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Welcome to Update #12

Date: Nov 27, 2022

Welcome to Update #12

This book is LORD ELohim's like all other books on the web site . This book is not for everyone . The LORD ELohim wants people to know what is true and what is not true about many subjects and some people do not want to know the truth . Be warned it is not all good news .

The meaning of these are : CB means Christian Bible . JB means Jewish Bible . NT means New Testament in the CB . OT means Old Testament in the CB . NIV means the New International Version Christian Bible . KJV means the King James Version Christian Bible . God's name mostly used in the Little Book is LORD ELohim . The name LORD on its own means LORD ELohim . ( B ) means it is not said by Y'shua . ( R ) means what is said that Y'shua said . The name Y'shua is the true name of Jesus and we use his true name unless the name Jesus is in verses . We write the verses exactly as it is written in the CB or JB . The true name of all women called Mary is Miriam . Miriam was their Jewish name just like Y'shua was Jesus Jewish name . If we are writing verses in the CB or JB we write the verses in this italic font . Again when we write verses , we write the verses as they are written in the CB or JB . This .... means the entire verse is not written .

Book of Acts

-      Acts 1 : 4      ( B )      In the NIV     :     On one occasion , while he was eating with them , he gave them this command : .... Spirit cannot eat . Spirits can taste food but they cannot eat food . These verses claim that the risen Y'shua ate with them . Y'shua would have had to be mortal yet . Also if Y'shua was Spirit at that time the disciples would not be able to see or hear him . Again LORD ELohim never raised Y'shua from being dead .

-     Acts 1 : 9 - 11     ( B )      In the NIV     :      After he said this , he was taken up before their very eyes , and a cloud hid him from their sight . They were looking intently up into the sky as he was going , when suddenly two men dressed in white stood beside them . " Men of Galilee , " they said , " why do you stand here looking into the sky ?  This same Jesus , who has been taken from you into heaven , will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven . " Mortals cannot see or hear Spirit . If they really saw the dead man Y'shua , he would have to be mortal flesh still . Heaven is billions of miles away from earth . How can a mortal fly to Heaven without a spaceship ? LORD ELohim says these men dressed in white were not His mortal helpers we call     ' men of God ' . LORD ELohim and even with the help of thousands of other Spirits could not lift a mortal man up . Spirits go through almost everything including people so Spirit could not take Y'shua's mortal body to Heaven . Y'shua in any form did not go to Heaven and he will not be returning since he never left earth because he was and is dead . LORD ELohim asks you again to Think Not Beyond Logic . Spirits can fly through space but mortal flesh and bone would never survive in space or in Heaven which is why no mortal has ever gone to Heaven including Y'shua .

-      Acts 1 : 18 & 19    ( B )      In the NIV     :     ( With the payment he received for his wickedness , Judas bought a field ; there he fell headlong , his body burst open and all his intestines spilled out . In the book of Matthew 27 : 1 - 5 it says When Judas , who had betrayed him , saw that Jesus was condemned , he was seized with remorse and returned the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests and the elder ..... So Judas threw the money into the temple and left . Then he went away and hanged himself . Did Judas commit suicide or did he fall by accident and die ? It has to be one or the other or even something else since people only die once . How can there be two stories for just one story ? Christians believe their Bible is perfect and without error . Obviously this is an error . Which one is the error if either of these two ? The CB seems confused about this.

( 12 : 1 )     NOTES    :     In the Christian Bible it often says their verses are backed up by the Jewish Bible . The Old Testament in the CB is suppose to be a word for word copy of the Jewish Bible . That is rarely true . Often the CB OT is changed and not the same as the JB and it is the CB OT Christians use to say their New Testament verses are correct but again verses in the CB OT verses are often changed from what is in the Jewish Bible . The JB came first , so to use it to verify verses in the CB NT it must be perfectly word for word what is written in the Jewish Bible . If the CB OT is not word for word what is written in the JB then It's  not correct for anything . A good example : In the NIV it says that in Acts 1 : 20 " For " said Peter , it is written in the Book of Psalms : May his place be deserted ; let there be no one to dwell in it . The Christians claim that the verse in Psalms 69 : 25 backs up this verse . In the NIV Old Testament in  Psalms 69 : 25 it says : May their place be deserted ; let there be no one to dwell in their tents . In the Jewish Bible Psalms 69 : 25 says : Pour out Your wrath on them ; may Your blazing anger overtake them ; may their encampments be desolate ; may their tents stand empty . In the JB this verse has nothing to do with Judas dying from his fall and his land being called ' Field of Blood ' . In the KJV it says in  Psalms 29 : 25 Let their habitation be desolate , and let none dwell in their tents .  Note there is no ' his ' in the OT . In the CB OT it says            ' their ' and speaking of many people .

( 12 : 2 )     NOTES     :    The Jewish Bible LORD ELohim recommends is : The Jewish Study Bible . It has 2309 pages and most all verses are explained . Remember no Bible of any religion is perfect but the JB is far more accurate than any Christian Old Testament version in their many Bibles .

-     Acts 2 : 1 - 4      ( B )      In the NIV     :     .... They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them . All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them . The LORD says this never happen because it could not happen . The word ' tongues ' means languages . The Holy Spirit does not exist and if he did exist you would not be able to see him because people cannot see Spirit except for one time . Moses saw what looked like a bush on fire . For the LORD ELohim to do that took millions of Spirits working side to side for the bush to look like it was on fire . The LORD only did that one time and never asked His Spirit children to do that again . It caused a few problems for them and it was not easy to do . I asked the Spirits with me if any of them could speak more then one language and all said ' No ' . The only language they know is English which is the one language of Heaven . LORD ELohim knows three languages : English , Hebrew and ancient Egyptian because He and the Jews spent a lot of time there . LORD ELohim says again this never happened . It takes years for a teaching Spirit to teach a human very little . How in a couple of minutes could a Spirit teach many different languages and the whole language ? That's impossible for Spirit to do that , especially since the Spirits did not know any of those languages except for Hebrew and ancient Egyptian and English at that time .

-     Acts 2 : 21     ( B )      In the NIV     :    And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved . The CB says that this verse is backed up by Joel 2 : 28 - 32 .  In the NIV in  Joel 2 : 32 it says : And everyone who calls on the name of the LORD will be saved . In the JB there is no verse past 27 in Joel 2 . To find this back up verse you need to go to Joel 3 : 5 in the Jewish Bible . In the JB it says : But everyone who invokes the name of the LORD shall escape , ... So in Joel there is a lot of mix up . In the NIV verse 3 : 1 is verse 4 : 1 in the JB . In the CB it says ' Lord ' which Y'shua was commonly called . In the JB it says LORD which means LORD ELohim and not Y'shua . The back up verse says .... calls on the name of the LORD which means LORD ELohim and not Y'shua . Remember Y'shua was often called Lord but LORD ELohim is always called and written LORD . Even in the CB in the Old Testament the name is LORD which again does not mean Y'shua so this verse in Joel does not back up Acts 2 : 21 .

( 12 : 3 )       NOTES     :     The word written LORD means LORD ELohim . It is often spelt LORD . To change letter size to write LORD as often as we write it would mean a lot of changing letter size so we write LORD this way and the LORD ELohim is OK with that . There are many meanings to the word Lord spelt this way and the word lord and none of them means a God . Y'shua was a couple of times called Lord which again does not mean God . There are rulers , masters , chiefs , a feudal superiors ,  nobleman , House of Lords , Lord Chamberlain , Lord Chancellor and so on .

( 12 : 4 )      NOTES     :       We are going back to John 6 : 50 - 63 again because of a magazine we read . Remember Y'shua was said to have said several times that :   But here is the bread that comes down from heaven , which anyone may eat and not die . I am the living bread that came down from heaven . Whoever eats this bread will live forever . This bread is my flesh , which I will give for the life of the world . " .... " Very truly I tell you , unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood , you have no life in you. Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life , and I will raise them up at the last day . For my flesh is real food and my blood is real drink . Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me , and I in them ..... And it goes on and on like this . In the magazine it says all these verses is a metaphor and was never meant to be taken literally word for word .   Y'shua had a lot of disciples at that time other than the original twelve .  In John 6 : 60 - 69 it says : On hearing it , many of his disciples said , " This is a hard teaching . Who can accept it ? " .... From this time many of his disciples tuned back and no longer followed him . Y'shua also says : 63 The Spirit gives life ; the flesh counts for nothing .  Then he asked if the twelve disciples wanted to leave him to and it says : Simon Peter answered him , " Lord , to whom shall we go ? You have the word of eternal life .... . If these verses were just a metaphor , someone forgot to tell all his followers that . When Y'shua lost many followers because he said these verses then why did he not tell them he was just joking or they are a metaphor or whatever else . But he never said anything about these verses being a joke or being a metaphor and he lost most all of his disciples over it . The fact that Y'shua never said anything to try to keep his many followers is a sign he meant what he said . It say Y'shua also said : " The Spirit gives life ; the flesh counts for nothing . If that's true then what will be raised from the grave on the last day ? Do you really think LORD ELohim would say to His Spirit children that you all will go to the grave with the flesh . Can you imagine the LORD saying to Spirits regarding Adam and Eve if such Spirits existed in them that these Spirits would have to stay in a dirt grave for six thousand years until raised on the last day . If you believe LORD ELohim would do that to any of His Spirit children : you still don't know Him very well do you . If talking about resurrection of the dead you can only be speaking about mortal flesh and bone and not Spirit so the flesh then ' would count for something ' . No mortal has a Spirit within them that they can call their own and live beyond death within : not even Y'shua . LORD ELohim says Y'shua never said these verses to people : to eat his flesh and drink his blood or that flesh means nothing . Y'shua was a Jew and a very kosher Jew . Y'shua knew the very rigid Law : no eating people or drinking blood of any animals ; including human animals so why would he have said this ? It's like reading something only a crazy man in need of mental health care would say and Y'shua was never crazy . Again LORD ELohim says Y'shua never said this . Also it says Y'shua said : 50 : But here is the bread that comes down from heaven , which anyone may eat and not die . The CB says Y'shua promised people many times if they believe in him or whatever they will not die . Now that's a very big lie told by who ? The LORD says it was not Y'shua who spoke this lie to people . It is a money maker lie for the churches .

-     Acts 2 : 23 & 24     ( B )     In the NIV     :     This man was handed over to you by God's deliberate plan and foreknowledge ; and you with the help of wicked men , put him to death by nailing him to the cross . But God raised him from the dead , freeing him from the agony of death , .... It is true the Lamb of God was LORD ELohim's idea and work . It's wrong to blame people for the death of Y'shua . As the first sentence says it was God's deliberate plan . LORD ELohim never raised Y'shua from the dead . The word            ' agony ' means : extreme pain of mind and body , suffering , distress , misery , anguish . LORD ELohim says death ends all that stuff and is not the cause of all that stuff . Do you really believe that a dead body in the grave or those dead bodies who are cremated are in agony ? This belief is as wrong as believing in a hell where people suffer agony there forever .

-    Acts : 2 : 25 - 27    ( B )     In the NIV    :     David said about him : " I saw the Lord always before me . Because he is at my right hand , I will not be shaken . They are talking about Y'shua in this verse . They say in Psalms 16 : 8 backs up this verse . In the CB in Psalms it says :  I keep my eyes always on the LORD . With him at my right hand , I will not be shaken . In the JB Psalms says : I am ever mindful of the LORD's presence ; He is at my right hand ; I shall never be shaken . Again Y'shua is often called ' Lord ' . In Psalms in the CB OT and the JB it is written ' LORD ' which means LORD ELohim and not Y'shua . Psalms in the CB has an error : I keep my eyes always on the LORD . What does that mean since you cannot see LORD ELohim . The JB in Psalms is correct : I am ever mindful of the LORD's presence .... The word ' mindful ' is right . Again notice that the CB Old Testament is not word for word the same as the Jewish Bible and it should be exactly the same since Christians are claiming the JB backs up their verses in the CB New Testament . In the CB it says in Acts 2 : 27 because you will not abandon me to the realm of the dead , you will not let your holy one see decay . Christians claim the ' holy one ' is Y'shua . That is not what is written in the JB . The JB in Psalms 16 : 10 says : For You will not abandon me to Sheol , or let Your faithful one see the Pit . If we are right who wrote this Psalms , David never mentioned ' your holy one ' . David wrote ' Your faithful   one ' . There is a big difference in meaning there . This verse has nothing to do with Y'shua . The word Sheol means grave and from what we could find so does the word Pit . The hope for resurrection from the dead is not just a ' today thing ' . Many people in the past had such a hope to .

( 12 : 5 )       NOTES      :      This is a reminder that LORD ELohim and the mortal man Y'shua were never ' one ' or co-equal and the Holy Spirit does not exist . They were never in each other or any stuff like that . It's impossible for Y'shua to be in all Christians or even LORD ELohim to be in all people . There is no Spirit that exists that can be in billions of people at the same time or even two people at the same time . Christians believe in three Gods in one God and that is a lie : there is no such thing as a trinity God . LORD ELohim alone is our Father and our only one true God .

-     Acts 2 : 29 - 31    ( B )     In the NIV     :       Peter talks about David being dead and buried and that LORD ELohim made him a promise : ... God had promised him on oath that he would place one of his descendants on his throne . Seeing what was to come , he spoke of the resurrection of the Messiah , that he was not abandoned to the realm of the dead , nor did his body see decay .The CB says in the JB Psalms 132 : 11 & 12 : The LORD swore to David a firm oath that He will not renounce , " One of your own issue I will set upon your throne . If your sons keep My covenant and My decrees that I teach them , then their sons also ,  to the end of time , shall sit upon your throne . " The CB is almost the same but the CB in Psalms it says : .... then their sons will sit on your throne for ever and ever . The JB says : to the end of time . The Jewish Bible is correct and the CB has an error saying forever . The end of time means when our trial time is over and if we failed and the LORD is ready to go home to Heaven is the ' end of time ' . Our time is running out . This promise of LORD ELohim mentions nothing about resurrecting a corpse from the grave to be King . The LORD ment a living mortal who has yet to die . Remember LORD ELohim cannot raise dead people back to life again which is probably the reason He never said He would wakeup a corpse .  If someone had to be resurrected from the grave to get that job of being King then why would LORD ELohim not just resurrect David from his grave . David has decades of good experience being King and he knows the work of being a King and Y'shua has absolutely no experience in that line of work . LORD ELohim just let me know that He would resurrect David for the job and not Y'shua . Remember in past updates the LORD said Y'shua was not the right kind of man for the work of being a King or the Messiah .  The JB says the offspring of David would be King and their offspring and so on untill the end of time : not forever . Y'shua was of the line of David but he was never ment to be the King of the Jews or the Messiah . Y'shua was the perfect Lamb of God and that was his purpose but the LORD says Y'shua would have made a very poor King . The LORD says if He could raise David from the grave He would have done that by now in this end time : but He cannot do that for His Jews . The CB says Y'shua was in the tomb three days and three nights before his body was risen from the dead . The verses said his body was dead all that time . I live in a old age home and I know from experience here that in three days and three nights , a corpse decays a lot . It's only by the smell sometimes we know someone has died a couple of days ago .

