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Update 28

Nov 16 2017

666 Sentences

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Update 27

Oct 16 2017

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Update 26

Oct 1 2017

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Update 25

Aug 31 2017

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Update 24

Aug 15 2017

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Update 23

July 25 2017

666 Sentences

"Remember again • Templar God • is their I am • God of Israel: Templars be • Hebrew too:"

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Update 22

July 12 2017

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Update 21

July 9 2017

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Update 20

June 4 2017

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Update 19

May 15 2017

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Update 18

April 13 2017

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Update 17

March 27 2017

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Update 16

March 6 2017

666 Sentences

"Think not • beyond logic:"

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Update 15

February 15 2017

666 Sentences

- Jesus teach • God of Israel • decreed teaching:

- Humanity • MY children • for any men • an ye woman:

- Humanity • in man made Hell: The day at hand • behold hell is • about earth• and no fable hell • in earth here • and our death • agonize free: After death end • mortal life • human bodies • does all become • dry dust: Mortal life • love sleep: Human bodies • death only be • the endless • glad deep sleep:

- God created a man • an ye woman: Humanity • had Garden of Eden • and God blessed • humanity: Adam and Eve home • Garden of Eden had • all needs for • humanity • a DNA creature:

- Genetic code of • humanity • third form • a DNA creature: A God created man: The flesh man • a flesh trial: Third form • a flesh trial • mankind did fail:

- Genetic code of • humanity • is different • of any flesh: Genetic code of • humanity • are not same • as any Gray: Genetic code of • Anunnaki at ET • are not the same • genetic code of • Humanity:

- Genetic code of • Humanity • third form:

- God made ET called • Gray Aliens • on Earth Ark: Gray Aliens • be from Earth: Aliens Grays • first for • a flesh trial:

- God made ET called • a Anunnaki ET • on Earth Ark: Anunnaki at ET • be from Earth: Anunnaki at ET second before • Humanity:

- The third DNA • God created began • Humanity • on Earth Ark: Humanity • be from Earth • God of Israel • begat humans:

666 Notes

- This has nothing to do with the Little Book but it is something that concerns us. This is mainly for young people and coming from us who are seniors. Some of us have smoked cigarettes for forty or fifty years. Back when we first started smoking it was no big deal but that has changed. Today you may have noticed the governments are putting very high taxes on anything that is addictive such as cigarettes, alcohol, gambling and so on. We are not going to talk about cancer and smokes because carcinogens are everywhere; it's a toxic world we live in. We want to talk about your hopes and dreams and your future. On average we are each spending $400.00 or more each month for cigarettes and we pay because our addiction and most all of that money goes to government taxes. Addictions make tax dollar slaves out of all of us and the government knows that and uses addictions against us. If it was easy to quit we all would have years ago. Do politicians care if addicted seniors can pay rent or have money for food; No. With all the money they take do they help people with addiction treatment; No. Do you want a family and children in your future? Do your hopes and dreams include a car and a home for your children? The governments are not going to stop putting more and more taxes on addictive products because they know how hard it is to quit. Do the math and think about your hopes and dreams knowing the government can and will use you as a tax slave anytime they need money. Please think about this and do the math. You young people today are going to have problems but you can make it a little better by stopping smoking now. The money we spent on smokes over the past four years we each could have bought a new car or gone on an amazing vacation each year or give more to our favorite charity to help other people and so on. When you do the math base it at $700.00 a month because that's where it's heading in cost and even more. What do you want in life? How much more could you could you have in your life with that money staying in your pocket and not in the government's pocket? Addicts are easy to use and abuse. Do the math. Talk to your friends about this. We seniors all hope you young people will all butt out before you become addicted to smokes as we are. Please think about this! God cares, too.

- When did mankind know the Earth was round. We are lead to believe it wasn't until Columbus or around that time. In the book of Isaiah 40:22 it states: "It is He that sitteth upon the circle of the Earth..." Isaiah was here somewhere around 739 - 683B.C. The Little Book states that even the Romans came to America but God made them leave some how. God was keeping North America for tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh as he had promised.

- When is the end? We know we are now living in the Sabbath Day and we know one day of God equals 1000 years. There are many prophecies not fulfilled yet. The Little Book does not give a date and the Bible says none will know except Jehovah and He is not saying. Live for each moment. It could be sooner or later.

