666: Mystery Revealed

2016 Updates

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Update 13

November 15 2016

666 Sentences

- Corrupt • men of science • lie cause dread • as many rich • people behind • warming lie• for money• an a federal office • partners corrupt • men of science: The game create •new taxes • for money • soon a time •the needy all • suffer here • because of cold; not by a heat: Carbon tax age • cause woes:

- Alien Grays • a DNA creature Alien Grays • behind circles • about Earth: Gray aliens that are near • made massive • a crop design: A crop design • give shapes • but shapes • are different: A crop design • happen again and • happens again • but shapes • are different: Behold recent • a crop design • a Gray ET's face• and message in • binary math: Grain fields be • canvas which • alien Grays • give signs: Grain fields be • Alien Grays • Practice field • for threat • a Alien vs. Man • sever war A crop design • are rehearsal: Their deadly• weapon like • magneto field : Magneto field • caused design: Magneto field • pattern did • give shapes • in crop field: Magneto field • causes heated • electric field • on plants: Alien Grays • their deadly • weapon like • magneto field: ET's planes • great magnet • on Earth make • a crop design:

- ET's planes • that are near • a Earth star:

- ET's alike a man; a DNA creature: Gray Aliens• need earth land; all waters • for life food:

- Old world be a • pagan world: Humanity • then feared ET: ET evidences • about Earth:

- Time cometh • soon at hand • Alien vs. Man a • slaughter: Alien Grays • want a Earth:

- Behold today • the day at hand • is Sabbath Day:

- A global church • Christmas fail:

- End of a times • is Sabbath Day:

- Time cometh • a cyberwar an • Israel framed:

- Soon at hand • humanity • future as • ?

  • Nuclear hell • as global war
  • The long ice age; great deep ice age:
  • Reality of • a Man vs. Alien • fearful war•
  • Solar chaos •
  • Science caused • fearful Big Bang •
  • An a cyberwar: Electric here • all quits:
  • Arab summer •
  • Radical Climate •
  • A pole shift •
  • Mark of Beast • hand chip device:
  • New taxes • for money:
  • Climate hoax • for money:
  • Middle Easts • people war:
  • Robot help • snatch jobs:
  • All earth cold; famines kill
  • Of EMP attack • electric here • all quits:
  • Electric here • shut off if a • X flare path •
  • Kindled earth:

- All observe • Christos; lie not His • Sabbath Day is • alone day one God of Israel • made end of week • as a Holy Day: End of wee I AM • mind rested; God of Israel • amazing mind: Jesus teach • God of Israel • made end of week • a Holy Day as • Sabbath Day is : Remember again • God of Israel • maketh Sabbath: Today behold • the day at hand • is Sabbath Day; a end of times:

- God I AM is One: Abba not three • Ancient gods: God of Israel • as Spirit • begat humans: Humanity • the third DNA; and the third • a flesh trial:

- A third failure; mankind did fail: Humanity • flesh trial a • repeat chaos:

- Stargate as • feeble fiction; mankind's fable:

- An Anunnaki ET • was back before • humanity:

- Gray aliens • was back before • a Anunnaki ET:

- Coming age hell • as global war • became Armageddon:

- A robot mind • partners • computer: mark of beast • hand chip device • partners • computer:

- Man made Hadron • the collider • causes woe • if mans doing • causes Big Bang:

- Alien Grays • first for • early flesh: Remember again • Gray Aliens • be from Earth:

- Life before Man • God of Israel • make on Earth • a Anunnaki ET; a DNA creature:

- The third DNA • A God of Israel • formed flesh; the flesh man: A God created man; male and female DNA.

- A Earth star • an spaceship: Look up at • lights here • about Earth: Gray Aliens • spaceship an • ET's planes • about Earth: a earth star • be a great ship:

- God of Israel • did ten laws • an law four • is Sabbath Day • an day seven a • Holy day of • God of Israel: God of Israel • maketh Sabbath: Sabbath date is • God of Israel • depart time: Sabbath Day is • a end of times • Today behold • the day at hand • is Sabbath Day: Soon a time • a flesh trial • again over and • mankind did fail : behold today • soon at hand • this age ends: All Souls • as Spirit • depart time • is Sabbath Day: All life here die:

- No Afterlife:

666 Notes

- What is the Soul? There are a dozen interpretations as to what the soul is, which is the right one? The following may be the answer:

- Genesis 4:10 and He said, What hast thou done? The voice of thy brother's blood crieth unto Me from the ground.
- Isia 53:10...When thou shalt make his soul an offering for sin.
- Dead Sea Scrolls Cold...No blood or flesh must appear on you, for the blood is the soul in the flesh.
I used to call the Soul "it". Only recently have I come to understand the Soul is a type of Spirit that allows our flesh bodies to function. Without the Soul we would die, but we do not live on after death in the Soul Spirits.

- How far can flesh go out into space? Why are the Grays still near Earth and the Anunnaki who God created separately many tens of thousands of years ago? Other then the fact there are no restaurants and gas stations every million miles in space. we need to remember we are a flesh trial and as flesh we need Souls Spirits for our flesh bodies to function. These Soul Spirits are not everywhere in the universe, they are not further then our own solar system. If man flies further then the Souls Spirits can go man will die. So like the Grays and Anunnaki we are trapped on Earth or close to it. The end is near anyways.

- There is evidence on Mars that the Grays made it that far but with all their know how they were not able to make it a home so why would man think we could do better.

- Magneto is a machine which uses a magnetic field to produce an electric current and heat.

- Crop circles formations date back as far as 1600 A.D.

- We try not to use the New Testament of the Bible unless it is backed up by the Old Testament because the early Catholic Church added a lot to the New Testament without God's help and guidance.

- Is all by chance in the Little Book? Many subjects are not in the Little Book anywhere but most of the Little Book mimics what is stated in the Bible as one would expect. An example is global warming, there is nothing about this being true but there is lots saying this is a lie. Most of what is listed regarding "future as" = 666 has happened in the past, some many times. God knows our Earth and Sun well. How many people know the Earth's magnetic poles have flipped in the Earth past or that we suffered a small Ice Age only around three hundred years ago and so on. Remember God thought us English and he dealt with two flesh creatures like us in the past, the Gray ET and the Anunnaki. God knows all possible regarding mankind though He did have hope for us but that hope is gone now.

- "The Little • Book causes • great deep fear:" If the Little Book bothers you then you may want to avoid reading revelation and much else of the Bible.

- Plants are like flesh, they too need the Soul Spirits to function and live. All flesh and plants are basically just made from dirt. All need Soul Spirits to give life to that which is dirt.