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Date: Sept 1 2023

Again the Little Book is not for everyone . What LORD ELohim is trying to do is teach mankind the truth and not everyone wants to know the truth . The LORD wants people to know the truth about Him and about Y'shua the Lamb of God and other things . The Christian Bible and even other religious books have errors and even lies . LORD ELohim wants to correct those errors and lies so you know what is the truth about many subjects in those books . LORD ELohim has always tried to help mankind live a good and peaceful and happy life . He hopes by you understanding the truth that may help you do just that .

James 4 : 11 - 17 12 There is only one Lawgiver and Judge , the one who is able to save and destroy . But you - who are you to judge your neighbour ? The only one who judged mankind was LORD ELohim and He was our Law giver of the Ten Commandments . But the LORD is not able to save you from eternal death and LORD ELohim is rarely known to destroy anything . The LORD does not usually destroy mortal flesh and bone . Death and our body turning to dust is just the natural way it is for us mortals . More often then not , we do tend to judge other people but if people judged correctly some very wicked and cruel tyrants and their goons in the past and even today maybe that judgment could have saved many lives if the tyrant and their goons were thrown in prison where he or she belongs . Sometimes judging people plays a small part of remaining alive in this mortal life and this crazy world until we die from old age or something else which is not murder .

James 5 : 1 - 6 Now listen , you rich people , weep and wail because of the misery that is coming on you . .... 3 Your gold and silver are corroded . Their corrosion will testify against you and eat your flesh like fire . James is not the only one who puts all rich people into one basket . There are many rich people who share their wealth with charities who do help people in need . There are some who do not share their wealth but that does not get them in trouble with the LORD other then they will never be called righteous . Christian preachers or Rabbis or leaders of other religions the LORD ELohim expects all religions to do good deeds like helping the poor , paying the dentist bill , food , housing and stuff like that . The LORD expects preachers and Rabbis and those leaders of any other religion to live a very humble life and not a rich mans life because many have used His name or the name of Y'shua to get rich . We are very sure gold and silver do not corrode . Again James is not the only writer that writes against rich people . Maybe they forgot : You shall not covet .... . 6 You have condemned and murdered the innocent one , who was not opposing you . Who is the innocent one ? LORD ELohim says this verses should not mean Y'shua because it would not be true .

James 5 : 7 - 20 9 Don't grumble against one another , brothers and sisters , or you will be judged . The Judge is standing at the door ! Why back then was there so much grumbling going on among the early followers of Paul and James and others . The Simple Truth about the sacrifice of Y'shua had nothing to grumble about then and still has nothing to grumble about today . That's why its called The Simple Truth . If you know the history of Christianity you know it was all most constant arguments and grumbling and bickering . Thats why there is the Catholics and a large variety of Protestants and others . These churches are followers of men and they are not followers of Y'shua or LORD ELohim or The Simple Truth and thats why over the years they have bickered so much and because of that many thousands of people were murdered over the years but Christians are not alone in such slaughters . Other religions to have blood on the hands in the past and even today . LORD ELohim is not standing at the door to judge you . His judgement of mankind is finished and we all failed as a species . The LORD did put all mankind in the same basket but as a species since Adam and Eve we mortal humans have a long long record of wickedness and evil and cruel ways toward each other . 11 .... The Lord is full of compassion and mercy . This is true if James is writing about LORD ELohim . Y'shua was a very compassionate and merciful mortal man but its LORD ELohim's compassion and mercy that greatly counts . 14 Is anyone among you sick ? Let them call the elders of the church to pray over them and anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord . 15 And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well ; the Lord will raise them up . Recently many people , especially seniors died from Covid . No doubt many relatives prayed for the LORD's help to save them yet many still died . Mind over matter works better than prayers and people even die then . How likely is it that the LORD was with you so He can hear your prayers ? Very very unlikely . How likely is it that LORD ELohim can heal the sick ? The LORD says there is not much He can do to heal any kind of sickness . It’s a lie that Y'shua could heal the sick and raise the dead . Y'shua never did that because he could not do that anymore then LORD ELohim can . Again : Y'shua is dead . ... 15 If they have sinned , they will be forgiven . If these are fairly good people their sins were forgiven by LORD ELohim before James even wrote this verse . .... 16 The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective . First you have to find a righteous person and that is impossible to do . It’s the same with holy people too. The prayer of a righteous person would not be any different than a persons prayer that is not righteous . Christians use the words righteous and holy far to easily and only LORD ELohim can declare someone to be righteous or holy and not people . LORD ELohim says Y'shua the Jewish mortal Lamb of God was both righteous and holy and it was not because he was the willing Lamb of God , but because of the man he was . Try and beat that . 20 remember this : Whoever turns a sinner from the error of their way will save them from death and cover over a multitude of sins . And where is James today ? Where are his followers today ? Did James or Paul or ... save anyone from death ? James and Pauls dry bones are in a grave or a ossuary ( bone box ) somewhere . They never saved anyone from death . They could not even save themselves from death .

1 Peter

Christians claim 1 Peter was written by one of Y'shua's disciples named Peter .

Peter 1 : 1 - 4 2 who have been chosen according to the foreknowledge of God the Father , through the sanctifying work of the Spirit , Sanctifying means : to make holy , to free from sin . Its common in the CB NT that the word Spirit means the Holy Spirit . Again : the Holy Spirit does not exist . LORD ELohim had no foreknowledge of you or most any other human mortal . If you’re a Christian its because you chose to be a Christian . LORD ELohim certainly never chose you for that pagan religion which Christianity is to the LORD . No Spirit has made you holy and LORD ELohim for most all people did forgive your sins at the moment Y'shua the Lamb of God died for your sins to be forgiven . If you really want the LORD to call you holy , that is something you have to work at and no Spirit will help you with that because no Spirit can interfere with any persons free will . If the Holy Spirit existed there would be no work for the many hundreds of millions of him's in that One Spirit because they could not interfere in any choices you or other people make . The LORD never made a Spirit like that . It’s like the Christian trinity God , three Gods in One God . The Holy Spirit that Christians believe in must be many hundreds of million of Spirit minds in their One Holy Spirit God . That God does not exist . 3 Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead , The LORD ELohim is our Father and creator also . Many Christians believe Y'shua created us but that is a great error or lie . The LORD never resurrected Y'shua from the dead , that is also a lie . 4 and into an inheritance that can never perish , spoil or fade . This inheritance is kept in heaven for you , There is nothing in Heaven for you . Again the LORD cannot change your flesh and bone into Spirit and only Spirits can live in Heaven . Earth is the only planet in all the universe with living mortal life on it though the LORD does not know where the Anunnaki went to , but they could have not gone very far . There is no city being built in Heaven . There are no mansions in Heaven for you . What is this inheritance ? The LORD does not know what Peter could be writing about regarding Heaven and since the LORD does not know , then how could Peter know . There is a great deal written in all Bibles and beliefs in different religions that people could not possibly know about and whats in Heaven is one of them .

( 18 : 1 ) NOTES : Where could the Anunnaki be ? Maybe they are among us humans or as hybrids now ? LORD ELohim created the Anunnaki and gave them free will . The Anunnaki were very muscular and up to seven feet tall . It was the Anunnaki who bred with human women in Genesis 6 : 1 - 6 . The offspring hybrids the LORD called Nephilim and were called giants . In the NIV they called the Anunnaki ' sons of God ' which is true because LORD ELohim did create them on this earth before He created Homo sapiens : us . The JB calls the Anunnaki ' divine beings ' . That is an error but that happened a few hundred years before Noah's time so if they saw flying spaceships its not surprising that people may have thought they were some form of gods or Angels . In other Jewish writings they are also called ' the sons of God ' . The Anunnaki were created about fifty thousand years ago and Homo sapiens were in the works about thirty five thousand years ago . Remember the Grays were created before the Anunnaki about ninety thousand years ago and were the first mortal species on this earth with free will . We know the Grays are still near this earth and often are seen by people flying around in their UFO spaceships and their larger ships can be seen at night but the LORD has not seen the Anunnaki walking on earth or in their spaceships near earth for about six hundred years . Again remember the LORD cannot be everywhere at the same time . So where are the pure Anunnaki now ? The last time LORD ELohim saw them they were leaving earth in their spaceships . Their spaceships are far more advanced than our man made ships and the LORD does not know what they use for fuel or energy . The further they go away from our solar system the further away from the sun they will go so would solar power work if they were headed for another solar system . The closest star system to Earth is the Centauri system that may have planets orbiting around Centauri A and Centauri B . If it does have planets orbiting them it would be the closest planetary system to our solar system . The Centauri system is 4.4 light-years away from earth . A light-year is a unit of distance equal to the distance that light travels in one year in a vacuum = about 9 . 46 trillion km or about 5 . 88 trillion miles . It would take many thousands of years for our spaceships to get there and without gas stations along the way . The fully mortal Anunnaki may be all dead or they are on another planet or moon in our solar system . Like the Grays the Anunnaki had tens of thousands of years on earth so their spaceships are far more advanced then what we humans have now . But even then : how could they go from our solar system to Centauri when there is only somewhat empty space between them . The Grays and Anunnaki are mortal and like all mortals they need air , food , water , warmth and a lot more including whatever they use for rocket fuel or if its an electric spaceship . The LORD ELohim has no idea where the Anunnaki are or if they are even still alive .

Peter 1 : 5 - 9 5 who through faith are shielded by God's power until the coming of salvation that is ready to be revealed in the last time . The LORD is not shielding anyone . If LORD ELohim was able to save people from death rather than raising corpses from the grave it would be wiser to end death rather than to spend billions of boring years in the future trying to put corpses that are now dust back together again . We are mortals . Our lives begin when a tiny egg and sperm get together . If you asked LORD ELohim for a five year old child so you don't have to change diapers He could not create that child for you . That is impossible for LORD ELohim to do . So how is the LORD suppose to raise the dead back to life who have been dead for ten minutes or tens of years or thousands of years ? It simply cannot be done . Y'shua was fully a mortal man and not the only Son of God Spirit God which is why LORD ELohim could not raise Y'shua back to life . Y'shua died on the cross and his dead body was on the cross for a few hours . In verse 6 Peter writes that his followers will have to suffer grief in all kinds of trials . 7 These have come so that the proven genuineness of your faith - ... The Simple Truth has no reason why people would suffer . People creating a new religion and two new Gods was the problem . The LORD does not expect people to suffer to prove their faith . Who were people trying to prove it to : to the LORD or to other people ? 9 for you are receiving the end result of your faith , the salvation of your souls . I learned from the LORD recently we have no Spirits called Souls within us . Soul also means ' person ' . There is nothing about your mortal bodily make up that can be saved from death or that can be risen from the dead . There is no coming salvation for any mortal .

1 Peter 1 : 10 - 12 Peter writes that the Prophets in the past tried to figure out when this salvation will happen . .... searched intently and with the greatest care , 11 trying to find out the time and circumstance to which the Spirit of Christ in them was pointing when he predicted the sufferings of the Messiah and the glories that would follow . Y'shua was never in the ancient Prophets as the ' Spirit of Christ ' . There is only one Prophet that the LORD mentioned Y'shua and The Simple Truth to before the time Y'shua and John the Baptist lived and this persons book is not in any CB or JB . Verse 11 has no back up verses anywhere . The LORD says there is no reason for the Messiah to ever suffer . In the NIV 1 : 1 - 12 there are no back up verses listed but in the KJV there are many listed . In the KJV there are 14 back up verses listed but only 1 is in the CB OT and JB . ( Job does not count ) . Again Matthews book or any other writers verses of the CB NT backing up Peters book means nothing because it proves nothing to be true . The only back up verses that have any sort of value is in the Jewish Bible . 12 ... when they spoke of the things that have now been told you by those who have preached the gospel to you by the Holy Spirit sent from heaven . Even angels long to look into these things . There is no Holy Spirit and the Angels really don't care about anything related to mortal humans . Many Angels have helped LORD ELohim over the years but still the Angels really don't care . Creation is LORD ELohim's hobby to do and as our Father He does love most all of us . We mortals are all His children but not the children of Angels so the Angels really don't care much about what goes on with us people but many do enjoy helping LORD ELohim when He asks like the teaching Spirits .

( 18 : 02 ) NOTES : The reason Job is not a book to be used for back up verses is because the whole book of Job is a lie . That story about Job never happened . Lies cannot be used to back up anything and certainly cannot be used to prove something to be true . How would that be possible . LORD ELohim never harmed a man name Job and his family and so on and on . The LORD never asked David ( Satan ) to horribly torture this man and murder his children and servants and to have his animals slaughtered or stolen just to prove how faithful Job was to Him . The LORD does not do that to people . The LORD is not wicked or evil or cruel or a crazy egotist and David wants nothing to do with any mortals especially mankind . LORD ELohim says He never knew a man named Job . Was the book of Job written by someone who was simply writing a novel back then ? LORD ELohim says people did write short fiction novels back then just like people do today . Much of the Christian Bible New Testament is a good example of fictional writings like raising the dead , healing all sickness with just words , feeding thousands with just a couple of fish and bread and on and on . Again the book of Job is not a true story so its verses cannot be used as back up verses for any books in the Christian New Testament or Old Testament or not even the Jewish Bible .

1 Peter 1 : 13 - 21 1 .... set your hope on the grace to be brought to you when Jesus Christ is revealed at his coming . LORD ELohim's divine grace has already forgiven most all peoples sins . Y'shua is not alive so how could he return . If Y'shua were alive LORD ELohim would have asked him return a very long time ago to fix the mess the non Jewish people made about The Simple Truth and much more to correct in the Christian religion . 16 But just as he who called you is holy , so be holy in all you do ; for it is written : " Be holy , because I am holy ." LORD ELohim did not ' called you ' . The back up verse in the JB is Leviticus 11 : 44 For I the LORD am your God : you shall sanctify yourselves and be holy , for I am holy . Sanctify means to be free of sin , to be holy . Did Peter write this ? It would have been after Y'shua died . He should have known about The Simple Truth . The LORD says Y'shua taught the Disciples about why he will die as a sacrifice . 18 ... that you were redeemed from the empty way of life handed down to you from your ancestors , The LORD says He would not call people back then as living an empty life . The lives people lived back then were much the same as ours . For all people back then , putting food on the table and cloths on their back and a roof over their head required work just like today . Life for most people then and now is a busy life just to survive for a while in this mortal life and to raise a family . LORD ELohim says that verse 18 is just wrong especially if Peter is writing about the Jews who most all lived their lives faithfully to the ways of Judaism . Remember : LORD ELohim was in no way a tyrant God and His Laws and teaching allowed for a better life for the Jews than other people who did not obey them . But no Laws of God could save the Jews from suffering time and time again by the hands of the Gentiles . 20 He was chosen before the creation of the world , but was revealed in these last times for your sake . Peter lived long before the ' last times ' . Today is the Last Times and the Sabbath Day and Judgment Day and about two thousand years since Peter even lived . Remember one day of the LORD's equals one thousand years so Peter was about two days too soon to call his time the ' last times ' . Who is he writing about : Y'shua the fully mortal man or the non existent only Son of God Spirit God ' of the Christian faith ? If the non existent only Son of God Spirit God existed then why would he have to be chosen if the creation of all created was his hobby and not LORD ELohim's ? Again remember only LORD ELohim created all that was created and Y'shua the mortal man created nothing and again : the only Son of God Spirit God does not exist and never existed so this fictional false God created nothing also . If its about Y'shua the fully mortal man then the LORD says before the world was created He had no thoughts about if He could even create living creatures out of dirt . Y'shua was chosen a few days before he was conceived of and Y'shua could have said ' no ' to being the Lamb of God and the LORD would have been OK with that . 21 Through him you believe in God , who raised him from the dead and glorified him , and so your faith and hope are in God . It is likely that many people came to believe in LORD ELohim as our God because of a very few truths between all of the lies in the Christian Bible . Many Christians believe Y'shua created all that was created and this is a lie . LORD ELohim created all that was create which is why we call Him our Father and not Y'shua . Again Y'shua was never raised from the dead . The LORD did not glorify Y'shua . It was people who did that to the point of worshiping him as one of their three Gods which was and is wrong . To love , honor and teach the truth about him to all mankind : Y'shua is well deserved of that but not to be worshiped as a false God . Has your faith and hope been in LORD ELohim our true Father and our true God or in Y'shua the fully Jewish mortal man and the Christians false God ?