-     Acts 2 : 32     ( B )     In the NIV     :    God has raised this Jesus to life , and we are all witnesses of it . I still have somewhat of an Atheist attitude still : so prove this . The CB was in the hands of the Roman Catholic Church for hundreds of years before any non - Catholic preacher ever saw it .  The many many errors or lies are so obvious in their writings . They changed the words in the CB Old Testament a lot so it says what they want it to say and not what is written in the Jewish Bible . Again prove it that Y'shua was risen . LORD ELohim cannot prove that this happened because He says He never raised the mortal body or anything else regarding Y'shua . If the LORD could raise Y'shua He would have done that . If LORD ELohim did raise Y'shua I would have met this man by now as proof He did that : says LORD ELohim . That has never happened . The purpose of the Little Book is to prove what is true and what is not true about the LORD and everything else . What is now written in the Little Book would be a lot different had the LORD raised Y'shua from the dead and proved that to me . That the LORD would have been happy to do if it were true but Y'shua was never raised from being a dead mortal man . It's going to take more then just words written in a book that people make a lot of money from for me to believe what is written .

-     Acts 2 : 36   ( B )     In the NIV     :   "Therefore let all Israel be assured of this : God has made this Jesus , who you crucified , both Lord and Messiah . " LORD ELohim says this is not true . Y'shua was crucified but the LORD never made him both Lord and Messiah . The CB says Y'shua would not return to earth even at this time but in the future . How many times in the past two thousand years did the Jews of Israel and in other nations need a Messiah . How many times did the Jews pray to LORD ELohim hopeful He could find such a man for that work . If Y'shua was the awaited Messiah and he has been just sitting on his butt on a throne in Heaven for two thousand years : something is very wrong about this . Remember this Messiah is not just for the Jews to have peace but the entire world to have peace to and a better life in many ways . I asked LORD ELohim : if this were true that Y'shua was the Messiah and he has been on vacation in Heaven for two thousand years would LORD ELohim Himself be in the wrong for doing that and the LORD says " He would be very  wrong if He did that . "  How could the Lamb of God be the Messiah to . The Messiah needs to be a living and breathing mortal man or even a women the LORD says . Y'shua could not be both the Lamb and the Messiah because LORD ELohim could not raise Y'shua back to life for the job of Messiah . Y'shua is not in Heaven sitting on his butt because Y'shua is yet dead . LORD ELohim to is waiting for the mortal living Messiah .

( 12 : 6 )      NOTES     :     There is so much written about Y'shua being who he was not , that the CB mostly forgets he was the Lamb of God . Most Christians believe that Y'shua was the anointed priest , prophet , king and Messiah and he was none of these . Remember Y'shua was never anointed : not by man and not by LORD ELohim . Y'shua could not heal the sick , raise the dead , feed thousands with a couple of fish and bread , he was not the only Son of God , a God-man , a major prophet , and on and on . Lets get to the truth about Y'shua . Y'shua was the mortal Lamb of God who willingly died for the sins of the world . Y'shua was a married man and a father of two sons and was a Rabbi for about three years . Other then that there is not much to write about regarding Y'shua . LORD ELohim wants mankind to remember who the Jewish mortal man Y'shua really was and to honor and love him for what he willingly did for you .

( 12 : 7 )      NOTES     :     Do you need to be a Christian to be forgiven for your sins ? LORD ELohim says the Lamb of God died for the sins of the world . John the Baptist said twice : John 1 : 29 and John 1 : 36  The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and said , " Look , the Lamb of God , who takes away the sin of the world ! .... When he saw Jesus passing by , he said , " Look , the Lamb of God ! "  The LORD says in John 1 : 36 the word ' sin ' should be ' sins ' but other then that John the Baptist was right . Most all peoples sins were forgiven . If someone was wicked and cruel and hateful during their life their sins are not forgiven even if they were or are Christians like pope Gregory IX who slaughtered and tortured a lot of people during the Papal Inquisition he started and so on . The pope Clement V and King Philip IV who caused the tortured and slaughtered of LORD ELohim's Knights Templars were never forgiven for that . Do your really believe the LORD would forgive Hitler and his goons ? Never going to happen . Most people are not that evil and wicked and cruel so most people are forgiven by LORD ELohim . The LORD does not care about peoples religion as long as it does not teach people to harm other people . What he judges is what you do during you life by your own free will . So the answer is : you do not have to be a Christian to be forgiven for your sins and being a Christian is no guarantee you will be forgiven for your sins . Not all people around the world have heard of Y'shua as the Lamb of God and all who are not wicked and evil are forgiven to . Remember this : it is LORD ELohim who forgave the sins of most people . Y'shua was never in the position to do that . Only LORD ELohim can forgive sins .

-    Acts 2 : 38 & 39     ( B )      In the NIV     :     .... The promise is for you and your children and for all who are far off - for all whom the Lord our God will call . " It's difficult to tell if the name ' Lord ' means Y'shua or LORD ELohim in Chistian writings since they have three Gods . Neither Y'shua or LORD ELohim ' call ' people . Y'shua is dead and LORD ELohim gave mankind free will for a reason so neither are picking and chosing who to ' call ' .

( 12 : 8 )      NOTES     :     How many times do people say " the Lamb of God  " in the CB or in the JB ?  In the Christian Bible it says only once in the Jewish Bible in Isaiah 53 : 7 but the JB says that verse means something else and the LORD says they are right . Besides in the JB in Isaiah it does not say ' Lamb of God ' so no where in the Old Testament is the words ' Lamb of God ' because LORD ELohim did not come up with the idea about a Lamb of God until shortly before Y'shua was conceived of . In the CB New Testament so far only twice and that's in the first chapter of the book of John and spoken by John the Baptist . The word ' Lamb ' is used in the book of Revelation about nineteen times but not the name ' Lamb of God ' .  How many times is Christ or Messiah used in the CB NT : a whole lot of times .

( 12 : 9 )        NOTES    :      Why does the Christian Bible have so much about the verses in the New Testament being backed up by the Jewish Bible ?  The hope for a Messiah goes back a long way in the history of Israel and the Jews so there seems to be a lot about this subject in the JB . Most of what is written about Y'shua in the CB is about Y'shua being the Messiah so there are verses in the JB being used to back up this belief . Y'shua was not the Messiah or as Christians say in Greek ' Christ ' . There are a lot of errors in the CB because Christians believe Y'shua was the Messiah . Take away the belief that Y'shua was the Messiah and king and the only Son of God and so on , and there is not much to write about and there is probably not many verses in the JB to use as a back up for the Lamb of God since that idea of God's was shortly before Y'shua .

-     Acts  2 : 40 & 41    ( B )    In the NIV     :     With many other words he warned them ; and he pleaded with them , " Save yourselves from this corrupt generation . " Those who accepted his message were baptized , and about three thousand were added to the number that day . The CB says this is Peter talking . Do you have to be baptized to be forgiven . I asked LORD ELohim that question and He said " No " . There are still many people in the world that never hear of LORD ELohim or Y'shua and have never been baptized and most all of them are forgiven of all their sins . The Christian Bible in the New Testament is full of words that are anti-Semitic . LORD ELohim Himself has noticed this to . The LORD says that generation of Jews were no different then most generations before and after the time of Y'shua . LORD ELohim had no big problems with that generation . The LORD remained in Israel with the wife and mother of Y'shua and the disciples often also to make sure all were being taken care of . LORD ELohim had other Spirits watching them also and no one saw three thousand people being baptized in Israel in the name of Y'shua or even Jesus . The LORD knows that did not happen . Most Jews in Israel at that time were very Jewish . There were not many Jews willing to give up LORD ELohim as their one and only God for the flesh mortal man Y'shua as their new God . Christianity did not start in Israel . Christianity started in pagan Rome which explains the Christian belief in three Gods and even Satan as one of their gods .

-      Acts 2 :  42 - 47     ( B )      In the NIV    :     .... They broke bread in their homes and are together with glad and sincere hearts , praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people . And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved . This starts with believers getting together and people in awe at the wonders and signs performed by the disciples but it does not say what they did . It says every day they got together in the Temple courts . The verse says they enjoyed the favor of all the people . The CB says what Y'shua was teaching , people wanted to stone him for it . If the disciples had favor of all the people they could not have been repeating what Y'shua was said to have said . Every day they went to the Temple courts and had no problems with the priests there . What changed in what the talked about . The LORD did not add more people . What people choose to believe is each persons choice : not God's choice . LORD ELohim talks about forgiving peoples sins but not about people being saved . Christians often use the word ' save ' for eternal life . LORD ELohim has never said people would have eternal life ; only that most peoples sins are forgiven by the shed blood of Y'shua . Remember sin is not the cause of death like Catholics teach . 

-      Acts 3 : 1 - 10     ( B )       In the NIV     :      The verses say Peter and John healed a man who was lame from birth . LORD ELohim says mortal human bodies don't work that way . Mind over matter sometimes works but usually even prayer does not work . Mortal bodies are very complicated and not always easy to repair . LORD ELohim said Y'shua could not heal the sick so why would anyone who reads the Little Book believe that Peter and John could . LORD ELohim and Spirits were with them for a few months after Y'shua died and none of the disciples healed anyone . If healing mortals was so easy to do no mortal would be disabled or sick for any reason . LORD ELohim would teach millions of people how to heal everything for every generation and you would live till a hundred without suffering pain or being disabled but He cannot do that and Y'shua could not do that and neither could Peter and John do that . Any species of mortals are not perfect and many people and animals suffer greatly which is one of the many many reasons the LORD will let mankind and other species die out .

-     Acts 3 : 18      ( B )      In the NIV    :    But this is how God fulfilled what he had foretold through all the prophets , saying that his Messiah would suffer . The only back up verse to this verse is Luke 24 : 27 . And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets , he explained to them what was said in all the Scriptures concerning himself . New Testament verses backing up New Testament verses is not much of a back up especially when the verses talk about Moses and the Prophets who's writings are in the JB . We usually do not write the back up verses when it's CB NT backing up CB NT . This is not much of a back up . There is nothing about the Messiah having to suffer in the back up verse .  If you read Luke 24 : 25 & 26  He said to them , " How foolish you are , and how slow to believe all that the prophets have spoken ! Did not the Messiah have to suffer these things and then enter his glory ? " We are getting use to the CB writing the wrong verse numbers . Now these two verses are said to be backed up by Matthew , John , Hebrew and 1 Peter but still no back up mentioned in the JB . We cannot find any verses in the Jewish Bible to back up any of these verses . So we asked LORD ELohim if the Messiah had to suffer ? LORD ELohim said " No " . LORD ELohim never told any Prophets or Moses that the Messiah would have to suffer . Why would he have to suffer ? LORD ELohim does not get this either . CB NT verses backing up CB NT verses is often just one error backing up the same error written some place else in the NT . It has to be the Jewish Bible backing up the verses in the CB when the CB says it's written in the JB like saying Moses and the Prophets in these verses .

-     Acts 3 : 19 & 20      ( B )      In the NIV     :      Repent , then , and turn to God , so that your sins may be wiped out ,  that times of refreshing may come from the Lord , and that he may send the Messiah , who has been appointed for you - even Jesus . In the KJV :  Repent ye therefore , and be converted , that your sins may be blotted out , .... And he shall send Jesus Christ , which before was preached unto you : LORD ELohim never said you had to repent and turn to Him to be forgiven . A lot of people who's sins were forgiven would not even know what that would mean . The LORD never said that people have to be of one religion to be forgiven either . Many Christians believe they alone are forgiven of their sins because they are of the Christian faith . That's not true . The sins of the world the LORD ELohim said and that means most all people about earth even those who never heard of Christianity or Judaism . Y'shua would have never approved of the disciples telling people to be ' converted ' . Y'shua was a deeply faithful Jew of the religion of Judaism and so were his disciples . It's not very likely they said that . LORD ELohim and Y'shua were never trying to create a new religion with a couple of false Gods . LORD ELohim did not send Y'shua here to be the Messiah because Y'shua was never ment to be the Messiah and he is dead .

-     Acts 3 : 22 & 23    ( B )      In the NIV     :     For Moses said , : The Lord your God will raise up for you a prophet like me from among your own people ; you must listen to everything he tells you . Anyone who does not listen to him will be completely cut off from their people " . The back up verse in the JB is Deuteronomy 18 : 15 : The LORD your God will raise up for you a prophet from among your own people , like myself ; him you shall heed . LORD ELohim says Y'shua was not that prophet . LORD ELohim says that Y'shua was not a very good prophet . The LORD says that prophet mentioned by Moses has not happened yet and may never happen . This is not a easy thing to do and it is now the end time so what would be the point in doing that now . LORD ELohim says He never had a prophet that got is all right . All of them made errors because they all had their own beliefs to .

-      Acts 3 : 25      ( B )      In the NIV     :     And you are heirs of the prophets and of the covenant God made with your fathers . He said to Abraham , " Through your offspring all people on earth will be blessed . " For the most part the world never gave the Jews and LORD ELohim a chance for you to be blessed by having some Jews in your nations . The history of Jews when they lost their homeland is a lot of suffering and hardship caused by the pagans in many nations . Even in mostly Christian nations the Jews were treated badly and there were rules of what work they could do , if they could own property or not and many other restrictions and often they were told to leave nations for no reasons . Life has never been easy for Jews except in Spain when the Muslims conquered Spain in the eighth century . The Jews and the Muslims had a good relationship with each other but that changed suddenly when the Christians reconquered Spain in 1150 C.E. . The Christians made new restrictions and a few years later the Jews were forced by the pagan Christians and their leaders to leave their home in Spain . Even England in 1290 C.E. the Jews were expelled from that pagan Christian nation and not allow back until 1730 C.E ..  Christian nations like France , Spain , Portugal , Germany , Italy and so on caused the Jews great hardship . These nations can be called pagan Christian nations . Often the Jews were told to convert to Christianity or get out . Many lies about the Jews were made up by the Christians .  Sometimes when the ruler who told them to get out the next ruler invites the Jews back again to their nation because of the great economic loss when the Jews were not there . LORD ELohim has never understood what's going on with the pagan Christians when they are so cruel to the Jews . The suffering of the Jews was not just long ago . Recently Germany lead by Hitler and his goons caused the Holocaust in 1938 that murdered about six million European Jews during World War II . Again in many nations the Jews and LORD ELohim were never given a chance to be a blessing to those nations and some Christian nations learnt the hard way what a blessing it was to have Jews as part of their society and asked them to return only to have another ruler in the furture to force the Jews out of the nation again without any just reasons to do that . What the Hebrew Jews have dealt with over these thousands of years it is truly amazing that there are Hebrews and even non-Hebrews who are still Jews today . That is the reason why the Jews are so greatly cherished by LORD ELohim in the past and today and always .

( 12 : 10 )       NOTES     :     Remember the story of Isaac the son of Abraham with Sarah his wife . LORD ELohim put the fertilized egg of Isaac into the womb of Sarah after the LORD changed one thing about Isaac : that his skin would be white and not black like Abraham and Sarah . The only reason for this was so LORD ELohim would know the Hebrews , His chosen people , simply by looking at their skin color . The blood line of Isaac became the twelve tribes of Israel and all were of the white race . All twelve tribes were Jews and of the religion of Judaism . There was a lot that happened over the years and ten of the tribes went their own way .  These tribes are called ' the lost ten tribes of Israel ' . If you know the history starting with Abraham and Sarah and their son Isaac who was an Albino and his offspring all being white skinned people then you know these once Hebrew Jewish tribes are not lost . They are scattered over most all the earth but they are not lost . Most white skinned Hebrews today are converts to pagan Christianity and that happened when most of the tribes were gone from Israel . Of the many Hebrew nations that are theirs most of those many nations were and are the ones who have treated their brother and sister Jews hatefully and cruelly and without any just reasons to do so and this LORD ELohim does not understand why  . If your skin is white your family history includes Abraham and Sarah who were black skinned people and Isaac who was the first white skinned man and first Hebrew and they were the first Jews of the religion of Judaism . Your ancestors were Jewish Hebrew slaves in Egypt , Assyria and some in  Babylon . You are a Hebrew yet today even if you are not a Jew , that has not changed and you are related as a family to all Hebrew Jews , that to has never changed .