Update 14

January 19 2017

666 Sentences

- God of Israel • teach Jewish:

- God of Israel • teach English:

- God of Israel • teach DCLXVI:

- God of Israel • called DCLXVI • 666:

- DCLXVI break • alpha sealed code:

- In Gods book • the Little • Book language • hath English: Book code key • 666: El Roi create • the Little Books shape: God of Israel • author code a • hidden teaching: English seal • hidden teaching: English break • advanced Bible code • in Gods book • Modern math • # six opened • the riddle God • El Roi • create: Hidden teaching • like bitter • herbs eateth: End of times • hidden teaching • for world.

- Today behold • most cancer • science caused: Nay many die: Science legacy • as atom changed • made poison: GMO safety • a betrayal lie: A lie motive • for money:

- Behold today • Alberta create • new taxes • for money: New taxes • are stealing • our small • meat money: Climate hoax • for money • hurts all • Canadian poor • Corrupt • Canadian leaders • new taxes • hurts all:Corrupt • Canadian leaders • people sin: They deceive • for money:

- Hear me; richer • self-centered • people sin: The selfish • people sin • an all against • God of Israel • decreed teaching • to all share • Earths food • and to a equal • home estate: Alas selfish • people sin • about Earth: Self-centered • people sin • an all against • God of Zion • decreed teaching:

- Corrupt • men of science • maketh machine: Machines for • fearful war • an a federal office • partners • men of science:

- God of Israel • I AM HE forsake • alien Grays; Anunnaki a ET • and now us:

- Global war as • nuclear hell • cause again ice age; great deep ice age • about Earth: Global ice age again • ends people; ends animals • and turns • plants black:

- On Earth ark • no life after • nuclear hell:

- On Earth ark • no life after • great deep ice age:

- Men of science • an a federal office • about Earth • chance a latter • great deep ice age • after war and • nuclear hell • about Earth:

- Land after ice age • warming heal: Soon at hand • another ice age: Colder sun • permit ice age: Warming heal • buried Earth • happen again and • happens again:

- Nuclear hell • cause again ice age • about Earth:

- Corrupt • carbon science • causes woe: Canadian poor • here suffer • with more • new taxes: Poorer are • MY children: new taxes • did make poor • here suffer: Men of science • an a federal office • corrupt • carbon science • for money • an noted rich people behind • corrupt • carbon science • all payed to • lie the Earth • will warm:

- After ice age land • will warm:

666 Notes

- You probably noticed that I am no scientist so we will put this question to the people who are scientists. The question is, "Which side of an Ice Age are we on? Are we on the warming side of the last Ice Age or are we on the cooling side of the next Ice Age?" We have to be on one side or the other, so which side is it? How can anyone talk about climate change without knowing the answer to this question? Can mankind change what is the natural causes to either warming or cooling of this planet? Throughout the history of the Earth there has been many, many ice ages. Ice ages can be dated as far back as 800,000,000 years ago. There have been hundreds of ice ages. Can people stop global weather changes that are common and natural to this planet
If we are on the warming side what can we expect? We know ice ages can lower the ocean level by about 300ft. We know people or Grays or Anunnaki built ocean view cities which are now covered by the ocean and there are roads that now enter into the ocean and seas. If we are still warming can we expect the ocean to continue to rise and swallow up many of our cities? Will weather chaos get worse and so on? It's time to quit pretending mankind can change global warming and start learning how to live with it. But what is it's on the cooling side, what then? If we are headed for another ice age it's a worse reality then warming. How do 7 or 8 billion people prepare for that and the suffering it would cause?
Either way, taxing people will not change anything. Governments stealing money from their nation's people is just corrupt and wicked!