1 Peter 1 : 22 - 25 22 Now that you have purified yourselves by obeying the truth so that you have sincere love for each other . Is it that easy to purify ourselves ? LORD ELohim forgave us of our sins but not any moral faults and other errors we have done and are doing now . Just because most peoples sins were forgiven does not make any of us pure or perfect or holy or righteous or anything else like these . And what ' truth ' are people obeying , especially Christians . All Christians remember The Simple Truth that Y'shua willing died for , that it has nothing to do with eternal life , crowns , ruling the world , kingdom of God and so on . Y'shua the Lamb of God had nothing to do with any of these things and he knew that . The Simple Truth is only about LORD ELohim's forgiveness of most all peoples sins and to teach people that they should also forgive people who did them wrong and to forgive ourselves for our mistakes we have done . If you cannot forgive a wicked and evil and cruel tyrant and his willing wicked goons the LORD understands : He did not forgive them either but He does not let the memory of them dwell in His mind either and He hopes you will try to do the same to . Again : are you sure you are believing what is the ' truth ' ? 23 For you have been born again , not of perishable seed , but of imperishable , through the living and enduring word of God . It does not matter what you believe : you are still going to die . The LORD ELohim does not buy into this ' born again ' stuff . You are conceived of once , you are born once , you live once , and you die once and changing your mind about what you believe does not make you born again . What is ' imperishable ' made of ? Notice Peter did not write the answer to that question . Again remember that LORD ELohim cannot change mortal flesh and bone into Spirit or Spirit into mortal flesh and bone . So again : what is in the mortal body when we are alive that is imperishable when we mortals die . Again notice Peter did not give that answer so obviously he did not know either . Also again the LORD says mortals have no Spirit to call their own and Soul Spirits do not even exist : so I have learnt from the LORD recently . What is the word of God ? LORD ELohim says not much in the CB NT . The LORD's promise to forgiven most all peoples sins is unconditional and eternal and without rules . It only has one fact : that the wicked and evil and cruel people will never be forgiven . That is the word of God . The Ten Commandments are the word of God except a small error in the second Commandment . The Torah is mostly the word of God . Much in the ancient Prophets writings are His words but they were not perfect and there is a lot that is not the word of the LORD . John the Baptist teaching about the Lamb of God is the word of God . The rest of the CB New Testament there is not much at all that is the word of God . John a disciple of Y'shua and Prophet is said to have wrote the book of Revelation . John mentions in Revelation 10 the Little Book which is the word of God but other than that , everything else is pretty much all lies and not the word of God . The LORD says John was not a good Prophet but He is also sure that John did not write all that is claimed he wrote in the CB . 25 but the word of the Lord endures forever . The back up verse in the JB is Isaiah 40 : 6 - 8 . 6 .... All flesh is grass , All its goodness like flowers in the field : 7 Grass withers , flowers fade When the breath of the LORD blows on them . Indeed man is but grass : 8 Grass withers , flowers fade - But the word of our God is always fulfilled . These verses were written hundreds of years before the time of Y'shua's life and a few hundred years before LORD ELohim even thought about The Simple Truth . The Christians write Y'shua's name as being the ' Lord ' . In the JB LORD ELohim is simply called God or LORD . In the CB OT in the NIV in Isaiah 40 : 7 it says ... because the breath of the LORD blows on them . But in the CB NT in 1 Peter 1 : 25 it says but the word of the Lord endured forever. In the CB OT the name ' LORD ' is used but in the CB NT the name ' Lord ' is used as though Peter is writing about Y'shua and not about LORD ELohim where as the JB in Isaiah is definitely writing about LORD ELohim and Isaiah would have never heard of Y'shua or the only Son of God and so on . Christians using the JB verses like this is wrong and also a lie . When Christians use the JB as a back up , all should be written exactly the same as it is written in the JB or English JB that was translated by Jewish people like Rabbis or Jewish Scholars and must mean the same God : LORD ELohim . Y'shua is not a God ! Remember this says the LORD . Isaiah never knew anything about Y'shua and neither did other Prophets . Since Isaiah and other old time Prophets knew nothing about Y'shua then there are no verses in their writings about Y'shua so the Christians cannot use their writings as back ups for Christian writings in the CB NT about Y'shua . Also the CB Old Testament is suppose to be an exact copy of the Jewish Bible which means there is nothing about Y'shua in the Christian Bible Old Testament either . So again : the CB OT cannot back up what is in the CB NT either . .... And this is the word that was preached to you . What was preached in the CB NT is most all not the Truth or the word of God . The writers often write something like ' what was preached ' but rearly write what is being preached to people .

( 18 : 03 ) NOTES : The Jewish Bible we use in called the THE JEWISH STUDY BIBLE Second Edition , Featuring The Jewish Publication Society ... Translation . We got it at Chapters Book Store and if your interested you could probably order one through Chapters or other Book Stores .

( 18 : 04 ) NOTES : LORD ELohim and a couple of other Spirits spend time on the Sabbath Day at a Jewish Synagogue and Sunday at a Christian church listening to those who are gathering their talking about His Little Book . The LORD is happy about what He is hearing people talking about . Again the LORD ELohim is not trying to shut the Christian churches down . The LORD just wants them to teach the truth and He hopes the congregations of the Christian churches will support that change .

( 18 : 05 ) Again the writers of the JB knew nothing about Y'shua so there is nothing about Y'shua in the Jewish Bible which would mean there is nothing about Y'shua in the Christian Bible Old Testament either since the CB OT is suppose to be an exact copy of the JB . The CB New Testament cannot back up verses in the CB New Testament because that would prove nothing to be the truth . How can Matthew back up Paul or Paul back up Matthew or any other NT writers . Two writers writing two different books in the CB saying that Y'shua raised the dead does not prove that either of their writings are true . Again : that would prove nothing to be true . So is there any point to having back up verses ? The LORD says there is no point to it because it proves nothing to be true or false . So we are not going to do back up verses anymore unless there is a very good reason for it . This back up verse the LORD says to write now : Jeremiah 31 : 34 No longer will they need to teach one another and say to one another , " Heed the LORD " ; for all of them , from the least of them to the greatest , shall heed Me - declares the LORD. For I will forgive their iniquities , And remember their sins no more . This is about The Simple Truth and about forgiving most all peoples sins and iniquities but note it does not explain how or the name Y'shua or by crucifixion or the time and so on because He did not know these things when Jeremiah wrote this verse .

( 18 : 06 ) NOTES : In Acts 1 : 1 - 9 it's about Y'shua claimed by the writer to have been seen by people for forty days after he died and was claimed to have been resurrected . There is no truth to this according to LORD ELohim . The LORD stayed with Y'shua's family and the Disciples for a few months to make sure they are all well and cared for and the LORD never saw Y'shua walking around anywhere or heard anyone saying anything about Y'shua being alive . The LORD also never heard the Miriam's or the Disciples say " Y'shua's alive ". The writer says Y'shua could be seen , could be heard speaking and to be eating . It says Y'shua needed to give many convincing proofs that he was alive . In Mark 16 : 9 - 20 it says in 12 Afterward Jesus appeared in a different form to two of them while they were walking in the country . It's believed that Luke is the author of Acts . Luke was not a Disciple of Y'shua . In the NIV it says Mark 9 - 20 are not in the earliest manuscripts and some other ancient witnesses do not have verses Mark 16 : 9 - 20 in those writings either . So when was it added to the CB NT ? Could Y'shua a mortal man change his mortal form ? There were no plastic surgeons back then . The LORD says No . If Y'shua was a Spirit could he change his Spirit body form ? The LORD says He would have to do that and He did not do that because Y'shua was never a Spirit . Y'shua was never raised from the dead and he was never seen walking around after he died . Y'shua would have to had been flesh and bone in order to be seen , heard and able to eat and drink . Spirits cannot do any of that . In Acts 1 : 9 After he said this , he was taken up before their very eyes , and a cloud hid him from their sight . LORD ELohim says if Y'shua was alive and yet mortal that would be impossible for Y'shua to do that . The LORD indicates that if I want to see Newfoundland and Labrador Canada I am going to need a plane for that because He cannot make that happen the way Christians say Y'shua the mortal man was taken up . Y'shua would have to be Spirit for that to happen but no Spirit can be seen or heard and they cannot eat or drink . Either this is all a written lie or someone who looked somewhat like Y'shua back then was messing around with peoples minds and probably their bank account to , but how could that mortal man be seen flying up into a cloud ? LORD ELohim believes Acts 1 : 1 - 11 is just a very poorly thought out LIE written by those who have much to gain by such a lie like the new religion called Christianity which began with the Romans and the Roman Catholic Church and not by the Jews . Saying Y'shua and other Jews began the Christian religion is a great lie . LORD ELohim wants people to remember something important : Think Not Beyond Logic !!!!

( 18 : 07 ) NOTES : There are many things in the CB which makes LORD ELohim mad and this is one of them . Y'shua was a very humble , loving , kind , gentle , quiet , caring and deeply devoted Jewish man to the faith he loved called Judaism . Y'shua never sinned or caused harm to anyone . Y'shua helped other people in many ways . As the Lamb of God Y'shua willingly died for our sins to be forgiven and to help LORD ELohim teach us how to live better mortal lives by forgiving others and ourselves for the mistakes we and others have made during our lives . Then came the Romans new religion of Christianity and the Christian Bible written mostly hundreds of years later . In Revelation chapters 5 and 6 the Christian writers of the CB make Y'shua the Jewish and gentle Lamb of God out to be a very evil and wicked and cruel Spirit man . In 6 : 1 they have Y'shua opening the seven Seal judgments . Its claimed that Y'shua is behind the beginning of the tribulation starting with the Antichrist out to conquer the world , then it claims the following that Y'shua takes peace away from mankind and a great war begins and many children and other people will die , then Y'shua causes a shortage of food and higher food prices and many children and other people will starve to death . Then it says Y'shua gives authority to kill with sword , famine , pestilence and wild beasts so to kill many children and other people . Then Y'shua causes earthquakes , blacked out the sun , the moon becomes like blood , the stars fall upon earth , mountain and islands are moved out of place and a lot of children and people will die . The sixth seal Christians call the ' wrath of the Lamb ' . And on and on and on through out Revelation . Not only does this make Y'shua out to be a very brutal and wicked Spirit man or man Spirit , it also makes LORD ELohim out to be as wicked , cruel and evil as Y'shua is claimed to be by Christians also . LORD ELohim deeply loved Y'shua because he was so humble , kind , caring , gentle , quiet and a deeply loving man of adults and children . This is one of the reasons LORD ELohim was angry with the Christians . Y'shua is dead and is not a crazy and evil Spirit man or a man God or whatever else Christians call him . It’s a great lie that LORD ELohim and Y'shua are going to wrath against mankind in the future . The LORD and all other Spirits are just going to go home to Heaven in the future and we will be on our own for a very long time before the LORD comes back just to check on all mortals . Because the LORD never allowed Spirits or even Himself to interfere with our free will , we probably will not even notice He and His Spirit children are gone . The Simple Truth and LORD ELohim's Little Book is probably going to be the last time the LORD is going to try to help mankind to live a more loving and happier and a more joyful mortal life .

( 18 : 08 ) NOTES : LORD ELohim knew the Disciples of Y'shua very well . The CB claims that John who was one of Y'shua's Disciples wrote the book of Revelation . LORD ELohim is very sure that John had nothing to do with the book of Revelation and is also sure that other books claimed to be John's were not fully John's writings either . He feels the same about other books in the Christian Bible New Testament to .

1 Peter 2 : 1 - 10 Most of 1 - 4 is almost a copy of Pauls books . 4 As you come to him , the living Stone - rejected by humans but chosen by God and precious to him - 5 you also , like living stones , are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood , Y'shua was not rejected by a lot of people including the Jews . Y'shua was chosen by LORD ELohim to be the Lamb of God if Y'shua fully agreed to be that . And Y'shua was precious to the LORD and not because he agreed to be the Lamb but because of the kind of man he was . The Simple Truth had nothing to do with the building of a spiritual house . Christianity cannot be a holy priesthood as long as Christian preachers preach the many lies and errors in their Bible and teach there are three Gods . 9 But you are a chosen people , a royal priesthood , a holy nation , God's special possession , that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light . Who is Peter writing about ? Who is a holy nation ? Which God is Peter writing about ? There has only been one chosen people and that is His Jewish people and that will never change . LORD ELohim is very happy with His Jews and has no reasons as to why He would want other people , especially the Christians . No people are a royal priesthood and there is no holy nation on earth either says LORD ELohim . 10 Once you were not a people , but now you are the people of God . If Peter is writing about the Christians than Peter has his facts wrong . Christians are not the people of LORD ELohim . If he is writing about the Jews then he would be right . Remember Y'shua was never a God . .... 10 once you had not received mercy , but now you have received mercy . All most everyone received mercy from LORD ELohim through The Simple Truth before this verse was ever written . Most all people received the LORD's compassionate mercy for us the moment Y'shua died on the cross . Most all people in the past back to Adam and Eve , most all people at the time of The Simple Truth and most all people now since that time and most all people in the future also were forgiven of their sins and iniquities even if they have not been born yet .

1 Peter 2 : 11 - 17 12 Live such good lives among the pagans ... Because Christians have three Gods , the LORD ELohim being the only true God , He calls Christians pagans . If this was Peter the Disciple of Y'shua he probably would have called George and Paul and others pagans to . Did Peter a faithful Jew write this book ? ... 12 they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day he visits us . LORD ELohim has been on this earth for a very long time , many tens of thousands of years before Adam and Eve . He went home to Heaven from time to time over the past billions of years but He always came back to play in the dirt . Which Christian God is Peter writing about ? 16 ... ; live as God's slaves . LORD ELohim never made a slave out of any people . Moses on his own agreed to take on the Egyptian Pharaoh and willingly help the LORD free the Jews . Prophets agreed to be Prophets . Y'shua agreed to be the Lamb of God . I agreed to help Him with His Little Book . Jewish people can walk away from Judaism and LORD ELohim anytime they want without being punished . The LORD does not do slavery . Helping LORD ELohim has been greatly greatly less boring than any nine to five job I had . We mortals are not LORD ELohim's slaves : we are His children and His helpers now and then if we chose to be . 17 ... fear God , ... LORD ELohim does not want people to fear Him .

1 Peter 2 : 18 - 21 18 - 20 Is about how slaves should act . Its alike Pauls writings . 21 To this you were called , because Christ suffered for you , leaving you an example , that you should follow in his steps . There are some Christians who if they are not suffering and miserable then they think they are not doing Christianity right . There is nothing in The Simple Truth about the need for people to suffer . There is nothing about the awaited Messiah to need to suffer either . Remember that LORD ELohim has always tried to help people live a good and happy life : not a life of suffering caused by themselves . The LORD says when people cause their own suffering believing thats what Christians should do , thats just silly and again has nothing to do with The Simple Truth .

( 18 : 09 ) NOTES : Isaiah lived around 800 B.C.E. . LORD ELohim says He was not even thinking about The Simple Truth at that time . Jeremiah lived about 590 B.C.E. and the LORD says He was not thinking about The Simple Truth even then . Dates are not easy to find or to be sure they are right . LORD ELohim says He did teach Jeremiah that a time would come when He would forgive the sins and iniquities of the House of Israel and the House of Judah in Jeremiah 31 : 31 - 34 , but that has nothing to do with the Messiah . With The Simple Truth the LORD went one step farther by forgiving most all people on earth , past , present and future of their sins and iniquities also . Remember that Y'shua was not the first to be asked to be the Lamb of God . The other four agreed to be the Lamb but those men could not make it happen like Y'shua did . Y'shua was the first Lamb of God to be conceived of by LORD ELohim . We skipped through some of Isaiah's book and his subjects are all over the place and many confusing to me and even my teaching Spirits . Its no wonder that people can find a verse here and there that sounds like they mean what people want them to mean even though thats not what they mean . The whole chapter has to be read and the same with Jeremiah to get a better idea what they were writing about .

( 18 : 10 ) NOTES : I asked LORD ELohim if He could create the Messiah like He did Y'shua the Lamb of God ? LORD ELohim thought about it for a while and His answer is that it is to complicated as to what people expect of the Messiah . Y'shua was asked to help with one thing only : to be the Lamb of God . To call Y'shua ' Christ ' is wrong . Christ in English means the Messiah and Y'shua was not the Messiah and never will be the Messiah because he is dead . People expect the Jewish Messiah to accomplish many things like rebuilding the third Temple which LORD ELohim says He hopes they will spend that cost on needed things for the Jews . The main hope is the Jews believe the Messiah will end all wars and bring about peace on all the earth and even LORD ELohim does not know how to do that for us . Some Jewish people also hope that the Messiah can raise the dead but how could the fully mortal Messiah raise the dead when even the LORD ELohim cannot do that . Even Y'shua who was fully a mortal man like the Messiah would be , could not do that . The LORD says to the Jewish people that you might want to take the Messiah raising the dead off that list since the LORD cannot even do that . If the Jewish Messiah can bring peace on earth that will be a miracle .

( 18 : 11 ) NOTES : The LORD ELohim says there was never a ' only Son of God ' because He created all Spirits and they are all equal to Him as His sons . It’s somewhat confusing what Christians believe about this subject regarding Y'shua . Did a Spirit incarnate into the body of Y'shua the fully mortal man ? The word incarnation means : the taking on of human form by a divine being . The Dictionary also says : the union of divine nature and human nature in the person of Jesus Christ ; assumption of human form by the son of God . Assumption means to assume something is real or true . There was no Spirit that went into Y'shua other than a teaching Spirit who is not the only Son of God . Again there is no only Son of God . The teaching Spirit was only for teaching . Most Christians believe Y'shua had a Spirit that took over the mortal man by incarnating into Y'shua . LORD ELohim would never allow that especially into Y'shua . Y'shua the fully mortal Jewish man had to make a difficult decision as to live a normal life or to die as the Lamb of God . The LORD would NEVER allow a Spirit to make that choice for Y'shua . LORD ELohim says no Spirit other than one teaching Spirit was in Y'shua and that Spirit could not influence Y'shua in anyway . The teaching Spirit could only explain to Y'shua what the LORD is asking of him regarding the Lamb of God . No Spirit has ever interfere with peoples free will . The stories about Demons making people crazy in the CB NT is a lie . The movie Exorcist is a complete lie but probably made a lot of money for those who do exorcisms . Demon Spirits like the Holy Spirit , like the only Son of God Spirit God , do not exist says the LORD .