-     Acts 4 : 27       ( B )       In the NIV     :     Indeed Herod and Pontius Pilate met together with the Gentiles and the people of Israel in this city to conspire against your holy servant Jesus , whom you anointed . This is just to remind Christians that Y'shua was never anointed by man or by LORD ELohim . This verse says     ' whom you anointed ' . They were talking to LORD ELohim in these verses . The word Messiah means ' the anointed one ' . That might not seem like a big deal to many Christians but it was a big deal to the Jews . LORD ELohim says the fact that Y'shua was never anointed means he could not have been the Messiah . Some Christians believe Y'shua was anointed with the Holy Spirit at his baptism making him the Messiah but there is no Holy Spirit  and LORD ELohim never anointed him and He never had any other Spirit anoint Y'shua either and men did not anoint him either . Simply put : Y'shua was never anointed and therefore was never regarded as being the Jews Messiah . Y'shua was the Lamb of God and he deserved to be anointed as a symbol of great respect but no one even knew what the Lamb of God ment . It was a first and last time happening . Had John the Baptist not died so soon probably more people would have understood what LORD ELohim was doing .

-     Acts 4 : 33      ( B )      In the NIV     :   With great power the apostles continued to testify to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus . LORD ELohim had nothing to do with helping the apostles testify about the resurrection of Y'shua because that never happened and that had nothing to do with why Y'shua was the Lamb of God .

-     Acts 4 : 32 - 37   &  Acts 5 : 1 - 11     ( B )   In the NIV     :     All the believers were one in heart and mind . No one claimed that any of their possessions was their own , but they shared everything they had . ..... that there were no needy persons among them . For from time to time those who owned land or houses sold them , brought the money from the sales and put it at the apostles feet , and it was distributed to anyone who had need . ..... Now a man named Ananias , together with his wife Sapphira , also sold a piece of property . With his wife's full knowledge he kept back part of the money for himself , but brought the rest and put it at the apostles feet . Then Peter said , " Ananias , how is it that Satan has so filled your heart that you have lied to the Holy Spirit and have kept for yourself some of the money you received for the land ? Didn't it belong to you before it was sold ? And after it was sold , wasn't the money at your disposal ? What made you think of doing such a thing ? You have not lied just to human beings but to    God . "  When Ananias heard this , he fell down and died . And great fear seized all who heard what had happened . Then some young men came forward , wrapped up his body , and carried him out and buried him . About three hours later his wife came in , not knowing what had happened . Peter asked her , " Tell me , is this the price you and Ananias got for the land ? " " Yes, " she said , " that is the price . " Peter said to her , " How could you conspire to test the Spirit of the Lord ? Listen ! The feet of the men who buried your husband are at the door , and they will carry you out also . " At that moment she fell down at his feet and died . ..... and buried her beside her husband . Great fear seized the whole church and all who heard about these events . Who is being blamed for the cold blooded murder of these two people ? These verses make LORD ELohim angry because it is Him who is being blamed for the murder of both of these people . We think we have done these verses is the past but the LORD says do them again . This is all about money greed and not much else . If this happened it had nothing to do with LORD ELohim and everthing to do with most likely the disciples . What did they put in Ananias and his wifes wine ? This sounds more like a Jim Jones type cult then somthing Y'shua would have created when he was alive . The LORD would never drop people dead because they kept a few dollars in their pocket or kept even all the money they had . Were these two murdered in cold blood just to put on a show to greatly scare people into giving everything they have to the ' church ' ? A strange thing is these verses says that people put the money ' at the apostles feet ' like it was some sort of sign that the disciples were greater then anyone else in this cult . Unless a person drops the money on the ground they would have to bow before Peter to put the money at his feet . Another thing LORD ELohim does not like is that Satan is being blamed for these two people keeping some lunch money . LORD ELohim says " stop blaming Spirits for what we humans choose to do " . You cannot lie to the Holy Spirit because there is no Holy Spirit . How can you lie to LORD ELohim when it's about something He never told people to do in the first place ? The LORD never said you have to give this cult church everything you own . In a Christian book it says Ananias and his wife keeping a few dollars is a sin commited by them . How can something be a sin if LORD ELohim never declared it to be a sin ? They sold land they rightly owned : they did not rob a bank . Which of the Ten Commandments did they break ? How can they have lied to God just because they told a little white lie to Peter about something they should not have needed to explain in the first place ? LORD ELohim had given the Jews a law about tithing so the Levite priests and others regarding their faith and Temple and Synagogues were supported but that was only 10 % of what people had and not the full value of a house or land or anything else . If people gave every dollar to Peter from the sale of a house where are they suppose to sleep ? If this really happened then the apostles commited a great sin by murdering these two people . They were wrong for being so greedy . They were wrong in expecting people to give everything they had to the church . They sinned greatly for blaming LORD ELohim for those murders the disciples must have commited . They sinned for blaming Satan who is a Spirit child of the LORD because these two never gave Peter everything they had . Remember David ( Satan ) never wanted anything to do with us crazy mortals and he never has . Did it really happen ? LORD ELohim does not think so . Was this story written into the CB by the early Rome Catholic Church to cause fear so Christians will give a lot to the church ? That is a lot more likely then anything else .

( 12 : 11 )         NOTES      :      Acts and probably other books are now saying the disciples after Y'shua died are healing the sick . This is something LORD ELohim and Y'shua could not do so neither could his disciples and other followers . Instead of writing these verses over and over because they are beginning to repeat ; we are just going to say in this note that the disciples could not do these thing either . They could not healing the sick , healing the lame and blind , feeding thousands with just of couple of bread and fish , raising the dead , casting out demons and so on . Y'shua was never risen from the dead and no other people were either by him or by his disciples or by LORD ELohim . Also the Holy Spirit which is also called the Holy Ghost does not exist . The LORD never created such a Spirit .

-      Acts 5 : 17 - 24       ( B )       In the CB    :      ....  They arrested the apostles and put them in the public jail . But during the night an angel of the Lord opened the doors of the jail and brought them out . " Go , stand in the temple courts , " he said , : " and tell the people all about this new life . " It was the high priest and other associates who had the disciples arrested . The LORD says this never happened . It was not ' men of God ' or Angels who opened the jail doors . The writers of the CB think Angels and the LORD can do everything but that is not true . Angels could not have unlocked and opened the doors because as Spirits they do not have that kind of strenght and they go through almost everything . So if someone opened the jail doors it was not Angels . Also when Angels and LORD ELohim speaks , mortals cannot hear them so that never happened either . If LORD ELohim and Angels could be heard speaking by mortals the Roman Catholic pope would get an ear full from the LORD .

-     Acts 5 : 23 & 24     ( B )      In the NIV     :     " We found the jail securely  locked , with the guards standing at the doors ; but when we opened them , we found no one inside . "  Either the guards were knocked out and could not remember being knocked out or the disciples became invisible and very skinny and went out between the bars or most likely this never happened .

-      Acts 5 : 27 - 32     ( B )       In the NIV     :     ..... " We gave you strict orders not to teach in this name , " he said " Yet you have filled Jerusalem with your teaching and are determined to make us guilty of this man's blood . " Peter says .... The God of our ancestors raised Jesus from the dead - whom you killed by hanging him on a cross . I asked LORD ELohim if it would be right to blame any people for the death of Y'shua and He said it would not be right . If the desciples really understood what happened and for what reason it happened regarding the sacrifice of Y'shua they would know that LORD ELohim had more to do with that then anyone else . Y'shua was called the ' Lamb of God ' for a reason and when Y'shua knew he was being asked by LORD ELohim to be the LORD's Lamb , Y'shua made it clear to LORD ELohim that he was willing to be the Lamb sacrificed for the sins of the world . The Lamb of God named Y'shua could have said at any time he changed his mind about being the willing Lamb of God and LORD ELohim would have been OK with that . I could say at anytime I want to quite helping Him with His Little Book and He would be OK with that to . The LORD does not have slaves : He has people willing to be apart of His plans for mankind like Abraham and Sarah and Moses and the Prophets and all the other Jews and so on .

-      Acts 5 :  31 & 32      ( B )      In the NIV     :      God exalted him to his own right hand as Prince and Savior that he might bring Israel to repentance and forgive their sins . We are witnesses of these things , and so is the Holy Spirit , whom God has given to those who obey him ." We think exalted means that the LORD made the Lamb of God to be a Prince and Savior . That's not true . Y'shua was never made Prince and the Savior is LORD ELohim and not Y'shua . Also the writer of these verses does not say ' the sins of the world ' but the sins of Israel only . If the disciples really wrote this they still did not understand what had happened . The LORD's biggest problems with mankind was not Israel but the rest of the world of mankind .

-      Acts 5 : 38 & 39     (  B )      In the NIV     :     Therefore , in the present case I advise you : Leave these men alone ! Let them go !  For if their purpose or activity is of human origin , it will fail . But if it is from God , you will not be able to stop these men , you will only find yourselves fighting against God . " Smart man . The high priest and others were wondering what to do with the apostles because of their teachings and a well known and respected Pharisee named Gamaliel said these verses to them . Gamaliel was talking about the Jews and not about all people in the world . Gamaliel was right because for the most part in Israel among the Jewish people the pagan Christianity did fail there greatly . There is no truth that thousands of Jews everyday converted to whatever the disciples were claimed to be teaching about in the Christian Bible New Testament . Remember the pagan religion of Christianity did not start in Israel among the Jews . The Christian beliefs began in Rome among the pagan Romans .

( 12 : 12 )       NOTES     :      Was Y'shua's beliefs much different then others ? The Pharisees believed the Soul is immortal , in life after death , in resurrection of the flesh and bone , in a future judgment day , and in a Messiah yet to come and LORD ELohim did not have much of a problem with the Pharisees .  The Sadducees rejected the belief of an immortal Soul and of resurrection of flesh and bone . People then like today had very different beliefs . If Y'shua put down the Pharisees like the CB says he did : LORD ELohim says Y'shua would have been wrong . The Jews at that time were under pagan Roman rule and the Pharisees and others were working hard to keep the faith of Judaism intact and LORD ELohim was very pleased about that .

-     Acts 5 : 42     ( B )     In the NIV     :     Day after day , in the temple courts and from house to house , they never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Messiah . We still cannot find in the Jewish Bible that the Messiah must first suffer . The Jewish people were expecting a living mortal man as their Messiah , not a corpse that is falsely claimed to have been raised from the dead and that is falsely claimed to have gone to  Heaven and was not known when he would return . The Jews were suffering under Roman rule and their hope for a Messiah was probably hoped for every day . If LORD ELohim thought Y'shua could be the Messiah , he would have backed him up . The LORD would have ended for Y'shua to be the Lamb of God and LORD ELohim would have helped him to be the Messiah . Helping His Jews would have come first and the Lamb of God second with another man . But Y'shua was not the Messiah because he was not the type of man that was needed for that work . What the Jews needed as the Messiah was another King David type of man and not a Y'shua type of man . Most all Jews knew he was not the Messiah because of the type of man he was . Y'shua in many ways was no King David but he was the perfect Lamb of God .

-     Acts 6 : 5 - 7     ( B )      In the NIV     :      .... Nicanor , Timon , Parmenas and Nicolas from Antioch , a convert to Judaism . This is interesting . They were chosing people among them for certain work and these men were chosen . It says Nicolas was a convert to Judaism . This is proof that these boys were keeping their faith in Judaism . Everything about the Messiah is a Jewish thing . It would not be the first time a few Jews believed someone may be the awaited Messiah . Y'shua's beliefs as a devoted Jew were not much different then the Pharisees but that does make all of their beliefs true . A lot of beliefs were people's hopes and day dreams but LORD ELohim cannot fulfull some of them like eternal life . The original disciples were not trying to create a new religion . That happened when the Romans took over . All the disciples died as Jews including Peter . The Roman Catholic Church claim that Peter was their first pope of the church is a lie . Peter was a Jew and died as a Jew still of the faith of Judaism .

-     Acts 6 : 7      ( B )      In the NIV     :     So the word of God spread . The number of disciples in Jerusalem increased rapidly , and a large number of priests became obedient to the faith . LORD ELohim says this is not true . The Jews had no reason to convert since all this was a Jewish thing . Not a lot of Jews believed Y'shua was the only Son of God since the Jews strongly believed that all people are sons and daughters of LORD ELohim . The Jews would not have believed that Y'shua was a God since they stongly believe that mortals cannot be Gods and on and on . There is to much in the CB that Jewish people simply would not believe to be true . The words ' became obedient to the faith ' . What faith ? Christianity did not exist untill long after Y'shua and the disciples were dead . The ' faith ' would have been Judaism at that time so the priests were not changing their faith . They may have been wondering about Y'shua being the Lamb of God and all what that all ment but they never left the faith of Judaism .

-     Acts 6 : 15      ( B )      In the NIV     :     All who were sitting in the Sanhedrin looked intently at Stephen and they saw that his face was like the face of an angel . LORD ELohim says this did not happen . And who among these people know what an Angels face looks like . In Revelation the writings are about Heaven having many thrones , twenty four human elders dressed in white and had crowns of gold siting on thrones , creatures who were covered with eyes , each creature having six wings , non stop saying the same thing over and over , calling Y'shua the Lion of the tribe of Judah , Y'shua in Heaven having seven horns and seven eyes , and on and on . Revelation is going to be fun . Just to clear this : these creatures do not exist and there are no thrones or crowns of gold in Heaven . LORD ELohim says if He was causing people to have visions , which is very hard to do , the visions would be true . LORD ELohim says if someone was to be called the Lion of the tribe of Judah it would be King David and not Y'shua . Y'shua was not much of a Lion which is why he was not the Messiah . But again , Y'shua was the perfect Lamb of God .

( 12 : 13 )      NOTES      :      If as Christians believe there is a Holy Spirit who is influencing what chosen people think that is good and speak what is good and do what is good then how different is that from what Christians believe about Satan and demons influencing people to think evil , speak evil and do evil . LORD ELohim says if this so called Holy Spirit was influencing only chosen people to think what is good , speak good and do good then it would not be fair for LORD ELohim to judge mankind . To take away our free will with either being influenced to do good or evil is wrong . What was judged by LORD ELohim was what we did with our free will , the choices we made with our free will . Spirits are not allowed to influence us in any way regarding our free will so again there is no Holy Spirit or any other Spirits doing that .

-    Acts 7 : 1 - 49     ( B )     In the NIV    :    Most of these verses are about the history of the Jews starting with Abraham .

-     Acts 7 : 48 - 50    ( B )     In the NIV     :     However , the Most High does not live in houses made by human hands . As the prophet says : " Heaven is my throne and the earth is my footstool .... LORD ELohim is one Spirit about eight feet tall . This verse is a metaphor . Heaven is LORD ELohim's home and not just earth . Our Milky Way galaxy is one of the six galaxies the LORD and all Spirits call home .

-      Acts 7 : 51 - 53      ( B )      In the NIV      :       .... You are just like your ancestors : You always resist the Holy Spirit !  Was there ever a prophet your ancestors did not persecute ? They even killed those who predicted the coming of the Righteous One . And now you have betrayed and murdered him - you who have received the law that was given through angels but have not obeyed it . "           I asked LORD ELohim if He taught any prophets about the coming of the Lamb of God and the LORD said " two " . LORD ELohim's idea about a Lamb of God happened shortly before Y'shua was conceived of . At the time of Y'shua only John the Baptist was a prophet of the LORD . LORD ELohim also does not know of any prophets who were murdered by the hands of their fellow Jews . In these anti-Semitic verses which are blaming the Jews for the death of Y'shua are wrong and a lie . Either the disciples did not understand anything about the Lamb of God or the Roman Catholic Church added these verses . LORD ELohim says if you want to blame someone for Y'shua's death : then blame Him . It was alone His idea and the Romans had a lot more to do with that then is written in the Christian Bible . The LORD says the priests being accused of Y'shua's death : He did not have a problem with and most all of them worked to keep His Laws and teachings and helped other Jews to do the same . Again : there is no Holy Spirit for them to have resisted . Y'shua was not murdered : this man was sacrificed by LORD ELohim with mostly the help of the Romans . Y'shua was a willing sacrifice for the sins of the world and the LORD would never do that again .