- Recently Jane Fonda came to Alberta and flew over our Oil Sand site in a helicopter. Afterwards she put down the Oil Sands and Canada. We know Fonda was paid by Green Peace to come here. When we knew she was coming we put together a group of educated and experienced people regarding the Oil Sands. Fonda was invited to meet with these knowledgeable people but she chose not to go to that meeting. Is the reason she did not go because she already sold herself to Green Peace and their agenda? The helicopter pilot said Fonda was with two Green Peace people who were misleading her regarding almost everything about our Oil Sands. Fonda is not the first Hollywood type to come here who were ignorant as Fonda is about our Oil Sands and all of our oil ands gas industry. There was one Hollywood type who came to the Calgary-area and it was cold when he got here. I don't remember his name (Leonardo DiCaprio) but within a few hours the temperature went from very cold to very warm for winter. This guy said something like "This proves global warming." In Hollywood you may call natural weather changes global warming but in Canada we call this a Chinook. Our industrial standards and regulations are the highest in the world and we are a nation where human rights are second to none. A pristine environment is what we strive for. Had you come in the summer you would have seen the beauty of land already reclaimed there. There is a reason Green Peace gets Hollywood types up here in winter. Go to the other oil-producing nation even the U.S. buys from, now there you will get an education.

- The time line of an ice age is not known yet but it does not matter since the Earth and weather will continue to change. Are we warming or cooling? Are we warming since the last ice age or cooling and on our way to the next ice age? Either way we can expect a continuation of climate change. If there are lots of 666 words or word groups in the Little Book you can probably bet it's a correct prophesy about the subject. I will just write the word or word groups about this:

- 666 pro ice age
Great deep ice age - The long ice age - toward ice age - A weather ice age - beware colder - All Earth cold - radical Climate - and a coming ice age - Our colder • Earth buried - a long ice age again - ice age desolate -

- Oceans descends
Our sun 666 words
- Sun Changes - Solar chaos - less light - Colder sun
666 pro warming
- Will warm
666 connecting words and whats going on climate hoax - warming lie - Science Scheme - had carbon tax - Carbon science - corrupt - for money - new taxes

- There are so many people hypocrites these days. It's amazing how many people think they are an important somebody and want to rule over other people. Like David Suzuki, Al Gore, Neil Young, Green Peace and so on. And now Jane Fonda. Count the mansions, BMW's and jets these guys own. What's their carbon footprint compared to yours.

- From the Canadian Dictionary - Hypocrisy mean: The act or fact of putting on a false appearance, especially of goodness or religion. A pretending to be what one is not, actors.

- Are we running out of time as Fonda said? When it comes to climate how would we know when climate scientists do not seem to know which side of an ice age the Earth is on? Is the planet still warming from the last ice age or is it cooling and headed toward the next ice age? How much warming is natural after an ice age?

- Are we running out of time? Flesh is running out of time, it's the Sabbath Day; Judgment Day. Out time is running out and sooner then you think.

- We don't like doing "Notes", we prefer to let the Little Book speak for itself but sometimes God wants something written that may not be in His book. An example: Trudeau, our Canadian Prime Minister, had a town hall meeting and a lady was speaking about having to work fifteen hours a day to pay for hydro which now costs more than her mortgage. We have heard a lot of people who are suffering as she is because of new taxes. This lady we cried for; she trying to take care of her family, trying to keep her home and, and, and, and did Trudeau offer words of hope? Not one word. Did Trudeau have pity for her? Not any. She is not alone, many Canadians are now financially suffering because of the new carbon tax. How quickly all has changed for Canadians almost overnight.

- We listen to talk radio during the day and when some subjects are on God listens, too. We can sense it when something angers God. The subject was Trudeau giving some Aga Khan tens of millions of our tax dollars and spending the holidays on an island in the Bahamas that this Aga Khan privately owns. The money was for some foundation that this guy runs. Meanwhile at home in Canada we have hungry and homeless people who's holidays were spent in a homeless shelter, many are children. What the foundation does we don't know but if his people need help sell the island and mansions and so on and help them, poor people in Canada need help, too, Trudeau.

- Lately have you heard about something or seen something and thought, "This world is going crazy."? You are not alone.

- We feel we need to keep saying plants, trees and grasses need CO2 for food. Canada's carbon footprint is nothing or almost nothing because we have trees and plants coast to coast and north to south so why are our Oil Sands so passionately being picked on? What's the game going on?