1 Peter 2 : 22 - 25 22 " He committed no sin , and no deceit was found in his mouth . " The Christian Bible verses and even some in the Jewish Bible verses are capable of being understood in more than one way . This is called ' ambiguous ' writings . The back up verse in the JB is Isaiah 53 : 9 . Some verses in Isaiah 53 sounds like the writer is refering to Y'shua but the LORD says it is not . There are other verses about this person or about Israel in the JB in Isaiah 53 : 2 No charm , that we should find him pleasing . Y'shua was a very charming man to be around . 3 He was despised , shunned by men . Y'shua had many friends who loved him . 3 A man of suffering , familiar with disease . The LORD says Y'shua was a very healthy man . 3 As one who hid his face from us . Most of Y'shua awake time was around many other people . 4 We accounted him plagued , Smitten and afflicted by God . Until Y'shua chose his time to be the Lamb of God , he was living a ordinary life as a Rabbi and a husband and father of two children for that time period . Y'shua certainly was never never afflicted by LORD ELohim . The LORD did all He could do to help Y'shua live a good mortal life . The word ' afflict means : to cause pain and distress , torment , torture . Why would the LORD afflict His beloved Lamb of God ? It is beyond silly to believe that . 5 But he was wounded because of our sins , Crushed because of our iniquities . This sounds like Y'shua but its not about him . It goes on much the same . Again Isaiah lived almost eight hundred years before Y'shua lived and the LORD says He never taught anything about The Simple Truth at that time . The LORD says that Prophets often imagined what the future would be and what they hoped it would be and other stuff . Believing that the LORD would forgive all of Israel's sins and iniquities in the future was a very possible thing that the writers believed the LORD would do for His chosen people . The LORD says much of what is written by Jewish Prophets was not taught to them by LORD ELohim . LORD ELohim taught them the essentials and the basic knowledge they needed as best He could and the good Prophets worked using that knowledge . Over the years the bits and pieces taught by the LORD with the help of teaching Spirits added up and the Prophets and Rabbis and Priests learned more and more about LORD ELohim and His ways . They did not always get it right but most of the time they were fairly close to what LORD ELohim was asking them to teach other Jews and the world . Its not always easy to understand what they wrote but the LORD has given me what is essential for my work and He is always able to correct my errors sooner or later or to answer my questions which is what the Prophets of old times did not have because the LORD did not know how to do that back then . Again : I am not a Prophet , I'm just His secretary . 25 ... but now you have retuned to the Shepherd and Overseer of your Souls . The word soul can mean a person and other things . The belief that we have a Spirit called the Soul within us is an error . LORD ELohim says He never created Spirits that we mortals can call as being part of our own being . For mortals to have an afterlife we would need to be fully mortal again and thats never going to happen . An afterlife for Moses or Elijah or Y'shua or anyone else never happened and that will never happen for you either .

1 Peter 3 : 1 - 7 Most in these verses are rules like Paul made . 5 .... They submitted themselves to their own husbands , 6 like Sarah , who obeyed Abraham and called him her lord . Did Sarah call Abraham her lord ? In the CB NIV Old Testament it says in Genesis 18 : 12 So Sarah laughed to herself as she thought , " After I am worn out and my lord is old , will I now have this pleasure ?" In the Jewish Bible it says in Genesis 18 : 12 And Sarah laughed to herself , saying, " Now that I am withered , am I to have enjoyment - with my husband so old ?" So in the JB it does not say that Sarah called Abraham her lord . The LORD says if Sarah were to call her husband Abraham her lord that would be very strange for any wife to do . Speaking of strange : the KJV in Genesis 18 : 12 says : Therefore Sarah laughed within herself , saying , After I am waxed old shall I have pleasure , my LORD being old also . The KJV uses LORD ELohim's name for her husband . LORD ELohim says Sarah never called Abraham her lord that He ever heard and according to the Jewish Bible Sarah never called Abraham her lord either . Neither of the Christian Bibles use Genesis 18 : 12 as a back up verse so we had to do some reading to find that verse in Genesis . Verse 7 is about how husbands should treat their ' weaker partner '. We might come back to this verse later when I'm not feeling so ' weak ' .

1 Peter 3 : 8 - 12 We are not going to type all of it but the LORD says some of the verses is fairly good advice Peter gives . There are not many people who the LORD would call righteous .

1 Peter 3 : 13 - 19 17 For it is better , if it is God's will , to suffer for doing good than for doing evil . 18 For Christ also suffered once for sins , the righteous for the unrighteous , to bring you to God . Again there is no reason in The Simple Truth for people to suffer at the hands of others or to argue and disagree with each other and so on . Y'shua who was righteous did sacrifice his life for most all of the unrighteous which is pretty much everyone . Again there are no rules . A lot of people did not come to LORD ELohim because of The Simple Truth like the Christians . The Christians created two more false Gods , Y'shua and the Holy Spirit and Y'shua has been worshiped far more than LORD ELohim by Christians . 18 He was put to death in the body but made alive in the Spirit . Again : LORD ELohim cannot change Spirit into flesh and bone or flesh and bone into Spirit . Spirit and mortal flesh cannot mix together as to be one . So this verse is right : Y'shua the mortal Jewish man did die and was never resurrected . But he was never made alive as Spirit because Y'shua like you have no Spirit within us to call our own as being one with our flesh and bone . Again it is not possible to mix flesh and bone and Spirit together . If Y'shua was made ' alive in the Spirit ' does that mean the Holy Spirit who does not exist . If it means he became alive as Spirit then how could people who claimed to have seen him after he died see him as Spirit . We cannot see or hear or eat and drink with Spirits . How for forty days could people see Y'shua as a Spirit walking around , talking , eating food and drinking ? Y'shua did not become a Spirit . Y'shua the fully mortal Jewish man truly did willingly die as the Lamb of God for most all peoples sins and wrong doings and for The Simple Truth authored by LORD ELohim to be known by all mankind to help us have a better and happier and mentally a more peaceful mortal life . Again there is nothing in The Simple Truth that promises we will have an eternal life .

( 18 : 12 ) NOTES : LORD ELohim wants to thank all the Jewish Rabbis and other Jews for helping Him share The Simple Truth with others like the Christians and other religions . The LORD has heard and seen great changes in peoples lives because of the Jews helping them to understand many things and The Simple Truth . The LORD says thanks to all Jews for being there for Him and being there for all people who come to them for help . The LORD ELohim has seen and heard for Himself the benefit of your help in peoples lives . He says Thank You all so very very much .

1 Peter 3 : 19 - 22 19 After being made alive , he went and made proclamation to the imprisoned spirits - 20 to those who were disobedient long ago when God waited patiently in the days of Noah while the ark was being built . The word ' proclamation ' means an official plublic announcement . What was Y'shua announcement to the Angels ? If Peter really wrote this : how could he know what Y'shua did like this stuff . Where did the writers of the CB NT get this stuff from if not by just their own imaginations . There are no Spirits imprisoned and the LORD says there never has been . There were no disobedient Spirits at the time of Noah . If Peter is writing about those who were evil and who took mortal human wives around the time of Noah those guys were the Anunnaki and not Angel Spirits . In Genesis 6 : 4 it says the offspring of the Anunnaki and human daughters were named the Nephilim . Spirits cannot bred with mortal women . No Spirit has the equipment to do that if you know what I mean . There is a reason why all Spirits are sons of God , created by the hands of their Father LORD ELohim . In it only a few people , eight in all , were saved through water , 21 and this water symbolizes baptism that now saves you also - .... LORD ELohim says the flood does not symbolize baptism and being baptized is not going to save you , just like it did not save Peter from death . .... 21 It saves you by the resurrection of Jesus Christ , 22 who has gone into heaven and is at God's right hand - The question always is : what is it that is believed that was resurrected regarding Y'shua ???? If mortal flesh and bone the LORD ELohim cannot do that . If Christians believe he was resurrected as Spirit then the resurrection simply never happened because Spirit cannot die and therefore cannot be resurrected from the dead . LORD ELohim and His Spirit children have been alive for trillions of years . Y'shua never went to Heaven and LORD ELohim is not in Heaven either and was not in Heaven at the time of Y'shua . Again where do the CB writers get these beliefs from ? How could Peter think he knew that which is completely wrong . The LORD ELohim is sure that Peter one of Y'shua's Disciples never wrote this stuff and He says Y'shua never taught this stuff either . 22 .... - with angels , authorities and powers in submission to him . In Heaven there are a lot of Angels but no authorities or powers . The way us mortals live is not the way of the LORD or His Angel children live . There is no government in Heaven or leaders or anything like that . No Spirits have authority or power over other Spirits . LORD ELohim is their Father and only He can act as a loving Father with authority if need be but thats something that does not happen very often . If Y'shua lived and went to Heaven , which he did not do , the Angels would not be in submission to him , never . Y'shua would have been only another son of LORD ELohim and nothing more than any other Angel son . When we think about the LORD and Angels who are all Spirits we need to stop thinking about them in the same way we think about ourselves as mortals . There is a very big difference between the two .

1 Peter 4 : 1 - 6 1 Therefore , since Christ suffered in his body , arm yourselves also with the same attitude, because whoever suffers in the body is done with sin . There is a lot in the CB NT , especially in 1 Peter , about people suffering . There is nothing in this verse , like most all verses in the CB NT , about The Simple Truth . LORD ELohim would never say to any mankind that we need to suffer in pain or mental anguish to be forgiven of our sins and wrong doings . Y'shua did not suffer all his life other then a toothache like most any other mortal . Y'shua was in good health and without suffering when he willingly set himself up to be sacrificed as the Lamb of God . You suffering does not free you of sin . The Simple Truth and LORD ELohim did that about two thousand years ago for most all people . 2 As a result , they do not live the rest of their earthly lives for evil human desires , but rather for the will of God . LORD ELohim your Father does not want you or other people to suffer . It is not His will for you or others to suffer in anyway . Suffering does not make you righteous or holy and will not save you for an eternal life . 3 - 4 is about Pagans living a wild life and the Pagans abusing those who do not . 5 But they will have to give account to him who is ready to judge the living and the dead . If Peter wrote this it would have been about two thousand years ago . Does it remind you of two other verses : ' I am coming soon ' in Revelation supposedly spoken by the dead man Y'shua . At the time of Peter the LORD was not ready to judge mankind . That did not happen until 2000 C.E. , almost two thousand years after the time of Peter . So much for Peter knowing everything . 6 For this is the reason the gospel was preached even to those who are now dead , so that they might be judged according to human standards in regard to the body , but live according to God in regard to the spirit . LORD ELohim is not going to raise corpses back to mortal life and we have no Spirit to call our own that will be judged also . When all mortal corpses go into the grave or furnace : those bodies go there alone : no Spirits with them . Did you really believe that the LORD would allow His Spirit children to be buried with billions of mortal corpses and remain buried for thousands of years or even one day ? Spirits cannot be resurrected back to life since Spirits cannot die . It would only be the dead mortal body resurrected but the LORD does not know how to do that so that will never happen for any mortal .

1 Peter 4 : 7 - 11 7 The end of all things is near , Again : where do CB writers get their information from . It was certainly not from LORD ELohim and He says it was certainly not from Y'shua either . LORD ELohim is not going to wrath against mankind and neither is Y'shua who is dead and cannot do that . We failed our trial but that does not change us mortals . The LORD and all Spirits will go home to Heaven someday in the future and that will not change anything either . We won't even notice He and His Spirit children are gone . We will probably continue on the same road we are on as a species and probably have a third world war and stuff like that . People wrathing against people is an old and continuous reality for all mankind . ... 7 - 11 more rules .

1 Peter 4 : 12 - 19 12 Dear friends , do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal that has come on you to test you , .... There is nothing in The Simple Truth about LORD ELohim testing people in the way Peter writes about . Again The Simple Truth has no rules including most of you being tested because in a way every mortal human was tested but as a species . That test started when we were ten years old and will last until we are dead but most likely the LORD did not know you or what you did during your life time . There is nothing in The Simple Truth about being personally tested but there is one fact : the wicked and evil and cruel people will never be forgiven by LORD ELohim . The test that Peter writes about sounds like as soon as someone becomes a follower of him or Paul or who ever then LORD ELohim or Y'shua starts messing around with them with test after test . The LORD does not do that kind of testing and Y'shua cannot do that because he is dead and the book of Job is a lie . If , if this verse were true that the old time Christians are being treated badly then these people were not teaching The Simple Truth in the first place which is probably why they are getting beat up or spoken against in the second place . If these people were going around saying that Y'shua is their God and your God , Y'shua is the only Son of LORD ELohim , Y'shua is the Saviour God , Y'shua as a God created all that was created , that Y'shua is the true Jewish Messiah , that Y'shua was the rightful King of the Jews , that is was Y'shua Moses spoke to on the mountain , that who believes all this about Y'shua will have eternal life , and on and on . It’s understandable that the pagan Romans wanted to make a pagan religion out of all these beliefs and the Jews felt they needed to defend their God and Father LORD ELohim and their religious faith of Judaism from this new paganism . Imagine the pagans using every sacred word in your religious faith and creating a deeply pagan religion with three Gods and using your faith as theirs but twisting it all around and even changing words so it means something totally different and is full of beliefs that you know are lies and errors that you cannot except as your belief . If the Jewish people worked against these pagan people who are doing everything to corrupt Judaism , its understandable that the Jews would work against them . The pagans did steal and without permission the Jews religion and writings of Judaism . Christians biggest mistake out of many dozens of mistakes was and is using other peoples religion to form the base of their Christian pagan religion and changing the meaning of many base beliefs to something completely different to what we know are lies . The Jewish people knew there were many lies like Y'shua being the Jewish Messiah , but there was not a lot they could do about the new pagan religion that used Y'shua , the fully Jewish mortal man , as one of their three Gods . The Romans who began pagan Christianity were ruling over the Jews and punishment for any reason happened often . 13 - 19 is just more about Christians suffering . In verse 18 And , " If it is hard for the righteous to be saved , what will become of the ungodly and the sinner ? If Peter or whoever wrote this verse knew of The Simple Truth he would know most all sinners are forgiven and their sins and their wrong doings are forgotten by LORD ELohim . No one can be saved from death and like the ungodly and the evil people , all good people are going to die also and will be eternally dead just like the evil people who are not forgiven . The fact we mortals will all die and never to live again may to some people seem unfair but thats just the way it is for all mortal life no matter if we are good or evil . The LORD cannot change that fact .

1 Peter 5 : 1 - 14 Again rules just like Paul gave . 4 And when the Chief Shepherd appears , you will receive the crown of glory that will never fade away . Y'shua will never appear and the LORD does not do crowns . 8 Be alert and of sober mind . Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour . David ( Satan ) has better things to do like playing with his brothers and being busy avoiding mankind . David is no different from other Spirits . David cannot interfere with peoples free will either or torment mortals . 9 .... you know that the family of believers throughout the world is undergoing the same kind of suffering . Its believe Peter wrote this book around 65 C.E.. How many people ' throughout the world ' could have known these teachings of Peters or Pauls and so on and be suffering because of the teachings ? What is obvious : they are not teaching The Simple Truth to ' the world ' . 10 And the God of all grace , who called you to his eternal glory in Christ , after you have suffered a little while , will himself restore you and make you strong .... Why do people believe that the LORD ELohim loves watching people suffer ??? The LORD and Spirits cannot make you strong , that you must do for yourself and LORD ELohim does not like to see people suffer for any reason . Again the LORD does not call people to the Christian faith : why would He ? The LORD does not even call people to the Jewish faith of Judaism . Why would LORD ELohim have glory in Christ ? Y'shua was never ' Christ ' which means the Messiah . People use the word ' glory ' to much . When LORD ELohim our Father tries to help people He does that because He wants to help us live a better mortal life . The LORD does not do that for His own personal gain .

2 Peter

2 Peter 1 : 1 - 11 More rules of how people should live . 9 But whoever does not have them is nearsighted and blind , forgetting that they have been cleansed from their past sins . Peter is not speaking of most all people being forgiven , but to people who follow his teachings just like Paul did . 11 and you will receive a rich welcome into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ . There is no eternal kingdom for mankind . Y'shua is not a Saviour . There is no Saviour since mortal life will never have eternal life . There will never be a ' kingdom of God ' on earth . LORD ELohim has no interest in that . Planet Earth is the kingdom of all species of mortal life . Heaven is LORD ELohim's kingdom and is only for His Spirit children and Himself . Mortals cannot live in Heaven : we would not survive . Again the LORD cannot change flesh and bone into a Spirit or Spirit into flesh and bone .