( 12 : 14 )      NOTES      :      LORD ELohim says He had a lot of help from the Romans regarding the sacrifice of the Lamb of God Y'shua . Why are all the deeds of the Romans that put Y'shua on the cross not mentioned in the CB ? Is it because the Romans wrote most of the CB and they did not want to be blamed for it so they put the blame upon the Jews ?  LORD ELohim says It would not be right to even blame the Romans for that . Y'shua was LORD ELohim's Lamb and not the Lamb of the Romans or the Jews .  LORD ELohim did know how to motivate the pagan Romans and it worked . LORD ELohim sacrificed Y'shua who was willing to be His Lamb for the sins of the world . If you are wanting to blame people then blame all mortal humans who have ever sinned .

-     Acts 7 : 54 - 56     ( B )     In the NIV     :     When the members of the Sanhedrin heard this , they were furious and gnashed their teeth at him . But Stephen , full of the Holy Spirit , looked up to heaven and saw the glory of God , and Jesus standing at the right hand of God . " Look , " he said , : I see heaven open and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God . " If Stephen saw LORD ELohim he would be the first mortal to do that . These people were being blame by Stephen for many murders and not just the murder of Y'shua . In a book it says the Sanhedrin were the supreme tribunal of the Jews at that time . LORD ELohim knew them and really liked these guys . Stephen never saw heaven open , whatever that means . Again he could not have seen LORD ELohim or Y'shua because neither LORD ELohim or Y'shua were in Heaven at that time . Again he said he sees the LORD sitting on a throne : there are no thrones in Heaven . Y'shua was dead and his body was either eaten by pagans or it buried somewhere . The LORD says this did not in truth happen . Was Stephen imagining this ? Stephen was stoned for accusing these people and their ancestors of many murders . If these followers of Y'shua really understood everything about the sacrifice of the Lamb of God they would never have used the word murder because they would have known it's LORD ELohim they are accusing of murdering Y'shua . If this happened it's not just Stephen accusing LORD ELohim of murder . It's every Christian who believe the Christian Bible is true and perfect and without error . Again remember LORD ELohim did not give prophets much information about the Lamb of God but the prophets did write a lot about the Messiah but remember Y'shua was not the awaited Messiah .

-     Acts 7 : 59 & 60      ( B )     In the NIV     :      While they were stoning him , Stephen prayed , " Lord Jesus , receive my spirit . " Then he fell on his knees and cried out , " Lord , do not hold this sin against them . " In Acts 8 : 1 it says :  And Saul approved of their killing him . The man Saul was a Jew who was against what was going on with the disciples and then he became a follower of Y'shua . Saul's name was changed to Paul .  LORD ELohim says Stephen and you do not have a Spirit to call your own or to say this is ' me ' . There is no Spirit for Y'shua to receive from Stephen and also there was no ' me ' Spirit of Y'shua either in Heaven . If this really happened LORD ELohim would have not called this a sin . These people were defending LORD ELohim and themselves and other Jews and Judaism . If anything Stephen broke the ninth Commandment : You shall not bare false witness against your neighbor . Stephen blamed the Jews of his time for what he claims their ancestors did . The LORD says we are the only one responsible for our doings . A lot in the CB is a lie about the history of the Jewish Hebrews . LORD ELohim does not remember any prophets being killed by their fellow people . LORD ELohim cannot be everywhere at the same time but He probably would have heard about that from listening to the Jews talking about stuff .

-      Acts 8 : 1 - 3      ( B )      In the NIV     :     On that day a great persecution broke out against the church in Jerusalem .... Going from house to house , he dragged off both men and women and put them in prison . In a few verses away from this verse it says Philip ' proclaimed the Messiah there ' . If that's all they were preaching then it would have been no big deal . If people were put in prison for just preaching about Y'shua being the Messiah it's very unlikely that this verse is true . LORD ELohim says Y'shua did not have a lot of groupies following him around . The disciples were to teach about the Lamb of God and not much more . But there is very little of that in the CB . Often the CB says someone was preaching but it does not say what that person was preaching about . That was the same about Y'shua to .

-     Acts 8 : 5 - 8      ( B )      NOTES      :     Philip went down to a city in Samaria and proclaimed the Messiah there . When the crowds heard Philip and saw the signs he performed , they all paid close attention to what he said . For with shrieks , impure spirits came out of many , and many who were paralyzed or lame were healed . So there were great joy in that city . Again it says Philip preached but does not say what he preached about . If demons existed and were in people you would not hear them ' shriek ' anymore then you can hear the LORD or any other Spirits . Like Y'shua , Philip could not heal those who were paralyzed or lame . What signs did he truly perform ? It does not say . Did any of this even happen ?

-      Acts 8 :  12 - & 13      ( B )      In the NIV     :     But when they believed Philip as he proclaimed the good news of the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ , they were baptized , .... This does say Philip preached about the kingdom of God . LORD ELohim says there is a kingdom of God but that is in Heaven and only for Spirits . There is no kingdom of God that is to happen on earth for mortals . We have been judged as a species and we have failed our trial . If we passed our trial then the LORD would think about that but we did not pass it and for many good reasons . Y'shua did preach about a kingdom of God coming to earth but LORD ELohim did not teach him anything about that . Again many people have hopes and day dreams about things and Y'shua being mortal was no different . The LORD says Y'shua did not know any more about Him than any other Jews and Y'shua never pretended he did know more about LORD ELohim then any other Jew .

-     Acts 8 : 26      ( B )     In the NIV      :      Now an angel of the Lord said to Philip , " Go south to the road ..... Again mortals cannot hear LORD ELohim or His Angels speak . If only we could ; what a different world it would be . Only Y'shua and John the disciple and John the Baptist were given a teaching Spirit at that time . Just because they had a teaching Spirit does not mean all they believed was right . It's not easy for a teaching Spirit or the LORD God in any other way to teach mortals and teaching the truth about stuff people truly believed in error is almost impossible to do .

-     Acts 9 : 1 - 31      ( B ) ( R )      In the NIV      :     But the LORD said to Ananias , " Go ! This man is my chosen instrument to proclaim my name to the Gentiles and their kings and to the people of Israel . I will show him how much he must suffer for my name . " The CB says Saul persecuted the followers of Y'shua  These verses are about Saul who's name was changed to Paul and why he became a follower of Y'shua . In these verses in red letters it says Y'shua was speaking to Saul and to a man named Ananias like two mortals having a coffee chitchat . It would have been so much easier if I could have heard the voice of LORD ELohim or other Spirits . It say Saul heard Y'shua's voice . The LORD says this did not happen and could not have happened . There is nothing that existed beyond Y'shua's death that could be called Y'shua other then pieces of bone and dry dust . What if : if Y'shua was Spirit no mortal could hear him or see him . If Y'shua was still mortal in any way he could not have gone to Heaven . Why do people ' must suffer ' to preach the name of Y'shua if the teachings were just about the Lamb of God ? According to a book Christians believe that suffering and being persecuted was a blessing and suffering is a part of the Christian life . LORD ELohim says to Christians " Try and be a Jew for a while and learn what real suffering and persecution from generation to generation for thousands of years is all about . " Christians may have had a rocky start but that ended quickly . In the past Christians persecuted  and tortured and slaughtered many tens of thousands of people for not being Christians or for not being Christians their way like during the Papal Inquisition and Spanish Inquisition . The LORD created the Knights Templars for Himself and the Roman Catholic Church and the French King slaughtered them by the thousands . There are a lot of Catholic popes that LORD ELohim will never forgive . LORD ELohim does not understand the need to suffer for any religion . People suffering is not what the LORD wants for people . There have been many religions in the past that said to people to either convert to their religion or die . It's not just a lot of popes LORD ELohim will never forgive . Taking away peoples free will to chose what they want to believe in and about other stuff is a great sin and not likely to be forgiven by LORD ELohim . 

( 12 : 15 )      NOTES     :     Is it easier for LORD ELohim to communicate with  a person by a vision or by silent words ? Both are very difficult to do and need a teaching Spirit for both . I have never heard the voice of the LORD or other Spirits and I have never had a vision . I simply knew something I did not know a minute before . But it took years , many years to put the bits and pieces of information together to know what it ment . That's why LORD ELohim needed to create Judaism and the Jews so that these people from generation to generation could put the bits and pieces together to know what the LORD was trying hard to communicate to the Jews and all mankind .

-     Acts 9  : 32 - 43     ( B )      In the NIV      :      These verses are about Peter healing the sick and raising the dead . Again LORD ELohim says this is not possible for Him to do or any mortal .

-     Acts 10 : 37 & 38      ( B )      In the NIV      :     .... the province of Judea , beginning in Galilee after the baptism that John preached - how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and power , and how he went around doing good and healing all who were under the power of the devil , because God was with him . LORD ELohim did not anoint Y'shua with anything and so far neither did people . The Holy Spirit does not exist .  Again the LORD could not have been able to judge anyone if Satan had control and power over people to make them do evil or act crazy . Which God are they writing about . The LORD ELohim or their false God called Jesus ? LORD ELohim was with Y'shua most all of the time but LORD ELohim did not heal the sick , raised the dead , cast out demons and so on through the mortal man called Y'shua . It's true that LORD ELohim was with Y'shua but it is not true that Y'shua himself is a God in anyway or had a God incarnated into him . There is only one God and Father and He is LORD ELohim the God of Israel and the God of all mankind who He created .

-     Acts 10 : 39 - 41      ( B )      In the NIV     :      We are witnesses of everything he did in the country of the Jews and in Jerusalem . They killed him by hanging him on the cross , but God raised him from the dead on the third day and caused him to be seen . He was not seen by all the people , but by witnesses whom God had already chosen - by us who ate and drank with him after he rose from the dead .  Again the Christian Bible is blaming the Jews for the death of Y'shua . LORD ELohim says again if you need to blame someone for Y'shua's death : blame Him and not the Jews . Again remember LORD ELohim worked through His Jews for everything except the Little Book . Those that ate and drank with Y'shua were Jews themselves who obviously had no idea what the sacrifice of Y'shua was about : if they said this ? They say they ate and drank with Y'shua after he was risen from the dead . If Y'shua was Spirit then what he ate and drank would have fallen to the floor . Remember Spirit can go through everything and everything like food and drink would go through him . There is no mention that Y'shua was a very messy eater and drinker . Also Spirit does not need food or air or water or anything else like we do . Y'shua would have had to be mortal for this . Again LORD ELohim says Y'shua was never raised from the dead . It's interesting that only his disciples and a couple of other people claimed to have seen Y'shua after he was claimed to have been risen and back among the living again . The CB says Y'shua was forty days walking around Jerusalem and Israel after being raised from the dead . It's hard to believe other people , like the thousands he feed and healed and on and on , did not see him and say " look everyone , that guy's back again " .

-     Acts 10 - 42      ( B )       In the NIV     :     He commanded us to preach to the people and to testify that he is the one whom God appointed as judge of the living and the dead .  There is no truth to this at all . LORD ELohim is our Father and God and only LORD ELohim can judge His human children . The LORD would never give someone else that position to judge us , especially not mortals : not even Y'shua . If Y'shua was a God he would have known that and he would have known that we are judged as a species and not as individuals . Again : Y'shua was no God and this verse is a great lie . Again there is no truth in this verse .

-     Acts 10 : 43      ( B )       In the NIV     :      All the prophets testify about him that everyone who believes in him receives forgiveness of sins through his name " .  The Christian writers who wrote this and Christians since who believe this even today are so wrong . Again John the Baptist said : " Look , the Lamb of God , who takes away the sin of the world ! LORD ELohim says He only told two  prophets about Y'shua and there was nothing said about forgiveness only comes if you believe something about Y'shua . LORD ELohim says in the CB , this is one of two sentences spoken by John the Baptist about the Lamb of God .  It says ' the sin of the world ' . LORD ELohim says it should say ' sins of the world ' . At the moment Y'shua died LORD ELohim forgave the sins of most all mankind . A person would have to be very evil and cruel not to have been forgiven of their sins , past and then and now and in the future : everywhere in the world . Again you do not have to be a Christian to be forgiven . The LORD never said you have to believe something to be forgiven . You did not even have to believe you were forgiven to be forgiven . LORD ELohim said the sins of mankind , most all mankind are forgiven . He never said anything about people having need of a certain religion . The LORD never expected a new religion to come to be , created by the pagan Romans about Y'shua . Pagan Christianity LORD ELohim has never approved of it but even for that you are forgiven . People saying ' prove these things ' were few and far between .

-      Acts 11 : 13 & 18     ( B )     In the NIV     :   He told us how he had seen a angel appear in his house and say , " Send to Joppa for Simon who is called Peter . He will bring you a message through which you and all your household will be saved " . ...." So then , even to Gentiles God has granted repentance that leads to life . " In the CB there are Angels popping up everywhere . Again we can not see or hear Angels . If an Angel was to get Peter to go some place else then why would the Angel not just go to Peter and tell him : if Angels could speak to people ?  The word ' saved ' and         ' leads to life ' sounds like they were talking about an afterlife . Having eternal life is not something LORD ELohim or even Y'shua could do for you . Y'shua himself is still dead so he could not have been talking to Peter in verses 7, 9 . Death is the same for everyone : good or bad , of any religion including Christians , and so on . Life is not forever but death is for all mortals and an Angel would not have lied to them and you about that .

-     Acts 11 : 26      ( B )     In the NIV     :      .... The disciples were called Christians first at Antioch . The word Christ is Greek for Messiah and many people there spoke Greek . The name Christian could have happened in Antioch at this time but much in the beliefs and what's written in the CB came much later in Rome by the Romans . This may have happened if the disciples were teaching Y'shua was the Messiah which is an error .

-     Acts 12 : 1 - 19    ( B )       In the NIV    :     ..... So Peter was kept in prison , but the church was earnestly praying to God for him .  .... Peter was sleeping between two soldiers , bound with two chains , and sentries stood guard at the entrance . Suddenly an angel of the Lord appeared and a light shone in the cell . He struck Peter on the side and woke him up . " Quick , get up ! " he said , and the chains fell off Peter's wrists . Then the angel said to him , "  Put on your clothes and sandals . "  And Peter did so .          " Wrap your cloak around you and follow me , " the angel told him .  ..... They passed the first and second guards and came to the iron gate leading to the city . It opened for them by itself , and they went through it . ..... Herod was out to persucute the church and Peter was put in prison . LORD ELohim wants to tell you " Don't count on a Angel to get you out of jail " .  The LORD said Angels could not have done these things . The LORD says He had no ' men of God ' working that night either . If all this truly happened it's a mystery to the LORD how it could have happened other then somebody mortal helped Peter that night . There is a lot that Spirits cannot do on earth but in Heaven they never need to do such things anyway so it's no big deal .

-     Acts 12 : 21 - 24      ( B )       In the NIV   :      On the appointed day Herod ..... sat on his throne and delivered a public address to the people . They shouted ,  " This is the voice of a god , not of man . " Immediately , because Herod did not give praise to God , an angel of the Lord struck him down , and he was eaten by worms and died . But the word of God continued to spread and flourish . There are stories in the CB that did not happen or did not happen the way it is written and this is one of them . LORD ELohim says no Angel struck down Herod and if he was eaten by worms it was not an Angel that brought them into his room .  LORD ELohim says there is far to much about Angels in the CB NT . Spirits in the past and today have very little to do with mankind . Are we suppose to believe that the Jews said this about Herod " This is the voice of a god , not a man " ?  Not likely !