Update 14

January 1 2017

666 Sentences

- God of Israel • did ten laws • an law four • is Sabbath day: God of Zion • maketh Sabbath day is significant • for any men • an ye woman • about earth: Know VMM • is Sabbath date: Behold today • the day at hand • is Sabbath Day: A last day is • about now:A time soon • this age ends: Remember again • humanity • the day at hand • is Sabbath Day:

- Sabbath Day is • God of Israel • depart time • an return • in the Heaven:

- Humanity • a flesh trial • failure for • being proud; being occult; being abominable; being the blind; for to being • corrupt; stubborn; headstrong; being hateful • pagan world: Pagan world • like killing:

- God of Israel • created Heaven: No flesh life • walked Heaven: Look up at • the stars a • image of Heaven:

- Today behold • humanity • grow evil • about earth:

- Pagan world • make ritual • an a reverence • payed to all • other gods: Catholic decree • a Christmas • ritual date • in the December • fading month: Pagan world • cut trees: Take heed rite • kill trees; pine trees: Catholic decree • pagan world • ritual make • our Xmas: Christmas a • pagan world • rite offended • God of Israel: Christmas a • pagans made day:Pagan homeland • Roman lands:

- Roman too • sailed early • great sea to • early America:God scheme ended • Roman America:

- Anunnaki a ET • mixed seed made • a offspring • God of Israel • called abominable • Nephilim ET: All Nephilim • giant aliens: God demolish • all Nephilim • about Earth: By flood ended • all Nephilim:

- God made ET called • Alien Grays: God of Israel• make on Earth • a DNA creature: Alien Grays • first for • a flesh trial • on Earth ark: Alien Grays left planet • after wars • slaughter • most ET's:

- Not ET begin • a DNA creature: A God created man; God of Zion: Humanity • third form • male and female DNA: God of Israel • begat humans:third form • the flesh man •

- Mars second • ET home range: Mars trial • in great failed • so their back • about Earth: Remember again • Gray aliens • first for • early flesh • and Gray aliens • be from Earth:

Look up at • lights here • about Earth: A Earth star • that are near • about Earth • an Spaceship: Gray Aliens • made massive • spaceship an • estate home: Gray Aliens • maketh many • spacecrafts • about Earth:

- They are no • stars so • Humanity • and nations • beware small • Alien Grays • want a Earth • refuge back again:

Gray Aliens • Mars trial • after wars • about Earth • in great failed: After wars • about Earth • Anunnaki a ET • and Gray Alien • left planet: All ET wars • kindled Earth:

- Gray Alien • a DNA creature • alike ours: Alien Grays • space age bodies • became in space an • small bodies: ET weak body • because bones • become waste: Space evidence • good proof • bones reduce: Flesh need the • gravities a • planet has if • ET's in space • or too man:

- Humanity • hath failed like • Anunnaki a ET • and Alien Gray:

- Humanity • Pagan world • ancient gods • all a Anunnaki: All Anunnaki a • life before man:

- Remember again • a Earth star • be a great ship:

- Abba not three • Judaic Deity: I AM GOD is One • Judaic Deity: God of Israel • made peoples:

- God of Israel • author a code • # six opened: numbers and • mathematic I • add • called Gematria: Torah shape • a prophetic • war message: all teachings • in God's book; it God created: English break • God of Israel: the little • book causes • fear on Earth: In God's book • most hidden • mind riddles • like bitter • herbs eateth: All teachings • God creation: Mind riddles • strange code • affirmed that • modern math • # six opened • advanced Bible code:

- The Little • Book pages feed • humanity • about now: Maker reveal • future as • bitter like • Armageddon began • as global war: soon at hand: Hear and believe • the day at hand • is Sabbath Day:

- The Little • Book giving • God of Israel • last book if a • Sabbath Day is • the day at hand:

In God's book • English left • advanced Bible code • reveal pages • good proof • an knowledge:

- Many laughed:

- Anunnaki a ET: All Nephilim • a offspring: Anunnaki a ET • began mixed race • with ashamed • defiled woman: a Anunnaki ET • be from Earth: All Nephilim • giants clue • about Earth:

- Nuclear hell • kindle Earth: Nuclear hell • ends people • so all Earth • became void again:

- No afterlife • for any men • an ye woman:

- Mortal life • love sleep: Death only be • like the good • Glad deep sleep: Again fear not: God of Israel• makes clear in • Gods end book • no afterlife • for any life • of any flesh:

- Churches lie • mortal life • made Ghosts • an Ghosts be a • all infinite • as Spirit: A strange lie • people behind • bodies deaths • made Ghosts: Mankind lies • Ghosts in • mortal life:

- Gods ancient • partners • Israel flock: God of Israel • made Knights • Templars be • Gods ancient • partners: Israel flock • are yet called • God of Israel • chosen flock:

- Men of Science • corrupt • atoms does • cause woes:

- Mediums lack • knowledge an • God of Israel• decreed teaching:

- Third last • Global war as • Nuclear Hell • end to all man • an ye woman • as global war • became Armageddon: After wars • Earth kindled • about Earth: Future as • the Earth bare: Once again war • voided Earth:

- MMXVI • date • gray headed Fred • Nolan pass • into death an • glad deep sleep:

- Today behold • about Earth: Now take heed:

- El Judgment • is Sabbath Day: Sabbath Day is • soon at hand:

- Love colder • about Earth:

- Pagan world • had many gods: Today be same a • Pagan world:

- Calf religion • about Earth • be idolatry:

- God of Israel • watch hatred • grow evil • about Earth:

- Middle Easts • violence bare • cities fast:

- Reality of • Nuclear Hell • time cometh:

- New taxes • about Earth • and nations • maketh needy • suffer here:

- Japan fearful • and nations • as radiation • make desolate • Sea waters: time cometh • Pacific Ocean bare:

- Men of science • cause woes:

- Robot help • snatch jobs • an no work for any men • an ye woman:

- Middle East's • people war: Many fleeing:

- Famines kill • about earth:

- An a federal office • wisdom fail • because of so • corrupt • people sin:

- Take heed now • humanity: Alien enemies • Anunnaki a ET • and Alien Gray • near Earth edge:

- Trump in • a president: He wins the • days vote:

- A global church • Christian fail:

- Radical climate • common change • as for Earth:

- My tribes • Israel flock • about Earth:

- Back home thy • Judaea people:

- Carbon science • climate hoax • for money:

- A Earth star • be a great ship:

-On Mars land • again a dry land:

- Gray Aliens • practice here: On Earth make • a crop design: Pattern did • give shapes • in crop field:

- Sinner men • an ye woman • sex slaved • My children: Filthy male • raping them • did a great sin: Raping them • much disgrace • humanity:

- Humanity • grow evil: God of Israel • again watches:

- Most Faith • faint-hearted

- Flesh sins • hath increase • about Earth:

- Preaching fear • causes woe; nay disbelief:

- Robbers hacked • computer • for money • hacking into • computer • an a federal office • computer • causes woes:

- People behind • bombings ye • like killing: God of Israel • again watches:

- You flesh • a DNA creature • need a Soul an • God of Israel: A Soul does • give life to a • formed flesh • an herb plant:

- Men of Science • corrupt • nature life:

- Mortal life • love sleep:Human bodies • death only be • the endless • glad deep sleep: After death end • mortal life • human bodies • does all become • dry dust:

- God of Israel • and Spirit a • all infinite • heaven beings:

- El Judgment • of mankind are • soon at hand: God of Israel • El Judgment • is Sabbath Day:

- God of Israel • made solvable • 666 riddle about • humanity • wicked past; about now • humanity • future as • a end of times • for any men • an ye woman:

- Give ear Hell be • a motive lie • for money: at Catholics • churches lie • about an hell • to people be • a motive lie • for money:

666 Notes

- Don't blame Souls for what mankind does. Souls only give the breath of life to dust allowing flesh and plant life to exist. There is no furnace called Hell. God does not blame Soul Spirits for the evil of people and the flesh would simply burn up and become dust. It's hard to understand why so many people believe Jehovah is that cruel.

VMM = 7000 in Roman numbers. Roman numbers are often used in the Little Book.

- Why is it so important that we understand Jehovah's Sabbath Day. There are two parts to this question. Sabbath Day can be the seventh day of the week, the seventh month, the seventh year, or the years seven thousand. The Torah and the Bible say God created all in six days and blessed the Seventh day which He called the Sabbath.