2 Peter 1 : 12 - 18 12 ..... and are firmly established in the truth you now have . LORD ELohim says there is not much truth in the CB NT and because Christians changed a lot of verses in their CB OT there is a lot of lies in their CB OT to . 13 I think it is right to refresh your memory as long as I live in the tent of the body , 14 because I know that I will soon put it aside , as our Lord Jesus Christ has made clear to me . Is Peter saying that he believes that the moment his mortal flesh dies he will live on in some other form ? According to the CB NT the resurrection of the dead will only happen in the end of time on earth and Peter was not living in the end time . LORD ELohim says even now is not the end of time on earth . The Sabbath Day which is the Seventh Day will not be over for about another 1000 years from now , around 3000 C.E. . So that means Peter is dead like everyone else who lived and died since the time of Adam and Eve and all Homo sapiens who lived and died before Adam and Eve . Most Christians believe it is our mortal body that is resurrected . The LORD cannot do that . Others believe we become Spirit and the LORD cannot do that either . And there is nothing left that could be resurrected . We read somewhere that many Christians believe that when we die our Souls who are Spirits leave the body and go to Heaven until our flesh and bone are resurrected . Then the Souls return to the flesh and bone body and become one being together forever . The LORD taught me recently that we mortals do not have Souls because such Spirits for that job do not exist . I asked the Spirits with me that if they were Soul Spirits would they come back from Heaven to live again in mortal flesh , and they all indicated that they would stay in Heaven and never would return to earth and certainly would never go back into smelly mortal bodies for all eternity . Again LORD ELohim says Soul Spirits do not exist . Mortal flesh is completely without any type of Spirits . Many Christian theologians believe the first resurrection of the dead who are saved will happen when Y'shua returns from Heaven . That is believed to happen just before Y'shua starts the tribulation period : so they claim . According to a few books : people resurrected are not eternal untill the end of time . For these people resurrected , living an eternal life does not begin until after the thousand year reign of Y'shua . That would mean the people resurrected before the end of time would die again as mortals from old age or whatever kills them . How much sense does that make . Why would the LORD ELohim get mortals to dig up billions of graves and the LORD to somehow resurrect the billions of dead mortal bodies when in a few moments or a few years those fully mortal people will die again and go to the grave again so to be resurrected all over again in the future . You do know that LORD ELohim has better things to do that He is able to do . Resurrection of mortal dead people is not among what He is able to do . Peter's dead mortal body is almost all dust by now and Pauls to . 16 For we did not follow cleverly devised stories when we told you about the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ in power , but we were eyewitnesses of his majesty . Y'shua is not coming back from anywhere because he was fully a mortal Jewish man and he truly did willingly die for us . If Y'shua did not truly die for our sins and The Simple Truth then it would not have been a true sacrifice . 17 He received honor and glory from God the Father when the voice came to him from the Majestic Glory , saying , " This is my Son , whom I love ; with him I am well pleased . " First of all : never call LORD ELohim the Majestic Glory . I have been helping LORD ELohim for over twenty years and I have never heard even one word from His mouth or any other Spirits . What a different world it would be if we could hear the voice of LORD ELohim . If the LORD could speak to us He would have said this about Y'shua but He would not have said Son , but He would have said ' son ' for He has many . 18 We ourselves heard this voice that came from heaven when we were with him on the sacred mountain . Peter and the others must have had supernatural hearing since the only true Heaven , the LORD's and Angels home , is billions of miles away . The LORD says there is only one Heaven in all the universe . If LORD ELohim was standing right next to Peter and the others , they still could not hear the LORD's voice . LORD ELohim says its very unlikely that Peter a Disciple of Y'shua wrote this .

2 Peter 1 : 19 - 21 19 We also have the prophetic message as something completely reliable , LORD ELohim says there are no prophetic messages about Y'shua . There are some about forgiving the House of Judah and the House of Israel of their sins and iniquities but not how or when He would do that . When the LORD authored The Simple Truth He added all fairly good people everywhere on earth and of every race and every religion on earth to be forgiven also by The Simple Truth . The LORD also added teaching people how to forgive others who did them wrong and to forgive ourselves for all the mistakes we have made to . The fact remains the same for every race and nation and religion including Judaism and the Jews . Again : the fact is that the LORD will not forgive the wicked , evil and cruel people . 20 Above all , you must understand that no prophecy of Scripture came about by the prophet's own interpretation of things . LORD ELohim says He tried John the Disciple of Y'shua to be a Prophet . Christians say that John was the writer of the book of Revelation in the CB NT . Do you really believe every word written in Revelation ? In the book of Daniel in chapter 3 it says that three men were thrown into a very hot and fiery furnace and lived . It says there was a divine being in there to . Even LORD ELohim does not believe that story . The book of Job is all a fictional story . LORD ELohim says He never knew any person named Job . To say Prophets were perfect is far from the truth says the LORD but the true Prophets did help somewhat for people to know more about LORD ELohim . John the Baptist was a Prophet of the LORD and he did under-stand enough to teach that Y'shua was the Lamb of God . In the book of John 1 : 29 John the Baptist says : Look , the Lamb of God , who takes away the sin of the world . John the Baptist was talking about Y'shua . LORD ELohim says no matter who wrote what : still Think Not Beyond Logic . 21 For prophecy never had its origin in the human will . LORD ELohim says this is wrong . The LORD tryed to teach us through all Prophets that we mortals would not live an eternal life , so make the best of the life we have now , but still some Prophets did not think that way because they hoped or believed people would live forever . For that very reason the LORD chose an Atheist to help Him write His Little Book . I'm not perfect either . Remember it took Him over twenty years to teach me there are no Soul Spirits or any other kind of Spirits in peoples bodies . 21 .... but prophets , though human , spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit . The Holy Spirit does not exist either . All Prophets were mortal humans who had their own hopes and dreams about many things . Peoples hopes and dreams can get in the way of what the LORD and teaching Spirits are trying to teach . Prophets were not perfect which is why the LORD says : really think about what you read in the Bibles and do not think beyond logic .

2 Peter 2 : 1 - 9 1 But there were also false prophets among the people , just as there are false teachers among you . When a person goes two or more ways like Peter has just done : they are fully covering their words . Peter first says Prophets only teach what is spoken by God and then he says but there are false Prophets who teach fictional stories . Peter has covered his words because he can go either way in his writings . Peter goes on about those false teachers and false Prophets . 4 For if God did not spare angels when they sinned , but sent them to hell , putting them in chains of darkness to be held for judgment ; We are not sure yet where Peter is going with this but no Angel has ever sinned . Again : people need to understand that mortals and Spirits do not have much in common , other than we both like to have fun and dancing and playing games and on an on . This place called hell does not even exist , not even for wicked people . There is no coming judgment of Spirits because there is no reason for it . 9 if this is so , then the Lord knows how to rescue the godly from trials and to hold the unrighteous for punishment on the day of judgment . If this verse were true ; not a lot of people would be rescued . Just because you’re a Christian does not mean you are godly or righteous . Remember the LORD calls Christians pagans , but He would overlook that and if a Christian is righteous He would call that person righteous . I asked LORD ELohim if He has called many people righteous and He says there have been many . The Day of Judgment is today and it’s already done . We failed . Does that surprise you ?

( 18 : 13 ) NOTES : I may have misunderstood before about the LORD ELohim calling people righteous . LORD ELohim says He has called many people righteous over the years . Its other words like godly , holy , saints and others that the LORD rarely used for people . No mortal has ever been called godly and very few people has the LORD ever called holy . The word saint is something He has never used . It means a holy and godly person . The word godly can mean divine and no mortal is that . It can also mean pious and devout but He still does not like people being called godly . Who can call someone any of these words : only LORD ELohim .

2 Peter 2 : 10 - 12 10 .... Bold and arrogant , they are not afraid to heap abuse on celestial beings , 11 yet even angels , although they are stronger and more powerful , do not heap abuse on such beings when bringing judgment on them from the Lord . There is many reasons there are no cities or thrones or crowns or mansions or anything else made by Angels ( Spirits ) in Heaven . There is no way for the LORD or Spirits to make such things . Are Spirits stronger ? Among themselves they are as solid as we are to touch but with all else they just go through it . Spirits and even the Archangels cannot even pick up a toothpick . Power means many things . The only one that may be what Peter is writing about is Spirits have domination over something . If Peter is writing that Spirits have authority over all mankind then Peter is wrong . Most all Spirits are like David : they don't want anything to do with mankind either and that has always been OK with LORD ELohim . A day is coming that even LORD ELohim is going home to Heaven for a very long time before He returns . The rest of the verse is not really understood . Does it mean that mortals are going to judge Spirits . Now that will never happen . LORD ELohim is the only judge of both Spirits and mankind and He found Spirits to be without sin or wrong doings , but He found mankind mostly without sins because He forgave most all of us around two thousand years ago , but He has seen us as a species do a lot of horrifying things to one another and even animals . Just because LORD ELohim forgave most all peoples sins and wrong doings does not mean we passed our trial or are all called righteous by Him .

2 Peter 2 : 13 - 22 From 12 - 16 Peter is writing about what he calls bad people . 13 They will be paid back with harm for the harm they have done . Probably all people and nations have a legal system for punishing their bad and evil people . Which is a good thing because if mortals do not do that it will probably not be done by LORD ELohim . I asked LORD ELohim if He ever punished any people for their evil and wicked ways and He said He did that seven times in the past . All seven of these greatly evil people did die and not from old age . Had LORD ELohim known about the Holocaust and Hitler and his goons when that was happening there would have been many many more added to those seven . 21 It would have been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness , than to have known it and then to turn their backs on the sacred command that was passed on to them . There is no back up verse as to what that command was ? We mortal humans are far from perfect including the ones who think they are perfect . What is the way to righteousness ? Peter and Paul are not the best of teachers . To be called righteous by LORD ELohim is something you have to earn on your own . The Simple Truth did not come with the name righteous for you or for anyone else . LORD ELohim says He has called many people right-eous in the past and even today . The Dictionary says the word righteous means to be doing right , virtuous , behaving justly , morally right or justifiable , being right and just . The LORD says go with what is in the Dictionary .

2 Peter 3 : 1 - 9 3 Above all , you must understand that in the last days scoffers will come , scoffing and following their own evil desires . 4 They will say , " Where is this ' coming ' he promised ? In Revelation , twice , it says Y'shua said he was coming ' soon ' . Its been almost two thousand years since the time of Y'shua . If people are saying ' where is he and why has he not come yet ' that question is understandable . I have that same question for Christians to answer and the LORD says that question does not make people who ask it evil people or being scoffers . The LORD says Peter's attempt to silence the world is wrong . It’s an honest question in search for an honest answer . LORD ELohim can answer this question : He says Y'shua died almost two thousand years ago for most all peoples sins and wrong doings and for The Simple Truth and Y'shua was never resurrected . Y'shua is never coming back because he truly died on the cross for most of us to be forgiven . The Lamb of God was never resurrected . .... 4 Peter writing about his ancestors .. 5 But they deliberately forget that long ago by God's word the heavens came into being and the earth was formed out of water and by water . LORD ELohim is trillions of years old and when He became conscious about being a living being most of the universe already existed . The LORD created only six galaxies beginning trillions of years ago which He calls Heaven . The earth was not formed out of water or by water . Nothing the LORD ELohim created came to be by Him just speaking words . All He created He had to work at to make them . 7 By the same word the present heavens and earth are reserved for fire , being kept for the day of judgment and destruction of the ungodly . LORD ELohim says nothing in this verse is true . It took a lot of work with His hands to create what He created . The LORD is not going to destroy anything He created . If Peter wrote this , that man had a wild imagination . The word ungodly is wrong to use . 8 ... With the Lord a day is like a thousand years , and a thousand years are like a day . This verse is actually true . This subject is also in the JB in Psalms 90 : 4 For in Your sight a thousand years are like yesterday that has passed , like a watch of the night . Our trial began with Adam and Eve around six thousand years ago which would be six days ago to LORD ELohim . Today is the seventh day which began in 2000 C.E. which would make this thousand years day LORD ELohim's Sabbath Day and Judgement Day . This day of the LORD is not going to end until 3000 C.E.. 9 The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise , as some understand slowness . Even to LORD ELohim two thousand years is way too slow . Christians believe Y'shua is the awaited Jewish Messiah . Most all of the Jewish people did not and do not believe Y'shua was the Messiah . If Y'shua was the Messiah who could bring peace on earth , then he should have done that almost two thousand years ago and even before that , before many many millions and millions of people were slaughtered because of cruel hatred and wars . Peter uses this excuse : ... 9 Instead he is patient with you , not wanting anyone to perish , but everyone to come to repentance . The word perish means to be destroyed or ruined or die . Every person who wrote the CB died along with every other mortal life on earth when their time came to die .

2 Peter 3 : 10 - 13 10 But the day of the Lord will come like a thief . The heavens will disappear with a roar and the elements will be destroyed by fire , and the earth and everything done in it will be laid bare . If people could have eternal life you would probably want that to happen first before this earth is destroyed because Y'shua returns . According to Christian theologians : the eternal life for people will not happen until the thousand year reign of Y'shua is over . Again : LORD ELohim says Think Not Beyond Logic . How would it be possible for the LORD ELohim to make all the universe disappear ? If we have a nuclear war with the thousands of nuclear bombs existing now then maybe we will not be able to see the stars but the stars will still be there . The believed resurrection of the dead is that the mortal body is raised from the dead so again being only mortal again . How many times would these mortals be raised from the dead before their eternal life begins over a thousand years from now ? How is LORD ELohim suppose to raise billions of people from the dead who were right under one of those bombs and their is only ashes left blowing around ? Most of the people who survive will died from radiation poison . How could the LORD separate radiation from flesh and bone ? These verses are just silly verses . Y'shua is not coming back : not ever . LORD ELohim is not going to destroy the universe . Why would people even think He would do that ? If the earth someday is laid bare , that will be by our doing , not by LORD ELohim .

2 Peter 3 : 14 - 18 14 ... make every effort to be found spotless , blameless and at peace with him . 15 Bear in mind that our Lord's patience means salvation , just as our dear brother Paul also wrote you with the wisdom that God gave him . There is no salvation for any of mankind : meaning life after death . LORD ELohim never knew Paul and Y'shua when he was alive never knew Paul either . No matter how spotless and blameless you are , that is not going to change the fact that you will not have an eternal life . Being spotless and without blame is likely to help you have a better mortal life though . 16 Peter is writing about Paul's letters . His letters contain some things that are hard to understand , which ignorant and unstable people distort , as they do the other Scriptures , to their own destruction . LORD ELohim does not mind if people , any people , question anything about Him or what is written in any book of any religion . If we do as Peter says and just read without thinking about what we have read then we are headed for trouble . According to Peter I am headed for destruction . Peter and Paul and anyone else is not in the position to say that about anyone . The Inquisitions were about the Roman Catholic Church judging people for heresy and that resulted in the torture and slaughter of thousands of innocent people . Heresy means adherence to a religious opinion contrary to church teachings LORD ELohim alone is my judge and is the only true judge for all mankind . 18 But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ . ... The Lamb of God's true name was Y'shua . Y'shua is not the Saviour of any people and it was not Y'shua's grace that forgave most of all peoples sins and iniquities : that was LORD ELohim who did that . There is nothing about forgiveness of sins or The Simple Truth that can save you or any other mortal from eternal death .

( 18 : 14 ) NOTES : Christians need to make up their mind about what happens to the people who do not believe every word in the Christian Bible New Testament and even many verses in their Old Testament that does not copy exactly what the Jewish Bible says . Just in the past few verses , words like destruction and perish are used for the unbelievers . Both mean to be destroyed . Destroy means to put an end to something , kill . LORD ELohim is not going to do that and people are not to be doing that either says the LORD . As LORD ELohim has said before : where is the proof that most any religion is correct and true ? Many Christians believe that the non believers go to hell and the lake of fire and forever are tortured and have great suffering . According to Peter they are destroyed : meaning killed and are dead forever . Which is it : forever in the lake of fire or forever dead ? LORD ELohim is not a cruel , mean , evil and wicked God . He says all people will be dead forever including Christians .

1 John

Its believed that the Disciple John wrote this but it had no name .

1 John 1 : 1 - 4 In the first verse John is writing about Y'shua . 1 That which was from the beginning , which we have heard , which we have looked at ...- this we proclaim concerning the Word of life . Y'shua was not from the beginning of creation . Y'shua himself was conceived of as a fully mortal man about 3 or 5 B.C.E. . There is no Spirit God Son of God because he never existed . It was the blood of a mortal man that allowed most of you to be forgiven of your sins . Y'shua was not the Word who created everything . No Word created anything . LORD ELohim created all that was created with the work of His hands and not by Words . What can your words create that has nothing to do with computers . Can you make your house appear by a word alone ? A new car in the driveway by a word alone ? LORD ELohim cannot do that either and neither could Y'shua make a table appear by saying a word when he was a carpenter with his father . Again Think Not Beyond Logic . 2 The life appeared ; we have seen it ... and we proclaim to you the eternal life , which was with the Father and has appeared to us . Y'shua was not with our Father LORD ELohim until Y'shua the fully mortal man was born . The LORD did peak into Miriam's womb a few times to check on Y'shua . Again : people cannot see Spirits or hear Spirits or give birth to Spirits . Y'shua who appeared was fully mortal and only a teaching Spirit was within Him .

( 18 : 15 ) NOTES : There is no Son of God Spirit God that went into Y'shua . What would that even mean if that happened ? LORD ELohim was the author of The Simple Truth . It was Y'shua the fully mortal Jewish man who was sacrificed and it was only Y'shua's blood shed for the forgiveness of our sins and our iniquities . It was Y'shua the fully mortal man who willingly gave up his mortal life for The Simple Truth . It was Y'shua's fully mortal body that was hung on the cross by the Romans . It was Y'shua's fully mortal body that died on that cross . It was Y'shua's dead mortal body that was put in the tomb . It was Y'shua's mortal dead body that was never resurrected back to life again . It was the fully mortal man Y'shua who knew he would never be risen from the dead . It was Y'shua the fully mortal Jewish man who willingly gave up his mortal life . It was Y'shua the fully mortal man who gave up his mortal life with a deeply loving wife and his two precious sons . If an only Son of God Spirit God did exist : what did he do ? What would he have done for you ? What did he give up for you and most all mankind ? According to Christian writings that Spirit Son is sitting on a throne in Heaven . It would not be the Jewish mortal man Y'shua in Heaven because the flesh and bone of this man truly did die on that cross . Again : what would the Son of God Spirit God have done for you regarding The Simple Truth ? LORD ELohim says He never had an only son but many sons . The LORD says there is only one Father of all created , mortal and Spirit , and that is Himself . The LORD ELohim says there is only one God and that too is Himself . The LORD says honor and remember Y'shua the Jewish mortal man for all he did for most all mankind . Stop worshiping a only Son of God Spirit God who does not even exist and never existed . If there were a Spirit Son of God he would have done nothing and he would have given up nothing for you regarding The Simple Truth but again , that Spirit does not exist . The LORD says Spirit cannot incarnate into mortal flesh . It is Y'shua the Jewish mortal man who gave up everything to help most all mankind . Honor and remember him for that . Call this mortal Jewish man by his real name : Y'shua . No Greek man named Jesus died for your sins and The Simple Truth . Remember Y'shua was a deeply devoted Jewish man of Judaism and he was not the beginning of Christianity and neither were his Disciples or other Jews . Y'shua was not the Jewish Messiah as the Jewish people have always said . Y'shua the fully Jewish mortal man was the Jewish Lamb of God . Honor and remember him but do not worship him as a false God , that is not what he taught anyone to do and to call him a God goes against what his beliefs were , as with all Jews . That belief is that no mortal could be a God . Stop worshiping the other false God Christians call the only Son of God . That Spirit does not exist and never existed . Y'shua deserves to be honored and his personal beliefs as a deeply devoted Jew to Judaism must be respected . Start with stop calling Y'shua a God . Remember the Christians other God the Holy Spirit is a false God too and that Spirit never existed either .