-      Acts 13 : 1     ( B )       In the NIV     :     Now in the church at Antioch there were prophets and teachers : ....  LORD ELohim never gave prophets to the Christian church . The disciple John was a prophet for the LORD but he was not one the best prophets . John was a Jew and of the religion of Judaism .  Again LORD ELohim never made a Christian a prophet . A true prophet has to be appointed to that position by LORD ELohim and that has never happened within the Christian church .

-     Acts 13 : 2      ( B )     In the NIV      :      While they were worshiping the Lord and fasting , the Holy Spirit said , " Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them . "  Again this is like coffee shop talk with these guys and the Holy Spirit who does not even exist . LORD ELohim would love to be able to talk to people like this or even any of His Spirit children but none can . This could not have happened the way it is written .

-    Acts 13 : 4 - 12     ( B )       In the NIV     :      .... " You are a child of the devil and an enemy of everything that is right !  .... Will you never stop perverting the right ways of the Lord ?  Now the hand of the Lord is against you . You are going to be blind for a time , not even able to see the light of the sun . LORD ELohim says He never made any person blind including Paul and this guy in these verses . LORD ELohim does not torture people so to make them believe anything . There is a lot in Christianity and other religions that the LORD hopes people do not  believe but He is not going to torture people if they do believe that stuff .

( 12 : 16 )      NOTES      :      LORD ELohim created all mortal life on this earth and only on this earth . For billions of years mortal species only had instinct that the LORD gave them . Spirits have always had free will and LORD ELohim thought He might try to give a certain mortal species free will and see how that goes . The first mortals with free will were the Grays and then the Anunnaki and both of these species failed greatly and nearly destroyed the earth with their hatred and wars . The LORD did not try to guide either of these species . The LORD again gave another species called mankind free will , only this time He tryed to guide us so we could live in peace and love and have great joy in our lives . His guidence did not take away our free will to chose what we believe or how to live our lives . LORD ELohim had one rule and that was to not interfere with our choices and our free will . He tryed to guide us by His teachings and Laws to chose wisely but He left it up to each of us what we did with our free will and choices . The judgment of our species was what we did with our free will . Did we chose love over hate , peace or war , compassion and caring or not caring about others , sharing or greed and so on .  We failed our trial and if you know the history of mankind and the choices made with our free will , you know why we greatly failed also . LORD ELohim and Spirits cannot make choices for us or interfere in anyway with our free will because it was our free will and what choices we made that was being judged by LORD ELohim . LORD ELohim would never harm someone just to make that person make a choice that the LORD approves of . The book of Job is without truth and these two men said to have been blinded by the LORD ELohim or Y'shua is not true either .

-      Acts 13 : 32 - 35      ( B )     In the NIV     :      " We tell you the good news : What God promised our ancestors he has fulfilled for us , their children , by raising up Jesus . As it is written in the second Psalm ;  " You are my son ; today I have become your father . "  God raised him from the dead so that he will never be subject to decay . As God has said , " I will give you the holy one and sure blessings promised to David . " We think we have written about one of these verses before . The Christians have back ups in the JB for all three . First : You are my son .... This is backed up in Psalms 2 : 7 according to the CB . The JB says " : .... You are My son , I have fathered you this day . If Y'shua was LORD ELohim's only begotten son going back trillions of years then why does it say only a few thousand years ago that Y'shua has become His son ? It says the back up verse for ' he will never be subject to decay ' is Psalms 16 : 10 in the JB which says : For you will not abandon me to Sheol , or let Your faithful one see the Pit . There is nothing about ' decay ' in this verse in the Jewish Bible . In the CB this verse says : Because you will not abandon me to the realm of the dead , nor will you let your faithful one see decay . The CB changed several words in this verse .  The verse about ' ... promised to David '  the CB says in Isaiah 55 : 3 backs it up . In the JB this verse says : Incline your ear and come to  Me ; Hearken , and you shall be revived . And I will make with  you an everlasting covenant ,The enduring loyalty promised to David . In the CB Isaiah 55 : 3 it says : ....  I will make an everlasting covenant with you , my faithful love promised to David . LORD ELohim was not talking about Y'shua in any of these verses . He says He was for the most part talking about Israel and the Jewish people . Calling the nation of Israel His son is a common metaphor in ancient writings . Y'shua was never risen and his body would have decayed like any other mortal .

-      Acts 13 : 38 & 39      ( B )       In the NIV    :      Therefore , my friends , I want you to know that through Jesus the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you . Through him everyone who believes is set free from every sin , a justification you were not able to obtain under the law of Moses .  The first line is true . Though the sacrifice of Y'shua and the shedding of his blood : LORD ELohim forgave the sins of most all mankind . The next line is a lie . It says   ' everyone who believes is set free from every sin ' . That's not true . You don't have to believe anything to be set free of your sins . Y'shua died for the ' sins of the world ' and there are still a lot of people who have never heard of Y'shua or the Christian God called Jesus and their sins are forgiven to . This is becoming all to common : the Christians calling LORD ELohim's Ten Command-ments the ' law of Moses ' . Moses never came up with the Ten Commandments . LORD ELohim came up with those Laws and gave them to Moses to share with the LORD's Jews and with the world . Is it possible to be perfect regarding LORD ELohim's Law and teachings . Y'shua managed to be perfect so it is possible but for most people it's not so easy . Remember : LORD ELohim had a way for the Jews since the time of Abraham to be forgiven for their sins by Him . Before Y'shua LORD ELohim forgave a lot of Jewish peoples sins so that was nothing new to the Jews . LORD ELohim forgiving sins was new to most of the rest of the world . But again you do not have to believe in anything or need to be a Christian to be forgiven of your sins by LORD ELohim . It's wrong that many Christians believe it's Y'shua who forgives their sins : since only LORD ELohim can forgive sins . There have been some very evil and wicked people that the LORD will never forgive . Remember this : LORD ELohim is the author of all the rules for His forgiveness and not the pope .

-      Acts 13 : 40 & 41      ( B )       In the NIV      :      Take care that what the prophets have said does not happen to you : " Look , you scoffers wonder and perish , for I am going to do something in your days that you would never believe , even if someone told you . " This could be about anything and anytime in the past few thousand years or even could happen now or in the future if you seperate this verse from all other verses in JB . There is nothing here that says anything about Y'shua . The CB says that Habakkuk 1 : 5 backs up these verses . In the CB OT this verse says : Look at the nations and watch - and be utterly amazed . For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe , even if you were told . The JB says : " Look  among the nations , Observe well and be utterly astounded ; For a work is being wrought in your days  Which you would not believe if it were told . Again there is nothing about Y'shua here . The next verse in the JB says : For lo , I am raising up the Chaldeans , that fierce , impetuous nation , .... That's what these verses are talking about . In the CB OT this line says ....  raising up the Babylonians , .... The LORD said go with the Chaldeans because that's what He ment . The mention of the Chaldeans gives verses in Acts 13 : 40 & 41 a time line now . The Babylonian ( or Chaldean )  empire fell in 539 BCE . That was over five hundred years before Y'shua .

( 12 : 17 )    NOTES     :      A error Christians have made is picking verses from here and there in the Jewish Bible and claiming the verses are about Y'shua . If you read the above and below verses it's obvious the verses are about something else . The Christians also changed words in many verses so they can claim the verse is talking about Y'shua . Because of that it's important to read the Jewish Bible because even verses in the Old Testament of the CB they have changed words and meanings especially verses they use to back up their verses in the New Testament .

-      Acts 13 : 43      ( B )     In the NIV   :     When the congregation was dismissed , many of the Jews and devout converts to Judaism followed Paul and Barnabas , .... This does not say converts to Christianity but to Judaism . Obviously Paul and Barnabas were Jews and of the religion of Judaism and also a few of their followers .

-     Acts 13 : 44 - 46     ( B )      In the NIV     :      On the next Sabbath almost the whole city gathered to hear the word of the Lord . When the Jews saw the crowds , they were filled with jealousy . They began to contradict what Paul was saying and heaped abuse on him . Then Paul and Barnabas answered them boldly : " We had to speak the word of God to you first . Since you reject it and do not consider yourselves worthy of eternal life , we now turn to the Gentiles . The Jews since Abraham have always been kind of the voice of LORD ELohim to the world . The LORD wanted the Jews to teach about Him and the Lamb of God to the Gentile world to . All these lies : Y'shua's a God , the Messiah , a king , the only Son of God , was risen from the dead and so on got in the way of Y'shua simply being the Lamb of God for the sins of the world .  The Jews would have understood that and probably most would have understood this and believed that . All the lies got in the way but when did the lies start ? Like Y'shua's preaching ; there is not a lot given to what Paul and Barnabas were teaching people . The LORD says it is very unlikely that Jews would have been jealous of the crowd with Paul . If Paul was teaching lies they would have been concerned ; but if Paul was teaching the truth that Y'shua was the Lamb of God and nothing else then probably most Jews would have listened with joy to the teachings . Paul says to the Jews that they ' do not consider yourselves worthy of eternal life . ' .... No body has to believe whatever Paul was teaching to be forgiven of their sins : including these Jews Paul was speaking to . If Paul said this then he was wrong and did not understand what the Lamb of God was about . The LORD ELohim never said you have to believe anything to be forgiven of your sins . If Paul was teaching the many lies about Y'shua then the LORD is very pleased that the Jews did not believe him .

( 12 : 18 )      NOTES     :     Being forgiven of your sins has nothing to do with ' eternal life ' . Sins are not the cause of sickness or death as many Christians believe they are . Christians believe in       ' original sin ' which means the moment of your conception you were a sinner because of Adam's disobedience to God's word . This belief is a lie . Adam's sins are his alone and are not yours to bare . The forgiveness of peoples sins is LORD ELohim being hopeful that we will think about our life and the choices we make and start again free of sin and to try to keep free of sin . It's common for sin in our lives to make our lives less joyful and less loving and kind and less loving and kind the way we treat each other . There is no eternal life for any mortal humans including Y'shua . LORD ELohim has never said to any human you will have an eternal life with Him . Writings about people having eternal life is written by people who had hopes and day dreams about living forever but LORD ELohim cannot do that for any mortal species including mankind . LORD ELohim is hopeful that you will think about your life and the sins the LORD has forgiven you and that you will try to live your life without sin and that you will be much happier , loving and kind for doing that .

-     Acts 13 : 47       ( B )      In the NIV    :       For this is what the Lord has commanded us : " I have made you a light for the Gentiles , that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth . " The back up verse is Isaiah 49 : 6  which says in the JB : For He said : " It is too little that you should be My servant in that I raise up the tribes of Jacob And restore the survivors of Israel : I will also make you a light of nations ,  That My salvation may reach the ends of the earth . "  You don't need to know LORD ELohim or even Y'shua to be forgiven of your sins . Salvation has a few meanings . The LORD says it is the ' deliverance from sin ' . The dictionary says ' and from the punishment for sin ' . There really is no punishment for sin other then making your life miserable and probably other people you know lives miserable to because you do sin . There is no afterlife or purgatory or hell or lake of fire and stuff like that . The LORD cannot give you eternal life but He does try to help people to make this life as good as it can be which means live your life according to the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20 : 1 - 17 .

-     Acts 13 : 48      ( B )     In the NIV     :      When the Gentiles heard this , they were glad and honored the word of the Lord ; and all who were appointed for eternal life believed . The word appointed in the Dictionary means ' name to an office or position : choose . This is why LORD ELohim would never allow a human to judge other humans . So who was suppose to ' choose ' these people ? The word ' choose ' means : ' to select ; to have a preference for ' . The LORD does not personally know 99 % of all people on earth so it's not Him appointing who get eternal life and who does not . Again no person gets eternal life but it is wrong for Paul to choose who would and who would not . If having eternal life was a contest to be a chosen one then LORD ELohim would judge people on their love , kindness , caring of others , joy of life and stuff like that and not on who believes Y'shua is the Messiah or king or , or , .... Words are cheap but actions not so much and not so easy to do . Cheap means ' costing little effort to obtain , worth little .' LORD ELohim indicated He agrees with this . But remember LORD ELohim was not out to pick and choose . A few very evil and cruel people were not forgiven but most all people were forgiven of their sins and it was not based on words or actions .

-     Acts 14 : 22     ( B )      In the NIV     :     .... " We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God . " LORD ELohim says He has never said this to anyone . The word ' must ' is wrong . The Jewish people have suffered many hardships and great suffering but it was not because the LORD caused that . The LORD ELohim is hopeful that no people suffer any hardships during our lives but people are all to common full of hatred , common to war , wanting what others have and other things that cause many to suffer .  Again there is no kingdom of God for mortal humans but if there were you would not need to suffer just to get through the door .

-     Acts 15 : 5      ( B )       In the NIV    :     " The Gentiles must be circumcised and required to keep the law of Moses . They were teaching among the non-Jews who are called Gentiles about what would be expected of them for converting to Judaism . Y'shua in his teachings said ' keep the Law ' . In other words if he really said keep the Law of LORD ELohim he was speaking to both Jews and Gentiles .  The Ten Commandments are not ' the law of Moses ' . The Ten Commandments are the Law of LORD ELohim . If the disciples were really following the words Y'shua spoke then the answer to that question should have been " Yes " : all must try to keep the Law of LORD ELohim . In Mark 10 : 17 - 21 .... What must I do to inherit eternal life ? "  .... You know the commandments :  You shall not murder , you shall not commit adultery , ..... Mark 12 : 28 - 32 ...." Of all the commandments , which is the most important ? " The most important one , " answered Jesus , " is    this " hear , O Israel : The Lord our God , the Lord is one .  Love the Lord your God with all your heart .... The second is this : Love your neighbor as yourself . There is no commandment greater than these . According to the CB Y'shua did teach that people : Jew or Gentiles , all who follow him to keep the Ten Commandments . LORD ELohim does not care if men are circumcised or not who are Gentiles . There is a big difference between an eight day old baby and a man who is older then that . That's a very personal thing and the LORD will leave it to be a choice for Gentile men . But the LORD does expect people to keep His Law . Most Christians believe they do not have to keep any of LORD ELohim's Laws and they are very wrong about that . The Ten Commandments are for the whole of mankind and always were and always will be .

-      Acts 15 : 6 - 11       ( B )      In the NIV     :     .... Now then , why do you try to test God by putting on the necks of Gentiles a yoke that neither we nor our ancestors have been able to bear ? No ! We believe it is through the grace of our Lord Jesus that we are saved , just as they are . " They are still talking about if the Gentiles should obey the Ten Commandments . The CB says Peter spoke these verses . If Peter really said " No " then he is not obeying what Y'shua taught . Y'shua the Lamb of God was without sin which means he never broke any of the Ten Commandments and he taught others and his disciples and followers to a least try to do the same . Like the sacrifice of Y'shua the Ten Command- ments was for all mankind around the world and not just for the Jews . Peters answer should have been " Yes " for all Gentiles to obey all LORD ELohim Law . The word ' grace ' means : freedom from sin through divine grace , a virtue coming from God . Peter saying ' through the grace of our Lord Jesus ' is very wrong . The forgiving of sins was LORD ELohim . Other then being the Lamb of God ; Y'shua had nothing to do with LORD ELohim forgiving the sins of the world . Only LORD ELohim can forgive the sins of people and no mortal has that position to do that including  Y'shua and Christian preachers . Again this ' grace ' came from LORD ELohim and not from Y'shua .