- Psalm 90:4 For a thousand years in thy sight are but as yesterday when it is past....
- 2 Peter 3:8 But beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

- The reference to the Sabbath Day in the Little Book is about the day at hand for which we are living now. Dating mankind back in history at best goes back to 5000 B.C. 5000 + 2016 = 7016. We are living now in the Sabbath year according to God's days. Some stuff on Earth made by the hands of flesh can be dated back tens of thousands of years before mankind even existed but mankind usually get credit for it. We need to remember that we are the third flesh trial of so called intelligent beings created on earth.

- Jeremiah 10:15 tells us about Christmas trees.

- Was Jesus a handsome man? According to Isaiah 52 and 53 Jesus had no beauty or comeliness. Isaiah 53 also says Jesus will see "seed" which means His children.

- The reason God uses the word ET's and Alien is because He knew we would and because these words fit within the Little Book puzzle. Remember God taught mankind English. The Grays and Anunnaki were both created by God on this Earth. like ourselves.

- A Earth star = 666 is an ET spacecraft. The reason God calls them Earth stars is because they look like stars in the night sky and are more visible than true stars. If you get to know your night sky the ET ships are easy to spot.

- The time line regarding creation of so called intelligent life on Earth goes back at least 60 to 70 thousand years. First were the Grays. Second were the Anunnaki and third is humans. Each time the Earth needed time to heal because of wars, as to the path we are going. There have been a few ice ages too over the years. We are the last and we are failing just like the Grays and the Anunnaki also failed. After us God will never again create life from dirt.

- A lot of prepares are digging bunkers and stocking up on food and weapons and such. Many rich are doing their thing, some even buying a place in space. Many people fear the future. We know something is coming, the question is what. Can we hide from all to come? The Sabbath Day is God's departure time and when He leaves so do all the Soul Spirits and all life made of dirt will die, even all in space. Can we change God's mind about saving us? We can try? Take a honest look at mankind around the world and at ourselves. Not much hope for mankind there.

- In the money pit in Oak Island Canada a stone slab was found 90 feet below ground level. In the pit there were Oak Island platforms every 10 feet. The inscribed stone tablet had strange symbols carved on it. Somebody tried to decode the symbols and believes it says: 40 foot below 2 million pounds.

If Jehovah has something to do with this He probably left his signature somewhere in the math. I'm using a 10 digit calculator.

1 foot = 12 inches
1 cubit = 18 inches
1 common talent = 75 pounds
40 foot x 12 inches = 480 inches
10 foot x 12 inches = 120 inches
2,000,000 pounds / 75 pound talent = 26,666.6666
480 inches / 18 inches = 26.6666666
120 inches / 18 inches = 6.6666666
6.666666666 / 666 = 0.01001001

Cubits deep = 26.66666666
Total Talents = 26,666.66666

The fact that Cubit depth and total amount of talents equals the same numbers except for the decimal point difference is interesting.


Binary code is seven numbers. If we remove the first two numbers 1001001 means "I". Could this be God's work? "I" does love to play with numbers; especially the number 6 and 666.

- When it says that Grays, Anunnaki, and Humanity were all flesh trials God is referring to so called intelligent creatures like man. God created all life on Earth even the dinosaurs and plants.

- Mr. Fred Nolan was a Oak Island treasure hunter.

- How does God feel about scientists? Romans 1:18-32.

- Revelation 10:1-11 talks about the Little Book. It states the the Little Book will teach people and the mystery of God should be finished by what Jehovah's Little Book states.

- I did find a mistake in my work regarding ghosts. There are very few subjects spoken of in the Little Book 666 but what is covered usually have peoples common beliefs and the God given truth. We wrote in the past about peoples common beliefs but forgot what God had to say about ghosts. In this update we have corrected.

- This was written by a Christian organization about Revelation 10:1-11: "The prophesies here will be explained and proclaimed to the nations at the time of the end. God plans to ensure that the final proclamation of His prophesies, and the gospel itself, grabs the attention of all people." This is unusual since most preachers avoid this entire chapter because they have no understanding of its meaning. These guys do.

- It is interesting that the main Roman Numerals add to 666. M=1000, D=500, C=100, L=50, X=10, V= 5, I= 1.

- The word "Replenish" was used twice regarding a void Earth. Replenish means to fill again or provide a new supply. God told Adam and Noah to replenish the Earth. Adam was after Anunnaki.