1 John 1 : 5 - 10 8 If we claim to be without sin , we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us . By the time this verse was written Y'shua had died for the forgiveness of sins and wrong doings of most all mankind , past , present and future . Most all people then and today can say they are without sin because that is what Y'shua died for as the Lamb of God . Because your sins were forgiven by LORD ELohim does not make any human perfect or righteous or holy and so on . The Simple Truth was done before this verse was written . 9 If we confess our sins , he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness . LORD ELohim does not need to hear you confess your sins and wrong doings . Remember LORD ELohim cannot be everywhere . If you’re a fairly good person you have no sins or iniquities . If something is troubling you , talking about it with someone may help greatly . Learn The Simple Truth about forgiving others and forgiving yourself . The Simple Truth can make a big difference for the good in anyones life . 10 is much the same as 8 .

1 John 2 : 1 - 6 1 My dear children , I write this to you so that you will not sin . Catholics call their preachers fathers . The LORD does not get that . John or whoever wrote this calling his followers his children the LORD ELohim does not get that either . ... 1 But if anyone does sin , we have an advocate with the Father - Jesus Christ , the Righteous One . Y'shua is not alive in any form . There is no way that Y'shua can be your advocate . Even if he were alive even as a Spirit how could he do that ? If you are a Christian and you believe Y'shua is somehow always with you , how would that be even possible since there are over two million Christians at this time ? Like LORD ELohim : Y'shua could not be everywhere at the same time . There is no advocate for anyone regarding LORD ELohim . Why would the LORD allow some people to have an advocate and others to have none ? That is not fair and the LORD says He would never allow that . 2 He is the atoning sacrifice for our sins , and not only for ours but also for the sins of the whole world . John or who ever wrote this is right except for the one fact that the LORD will not forgive the wicked , evil and cruel people . So why did John write in verse 1 : 8 If we claim to be without sin , we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us . Is most all people in the world forgiven or not forgiven ? John does not seem to know what that answer is . He is going both ways . The LORD ELohim says He unconditionally forgave most all mankind on earth , past , present and future and without any rules . You do not need to be a Christian to be forgiven . You just need to be a fairly good person and most all of us humans are fairly good . So the truth is most all people are forgiven of their sins and iniquities . The problem is : it only take one person to start a war or a Holocaust or to do mass shootings or raping children and adults or spreading hatred and lies and other wicked and cruel things for which LORD ELohim will never forgive them for . 3 Is about keeping Y'shua's commands . 4 Is about those who do not keep Y'shua's commands . 5 But if anyone obeys his word , love for God is truly made complete in them . We would have to go back to Matthew and the others again to find what words John is writing about regarding Y'shua's commands . 6 Whoever claims to live in him must live as Jesus did . How does someone live in someone else ? If that means to live your life as Y'shua did then that means keeping all the Ten Commandments and be humble and deeply loving and kind and good and caring and decent and giving to those in need and to be righteous and to believe that LORD ELohim is the one and only God and Father of all created and on and on ..... .

1 John 2 : 7 - 14 Is mostly repeats . 7 Dear friends , I am not writing you a new command but an old one .... . This old command is the message you have heard . 8 Yet I am writing you a new command ..... Within two verses whoever wrote this goes from not writing a new command , to writing , I am writing you a new command . Is the writer drinking too much sacred wine ?

1 John 2 : 15 & 16 15 Do not love the world or anything in the world . If anyone loves the world , love for the Father is not in them . LORD ELohim does not agree with this teaching . Most things have a least two sides . Like love and hate . How can some-one not have love for this world and at the same time not hate the world ? If you know LORD ELohim , you know He loathes the word hate and hate itself . In verses 7 - 14 John writes about love and hate and how important it is to love your brothers and sisters , probably meaning other believers . These brothers and sisters are in this world . If people hate fairly good people then the Father LORD ELohim is not in agreement with those people . If people learn from The Simple Truth they would probably have fewer people to hate . LORD ELohim is love and He hopes people will learn from Him to love others . The LORD says if you find wrong in the world then peaceably do something to change it like saving the LORD ELohim's beloved Elephants from being slaughtered for their ivory . Stuff like that . And most of all feeding the poor , clothing the poor , housing the poor , helping the sick , help paying for children dental work for poor families , and on and on . To simply hate everything in this world will help no one including you for greater happiness . Peter saying Do not love the world is the opposite to what LORD ELohim would say in most cases about most all people . LORD ELohim says love the world and most all people on it . 16 For everything in the world - the lust of the flesh , the lust of the eyes , and the pride of life - comes not from the Father but from the world . What is with Paul and Peter and their minds almost constantly on sex , the lust of the flesh . There is more people in the world than just depraved people . Actually most all about sex does come from the Father . LORD ELohim invented sex for all mortals . Without sex there would be no mortals created by Him . The LORD created all mortals with a healthy sex drive to ensure any mortal species does continue to exist since all mortals do die . Spirits do not have sex organs because they are eternal beings . We do not know what the pride of life means ?

( 18 : 16 ) NOTES : Back to 1 John 2 : 15 Do not love the world or anything in the world . If anyone loves the world , love for the Father is not in them . According to the Christian Bible it was John the Disciple who wrote this verse . According to the CB John wrote a few books . Christians also believe John also wrote the gospel of John . LORD ELohim reminded me of these verses . He has a better memory than I do . In the gospel of John in verse 3 : 16 it says For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son , that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life . 17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world , but to save the world through him . These verses sound like two different men wrote them . One man hates the world and says LORD ELohim hates the world to and the other man says LORD ELohim greatly loves the world . So which is it ? Is it the LORD ELohim our Father hating the world like John obviously does or does LORD ELohim our Father greatly love the world ? The LORD says He would not say ' greatly loving the world ' but He does love the world and most all He created on earth , including most of all mankind . It’s not true that the LORD sent His only Son because He does not have an ' only Son ' . There is no reason for most all people to believe anything for their sins and wrong doings to be forgiven by LORD ELohim . Again : no mortal will have eternal life . We will all perish no matter what our beliefs are about . This life is the only life you will ever have so it would be wise to make the best of it and living in love does go a long way toward greater happiness . The Simple Truth can really help you with that also .

1 John 2 : 17 & 18 17 The world and its desires pass away , but whoever does the will of God lives forever . Someday our sun will die out and probably all life on earth with it . No mortal species lives forever including people . 18 Dear children , this is the last hour ; Obviously it was not the last hour . ....and as you have heard that the antichrist is coming , even now many antichrists have come . This is how we know it is the last hour . Christians make the main antichrist sound like a very wicked and evil person . Anyone who does not believe that Y'shua is the Messiah , many Christians call us the antichrists . LORD ELohim says it is the antichrists who are right and not the Christians . Y'shua was not the awaited Jewish Messiah . How could the Lamb of God who had to truly die for most all of us , also be the Messiah who needs to be alive and fully mortal to do what people hope he can do . Christians calling all who do not believe that Y'shua was the Messiah or is the Messiah are also calling LORD ELohim and all Spirits and me and most every Jewish person antichrists to . LORD ELohim and all Spirits and me and most every Jewish person don't believe Y'shua was the Messiah either . Remember the Messiah started as a Jewish belief so the Jews would be far more likely to know the Messiah if he or her should come to be .

( 18 : 17 ) NOTES : Can the Messiah be Spirit ? How would that even be possible ? Spirit cannot be seen or heard and trying to communicate with mortals by teaching Spirits does not always work very well . If Spirit could bring peace on earth the LORD ELohim would have done that long ago , even before Adam and Eve . Spirit cannot be the awaited Messiah . The Jewish Messiah must be fully mortal just like the Lamb of God Y'shua had to be fully mortal also , and he was a fully mortal Jewish man . And obviously the Messiah must be Jewish and the Messiah must be alive when he or she begins his or her work . Y'shua is not alive in any form . LORD ELohim says the Messiah could be male or female . Spirit could not be the Lamb of God . The Lamb of God had to be fully mortal and again Y'shua did truly die on the cross .

1 John 2 : 19 - 23 19 is about followers leaving the preacher types who claim Y'shua is the Messiah , is a God and so on . 20 But you have an anointing from the Holy One , and all of you know the truth . Whoever the Holy One is , that person anointing people means nothing to LORD ELohim . The fact that LORD ELohim does not know who the Holy One is , that mortal or Spirit is not a Holy One . Only LORD ELohim can declare someone , Spirit or mortal , to be Holy . The LORD says He never called whoever the Holy One is in this verse , Holy . 22 Who is the liar ? It is whoever denies that Jesus is the Christ . Such a person is the antichrist . Why is it such a big deal to many Christians that people must believe Y'shua is the Messiah ? Is that really worth tens of thousands of people being killed or tortured during the Inquisitions and other mass slaughters by the Roman Catholic Church . The hope is that the Messiah will end such violence and cruelty and wickedness on earth . Everything we know so far about the true Messiah goes against Y'shua being the Messiah . 22 .... Such a person is the antichrist - denying the Father and the Son . This statement is completely wrong . Just because people do not believe Y'shua is the Messiah does not mean those people do not believe in LORD ELohim our Father . Many people believe in LORD ELohim who do not believe Y'shua is the Messiah . Again : whats the big deal with many Christians that the whole world must believe Y'shua is the Messiah . The answer probably is : follow the money ? 23 No one who denies the Son has the Father ; whoever acknowledges the Son has the Father . LORD ELohim says this verse is a lie : simple as that . Again : even LORD ELohim never believed Y'shua was the Messiah . If at any time when Y'shua was alive , had LORD ELohim thought Y'shua would make a good Messiah , He would not have allowed Y'shua to sacrifice himself for The Simple Truth . At no time did the LORD think Y'shua would be a good Messiah . Again : Y'shua was not the only Son of God . LORD ELohim created all mortals and all you boys are his sons and us girls are all His daughters . Y'shua was one of His many sons .

1 John 2 : 24 - 29 24 is preaching trying to keep people from leaving Peter just a Paul did . 25 And this is what he promised us - eternal life . LORD ELohim says Y'shua never promised any people eternal life , not even his Disciples . Y'shua knew he would not be resurrected or have an eternal life , so why would he teach people a lie that they would have an afterlife . LORD ELohim says Y'shua was a honest man of truth and not lies . 26 - 27 Is Peter trying to keep people from leaving him . In 27 he writes .... But as his anointing teaches you about all things .... The LORD and Y'shua did not do magic tricks . How can being anointed allow you to know all things . Again remember even Y'shua was not anointed by man or by the LORD ELohim . 28 is about the belief that Y'shua is coming back from Heaven where he is sitting on a throne . Y'shua will never be coming back because he truly died . 29 ... who does what is right has been born of him . The word born-again means : having experienced a revival of a personal faith or conviction . Even in the Dictionary , being born-again does not mean you will have an eternal life .

1 John 3 : 1 - 6 1 See what great love the Father has lavished on us , that we should be called children of God ! The Simple Truth was about LORD ELohim's love for most all mankind but we mortals are all children of LORD ELohim our Father , not just Christians . The LORD says He never said to the Jews " you alone are my children " so why would He say that to Christians who He still calls most of them pagans . There are some Christians who now are earnestly working to know what is true and what is lies and errors in the CB who the LORD ELohim no long calls them pagans . LORD ELohim is the only Father of all mankind so again we are all His children just like Spirits are all His children also . Even the most wicked and evil and cruel of people are the LORD's children but they will never be forgiven by their Father LORD ELohim of their sins and iniquities . ... 1 The reason the world does not know us is that it did no know him . Which Christian God is Peter writing about ? If its LORD ELohim the Jews and a few others did know Him fairly well at that time . If its Y'shua it is the Christians who do not know Y'shua . Not only did most Christians and others not know Y'shua but they also do not know LORD ELohim very well either . Those who wrote the CB , whoever they were , knew almost nothing about The Simple Truth . 2 .... , now we are children of God , and what we will be has not yet been made know . Repeat about children of God . What did become of these writers of the CB and their followers ? They all died and will never be raised from the dead . That is ' what will be ' for all of us mortals . .... 2 But we know that when Christ appears , we shall be like him , for we shall see him as he is . Y'shua will never appear because he is dead . In the future we will all be like him : from dust we were made and to dust we shall be again just like Y'shua . To see Y'shua as he is today , you would need to find his bone box ( Ossuary ) somewhere probably in Israel . 3 All who have this hope in him purify themselves , just as he is pure . Y'shua was pure because he kept all the Ten Commandments and never sinned and he lived a decent mortal life and never did iniquities . Y'shua was always loving and kind to people and was a very humble Jewish man and so on . This is why he was not the Messiah because he did not have the right personality for being a leader of people and nations . Y'shua was not even the right man as a King of Israel . 4 Everyone who sins breaks the law ; in fact , sin is lawlessness . Thats true . 5 But you know that he appeared so that he might take away our sins . Y'shua did not exactly just appear out of no where . Y'shua the mortal man was conceived of and born out of a mortal women . Y'shua was a baby at one time . Its true Y'shua took away the sins and iniquities of most all people . For most all people there is no ' might take away our sins ' . Because of the sacrifice of Y'shua LORD ELohim did forgive most all people sins and its unconditional and its without any rules and there is only one fact : the LORD ELohim will not forgive the sins and iniquities of the wicked and evil and cruel people . 6 No one who lives in him keeps on sinning . Do you really believe this verse ? How many Christians do you know who would have a perfect score by never breaking any of the Ten Commandments ? Counting the score starts at the age ten says LORD ELohim . That give parents a good five years when children can understand what they are being taught . Teaching children is for the parents and sometimes the community does help and religious leaders like Rabbis or Ministers and others religions leaders to help if the parents want their help . .... 6 No one who continues to sin has either seen him or known him . The billions of people born since Y'shua was alive have not seen him or known him personally and the CB does not help for people to know the true Y'shua .

( 18 : 18 ) The history of the Christian religion , starting with the Roman Catholic Church had no room to talk about people sinning . Many tens of thousands of people died because of the sins of the church . The sins of the Christian church begins with the first of the Ten Commandments : 1 You shall have no other gods before me . Small ' g ' means false gods . The Christians went one step futher by creating three Gods , capital ' G ' Gods . Thoses were Y'shua , the Son of God and the Holy Spirit . The Christian belief is confusing . They say there are three Gods in the one God : Father , Son and Holy Spirit but there is a lot in the CB refering to Y'shua himself as being in Heaven and the worship of Y'shua also . So that would make four Gods . LORD ELohim the Father , Y'shua the mortal man , the Son of God and the Holy Spirit and don't forget Satan with a small ' g ' the god of this age in 2 Cor. 4 : 4 . 2 You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below . Crosses and statues of Y'shua and Miriam ( Mary ) are often before the worshiper worshiping . Y'shua the mortal man being worshiped by Christians as a God is common . You shall not misuse the name of the LORD . LORD ELohim says the name God is OK as a name for Himself . People commonly say " God damn it " and " O my God " and the false god many people often curse " Jesus Christ " . 4 Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy . Six days you shall labor and do all your work , but the seventh day is a sabbath to the LORD your God : you shall not do any work . .... When was the last time if ever has the Christians kept the Sabbath Day on the Seventh Day ? 5 Honor your mother and father ... Probably average but the Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Homes are making big money . Sometimes Nursing Homes are necessary but how often does the family visit . 6 You shall not murder . The Inquisitions was a slaughter of many thousands , church involved in the slaughter of Knights Templars more thousands , took part of the slaughter of many Jews much more thousands and so on . The hands of several popes and their goons are covered with the blood of innocent people and very likely well into the tens of thousands who were murdered by the Roman Catholic Church . 7 You shall not commit adultery . The Roman Catholic Church did not allow priests and other clergy to marry so you would think the LORD would say they did not break this Law . But the LORD ELohim knows that many Roman Catholic clergy were involved in the rape of children who were mostly boys . It was said those preachers were not punished but just sent to other churches by the pope . This is fair that LORD ELohim has made just because of Roman Catholics raping many children and some adults . Rape of anyone is a form of adultery even if the rapist is not married and is a great sin to , says the LORD . Rape is worse then adultery says the LORD and is a sin . 8 You shall not steal . It was common when happenings like the Inquisitions that slaughtered many thousands and the slaughter of thousands of the Knight Templars and so on , that the land and money of the murdered people went to the church or shared with kings . Jews were often forced to leave nations or were murdered and their land was often shared with the church and kings or other rulers . The LORD calls that stealing . 9 You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor . During the slaughter of many people like the Knights Templars innocent people were accused of many false accusations by the Roman Catholic Church . The Inquistions were the same and the treatment of the Jews was the same also when the Roman Catholics used lies to get what they wanted and other times over these many years to . 10 You shall not covet your neighbor's house : you shall not covet your neighbor's wife .... The word covet means : to desire enviously what belongs to others . The Roman Catholic Church acquired a lot of land and money from their victims as did some kings who were involved to . The Roman Catholic Church did covet other peoples money and even other people lands and even the power of kings . ... Every Commandment the Roman Catholic Church broke . Some were long ago while others are broken still today such as the rape of children . Not all priests are guilty of all these things but there are many popes and clergy members like priests who will never be forgiven for being involved or for not stopping these things from happening who had the power to . There were many priests and other clergy who should have gone to prison for the rape of children and not just sent to a different church to do the same there .