( 12 : 19 )      NOTES    :     Christians believe they have no reason to obey the Ten Commandments or any other teachings of LORD ELohim . The Christians are wrong . The Ten Commandments are for all humans around the world . The LORD with the Law has not been trying to make our lives harder or more miserable : He has tryed to make our lives better and with more joy and more secure and peaceful . Because we have free will the LORD cannot force us to obey the Law but He has always been hopeful that we humans living everywhere on earth would a least give it a try . The Law is in Exodus 20 : 1 - 17 . Moses made one error in the second com-mandment beginning with : for I the LORD your God , am a jealous God , punishing the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me , but showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments . These verses are an error . LORD ELohim would never punish someone for the sins of another person . LORD ELohim is not a jealous God . The LORD is a deeply loving God but He would not guarantee that for a thousand generations . There have been a lot of offspring of even good people who the LORD will never forgive because of their wickedness .

-      Acts 15 : 21     ( B )      In the NIV     :     For the law of Moses has been preached in every city from the earliest times and is read in the synagogues on every Sabbath . Again the Ten Commandments are called ' law of Moses ' . LORD ELohim says any Jews He knows would never call His Ten Commandments ' law of Moses ' . The verses that says ' law of Moses ' is very likely not written by a Jew . A Jew would write the ' Law of LORD ELohim ' . The Ten Commandments are ofter called ' Law ' and not ' Laws ' . The outcome of the disciples question what should Gentiles who convert to Judaism be expected to do was in verse 29 You are to abstain from food sacrificed to idols , from blood , from the meat of strangled animals and from sexual immorality . The only Commandment that even comes close to any of these things is the seventh Commandment : You shall not commit adultery . The others are teachings from LORD ELohim but not part of the Law . So the outcome of this is that these disciples dumped the Law of the LORD in the garbage regarding Gentiles converting to Judaism and the LORD ELohim is not happy about this if this really happened . The Lamb of God was for the sins of the world . The Ten Commandments LORD ELohim gave also to the world and not just to the Jews . Should you keep the Law of LORD ELohim ? The answer from LORD ELohim is simply " Yes " . Some Christian Bible versions in Law six says : You shall not kill . It should say : You shall not murder .

-     Acts 15 : 32       ( B )      In the NIV    :     Judas and Silas , who themselves were prophets , said much to encourage and strengthen the believers .   LORD ELohim says these two men were not prophets . A prophet has to be appointed to that position by LORD ELohim . At the time of Y'shua there was only one person appointed by LORD ELohim to be a prophet . It was John a disciple of Y'shua . The LORD says that John was not good at being a prophet because he thought he knew everything and did not try to listen to LORD ELohim through the teaching Spirit with him . Many Christians believe Y'shua was a prophet also but the LORD says Y'shua was never appointed to be a prophet . The LORD says John was the last prophet . Since then the LORD has never appointed any person to be a prophet . It's very difficult to do and not a lot were good at being prophets . In any religious writings the LORD says " Think Not Beyond Logic " . Again I am not a prophet and I never want to be one and God knows that .

-     Acts 16 : 7      ( B )     In the NIV     :      When they came to the border of Mysia , they tried to enter Bithynia , but the Spirit of Jesus would not allow them to . Y'shua was mortal and like you he did not have a Spirit to call his own Spirit so if they felt they should not go into this place that feeling came from themselves . What happened to Y'shua's resurrected mortal flesh body if Y'shua at this time was only Spirit ?  This verse is a lie but lets say ' what if ' . If Y'shua went to Heaven he could only go as Spirit : so what happened to his resurrected flesh body ? Again Y'shua had no Spirit to call his own but ' what if ' he did : where on earth is his mortal flesh and bone body and what would that mean to you ? Y'shua is dead and he never had an immortal Spirit to live beyond death in and neither do you .

-      Acts 16 : 10     ( B )       In the NIV     :     After Paul had seen the vision , .... concluding that God had called us to preach the gospel to them . It say Paul had a vision given by God . Y'shua was not a God so that takes him out of this . LORD ELohim being the one and only God : He said He never gave Paul a vision . After Y'shua's death LORD ELohim spent about two months checking on the people who were involved with Y'shua and for that time there was no Christian type teachings going on . Everyone was acting like Jews should act and teach . The LORD did not see any big problems in their teachings before He was not always watching those who were close to Y'shua when he was alive . Some believed in eternal life , the LORD raising the dead and stuff like that which some Jews have belived in long before Y'shua existed but most is harmless beliefs . I asked the LORD if anyone said they saw Y'shua after he died and the LORD said no person claimed that . Again Christianity began in Rome among the pagan Romans a couple of centuries after Y'shua died and not in Israel among the Jews .  

-     Acts 16 : 19 - 21      ( B )       In the NIV      :     They brought them before the magistrates and said , : These men are Jews , and are throwing our city into and uproar by advocating customs unlawful for us Romans to accept or practice . "   Paul and Silas were still Jews even though in verse 37 they claimed to be Roman citizens to .

-     Acts 16 : 22 - 28     ( B )      In the NIV     :     .... Suddenly there was such a violent earthquake that the foundations of the prison were shaken . At once all the prison doors flew open , and everyone's chains came loose . Did LORD ELohim cause this earth-quake . The LORD says He cannot do that . If this really happened then it would have been by chance Paul and Silas were in that prison at that time . For all the prison doors to open and the chains to come loose is a little hard to believe .

-    Acts 16 : 34     ( B )      In the NIV      :     The jailer brought them into his house and set a meal before them ; he was filled with joy because he had come to believe in God - he and his whole household .  With Christian verses the question is which God ? Paul and Silas were Jews and Jews only had and have one God : LORD ELohim . Christians have three Gods so which is it ?

-     Acts 17 : 1 - 4     ( B )     In the NIV     :       Paul went into the synagogue , and on three  Sabbath days he reasoned with them from the Scriptures , explaining and proving that the Messiah had to suffer and rise from the dead .  This is a repeat of what was written before . This verse is backed up by John 20 : 9 ( They still did not understand from Scripture that Jesus had to rise from the dead . )  When one CB New Testament verse backs up an CB New Testament verse there is not a lot of proof that either are true . Both say the proof is in the Scriptures . Still so far we have yet to find any verses in the Jewish Bible to back up either of these verses . In the CB they only back up each other and the LORD says that is not good enough . If this is somewhere in the Jewish Bible then they have to let people know where in the JB or the Christian claim that the Messiah must suffer and rise from the dead has no proof of that being true . The Messiah is a Jewish thing and was a Jewish thing many hundreds of years before Y'shua walked the earth . If Christians are going to use Jewish Scriptures then make sure it's in the JB and write where in the JB . Again John backing up Acts and Acts backing up John means nothing when it comes to proof . LORD ELohim said He never said that the Messiah must suffer and die and be risen from the dead and to His knowledge neither did the Jews . This Christian claim would make no sense . The Messiah has a lot of work to do , a life time of work , and a dead man cannot do that . The LORD cannot raise the dead from the dead so again it makes no sense . There is no reason for the Messiah to have to suffer . And again Y'shua was not the Messiah and the Jews knew that then and the Jews know that even today .

-     Acts 17 : 4 - 9       ( B )       In the NIV      :     Some of the Jews were persuaded and joined Paul and Silas , as did a large number of God-fearing Greeks and quite a few prominent women .  But other Jews were jealous ; so they rounded up some bad characters from the marketplace , formed a mob and started a riot in the city . LORD ELohim is sure this never happened . What was there for any Jew to be jealous of ? That's like saying the Jews today are jealous of Christians . It would be very unlikely to find any Jew today that is jealous of them . The tenth Commandment : You shall not covet you neighbor's house .... or anything that belongs to your neighbor . The LORD says His Jews are pretty good at not being jealous of other people . The Jews causing a riot is not very likely either . If we are right about this , the city of Thessalonica would be in Greece today . Out side of Israel the Jews lived their lives like they were always walking on egg shells among the non- Jews . Again it would be unlikely that the Jews would be the cause of a riot . LORD ELohim is sure these verses are a anti-Semitic lie written by Christians .

-     Acts 18 : 1 & 2      ( B )      In the NIV     :      After this , Paul left Athens and went to Corinth . There he met a Jew named Aquila , a native of Pontus , who had recently come from Italy with his wife Priscilla , because Claudius had ordered all Jews to leave Rome .    As we have just mentioned in the above writings that for the Jews living among the Gentiles they had to be extremely careful not to give the rulers any reason to kick them out of the country but many rulers needed no reason to do that .

-     Acts 18 : 4 - 6      ( B )      In the NIV     :     Every Sabbath he reasoned in the synagogue , trying to persuade Jews and Greeks ..... Paul devoted himself exclusively to preaching , testifying to the Jews that Jesus was the Messiah . Paul was wrong if he really teached this about Y'shua and the Jews he was preaching to were right to not believe what he said .

-     Acts 18 : 9 - 16      ( B )      In the NIV     :     One night the Lord spoke to Paul in a vision : " Do not be afraid ; keep on speaking , do not be silent . For I am with you, and no one is going to attack and harm you , because I have many people in this city ."  LORD ELohim says Paul did not have a teaching Spirit and without a teaching Spirit a vision is not a true vision from LORD ELohim and those are not easy to do especially with words to .  Was it a dream ? If it were a dream it means nothing . Dreams don't know if your safe or not .

 ( 12  : 20 )    NOTES     :    If Paul and others were just teaching that Y'shua was the Lamb of God , was a mortal man chosen by God who died to take away the sins of the world and was LORD ELohims work for that to happen : LORD ELohim says the Jews would have been joyful and happy to hear about that . If Paul and the others were teaching that Y'shua was the Messiah , is the only Son of God , was himself a God and is the I AM God who spoke to Moses from the burning bush , was the God who created everything created , is one of the three Gods to be all worshiped as one God and so on then there is reason why the Jews found their teachings to be blasphemous and the Jews would have been right about that . LORD Elohim says it's all blasphemous except that Y'shua was the willing Lamb of God . Christians using Jews in their religion is wrong . A lot of anti-Semitism written in the CB is wrong . Christians using Judaism is wrong . Christians trying to rewrite the Jewish Bible in their Old Testament is wrong . Changeing Jewish names to Greek or Latin is wrong . Worshiping Y'shua a motal man who is dead and was never risen is wrong and so on . Jews and even others not believing all this stuff about the mortal Jewish Lamb of God has pleased LORD ELohim greatly .

-    Acts 18 : 19      ( B )      In the NIV      :     They arrived at Ephesus , where Paul left Priscilla and Aquila . He himself went into the synagogue and reasoned with the Jews . When they asked him to spend more time with them , he declined . And again nothing about what Paul talked about just like with Y'shua there was not a lot about what he talked about either . LORD ELohim said that parables don't count . All the mostly Christian people who wrote the NT in the CB would have done well as vacation planners but they are sure not good at telling the whole story about people and what is important to the story . 

-     Acts 18 : 18 - 28     ( B )     In the NIV     :      For he vigorously refuted his Jewish opponents in public debate , proving from the Scriptures that Jesus was the Messiah . For such an important verse and others like it before , why is there no mention of these JB verses in the CB where to find these Scriptures in the JB . There is no mention of them in the NIV or the KJV . The Jewish people have waited a long time , long before Y'shua , for the Messiah . There are several verses about the Messiah in the JB but it would seem there is none which proves without a doubt that Y'shua was the Messiah . The Scripture means in the Jewish Bible since the Christian Bible was not written at that time . Again the CB New Testament cannot back up verses in the CB New Testament because that would prove nothing . Even the Christian Old Testament in many cases cannot back up the CB NT because the verses were changed and added to and are not what is written in the JB . So far we have found nothing that proves Y'shua was the Messiah in any Bible . The LORD ELohim says trust Him : Y'shua was not and is not and will never be the Messiah . LORD ELohim says believe Him when He says His Lamb of God is dead and will never be risen from the dead .

( 12 : 21 )     NOTES      :      Psalms 110 : 1 in the JB :  The LORD said to my lord , " Sit at My right hand while I make your enemies your footstool ." The spelling of LORD or LORD means LORD ELohim . The small ' l ' of the word lord means a ruler , master , or chief , a person who has power over others . It would be nice to know who is talking ? In the NIV it's writing is the same as the JB but in the KJV it's written : The LORD said unto my Lord ,...  The LORD is speaking to a king and perhaps these verses are spoken by a prophet . The LORD ELohim does not know the who's who of these verses either . The word spelt ' Lord ' means God or Christ in the Dictionary but the Messiah will not be a God so that spelling is wrong in the KJV . LORD ELohim says there is a rule about this Messiah if he does happen : and that rule is he is not a God but just a mortal man so the JB spelling ' lord ' is right and the KJV spelling of ' Lord ' is wrong . Christians believe this verse is about Y'shua but the LORD says that He knows is not true . The Messiah has many tasks to do and Y'shua did none of them in truth and for about two thousand years since Y'shua these tasks still remain undone .

( 12 : 22 )    NOTES     :      Christians believe that Y'shua created everything that was created including you . In the CB it says Y'shua was the Word and by only words were all things made by him . Moses made an error by saying all was created by LORD ELohim simply by speaking words . Christians have made an error by claiming it was Y'shua who spoke those words and not LORD ELohim . In John 1 : 1 - 14  : In the beginning was the Word , and the Word was with God , and the Word was God . He was with God in the beginning . Through him all things were made that has been made . .... LORD ELohim wants people to know that Y'shua did not exist in any form before he was conceived of about two thousand years ago . In the beginning LORD ELohim was alone and it took many years before He created His Spirit children . That was by the work of His hands and not by speaking words . Y'shua the flesh man was not with LORD ELohim in the beginning . The beginning go back in time many trillions of years . LORD ELohim created a lot of Spirit children who He is the Father of but He never created any Gods or just one son . Believe me , the LORD ELohim created a lot of Spirit sons . There is only one God and one Father of all created and He is LORD ELohim .  The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world . He was in the world , and though the world was made through him , the world did not recognize him . Again Y'shua did not create anything other then maybe a table with his dad the carpenter . Y'shua was not a     God-man as Christians believe . There was no God in Y'shua the mortal man because there has always been only one God and He is LORD ELohim . How were the Jews suppose to recognize him if that were true : but again it is not true . Y'shua was a mortal man in every way . It's a lie that Y'shua created the world . LORD ELohim did that . In a book it says Y'shua is God but not the same person as God the Father LORD ELohim . The LORD wants Christians to know He does not like to be called a ' person ' . A person is mortal and no mortal is a God . He came to that which was his own , but his own did not receive him . Y'shua was a mortal man from head to toe . Y'shua could not raise the dead , heal the sick , and on and on . If Y'shua said to the Jews : I AM your Father and God and creator and they did not believe him then that's good news to LORD ELohim . His Jews were very wise then regarding Y'shua . There is no truth that Y'shua was a God incarnated into mortal flesh . Yet to all who did receive him , to those who believed in his name , he gave the right to become children of God .... LORD ELohim created mankind and all mankind are His children : both good and evil . The LORD would never say to someone if you don't believe something because you cannot see or hear whatever like even Himself : LORD ELohim would never punish you for that . There was nothing about Y'shua that was a God . I was an Atheist for most of my life and the LORD had no problem with that because where was the proof that He really existed or that even Y'shua ( Jesus ) was a God to . Now I know He exists and His names are many but He likes LORD ELohim . Y'shua was never in the postition to give people the ' right ' to become children of God . We have always been children of LORD ELohim because it was He who created all that was created including all of us mortal humans . The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us . We have seen his glory , the glory of the one and only Son , who came from the Father , full of grace and truth . LORD ELohim created all life : both Spirit and all species of mortal flesh . Christians believe the Word was a God and not the true God LORD ELohim . Again : Y'shua was mortal in everyway and was not a God in anyway . Y'shua was also not the one and only Son of LORD ELohim . Again : we are all LORD ELohim's childen and so are all Spirits . If Y'shua was all knowing about what is true and what is not true then why in the CB does it say he preached about people having an afterlife or that there is a hell or lake of fire where Y'shua is going to torture people forever and on and on with the lies about our Father LORD ELohim .  Moses made a error to say that LORD ELohim only had to speak and all was created with words . LORD ELohim worked with His hands for billions and even trillions of years to create all He created . With words alone nothing was created . It's a great error to say ' the Word became flesh ' because Y'shua was not the Word and Y'shua was not a God-man and there is only one God who is LORD ELohim . John wrote these verses and he used errors made by Moses to create even more errors about the same subject . That's a little funny but the LORD has said that no religion is perfect so Think Not Beyond Logic .

