions of good Spirits and I'm very much involved in helping them. The Spirits are more important to God than is the Little Book.

- What time is it? 666 words - today behold:
mark of the Beast
beast cometh
a robot mind
a global church
Vatican help
men of service
causes woe
climate hoax
for money
wars advance
toxic food
on-line war
hand chip device
rainbow on
Gay Pride Flag
Barrack Obama give
fearful Iran
behold the bomb
Trump in?
a President
peace diminish
warfare feared
Islam abound
Arab Summer
ISIS beheading
space age advanced
alien vs. man a
alien grays
Auunnaki a E.T.
leads end time
Shaken Earth a
most cancer
Science caused
creation lie
Modern Sin
All Aborting
any fetus
Bob Bigalow's
secret Alien
Nuclear Hell

- There are many more words describing this time in history but we will leave it here. In the U.S. since 1973 about 54,000,000 abortions.
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