1 John 3 : 7 - 10 8 The one who does what is sinful is of the devil , because the devil has been sinning from the beginning . David never knew that . Again David an Archangel who if needed plays the part ( acting ) of Satan but he has never been needed to play that part . David stays away from mortals and the LORD has always been OK with that . Spirits do not have any influence regarding mankind , not even David . Like all Spirits David has never sinned . Again : where do the writers of the CB get their beliefs from ? The book of Job is fiction . Don't blame the Jews if some beliefs came from their Bible . The Jewish people are only responsible for what's in their Bible and are not responsible for what Christians or any other religions put in their Bible . There are only six Archangels created by LORD ELohim and David is one of them . ... 8 The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil's work . The Son of God Spirit God does not exist but if he did exist there was nothing to destroy cause by any Spirit . 9 No one who is born of God will continue to sin , because God's seed remains in them ; they cannot go on sinning , because they have been born of God . This may have been a hope of whoever wrote this verse but the reality is that most Christians do not believe they need to keep the Ten Commandments and therefore sin when they break these Commandments . For most all Christians by The Simple Truth their sins are forgiven : over and over again . By not trying to keep the Ten Commandments people are losing out on what can be a better mortal life just as The Simple Truth can help people have a better life also . 10 This is how we know who the children of God are and who the children of the devil are : Anyone who does not do what is right is not God's child , nor is anyone who does not love their brother and sister . Good or bad people are all God's children . No matter how evil a person is , that person is of LORD ELohim's creation of mankind and He is still the Father of him or her . The LORD would not love that evil person but that person is still a creation of the LORD . Unlike animals , the LORD ELohim gave us free will and what people do with their free will , good or evil , is up to each of us . Unfortunately there is a lot of evil in this world and always has been with people . The only thing the LORD can do is try to teach us how we can live a better mortal life . The Ten Commandments and The Simple Truth and other wisdom He has shared with mankind through His Jews to help us have a better life , but He cannot make us to try to live our lives using His wisdom . That is a choice each of us need to make on our own .

1 John 3 : 11 - 15 11 ... we should love one another . 12 Do not be like Cain , who belonged to the evil one and murdered his brother . The evil one probably means ( Satan ) David . Don't blame David for the sins and iniquities of people because David is not to be blamed for them says LORD ELohim . ... 12 And why did he murder him ? Because his own actions were evil and his brother's were righteous . 13 Do not be surprised , my brothers and sisters , if the world hates you . The Simple Truth would cause no reason to hate . If these people were getting into trouble and even hated it was by their own making caused by their beliefs that has almost nothing to do with The Simple Truth and Y'shua and LORD ELohim . 14 We know that we have passed from death to life , because we love each other . A person could be the most loving person on earth and still that person will die . Whoever wrote this verse died and will never be resurrected just like everyone else . ... 14 Anyone who does not love remains in death . If people are alive they are not dead yet . 15 Anyone who hates a brother or sister is a murderer , and you know that no murderer has eternal life residing in him . More than many other things the LORD does not like hatred . Hate is something that Spirits never do and never allowed themselves to learn hate from mankind . LORD ELohim says if people hate each other that is not murder . Hate is not right or righteous in most cases but it is not murder . You cannot expect those people who lost loved ones in a war or in the Holocaust caused by one man to love that man . LORD ELohim does not like people like that either so He tries to move forward to all He loves again because there is nothing else He can do about the past . Sometimes with The Simple Truth forgiving someone does not mean you have to love that person . John writes ' eternal life residing in him ' . It sounds like something is in people that allows them to have an afterlife . The LORD says there is nothing He puts in peoples mortal bodies that allows for an eternal life .

1 John 3 : 16 - 24 16 This is how we know what love is : Jesus Christ laid down his life for us . The name Jesus Christ is wrong but it is true that it was Y'shua's great love for most all mankind that he did give up his mortal life for us . Its interesting that John writes Y'shua really did die . 17 is about helping those in need which is a good thing . 18 Dear children , let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth . Actions does mean a lot but the LORD says do not stop using words to express your love to . .... 20 If our hearts condemn us , we know that God is greater than our hearts , and he knows everything . Many Christians and others believe that LORD ELohim knows every-thing . That is not true . LORD ELohim never knew about the Holocaust until the war was over because He never spent much time in the war zone watching people slaughter each other . He came to know about the evil slaughter of millions of Jews and other people when the surviving Jews went to Israel and He heard them talking about it . LORD ELohim is not everywhere , He cannot be everywhere so He cannot know everything . 21 .... if our hearts do not condemn us , we have confidence before God 22 and receive from him anything we ask , because we keep his commands .... How many people and how many times have people prayed to LORD ELohim or even to Y'shua and their prayers go unanswered ? Y'shua was and is dead and LORD ELohim has no way to know what your prayers are unless you are speaking with your mouth and He is standing right next to you . And even if He knew your prayer there is not a lot He can give you . He cannot raise your spouse from the dead , He cannot heal a dying child , He cannot put food on the plate of a starving person , and on and on and neither could Y'shua when he was alive . So John is lying that the LORD can give anything asked for . Did John even try that to see if it works at least a hundred times about a hundred different things asked for that he could not do on his own . And if the LORD could help someone dying who is a good person and a fairly young person , the LORD would not care if that person kept the Commandments or not , He would help that person . But a evil and wicked person dying , He says He would just let that person die at almost any age . 23 And this is his command : to believe in the name of his Son , Jesus Christ . LORD ELohim does not have a Greek mortal son called Jesus Christ that He knows of . All Spirits names are what we would call Hebrew but no Spirit is named Jesus Christ . The LORD knew a mortal Jewish man called Y'shua who was His Lamb of God but but again He has never known a mortal man named Jesus Christ . ... 23 and to love one another as he commanded us . It would be LORD ELohim who commanded them to love one another according to this verse . LORD ELohim would have said to love all people who are fairly good people and not just people who are like minded to these guys . 24 The one who keeps God's commands lives in him , and he in them . LORD ELohim says there is no mortals living in Him and He is not living in any mortals either . What does this verse mean ? ... 24 And this is how we know that he lives in us : We know it by the Spirit he gave us . LORD ELohim wants everyone to know that He gave no mortal a Spirit to call their own . A few people had a teaching Spirit in them to help LORD ELohim to try to communicate with mortals but no other Spirits . Moses , Abraham , Y'shua , John the Baptist , Prophets , me and others had a teaching Spirit but thats the only thing that Spirit did . People need to remember that Spirits are living beings who have a good life : playing , singing , dancing and on and on . The LORD would never put a Spirit in people for any other reason than to teach that person and that Spirit does not spend a lot of time in that person each day . All Spirits are individuals like people are . Like David , not a lot of Spirits want anything to do with mortals and the LORD fully understands the reasons why and He is fine with that . Creation is LORD ELohims hobby and not all Spirits wanted that for their hobby to .

1 John 4 : 1 - 3 1 Dear friends , do not believe every spirit , but test the spirits to see whether they are from God , .... 2 This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God : Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God . The word ' spirit ' may means a person or belief . We are going to write about it as possibly meaning Spirits as in Angels . Again no Spirit has ever had the name Jesus Christ . It’s confusing who Christians call Jesus Christ ? In this verse Jesus Christ is Spirit . In other verses Jesus Christ is mortal . LORD ELohim says Spirit and flesh do not mix well together so it would have to be one or both are called by that name . Y'shua had no Spirit other than the teaching Spirit so there was only Y'shua the fully mortal Jewish man : no Spirit , no only Son of God . How do we test Spirits ? We cannot take the Spirit to the bar for a beer and a long talk . Our words would be the only words we could hear and people would look at you funny . How could mortals know if a Spirit ' acknowledges ' that Y'shua has come in the flesh ? We would bet Peter or whoever wrote this verse has never met a Spirit . 3 but every spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus is not from God . Same problem as before : how could you know what the Spirit is thinking or saying ? If you’re talking to a Spirit use the name Y'shua and not Jesus . They don't know any mortal man named Jesus but they all know Y'shua as being the fully mortal Jewish Lamb of God . Again : Y'shua did not come from Heaven in the flesh of a mortal man . Y'shua was born on earth as a fully mortal man and with no Son of God Spirit God in him . ... 3 This is the spirit of the antichrist , which you have heard is coming and even now is already in the world . The claimed antichrist is not a Spirit but a mortal . No Spirit is an antichrist and Y'shua was never the Messiah ( Christ ) . If the mortal antichrist ' is already ' in the world then at the time of John about two thousand years ago , then today he would be almost a two thousand year old dead antichrist dusty corpse . Some Christian preachers do preach a lot about the antichrist but remember the Messiah has not yet come . For an antichrist to be an antichrist with an attitude against the Messiah you would need the true fully Jewish and fully mortal Messiah first and that has never happened yet .

1 John 4 - 6 4 & 5 about other people in the world . 6 We are from God , and whoever knows God listens to us ; but whoever is not from God does not listen to us . This is how we recognize the Spirit of truth and the spirit of falsehood . That is not the way LORD ELohim works regarding mortals . He knows we cannot see Him or hear Him so if people do not believe there is a God He understands that and is OK with that . Some people need proof about things like ET's , ghosts , Bigfoot and even God and other stuff and I was one of those people who are Atheists . LORD ELohim has given me enough proof that I do believe in LORD ELohim as our Father and God and I have come to know many other Spirits . It’s been quite the experience over the past twenty and more years . If you read the Little Book and you still do not believe in LORD ELohim and other Spirits , the LORD understands that and He is OK with that . The LORD would never punish people for not believing in Him . Many Christians say if you don't believe in Y'shua as a God and the Holy Spirit as another God you are doomed to spend eternity in hell or the lake of fire . That lie was made up by people , not by the LORD or Y'shua . There are a lot of lies in the CB to make people greatly fear what would happen if they are not being obedient and faithful to Christianity . LORD ELohim does not use fear . He is hopeful that you will think about what you have read in His Little Book but again , if you still do not believe He exists and the truth about Y'shua and David and other Spirits and other stuff He is OK with that . Again the LORD would never punish anyone for not believing in Him as their God and Father . We mortals will all eternally rest in peace someday no matter what we believe about anything .

1 John 4 : 7 - 10 7 is about loving one another among his followers . .... 8 because God is love . That is true : LORD ELohim is love , but for mortals to only love people who agree with everything they believe is not someone who can truly love people in general . 9 This is how God showed his love among us : He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him . 10 This is love : not that we loved God , but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins . To say that the LORD sent His one and only Son into the world , obviously means this Son is a Spirit and not mortal flesh . This Spirit Son was not sacrificed on the cross . Y'shua the fully mortal Jewish man was the sacrifice for most all peoples sins : not any Spirit did that for most of us . How would it even be possible to sacrifice a Spirit ??? Remember in the main book of John he writes that Y'shua created everything . That would only be possible if that Y'shua was a Spirit . Y'shua the mortal Jewish man who only lived about 33 years could not have created six galaxies and all the mortal life species on earth and all Spirits . The writer of this verse and most all other Christians are giving credit for our sins to be forgiven to the wrong Y'shua if the Spirit Son name is Y'shua to . The Spirit Son Christians call Jesus ( Y'shua ) does not even exist . The fully mortal Jewish man named Y'shua was the Lamb of God who willingly died for most of us . The Spirit only Son of God that Christians believe in , If that Spirit Son even existed he did nothing for you , he was not sacrificed for you , he did not willingly shed his blood for you because Spirits do not have blood , he did not willingly give up his life for you and knowing he would never live again in any form and on and on . That Spirit Son you Christians believe in , if he were real did nothing for you or anyone else in the world . LORD ELohim is again saying to you that He has never had an only Son Spirit . So give credit where credit is due . It was Y'shua the fully mortal Jewish man who willingly was the one who was sacrificed for most all peoples sins and other wrong doings to be forgiven by LORD ELohim by The Simple Truth . Again the LORD ELohim is saying to you that He does not have a one and only Son . He has many thousands of Spirit sons that He created . It was LORD ELohim who created everything that was created and not just one Spirit Son . LORD ELohim authored The Simple Truth but it was the Lamb of God Y'shua who willingly died for most all peoples sins and iniquities . Y'shua truly did willingly die on that cross because he believed in what LORD ELohim was trying to do to help mankind , so by The Simple Truth the LORD could teach us how our mortal lives could be far better by forgiving other people who did us wrong and by forgiving ourselves for what we have done wrong to others or even to ourselves . Again : there has never been a only Son of God and there has never been a Holy Spirit . LORD ELohim never gave people a Spirit like Paul writes about . It’s Y'shua who deserves to be remembered and honored .

1 John 4 : 11 & 12 11 ... since God so loved us , we also ought to love one another . 12 No one has ever seen God ; but if we love one another , God lives in us and his love is made complete in us . John is right that no mortal has ever seen LORD ELohim . LORD ELohim does not live in people and He does not need people in order for His love to be complete . The LORD's love for His Spirit children and most all mortal people has always been complete . There has been times when we mortal humans were a little hard to love and some people He could never love or forgive them of their sins and wrong doings .

1 John : 4 : 13 - 16 13 This is how we know that we live in him and he in us : He has given us of his Spirit . LORD ELohim created mankind in His image and the image of all His Spirit children . What part of Him do you think is in you : a arm or a leg or toes or fingers .... ? 14 And we have seen and testify that the Father has sent his Son to be the Saviour of the world . The Father of Spirits and mortals says He did not send any Spirit son to be the Saviour of the world . If this word Savior means people will be saved for a eternal life : this verse is not true in any way . No one can save us from death . We mortals will all die sooner or later . Doctors are busy because some people want to live as long as they can live but someday they will die to . 15 & 16 is again about God living in over two hundred and fifty million Christian bodies and over two hundred and fifty million Christian bodies living in Him . Did people just speak funny back then ? Do you really believe LORD ELohim is in your flesh body and in hundreds of million other peoples body to ??

1 John 4 : 17 - 21 17 This is how love is made complete among us so that we will have confidence on the day of judgment : in the world we are like Jesus . Today is Judgment Day and the LORD has already judged mankind and we failed ' as a species ' . The LORD is not going to judge every human who ever lived . How many people are truly like Y'shua ? LORD ELohim says no mortal human that He has known is truly like Y'shua the fully mortal Lamb of God . 18 There is no fear in love . But perfect love drives out fear , because fear has to do with punishment . The one who fears is not made perfect in love . You could love everything in all that LORD ELohim created and still have fear . Fear is what helps keep us alive and keeps most of us from doing stupid things . Most have fear of poisonous snakes and spiders or lighting storms and a lot of other stuff . If John is writing only about loving other people , he also in verses said to not love those who do not believe what he believes and teaches , so his love for people is far from perfect to . In 1 John 2 : 15 he teaches people : Do not love the world or anything in the world . If anyone loves the world , love for the Father is not in them . The CB is full of contradictions like this . The opposite of love is hate and it is hate that the LORD despises the most . Hate is the cause of most evil , wickedness and cruelty among people . So which way is it for whoever wrote 1 John : love most all people or hate everything in the world ? If you do know LORD ELohim , as John would say , you know He says love most all people even if they do not believe what you believe in your religion or any other beliefs or reasons you may not agree with them about . 19 - 21 are repeats .

1 John 5 : 1 - 5 1 Everyone who believes that Jesus is the Christ is born of God , ... Christus is Greek for the Messiah . In Latin it is Chist . In English its Christ . The belief in a coming Jewish man who is the Messiah , who will bring peace on earth and do some other things is a Jewish belief going back a few thousand years . Again the word Christus is a Greek name , not a Jewish name for the Messiah . We would try to write the Hebrew spelling for Messiah but my computer does not write like that . Christians believe Y'shua was the awaited Messiah but where is the proof that he was the Messiah ?? Did Y'shua bring peace on earth : No . We would bet that a lot of Christians did not know what the Messiah was to do until they read LORD ELohim's Little Book or talked to a Jewish person about it . LORD ELohim never believed that Y'shua was the right type of man for being the Messiah . The Jews never believed Y'shua was the Messiah . So why do Christians believe Y'shua was the Messiah ?? Again what proof is there that Christians have that gives reason for that belief ?? There are a few things that the Jewish people believed the Messiah would do and Y'shua did none of them . So again : where's the proof ? Again the Christians did steal this Jewish belief about the awaited Jewish Messiah and completely corrupted it with false beliefs and false teachings . Many Christians did not even know that the Messiah ( Christ ) has to be a Jewish man or he is not the Messiah ( Christ ) . Just because you believe in the awaited Jewish Messiah does not mean you were born of God , whatever that means . The Jewish people have hoped for the coming of the Messiah for a few thousand years so they would be ' born of God ' too . 3 In fact , this is love for God : to keep his commands . And his commands are not burdensome , 4 for everyone born of God overcomes the world . Again many Christians believe they do not have to keep the LORD's Ten Commandments if that's what John is writing about . If he is writing about Y'shua's commands we would have to start again in Matthew to find them . 5 Who is it that overcomes the world ? Only the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God . And Christians also believe Y'shua is a God . Its no wonder that people were getting in trouble by these beliefs though probably most of these kinds of beliefs came about with the Roman Catholic Church who added them into the new religion . Y'shua the mortal flesh and bone Jewish man was not the only Son of God . No Spirit or mortal is a only child of LORD ELohim ! LORD ELohim has a very big family . Both Spirit and mortal are all sons and daughters of LORD ELohim .