-     Acts 19 : 1 & 2      ( B )      In the NIV     :      While Apollos was at Corinth , Paul took the road through the interior and arrived at Ephesus . There he found some disciples and asked them , " Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed ? " They answered " No , we have not even heard that there is a Holy Spirit ."   There is no such Spirit called the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost . The OT in the JB does not say that the Holy Spirit exists or is another ' Person ' within what Christians believe and call the Godhead , also called the Trinity . Again the LORD says never call Him a ' Person ' . Christians believe Y'shua was conceived by the Holy Spirit which is very wrong because LORD ELohim did that . Many Christians believe the ' Spirit of Prophecy is the Holy Spirit . The Spirit of Prophecy is a ' teaching Spirit ' like the one I had for the Little Book and teaching Spirits do as the LORD asks them to teach someone . Y'shua was not baptized by the Holy Spirit but with water like all people baptized . The word Spirit or spirit means many things like Spirit being God and other Spirits . The word spirit can mean a man's moral , religious , or emotional nature , a state of mind : disposition , temper  , a person , personality , an influence that stirs up and rouses , liveliness , cheerfulness , courage , the real meaning or intent , alcohol and a few more . If the S is a capital S then it's probably about LORD ELohim and His Spirit children and if the s is a small s then it could mean any of the above including booze . An example : the Christian Bible says that in Micah 3 : 8 is proof there is a Holy Spirit : but this is what the JB says But I , I am filled with strenght by the spirit of the LORD And with judgment and courage . This is a small s so it could mean many things like LORD ELohim being an influence that stirs up and rouses . In the Jewish Bible in Isaiah 63 : 10 - 11 it says : But they rebelled , and grieved His holy spirit .... In the NIV CB it says : Yet they  rebelled and grieved his Holy Spirit . In Judges 13 : 25  in the JB it says : The spirit of the LORD first moved him in the encampment  of Dan ... In the NIV it says in Judges : and the Spirit of the LORD began to stir him while he was in Mahaneh Dan ,.... In the NIV in Micah 3 : 8 it says : But as for me , I am filled with power , with the Spirit of the LORD ,  .... In the JB in Micah it says : But I , I am filled with strength by the spirit of the LORD , and with judgment and courage .... There are several verses in the Jewish Bible that Christians say prove the existence of the Holy Spirit . All the back up verses in the JB have no capital S on the word spirit . But in the Christian Bible Old Testament ; all these verses have a capital S on the word Spirit and a capital H on holy . It might not seem like much but there is much regarding if a Holy Spirit exists and is a God . According to the Jewish Bible there is no Holy Spirit as another God as is believed in the Christian faith . To study a lot of stuff in the CB you really need a JB to do that . There is somthing else people need to remember : no Spirit can be running around influencing people to believe something or to do something . Again : it was our free will and what we did with our free will which was judged by LORD ELohim . LORD ELohim says there is no Holy Spirit and in Acts 19 : 2 it's not surprising that people said and probably Jewish people said : " No , we have not even heard that there is a Holy Spirit ." From what we could find there is no mention of a Holy Spirit in the Jewish Bible which is why the Jews have never heard of him . The Christians changed a lot of these verses in the CB OT from a small ' s ' to a big ' S ' and that was very wrong of them to do . The LORD says there is no Holy Spirit , never has there been a Holy Spirit and never will be a Holy Spirit . Think Not Beyond Logic : How can one Spirit be in a billion different people at the same time ? The LORD does not even know how to make a Spirit like that and He would never try . Being a Christian Holy Spirit does not sound like that Spirit would have much fun so that would be the main reason the LORD has never created that Spirit and would never create such a Spirit .

-     Acts 19 : 6     ( B )       In the NIV     :      When Paul placed his hands on them , the Holy Spirit came on them , and they spoke in tongues and prophesied . There were about twelve men in all . These are the same people who never heard of the Holy Spirit . It says Paul baptised them and the Holy Spirit came on them and then they spoke in many languages and prophesied . Again there is no Holy Spirit and if there was a Spirit like that how could people have seen it ? I have dealt with a lot of Spirits and I have never seen or even heard the voice of even one of them . The LORD and Spirits don't know why that is that we cannot hear them . Most all Spirit children of LORD ELohim only know English the language of Heaven . A few do know ancient Egyptian and a few do know Hebrew . These are the only languages LORD ELohim knows to . So there are no Spirits who can in a moment teach people many languages : that cannot be done . Again Think Not Beyond Logic . None of these men could do prophecies either because LORD ELohim never gave any of them a teaching Spirit needed for that . Even Y'shua was not given a teaching Spirit for prophecy . The disciple John had a prophecy Spirit but John was not good at doing that . You only have to read Revelation to know he was very bad at doing prophecies . The LORD gave up on John . In Revelation there were many verses by John but most were added later by the Roman Catholic Church .

( 12 : 23 )      NOTES     :      The NIV CB says John wrote the book of Revelation . In Revelation 1 : 5 it says :  and from Jesus Christ , who is the faithful witness , the firstborn from the dead , and the ruler of the kings of the earth .  In the NIV in Mark 9 : 2 - 4  After six days Jesus took Peter , James and John with him and led them up a high mountain .... There he was transfigured before them . .... And there appeared before them Elijah and Moses , who were talking to Jesus . How could Y'shua be the firstborn risen from the dead if before he was even crucified he was talking to two dead men who must have been risen before Y'shua was risen ?  LORD ELohim has a truthful answer for this : none of these three men were risen from the dead and these verses are a lie . LORD ELohim does not know what ' transfigured ' even means and the dictionary does not help .

-     Acts 19 : 11 & 12     ( B )      In the NIV      :     God did extraordinary miracles through Paul , so that even handkerchiefs and aprons that had touched him were taken to the sick , and their illnesses were cured and the evil spirits left them . This never happened . This is a lot of BS . LORD ELohim never did anything through Paul . The question always is when Christians us the word ' God ' is who are they talking about among their many Gods ? LORD ELohim says He never did miracles through Paul and Y'shua was dead and the Holy Spirit never existed and even Satan who the Christians call a god has never wanted anything to do with us crazy mortals so it was not him . If you forgot the Spirit David who Christians call Satan in the CB in 2 Corinthians 4 : 4 says : The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers  .... Again the LORD ELohim cannot cure the sick and none of the LORD's  Spirit children are evil . Since LORD ELohim cannot do these things , this means neither could Y'shua and Paul or any other mortal without medicine or a scalpel .

-      Acts 19 : 11 - 15      ( B )      In the NIV  :      Some Jews who went around driving out evil spirits tried to invoke the name of the Lord Jesus over those who were demon possessed . They would say , " In the name of the Jesus whom Paul preaches , I command you to come out . .... One day the evil spirit answered them , " Jesus I know , and Paul I know about , but who are you ? "  This never happened . Mortals cannot hear Spirits speaking .

-     Acts 19 : 16 & 17     ( B )    In the NIV     :     Then the man who had the evil spirit jumped on them and overpowered them all . He gave them such a beating that they ran out of the house naked and bleeding . LORD ELohim says Spirits could not take over peoples personality like this . Even teaching Spirits have trouble teaching people anything . If there were evil Spirits they would have very little effect on people and our free will . Remember again : LORD ELohim could not judge us if Spirits were the cause of what we choose to believe or do during our life . This did not happen . Mental illness is nothing new in our generation . People with mental illness goes back to the creation of the mankind species . In the past it was common for people to blame Spirits or even LORD ELohim for the way people with mental illness act or what they speak . The verses goes on to say : .... the name of the Lord Jesus was held in high honor . Y'shua never cast demons out of people because they do not exist just like the Holy Spirit does not exist .

-     Acts 20 : 7      ( B )      In the NIV     :     On the first day of the week we came together to break bread .  Was this the beginning of people changing the LORD ELohim Sabbath to the first day of the week or was this just a get together for the same minded people ? 

-     Acts 20 : 28       ( B )      In the NIV      :      Keep watch over yourselves and all the flock of which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers .  Be shepherds of the church of God , which he bought with his own blood . This verse says that Y'shua bought the church with his own blood . LORD ELohim says Y'shua's blood did not buy anything for Y'shua except to be remember as the Lamb of God someday when Christians stop avoiding that subject . Church of God means Y'shua is the God of this church . This is a lie . Y'shua was never a God or a God-man as Christians believe he was and still is . LORD ELohim never thought people would begin a new religion using Y'shua as their God and also use the religion of Judaism in their pagan religion . LORD ELohim created all of us and He never had any intention to sell us to a dead mortal man . There have been many pagan religions since Adam and Eve who simply invented their gods just as this church has invented the mortal man Y'shua to be one of their to many Gods . There is only one God and Y'shua was not and is not Him and Y'shua is a dead Christian God .  LORD ELohim loved Y'shua greatly and He was hopeful that people would remember and honor him for who he was : the Lamb of God .

-     Acts 20 : 30     ( B )     In the NIV     :      Even from your own number men will arise and distort the truth in order to draw away disciples after them . There is truth in this verse : for a nice change . The truth about Y'shua has been greatly distorted by the Christian church and has a lot of people who were converted to their religion because of their teachings about eternal life and hell and much more that is not true .    

-    Acts 26 : 8     ( B )      In the NIV     :     Why should any of you consider it incredible that God raises the dead ? Again the LORD ELohim says Think Not Beyond Logic . He just cannot do that . If I'm right the LORD said ashes to ashes and dust to dust somewhere in the Bible . LORD ELohim never promised anyone eternal life : good or bad eternal life , hell or Heaven eternal life . Some Jews believed in eternal life and others believed there is no eternal life after death . The Jews did not beat each other up over this . These beliefs had nothing to do with the Law or other teachings by the LORD so it was no big deal who believed what .

( 12 : 24 )      NOTES     :     In Acts the chapters between 20 and 26 is mostly about the Jews picking on Paul . LORD ELohim says a lot of the verses are not true in these chapters .

-     Acts 22 : 14 - 18    ( B ) ( R )    In the NIV     :      The story changes . In Acts 22 : 7 it says that the dead Y'shua said to Paul : , " Saul ! Saul ! Why do you persecute me ? "  Saul is the Jewish name of Paul . In Acts 26 : 14 it says .... " Saul , Saul , why do you persecute me ? It is hard for you to kick against the goads . " The word ' goad ' means spear or a pointed rod to urge an animal . What that means in this verse : we don't know . In Acts 22 : 6 - 21 there is no mention of Satan but in  Acts 26 : 16 - 18 .... I am sending you to them to open their eyes eyes and turn them from darkness to light , and from the power of Satan to God , so that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in me . " The name Satan has no place in this verse . If Y'shua was truly a God he would have known that David ( Satan ) wants nothing to do with humans . Y'shua would have known to that Spirits cannot interfere in peoples free will . Therefore David would have no power over people and the choices we make and the things we do during our life time . It's what we did with our free will that was judged by LORD ELohim . Again : most all of us who are not wicked and cruel people don't need to believe anything about Y'shua to be forgiven of our sins by LORD ELohim . Y'shua was the willing Lamb sacrificed for the sins of the world and not just for Christians .

( 12 : 25 )     NOTES      :      I asked LORD ELohim if we were being judged as individuals and a Christian and a Atheist went before Him to be judged : who would pass His approval for what they believed during their life time ? Would it be the Christian who believes in three Gods in one God or the Atheist who believed there is no such being as a God ? LORD ELohim's answer is : it would be the Atheist who would get His approval and not the Christian . It's better to believe there is no God then it is to believe in to many Gods .

( 12 : 26 )      NOTES     :     I asked LORD ELohim if people long ago lived hundreds of years like Adam living 930 years . In Genesis 5 it continues to say the life time of people like Seth living 912 years , Enosh living 905 years , Kenan living 910 years .... Noah living 950 years .... . Then the years start to be fewer such as Sarah living 127 years and Abraham living 175 years . LORD ELohim says Abraham lived around 80 years and Adam lived about 80 years to . The life time of people in general since Adam has not changed much . Moses who got most things right had a hobby of trying to explain what mostly could not be explained by mortals like creation of all created and how LORD ELohim did that and who is who in the past from the bloodline of Adam . LORD ELohim says the longest life span He knows of about mortal people was a women after the time of Y'shua who lived about 110 years . People who live around 80 years is a good average since the time of Adam and Eve and even before them .

( 12 : 27 )      NOTES      :      Was Adam the first human type created by LORD ELohim ?  The LORD says what Moses wrote about Adam and Eve other then their life time error is petty much correct . The beginning of ' mankind ' started with Adam and Eve but the start of ' human types ' started long before Adam and Eve . Adam and Eve were the first called ' mankind ' by LORD ELohim and that is when our trial time of six thousand years started ticking for ' mankind ' . Adam and Eve had two sons Cain and Abel . Cain murdered Abel . That's when the LORD kicked Cain out of Eden . Cain told LORD ELohim that he feared whoever finds him will kill him . Who are the others since so far only Adam and Eve and Cain and Abel are people on earth ? The LORD puts a mark on Cain so others who find him will not kill him . Cain left Eden and lived in the land of Nod , east of Eden . Then it says Cain made love to his wife and became pregnant with Enoch . Who was Cain's wife ? Then Cain was building a city , and he named it after his son Enoch . Why would someone build a city if there is only five people on earth :  Adam , Eve , Cain , Cains wife , Enoch ? LORD ELohim says Adam and Eve were chosen by Him out of many human types living on earth at that time . That gave reason for Cain to worry about other people killing him and that's where he found his wife and that's why Cain was building a city in the land of Nod .

( 12 - 28 )       NOTES      :      Was Satan the serpent who caused Eve to eat from the forbidden tree ? The LORD as a test said to Adam and Eve not to eat from a one tree in the forest . Again it is difficult for the LORD to communicate with people so how much did Adam and Eve understand from the teaching Spirits ? Both Eve and Adam ate from that tree and when God asked them why Adam blamed Eve and Eve blamed the serpent .  LORD ELohim says He never said they would die if they ate the fruit from that tree . Was the serpent Satan as many Christians believe ?  In the JB in Genesis 3 it says : Now the serpent was the shredest of all the wild beasts that the LORD God had made . It goes on to say the LORD had a conversation with the snake . LORD ELohim said that did not happen because who Eve blamed was indeed a snake . But it goes on to say in verse 15 : I will put enmity Between you and the woman , And between your offspring and hers ; .... The Spirits created by LORD ELohim do not have offspring . Not even David . A lot in Genesis 3 never happened . LORD ELohim never spoke words to the snake because  it was a common snake Eve blamed for lack of anyone else to blame for what she did . There was no tree in the forest that was called the ' tree of life ' . The forbidden tree was just the LORD testing Adam and Eve and nothing more . Eating the fruit from the forbidden tree did not cause mankind to die and the tree of life which did not exist in Eden could not have allowed mankind to have eternal life . LORD ELohim says Satan had nothing to do with Adam and Eve or any other human since them . Both Adam and Eve had teaching Spirits but again it's difficult for them to teach mortals what the LORD is saying . Moses was good at story telling and LORD ELohim had no problem with that even though all is not exactly true . LORD ELohim never had a conversation with this snake . Just because Adam and Eve did fail this test : this did not mean all mankind since that time were all sinners because Adam and Eve sinned . This is called by Christians the ' Original Sin ' which is not true in any way . Again LORD ELohim says " Think Not Beyond Logic " . Adam's and Eve's sins were their own and your sins are your own . The LORD does not blame people for the sins of other people : never has and never will .

-     Acts 26 : 22 - 26     ( B )      In the NIV     :      But God has helped me to this very day ; so I stand here and testify to small and great alike . I am saying nothing beyond what the prophets and Moses said would happen - that the Messiah would suffer and , as the first to rise from the dead , would bring the message of light to his own people and to the Gentiles ." We are still waiting for the CB to teach us where in the JB it says the Prophets and Moses wrote that the Messiah must suffer and be the first to be raised from the dead . Remember in the CB in Mark 9 : 2 - 4  it says that Y'shua had a get together with the dead men Moses and Elijah before he was crucified . If that really happened then Y'shua would not be the first risen from the dead , would he .

( 12 : 29 )       NOTES     :     Does the Messiah have to suffer and die and be risen from the dead ? One CB says in Isaiah 42 : 6 backs up these beliefs . Isaiah 42 : 6 says in the JB : I the LORD , in My grace , have summoned you , And I have grasped you by the hand . I created you , and appointed you A covenant people , a light of nations - It's obvious that LORD ELohim is speaking about the Jews as a whole and not about one Jewish man . This verse says nothing about the Messiah suffering or being raised from the dead . The CB also says in Isaiah 49 : 6 in the JB backs up the Messiah suffering . For He said : " It is to little that you should be My servant In that I raise up the tribes of Jacob And restore the survivors of Israel : I will also make you a light of nations , That My salvation may reach the ends of the earth . Again this verse is are about the nation of Israel and His Jewish people . Again there is nothing mentioned here about the Messiah having to suffer , die and be risen from the dead . These verses in the CB are no better in explaining this . In Isaiah 42 : 6 in the NIV : " I , the LORD , have called you in righteousness ; I will take hold of your hand . I will keep you and will make you to be a covenant for the people and a light for the Gentiles , This is not the same as in the JB . In the book of Isaiah 49 : 6 in the NIV CB it says :  he says : " It is too small a thing for you to be my servant to restore the tribes of Jacob and bring back those of Israel I have kept . I will also make you a light for the Gentiles , that my salvation may reach to the ends of the earth . " Again in these verses there is nothing about the Messiah having to suffer and having to die and having to be raised from the dead . So we have still found nothing written by the Prophets or Moses about that .

( 12 : 30 )      NOTES       :     We were skimming through a Christian book trying to find information about what Christians believe about the Messiah . There was not much there . In the book it says that John the Baptist proclaimed that the Messiah was about to appear in Israel . The Spirits and me cannot remember John the Baptist proclaiming the Messiah was alive at that time . We do remember John proclaiming that the Lamb of God was alive . LORD ELohim wants to remind people that Y'shua was the Lamb of God and not the Messiah . The Messiah is another guy who has yet to be known to exist . The LORD wants Christians to know that the true Messiah has to be a Jew just incase Christians are thinking about finding him among your own faith . LORD ELohim is to the point that He does not care what is written in the Christian Bible anymore . LORD ELohim is speaking to the world and saying to the world that Y'shua was not the Messiah . Y'shua was the Lamb of God which has nothing to do with the Messiah . The LORD never told any Prophet or Moses that the Messiah must suffer and die and be risen from the dead . Why would the Messiah have to suffer ? or die ? or be risen from the dead ? Where is the logic in this Christian belief ?  LORD ELohim says the belief of a coming Messiah is a Jewish thing . The LORD says He was never behind this belief but He was hopeful that someday this Jewish man would come to be for the sake of all mankind . There are a few things that this man cannot do that many Jews were hopeful for like raising the dead but if this Jewish Messiah can bring peace and greater joy to all mankind the LORD would certainly try to help this man do that . Again LORD ELohim says the Lamb of God Y'shua is not the Messiah and never will be the Messiah because he is dead and the LORD cannot raise people from the dead .

( 12 : 31 )      NOTES     :      Who is our Savior ?  Christians often refer to Y'shua being their Savior but LORD ELohim says that is an error . Y'shua was the Lamb of God but LORD ELohim is our Savior because LORD ELohim was the author of our salvation . LORD ELohim is the only one who can forgive people of their sins . Y'shua never had that position to forgive peoples sins and neither do Christian preachers or even the pope . Salvation does not mean you will have eternal life . The LORD forgave the sins of most mankind in hope that people will stop sacrificing children and babies to their false gods and that did work out well . The LORD ELohim who is the one who forgave most of you of your sins is also hopeful you would try to keep His Ten Commandments and stop sinning so your mortal life while it lasts would be a better life . Again , LORD ELohim forgiving you of your sins does not in anyway mean you will live forever . Also again : LORD ELohim is our Savior and not Y'shua . It was though the sacrifice of Y'shua that LORD ELohim forgave most all people of their sins . Remember that the LORD does not understand all the sacrifice stuff but that was so common among human types long ago , so He just went along with it as best He could . But He knew He had to do something about ending the sacrifice of humans and make laws so animals did not suffer also . I don't understand all the sacrifice stuff either . Salvation can mean many things like to be saved from our enemies , from disease , from danger , from our sins and so on . None of these means you will have eternal life .

( 12 : 32 )    NOTES     :       We may have written about this before but being not sure we will write about it now . I asked LORD ELohim if He could raise the dead back to life ( which He cannot do ) and if He was going to create a Kingdom of God on earth who would He put on the Kings throne of that Kingdom ? I gave Him a choice of two dead people : King David or the Lamb of God Y'shua . The LORD's answer was King David and not Y'shua . The LORD has known many kings and many people and out of all of them He still says David would be the King of the Kingdom of God . Is the LORD going to create a Kingdom of God on earth ? The LORD says that's not going to happen . What would be different then what is now on earth ? How is King David suppose to bring peace and great joy to all people on earth ? Around the world mankind has a million problems to be fixed : how is David going to do that or even the Messiah which David is not . If Y'shua could be raised from the dead the LORD says He would probably make Y'shua a priest after he learned the truth about a few of his errors . One of Y'shua's errors is believing that LORD ELohim can raise the mortal dead back to life which is why Y'shua and David are still dead .

( 12 : 33 )      NOTES     :     A Christian book we read says that Y'shua was anointed in the NIV in Mark 14 : 3 & 4 but we will go to 3 - 9 . In the past we wrote that Y'shua was never anointed by man or by LORD ELohim . These verses in Mark say : While he was in Bethany ... a women came with an alabaster jar of very expensive perfume , made of pure nard . She broke the jar and poured the perfume on his head . Those with Y'shua talked about this being a waste and it could have been sold for a lot of money . And they rebuked her harshly . " Leave her alone . " said Jesus . " Why are you bothering her ? She has done a beautiful thing to me . .... She did what she could . She poured perfume on my body beforehand to prepare for my burial . .... LORD ELohim says this was not a official anointing by any means .  It was common to put perfume and spices on a dead body . Like Y'shua says in this verse she did this to prepare his body for his burial . This was not Y'shua being anointed as the book claims it was . This is not the way it is done . Anointing someone was a big deal and not just anyone is anointed . People anointed were anointed with oil and not with perfume . Kings , priests and sometime prophets were anointed to confirm their position . Again Y'shua was never anointed by man or by LORD ELohim . If Y'shua was believed to be the true Messiah by many then he would have been anointed for that position but very very few Jews and even Gentiles believed he was the Messiah . I asked LORD ELohim if Y'shua believed he was the Messiah and the LORD said that Y'shua never believed that about himself . I asked LORD ELohim if even some disciples believed Y'shua was the Messiah and the LORD said it was mentioned a couple of time and set aside quickly by Y'shua himself and never mentioned again .

-    Acts 26 : 28      ( B )      In the NIV      :     Then Agrippa said to Paul , " Do you think that in such a short time you can persuade me to be a Christian ? " I asked LORD ELohim if He ever heard the word Christian being used when the disciples and Y'shua were still alive and the LORD said He never heard that word until long after Y'shua and his disciples were dead . The LORD says that name was never mentioned in Israel at that time . The first time the LORD heard the name Christian was in Rome long after Y'shua's death . Agrippa was the puppet ruler of Israel at that time for the Romans .

-     Acts : 27 : 23 - 26      ( B )      :      Last night an angel of the God to whom I belong and whom I serve stood beside me and said ,       " Do not  be afraid , Paul , You must stand trial before Caesar ; and God has graciously given you the lives of all who sail with you . " LORD ELohim says no Angel was with Paul during this storm .

-     Acts : 28 : 7 - 9      ( B )      :      .... His father was sick in bed , suffering from fever and dysentery . Paul went in to see him and , after prayer , placed his hands on him and healed him . When this had happened , the rest of the sick on the island came and were cured . .... LORD ELohim cannot cure the ill , Y'shua could not cure the ill , and Paul could not cure the ill by simply puting his hands on people . Do you have any idea how much LORD ELohim would love to heal childrens illness and even adults . If this is so easy for Christians to do then why are there so many children in Childrens Hospitals today and in the past ? If you are a Christian and LORD ELohim gave you a test to heal 50 children in the hospital by only putting your hands on them would you pass the test ? LORD ELohim said that Y'shua never healed even one person by simply putting hands on that person or by words or any other way . If your a Christian and you believe everything in the CB then maybe you would like to prove it to yourself and to LORD ELohim that Christians can do that . There are many children with cancer today who are suffering in hospitals and many without hope to be cured by doctors : start with them . Prove it in front of many non-Christians to and hospital doctors . Remember hands only .

( 12 : 34 )      NOTES    :      The Christians believe that Y'shua was the first human risen from the dead . We pointed out the fact that the CB says before Y'shua died he was speaking to Moses and Elijah who would have needed to be raised from the dead first . If the verses about Y'shua being first risen from the dead means the first bodily resurrection then that would mean what about Moses and Elijah ? If Moses and Elijah were risen from the dead but not their earthly bodies then what form were they ? Pure Spirit ? What else could it be ? Many religions are hopeful that their earthly bodies will be resurrected some day . If Moses and Elijah were pure Spirit and if that is possible for all human mortal flesh , then who would want to be back again into the mortal shell like the Christians claim Y'shua was when he was risen . The Christians claim Y'shua's mortal body was risen from the tomb . This stuff about Moses and Elijah is a lie and Y'shua was never risen from the dead either . Y'shua , Moses , Elijah and the rest of us mortals do not have a Spirit that looks exactly like us , within us or what could be called our own Spirit . Y'shua was not the first bodily resurrection or in any other form because the LORD cannot do that . None of the disciples or Y'shua saw Moses or Elijah because LORD ELohim says that was not possible since they were both still dead in every way . We mortals of any species do not have a Spirit that we can call ' this is me ' . The CB says Y'shua after he died was able to eat food and be seen by people . That would be a bodily resurrection but how could he have flown to Heaven as a resurrected mortal body ? Spirits do not need to eat or drink or need air or warmth or ..... . Anyway Y'shua , Moses and Elijah were never resurrected and never seen by any mortal or Spirit or by LORD ELohim after they died .

( 12 : 35 )      NOTES      :      In Philippeans 3 : 20 & 21 it talks about what people bodies will look like someday . .... And we eagerly await a Savior from there , the Lord Jesus Christ , who , by the power that enables him to bring everything under his control , will transform our lowly bodies so that they will be like his glorious body . From there means Heaven . What happened to Y'shua mortal body if after his death people could see it and touch it . If Y'shua was Spirit within the mortal body then where is the mortal body that many verses claim people saw walking around and talking to people after Y'shua's death . Spirit cannot be seen or heard by mortals . Y'shua's mortal flesh could not have flown in space to go to Heaven , so where is it ? If peoples resurrected flesh body was suppose to be like Y'shua's after he died : mostly mortal flesh and bone , then you will be stuck on earth as Y'shua would be to and you would continue needing food , water , a home , a job and so on and everything living mortals need now . Y'shua's resurrected mortal body would have died from old age long ago and Y'shua had no Spirit to call his own . Again LORD ELohim cannot raise dead people from the grave or make it so we live as mortals forever and we have no Spirits to call our own . LORD ELohim never resurrected Y'shua and He cannot resurrect you either .

( 12 : 36 )      NOTES     :     Christians believe Y'shua was a prophet but LORD ELohim says He never gave Y'shua a prophecy teaching Spirit . The LORD says Y'shua was not a prophet and John who was one of Y'shua's disciples did have a prophecy teaching Spirit but John was very bad at that work so the LORD ended that .

( 12 : 37 )      NOTES     :    When was Y'shua's true name changed to the Greek name Jesus ? According to the CB that happened in Matthew 1 : 1 . When was he first called the Messiah in the CB . That to happened in Matthew 1 : 1 . The LORD says Y'shua's name was never changed during the time Y'shua was alive . Y'shua was never regarded by most all Jews and even most all Gentiles as being the Messiah . Even Y'shua did not believe that he was the Messiah or a man-God or the Savior or the only Son of God or ..... .

-      Titus 2 : 13     ( B )      In the NIV     :     .... while we wait for the blessed hope - the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior , Jesus Christ , .... 3 : 7  so that , having been justified by his grace , we might become heirs having the hope of eternal life . Y'shua was no God . Y'shua was no Savior . It was not Y'shua's grace that forgave people . All of this was LORD ELohim and not Y'shua . LORD ELohim is our great God and Savior Who forgave most all people for their sins . Y'shua was the Lamb of God . The Christians have three false Gods or god . The Holy Spirit , Y'shua and Satan . Remember this : LORD ELohim is our one and only God and Father . LORD ELohim created all that was created and not Y'shua . It was the grace of LORD ELohim Who forgave your sins and not Y'shua .  There is a rule to the forgivness of sins and that is : only LORD ELohim can do that . Y'shua could not , Christian preachers cannot and the pope cannot . LORD ELohim says if you hurt someone and you want that person to forgive you for it then asking that person to forgive you is greatly appoved by LORD ELohim .

( 12 : 38 )     NOTES     :     All the talk of Y'shua bodily resurrection has made me think about that . Again that never happened and LORD ELohim cannot do that for you either but would you really want that . I'm almost 70 years old . A bodily resurrection would mean you would be raised looking and feeling the way you felt the day you died . The LORD cannot heal what caused you death . Now if the LORD ELohim can raise me back to age 10 and it remains at age 10 and He sets me up with a small farm and horses then that's worth while talking about but He cannot do that either . But you would be living among other mortals and the system would put you back in school , after that a job as a corporate slave , and we are right back where we started from the first time and that I don't want to do again . Writings about the Kingdom of God in the CB has a lot of ' servant ' words . I am diffently to old to be a slave . LORD ELohim knows I would not want to be resurrected . Can you imagine this world if the LORD resurrected every person who ever lived since Adam and Eve .  How many billions more would that be to feed and cloth and in need of houses and so on ? Resurrecting the dead is not on the LORD's to do list . He is not going to even try to do that : ever . The LORD knows it would be a disaster for everyone and there would be great suffering and wars and famines and on and on . The LORD ELohim does not want to go through this again either with mankind . The LORD and all Spirits want to go home to Heaven soon .


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