1 John 5 : 6 - 12 6 This is the one who came by water and blood - Jesus Christ . He did not come by water only , but by water and blood . And it is the Spirit who testifies , because the Spirit is the truth . How could any life be water only ? Isn't all mortal bodies made with ' water and blood ' in them . The only Spirits who taught that Y'shua was the Lamb of God was the teaching Spirit within Y'shua and another teaching Spirit within John the Baptist . The person who wrote these verses writes - Jesus Christ : meaning the Messiah . There has never been a Spirit who taught that Y'shua was the Messiah so thats a lie . The teaching Spirits taught that Y'shua was the Lamb of God but only if he fully willingly agreed to be the Lamb . The teaching Spirit with Y'shua taught him that he would have to give up his life and he would not have an eternal life in any form and still Y'shua agreed to be the Lamb of God . It was up to Y'shua to make that happen and when his sacrifice would happen and how it would happen . So there may be words Y'shua spoke in the CB NT just to anger the high priest and the Romans . We will watch for those words in a future update . 7 For there are three that testify : 8 the Spirit , the water and the blood ; and the three are in agreement . We wonder if this writer talks to walls to . How can water and even blood testify ? This writer writes like he heard water and blood talking to Spirit and the Spirit talking to them and they all agreed to whatever each said . Again : did people talk funny back then ? 9 We accept human testimony , but God's testimony is greater because it is the testimony of God , which he has given about his Son . 10 Whoever believes in the Son of God accepts this testimony . Whoever does not believe God has made him out to be a liar , because they have not believed the testimony God has given about his Son . LORD ELohim is not the liar of these verses ; its whoever wrote these verses who have lied not only to people but have also lied to the LORD ELohim . The LORD ELohim never said to any mortal that Y'shua was the Messiah or His only Son and so on . What the LORD was teaching at that time was The Simple Truth which has nothing to do with a Messiah or an only Son of God Spirit God which does not even exist . 11 And this is the testimony : God has given us eternal life , and this life is in his Son . Is John or whoever wrote this verse saying that this is also LORD ELohim testimony ? The LORD has never said to any mortal man or women that we would have eternal life . For any mortal to claim that somehow we could have an eternal life is lying to you and all other people . You can believe whatever about Y'shua all you want and that will not change the fact you are going to die someday and that death is for all eternity . 12 is about eternal life again .

1 John 5 : 13 - 17 13 - 15 is repeats . 16 is about sin . Sin that does not lead to death and sin that does lead to death . Again ' Original Sin ' does not exist and is a lie . 16 .... There is a sin that leads to death . Again sin is not the cause of death , any sin . The sin that John writes about that does lead to death may be some -thing to do with the Holy Spirit . We found that verse in Matthew 12 : 31 ( R ) And so I tell you , every kind of sin and slander can be forgiven , but blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven . 32 Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven , but anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven , either in this age or in the age to come . Believing in the Holy Spirit is like believing in LORD ELohim or even in the only Son of God : where's the proof ??? Many Christians believe sin is the cause of death which is a lie according to LORD ELohim and and a lot of Doctors . Why then do mortal children and babies die , they never sinned if they are under ten years old . There is no proof of a Holy Spirit existing and LORD ELohim would not punish anyone for not believing there is a Holy Spirit which Christians also called the Holy Ghost . Again : there is no one sin that causes death and according to the LORD there is no Holy Spirit as described by the Christians in their CB . Remember this says the LORD : all Spirits are in the image of LORD ELohim just as mankind is in the image of LORD ELohim also . So if your thinking about any Spirit remember they are all in the LORD's image with a head , arms , hands , toes , legs , a torso and they look a lot like us . No Spirit is like a fog in the universe or has more then one mind . 17 All wrongdoing is sin , and there is sin that does not lead to death . Not all wrong doings is sin . Breaking the Laws of the Ten Commandments is sin but wrong doings is people not obeying the LORD's wisdom and mankind's laws .

1 John 5 : 18 - 21 18 We know that anyone born of God , does not continue to sin ; the One who was born of God keeps them safe , and the evil one cannot harm them . It would probably be interesting to go to a prison and take a head count of Christians who are doing time in that prison for being criminals . Then we will find out if John is right or not . The word ' One ' probably means Y'shua . Y'shua is dead so he cannot keep you safe . The evil one probably means Satan ( David ) and you have nothing to worry about regarding him . 19 We know that we are children of God , and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one . We are all ' children of God ' , every mortal human and every Spirit and every mortal species are children of God . David ( Satan ) is one of the six Archangel Spirit . Like every other Spirit David only wants to play and have fun and like many other Spirits he wants nothing to do with people so ' the whole world ' is not under David's control . Remember there are no Demons . So how could one Spirit even do that ?? There was probably a lot of millions of people at the time this verse was written so how could one Spirit control the whole world ??? Like all Spirits , David just wants to have fun , all the time . Again people need to remember that mortals and Spirits are very different regarding the life they live . 20 We know also that the Son of God has come and has given us understanding , so that we may know him who is true . And we are in him who is true by being in his Son Jesus Christ . He is the true God and eternal life . The LORD says that Y'shua did not know any more than any other Jews at that time about anything including about the LORD . Remember how difficult it is for LORD ELohim to teach people anything . Y'shua chose to be a Rabbi and he really was not conceived of to be a giver of understanding . Again John or whoever writes ' in him ' and ' being in his Son ' whatever that means . How can millions of mortals be in LORD ELohim or a mortal man or a Spirit ? Then he writes ' He is the true God and eternal life ' . We don't remember John saying in this book that ' Y'shua is a God ' but he did write in 5 : 11 & 12 And this is the testimony : God has given us eternal life , and this life is in his Son . Whoever has the Son has life ; whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life . Many Christians seem to believe in four Gods and one god according to our count . Y'shua the man , Y'shua the Spirit Son , the Holy Spirit , LORD ELohim and a god Spirit called Satan . So which God in verse 20 He is the true God and eternal life is he writing about ? In a past verse the writer says that life is in Y'shua .

2 John

2 John 1 : 1 - 4 3 Grace , mercy and peace from God the Father and from Jesus Christ , the Father's Son , will be with us in truth and love . John or whoever wrote this is like Paul . In Romans 1 : 7 Paul writes ... Grace and peace to you from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ . The word ' from ' makes it sound like both John and Paul had lunch with LORD ELohim and Y'shua and the LORD and Y'shua said to say Hi to their followers . Makes one wonder how many people may have believe that somehow these two could really speak to the LORD and Y'shua . The way the LORD can communicate with me , the LORD ELohim did not know how to do that back then . Back then it was teaching Spirits only . 4 .... your children walking in the truth , just as the Father commanded us . LORD ELohim says He never gave any commands to these people . If whoever wrote this ' walking in the truth ' he would be writings about The Simple Truth that just happened shortly before this verse was written , then he would have been teaching the truth about why Y'shua willingly died for most of us to be forgiven by LORD ELohim and to teach us how to forgive others and ourselves to , so we could live a better mortal life .

2 John 5 - 11 5 .... I ask that we love one another . 6 And this is love : that we walk in obedience to his commands . As you have heard from the beginning , his command is that you walk in love . 7 I say this because many deceivers , who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh , have gone out into the world . Any such person is the deceiver and the antichrist . I just asked the many Spirits with me and LORD ELohim if any of them knew a Spirit with the name ' Jesus ' and everyone said no . The language of Heaven is English which the LORD taught some Hebrews but the names of Spirits are all Jewish Hebrew names which the LORD also taught Jewish Hebrew people . There has never been a Spirit called the Greek name Jesus . There was a Greek man named Jesus who spent time with Paul . In the Dictionary it says Jesus is regarded by Christians as the incarnate Son of God and the true Messiah . If we understand this right Christians believe Y'shua is a Spirit Son of God and the true Messiah is also the Son of God Spirit too . The CB is the most confusing book ever written by people . Was that on purpose ? LORD ELohim says the Jews are right that the Messiah must be a fully mortal Jewish man . It’s obvious who has been deceiving people , they have been writing the Christian Bible . If the Son of God is Spirit and is also called Y'shua ( Jesus ) and he incarnated into to the mortal man called Y'shua then who is the mortal man Y'shua to Christians in all of this ? Who do the Christians worship , the non existent Spirit called the only Son of God or the mortal Jewish man Y'shua who truly gave up his mortal life for most of us ??? Either would be wrong to worship says the LORD because neither of them are a God . 10 If anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching , do not take them into your house or welcome them . 11 Anyone who welcomes them shares in the wicked work . So much for this writer being perfect love , he is far from being that . Words like this have started wars because of hate . Maybe we could all agree on one thing : as long as anyones religion causes people no harm then who cares what they believe . Even LORD ELohim likes some of the different religions like Buddhism . The LORD does not agree with all their beliefs but He does respect their right to believe what they believe .

2 John

2 John 1 : 1 - 14 This letter is a good example of people thinking they know more than any others . Y'shua had not been dead long and the Old Christians are fighting over who is right and who is spreading malicious nonsense about others and their beliefs . 11 Anyone who does what is evil has not seen God . In his past writings I think it was John who said no one has ever seen God , which is true . Only Spirit can see Spirit . So again which of his Gods is he writing about . The only one greatly involved in The Simple Truth that could be seen by mortals is the Jewish flesh and blood fully mortal man named Y'shua who was the Lamb of God . Even Y'shua never saw LORD ELohim . For more then twenty years even I have never seen the LORD or any other Spirits . LORD ELohim knew John the Disciple of Y'shua and the LORD says He never heard John ever speak like this to anyone . Someone else wrote a lot of lies in any book that are claimed to have been written by the Disciples .


Jude 1 : 1 - 8 1 Jude , a servant of Jesus Christ and a brother of James , ... 3 ... about the salvation we share . There is no salvation for any people . No mortal will have eternal life . 4 For certain individuals whose condemnation was written about long ago have secretly slipped in among you . They are ungodly people , who pervert the grace of our God ....and deny Jesus Christ our only Sovereign and Lord . The word ' Sovereign ' means supreme power or authority , having independent authority . It would not be Y'shua who is our Sovereign : that would be LORD ELohim if you’re talking about Spirit and Y'shua the mortal Jewish man was never Spirit . Again the Messiah cannot be a Spirit , he MUST be fully mortal , and only a mortal Jewish man can be the awaited Messiah . 5 Though you already know all this , I want to remind you that the Lord at one time delivered his people out of Egypt , but later destroyed those who did not believe . Believe what ? In the NIV it says some early writings name Jesus as the Lord who delivered the Jews out of Egypt and who spoke to Moses on the mountain . The Christian lies just keep getting bigger and bigger . It was LORD ELohim who helped His chosen people to leave Egypt and it was LORD ELohim on the mountain with Moses : not Y'shua and not any only Son of God . LORD ELohim did not destroy any of the Hebrews : He just let some die off from old age . 6 And the angels who did not keep their positions of authority but abandoned their proper dwelling - these he has kept in darkness , bound with everlasting chains for judgment on the great Day . And again the Christian lies keep getting bigger and bigger . Where do these writers get their words from : their own imaginations or believing other peoples imaginations . LORD ELohim says no Spirit child of His has positions of authority . There is no reason for that . The life of Spirits in Heaven is Spirits almost constantly playing games or putting on a theatre show , bands singing and Spirits dancing and a million other things they love to do including enjoying each other company . There is no religions , no nations , no work , no paying rent , no money , no things like mansions , no thrones , no need to eat , no need for cloths , no need for heat or cold , ........ There is nothing in Heaven other than stars and planets and stuff like that , so the only thing the Spirits have to do is play and love each others company and deeply love each other and their Father LORD ELohim . No Angels are bound in chains and there is no Judgement Day for the Spirits . Spirits do not sin , murder , steal , hate , war , ..... Spirits are not like mortals . We have a lot of needs and its because of those needs most everyone has to work for a living . Spirits do not have needs so they don't have to work . Spirit and mortal humans look somewhat the same but everything else is different . We cannot compare ourselves to Spirits . Many who wrote about Spirits in the CB , think they are the same as us mortals like thinking David ( Satan ) is a wicked Spirit and there are Demons and that is not true . In 7 its about Sodom and Gomorrah ... They serve as an example of those who suffer the punishment of eternal fire . The Christians need to choose which it is : are the non believers destroyed or are they tortured in an eternal fire . 8 .... ungodly people pollute their own bodies , reject authority and heap abuse on celestial beings . How do people abuse Angels ? How can people abuse Angels ? I am often reminded when reading the CB that Spirits have a great sense of humor . They find the Christian Bible often to be amusing but the LORD is not amused .

Jude 1 : 9 We said we were not going to bother with back up verses but LORD ELohim says to do this one . 9 But even the archangel Michael , when he was disputing with the devil about the body of Moses , did not slander but said , " The Lord rebuke you !" The back up verses in the KJV is Deuteronomy 34 : 6 and Daniel 10 : 13 , 21 . The NIV does not have a back up verse . First we will work with the Jewish Bible : Deut 34 : 5 & 6 So Moses the servant of the LORD died there , in the land of Moab , at the command of the LORD . 6 He buried him in the valley in the land of Moah , near Beth-peor ; and no one knows his burial place to this day . Dan 10 : 13 , 21 . 13 However the prince of the Persian kingdom opposed me for twenty-one days ; now Michael , a prince of the first rank , has come to my aid , after I was detained there with the kings of Persia . 21 No one is helping me against them except your prince , Michael . However , I will tell you what is recorded in the book of truth . In the NIV CB Deut 34 : 5 & 6 And Moses the servant of the LORD died there in Moab , as the LORD had said . 6 He buried him in Moab , in the valley opposite Beth Peor , but to this day no one knows where his grave is . In Dan. 10 : 13 It’s much the same as the JB . Dan 10 : 21 but first I will tell you what is written in the Book of Truth ( No one supports me against them except Michael , 11 : 1 your prince ... . We tried and we could not find any verse in any Bible that has Michael and David fighting over the corpse of Moses . LORD ELohim knows that never happened . Why would good and loving Spirits fight over a dead mortal body ? Spirits would have absolutely no use for it . The LORD says it was not by His command that Moses died and He did not bury Moses body , it was men who did that . Why is it unknown where Moses body was buried ? LORD ELohim says there was no reason for that : its just the way it happened . LORD ELohim says people should not call any Angels with names like ' prince ' . All Spirits are equal . LORD ELohim does not know what the ' Book of Truth ' is . If its just about prophecy : no Prophet ever got all them right .

Jude 1 : 10 - 16 10 - 13 is just Jude calling people names who do not follow his ways . 14 Enoch , the seventh from Adam , prophesied about them : " See , the Lord is coming with thousands upon thousands of his holy ones 15 to judge everyone , and to convict all of them of all the ungodly acts they have committed in their ungodliness , and of all the defiant words ungodly sinners have spoken against him . Enoch never knew anything about Y'shua and The Simple Truth . Even LORD ELohim at the time of Enoch never knew anything about Y'shua and The Simple Truth either . We think the holy ones means Spirits . That will never happen . LORD ELohim and Spirits are not going to judge everyone and Christians and others should be glad about that . There is no reason to judge everyone because good or evil people , we will all die and that is the future for all of us and no human will ever be resurrected . Judgment of evil and wicked people is for all nations Judicial System to deal with : not LORD ELohim . Who ' him ' is we are not sure : Y'shua or LORD ELohim since Christian writers do not use a capital ' H ' for LORD ELohim . 16 Again Jude is calling people names .

Jude 1 : 17 - 19 17 .... remember what the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ foretold . 18 They said to you , " In the last times there will be scoffers who will follow their own ungodly desires ." 19 These are the people who divide you , who follow mere natural instincts and do not have the Spirit . No mortal ' have the Spirit ' . The only back up verses are in the KJV . There are no back up verses in the NIV . For verse 17 is Hebrews 2 : 3 and for verse 18 the back up verses are Acts 20 : 29 and 1 Timothy 4 : 1 . Luke is said to have written Acts , and no one is sure who wrote Hebrews . We think for Hebrews we named the writer George . In the NIV Hebrews 2 : 3 how shall we escape if we ignore so great a salvation ? This salvation , which was first announced by the Lord , .... This verse has nothing to do with Jude 17 . In Acts 20 : 29 says : I know that after I leave , savage wolves will come in among you and will not spare the flock . Somewhat the same meaning as Jude 18 . 1 Timothy 4 : 1 The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and thing taught by demons . Verse 18 is suppose to be what Y'shua said , not the non existent Spirit . Y'shua never said this that we could find . The only verse we could find that has the word ' scoffers & scoffing ' is in 2 Peter 3 : 3 Above all , you must understand that in the last days scoffers will come , scoffing and following their own desires . There is no mention in any verses near this verse about Y'shua saying this . There is no where in the CB that says Y'shua said this to his Disciples but maybe we missed it . Verse 19 back up is 1 Corinthians 2 : 14 is about people who do not have the ' Spirit ' . James 3 : 15 is about people being bad and that stuff does not come from Heaven but he also says but is earthly , unspiritual , demonic . People believe Demons are Spirit which would mean they came from Heaven . Just because people question things about anything that can not be proven to be true or false does not mean they are scoffers . Its by people questioning things that the truth can often be found . Its when people scoff about something they did not work to try and understand in the first place is when they get into trouble.

Jude 1 : 20 - 23 20 .... in your most holy faith and praying in the Holy Spirit . Believing Y'shua and the Holy Spirit are Gods is not a holy faith since there is only One God who is LORD ELohim . Believing in a few Gods is a pagan faith . Again : the Holy Spirit does not exist and is not a God and Y'shua , Spirit or mortal , is not a God either . 21 keep yourselves in God's love as you wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to bring you to eternal life . Y'shua is dead and never coming back . It was LORD ELohim's compassion for most all mankind as to why He authored The Simple Truth and it was Y'shua's compassion for most all people why he did willingly truly die for most all of you to be forgiven and to learn from LORD ELohim how to forgive other people and ourselves . The LORD cannot give you eternal life and neither could Y'shua . 22 Be merciful to those who doubt ; 23 save others by snatching them from the fire ; to others show mercy , mixed with fear - hating even the clothing stained by corrupted flesh . Again : where is perfect love in verse 23 ? Remember the LORD despises hatred more then anything else about people . If the word ' fire ' means hell or lake of fire these do not exist either .

Jude 1 : 24 & 25 24 To him who is able to keep you from stumbling and to present you before his glorious presence without fault and with great joy - Y'shua cannot keep you from stumbling in your faith . That is somthing you need to do on your own or with the help from a living mortal preacher of any religion . It does not mean the preacher is right . 25 - to the only God our Savior be glory , majesty , power and authority , through Jesus Christ our Lord , before all ages , now and forevermore ! Amen . This is interesting . Jude writes that there is only one God and that God is our Savior . Jude writes that LORD ELohim our only God will work through Y'shua our Lord . In several books in the CB the writers do not write that Y'shua is a God but only a Lord . It is true that LORD ELohim is our only God and Father but He is not our Savior because no one can give any mortal eternal life . This is why the LORD has always tryed to help mankind have a better mortal life like teaching mankind the Ten Commandments and The Simple Truth and other teachings . For all mankind there is no forevermore life after we die . There is no forevermore life for Y'shua the fully mortal Jewish man either . Y'shua who was the willing Lamb of God truly died on the cross and was never resurrected . The Jewish people are still waiting for the true fully mortal Jewish Messiah because Y'shua was not the Messiah .

( 18 : 19 ) NOTES : The book of Revelation we did when reading Paul's many writings became so repetitive and very boring . We needed a break from him . LORD ELohim just wants to remind people that the book of Revelation is 99 % lies and those lies will never happen . LORD ELohim will never wrath against any of mankind . The LORD is sure John a Disciple of Y'shua never wrote all this book . In fact very little would have been written by John . There is a lot of red letter verses in Revelation . Red letter words are claimed to be spoken by the mouth of Y'shua . When that book was written by whoever , Y'shua was dead and in no way could he have been speaking to whoever wrote most all of that book . Anyone who wrote after Y'shua died could not have heard Y'shua speaking to them or to have seen him . Even LORD ELohim has not seen Y'shua since his dead body was put in the tomb . Again : there is no only Son of God Spirit God named Y'shua or named Jesus who could have spoken to the writers of the CB NT after Y'shua died . There will be NO wrath of God , no Seal , Bowl or Trumpet Judgments , no kingdom of God , no resurrections of any dead mortals , no eternal life , no war in Heaven , no Judgment of mortal or Spirits in the future , no thousand year reign of Y'shua , no destroying earth and Heaven , no new earth and new Heaven , no new city of Jerusalem coming from Heaven , no crowns for Christians to rule over others , and on and on . Again there is almost nothing in the book of Revelation that is true . Revelation is a book to cause fear of death and even fear of life like many verses in the other CB books . The small mention of the Little Book is true but even most of chapter 10 is a lie . The writings are to cause fear so people will run to the Christian churches in hope they will never go to hell or the lake of fire or to be living and on earth at the time of the wrath of LORD ELohim and Y'shua . The Christians teach the only way not to be punished by LORD ELohim and Y'shua and suffer constant severe pain and agony for all eternity is to become a Christian since the time of Y'shua's death . There are a few ancient Jews that will be saved for the good eternal life according to the CB but very few . LORD ELohim says all this about a wrath against people is a lie . The LORD has no interest in doing that and Y'shua the Lamb is dead . The LORD says to most all people on earth : do not fear Him . If all hell breaks out on earth it will be mankind’s doings and not the LORD's doings . Again : there is no eternal life for any mortal .

( 18 : 20 ) NOTES : LORD ELohim wanting to help people to live a good mortal life , needed help from people in order to help people . Since the LORD and other Spirits cannot be heard speaking or seen by mankind the LORD needed people who could help Him , like Prophets and Rabbis and others to communicate to people for Him . The LORD needed a people He could work through from generation to generation to generation ... . The first man He chose for this was Abraham because the LORD knew Abraham believed in only one God and Abraham was a righteous man . Abraham was the first Jewish man and his wife Sarah was the first Jewish women . Isaac their son was the first Hebrew and the first of the white race . LORD ELohim made Isaac an Albino in skin color so his offspring the LORD would know as His Hebrews by the color of their skin . The Hebrew Jews over the years went though many hardships and were often cruelly treated by the pagans for no reason that the LORD ever understood . Even today anti-Semitism is common and again the LORD ELohim does not understand why that is ? The strange thing is that those who mostly slaughtered the Jews and stole their lands and money and possessions and forced other Jews to leave the nation and much more , were white skinned Hebrews . In other words those people who murdered many many millions of Jews over the years were themselves white skinned Hebrews and offspring of Hebrew Jews and most often the murderers were Hebrew Christians . Again LORD ELohim has never understood why the Hebrew Jews have been treated so cruelly other than the greed of other people , popes and nation leaders .

( 18 : 21 ) NOTES : Who killed Y'shua ? LORD ELohim authored The Simple Truth and Y'shua who agreed to be the Lamb of God was the one who decided when , where and how he would be sacrificed as the Lamb of God . LORD ELohim never told him where , when , how , but the LORD did tell Y'shua why with the help of teaching Spirits . Y'shua knew that the LORD left it up to Y'shua to figure out most all about how to make this happen . LORD ELohim never gave Y'shua a time . The LORD thought that Y'shua would wait until he was in his sixties or even later before Y'shua would set himself up as a sacrifice for The Simple Truth and the LORD's forgiveness of most all peoples sins and wrong doings . It may sound strange but it was Y'shua the Lamb of God who made his sacrificial death happen . Y'shua used the Romans and the Jewish High Priest to make it happen . Y'shua learnt how to irritate the Romans and the High Priest enough to put him on the cross when Y'shua was ready to give up his mortal life . At that time the Romans were crucifying Jewish Rabbis often for rebelling against Roman rule . It's believed that around 100,000 anti-Roman revolutionaries were crucified by the Romans . Y'shua was among these Jews to be crucified . Y'shua was the one who made his sacrifice happen for The Simple Truth that Y'shua believed greatly in also . Y'shua believed in it enough to give his life up for it as a sacrifice . The LORD says before Y'shua died he had been teaching The Simple Truth about forgiving others and ourselves . Remember that Y'shua could have walked away from being the Lamb of God and Y'shua knew that . Had Y'shua not agreed or changed his mind about being the Lamb of God , LORD ELohim would have been completely OK with that and Y'shua knew that . LORD ELohim left everything up to Y'shua so Y'shua could have walked away from being the Lamb anytime he wanted to and without feeling any guilt about doing that . Who killed Y'shua the fully mortal Jewish man ? It was Y'shua who willingly put himself on that cross . There are probably a few red letter verses , if they were written in the CB NT where Y'shua was giving Romans and the High Priest reason to put him on that cross and those verses were often lies to cause anger among the Romans and High Priest says LORD ELohim . A pope once said it was all the sinners in the world that caused Y'shua death on the cross but the truth is a far greater story about a Jewish mortal man named Y'shua who willingly died for most all people on earth for their sins and iniquities to be forgiven by LORD ELohim and for The Simple Truth that LORD ELohim authored to be taught to the world through the Jews . When Christianity started among the Romans and other non-Jews the hope the LORD had for the Jews to teach the world The Simple Truth as they were doing quickly fell apart for fear of being murdered by the Roman Catholic Church for teaching the truth . The truth meant that no person had to have a religion to be forgiven by LORD ELohim . The truth was for most all people that their sins and iniquities were forgiven by the LORD and without any rules . No need for a religion of any kind is one of many reasons why the Jews were in great danger of being murdered by the Christians leaders and their goons who were starting to make a lot of money with their new religion . LORD ELohim told the Jews they had to stop teaching the truth about The Simple Truth because the Roman Christians were willing to kill anyone who taught that truth . Over the years The Simple Truth was forgotten by the Jews and hidden away by the Christians . Today the LORD ELohim again is able to teach mankind The Simple Truth that Y'shua was willing to die for because he believed so deeply that it would help most all people live far better mortal lives . Out of deep respect and honor and love and in memory of Y'shua the fully mortal Jewish man and with great love for LORD ELohim the author of The Simple Truth , please do not corrupt The Simple Truth again , anyone . Again : remember that it was Y'shua who intentionally caused his own sacrificial death .

( 18 : 22 ) NOTES : There is a lot of claims of people having visions in the many religions Bibles or sacred Book . The LORD ELohim says that visions are far harder to do than the teaching Spirits teaching people . The LORD says visions have no words . In the book of Revelation there are many claims of having visions but also whoever wrote it hearing words also . Other books in the CB and even the JB have visions also and in other religions Books to . The book of Revelation is the best example of what the LORD cannot do . No Spirit can be heard speaking verse after verse after many dozens and dozens of verses like in Revelation 1 : 9 to 3 : 22 . If Spirit could do that the LORD would not have needed to create the Jewish people to help Him to communicate with all mankind : He could have done it on His own . But the truth is no Spirit could have done the book of Revelation as it is written and probably written by many mortals like monks .

( 18 : 23 ) NOTES : Do you believe these verses in Revelation ? 4 : 5 .... In front of the throne , seven lamps were blazing . These are the seven spirits of God . LORD ELohim is one Spirit and the only God and He is not three Gods as Christians claim and not eight God Spirits as this verse claims and the LORD is not a lamp . 4 : 6 .... around the throne , were four living creatures , and they were covered with eyes , in front and in back . It says they looked like a lion , ox , face like a man and a flying eagle . Do you believe the LORD would be so cruel as to make such Spirits ? All Spirits are in the image of LORD ELohim as are we humans too . 4 : 8 ....Day and night they never stop saying : " Holy , holy , holy is the Lord God Almighty , who was , and is , and is to come ." Do you believe LORD ELohim is so self-centred that He would make His Spirit children worship Him constantly non stop ? No Spirits do that . LORD ELohim is their Father and He treats them as His children . The LORD plays hundreds of different games , dances , sings and many thousands of other happy things to do with His Spirit children . His children call Him ELohim or EL . The Spirits says the name ' EL ' and ' ELohim ' means Father and not God . LORD ELohim has had these names for trillions of years so people error when they say EL or ELohim means God . LORD ELohim says even to people the names EL and ELohim should mean Father . The name Abba which means Father is Aramaic and not the language of Spirit . Remember the names of LORD ELohim and Spirits is Hebrew but the language of Spirit and the LORD and in all of Heaven is English . The LORD taught some of His Hebrews how to speak English like the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh .

( 18 : 24 ) NOTES : We have finished writing about the Christian Bible New Testament . What the LORD ELohim wants to do next is unknown at this time . The LORD does go to gatherings of people who are reading His Little Book and He is happy with what He is hearing from the Christians and other people of other religions . He is happy that The Simple Truth is becoming known again among people of different religions and nations and even among the Atheists . LORD ELohim hopes The Simple Truth can help you also to have a better mortal life without the baggage of anger , hate , regrets , feelings of guilt , grudges , resentment and a troubled mind because of these thoughts and feelings . LORD ELohim hopes that you forgiving others for their wrong doings and mistakes involving you and forgiving yourself for your own wrong doings and mistakes will allow you to have a much happier life and a more loving life and have a more peaceful mind throughout your mortal life . There may be someone that you may not be able to forgive that did something horrendous to a loved one or to you . Even LORD ELohim cannot forgive some people either but He does not let that take over His life . The LORD does not dwell on them and what they did . The LORD hopes you can turn your attention to other things that gives you great joy when there is nothing you can do to change the past just as LORD ELohim cannot change the past either .

( 18 : 25 ) NOTES : LORD ELohim wants to remind all people reading His Little Book : Think Not Beyond Logic ! Also as you read remember that Y'shua is truly dead and was never resurrected and never will be resurrected .

1 Reign Of Y'shua - We found many subjects over the years that Christians disagree about . Some Christians believe Y'shua will reign on earth for a thousand years . There are other Christians who teach ' amillennialism ' which means ' no thousand years ' reign of Y'shua . The truth is : Y'shua will never reign on earth because he is dead and Y'shua was not the Jewish Messiah . LORD ELohim did not teach mankind this belief .

2 Rapture - Many Christians do not know what other Christians believe . The ' Rapture ' is one of those beliefs . The rapture means a time coming when God ( which Christian God ? ) will take all Christians , dead and alive , from earth and will take them to Heaven in the speed of less than a moment . When that will happen there are many theories that they disagree about . A common theory is that the rapture will happen before the Tribulation period of seven years so that the Christians do not suffer the wrath of God and the coming wars and horrors that many Christians believe are coming upon all non-believers of Christianity . The truth is : How is LORD ELohim and Angels suppose to do all this ??? There is over 250,000,000 living Christians on earth and how many more dead Christians are six feet under the earth and those cremated ? How are these Spirits suppose to take mortals to Heaven . Even without carrying mortals the Spirits need a few days to get to Heaven . Again the LORD cannot change mortal flesh and bone into Spirit or Spirit into mortal flesh and bone . Heaven is billions of miles away . Mortal flesh cannot live in space without a spaceship and the LORD does not have any spaceships . There is nothing in Heaven that could support the needs of any mortal life . LORD ELohim cannot raise the dead Christians back to mortal living bodies again and He certainly cannot make them Spirits . Resurrections in all Christian beliefs that we have read is a bodily resurrection which means flesh and bone , not Spirit . How could the rapture even be logically possible for the LORD ELohim to do . Why would LORD ELohim rapture the Christians and not His Jewish people who have helped him for about 3800 years and did not give Him a mountain of problems like the Christians did ?? The truth is : LORD ELohim cannot rapture the Christians or anyone else . The rapture is impossible to do even for the LORD . LORD ELohim did not teach mankind this belief .

3 Tribulation - Most Christians who know about these teachings believe that the tribulation will happen after the rapture but before the second coming of Y'shua . Y'shua is not coming so that makes a big difference in their beliefs . It's believed the tribulation will last seven years and is mostly God's wrath. It's during these seven years that the Seal , Trumpets and Bowl judgements happen , so Christians claim . Its also believed to be the time of the Antichrist , Ten Nation Confederation , Jew teaching the Christian gospel , the Antichrist is killed but resurrected by Satan , Mark of the Beast , rebuilding of the third Temple in Jerusalem , Antichrist sets himself up as a God in the Temple , Jews fleeing Jerusalem , Armageddon , and on and on . The truth is : There will be no wrath of God or wrath of the Lamb , Y'shua . David ( Satan ) wants nothing to do with mankind . If some of these things happen , like a massive war , that would be us people doing them and not LORD ELohim and not David . And no , David cannot resurrect the dead either . LORD ELohim did not teach these verses and LORD ELohim is hopeful that the Jews do not rebuild the Temple , but rather spend that money to care for the needs of His people instead . The LORD likes the Synagogues much better and He says there is no reason for sacrifices of any kind anymore .

4 The Little Book - This Book of LORD ELohim is also called the Little Scroll . It’s rare to find any writing about the Little Book but some Christians believe the Little Book being revealed to mankind happens in the middle of the tribulation . Some believe the Little Book is all about prophecy regarding the last half of the tribulation . What you have been reading is the Little Book on this web site . This Little Book is LORD ELohim's Book and we are fairly sure that this time now is not the middle of the tribulation . There is very little prophecy in His Little Book . The truth is : The LORD did teach mankind that He will reveal the Little Book but He did not teach much more about it or when that would happen in Revelation 10 .

5 Millennial Temple - According to some Christians there will be a fourth Temple built after the third Temple is desecrated by the Antichrist . The third Temple is suppose to only last seven years but the fourth Temple they say will last a thousand years . It's believed that the last Temple will be built by Y'shua where people will worship Y'shua during his thousand year reign over the whole world . It's believed Y'shua will rule the world from the city of Jerusalem . Its this fourth Temple where the Messiah ( Y'shua ) will be worshiped . Sacrifices will begin again according to the Christians . The truth is : Y'shua is dead and is never coming back . Y'shua was never the awaited Jewish Messiah . Y'shua was and is not a God . There is no only Son of God Spirit God . To worship a mortal man as a God inside a Jewish Temple would defile the fourth Temple also . LORD ELohim did not teach this and Y'shua did not teach this either .

6 Sealed Jews - In Rev. 7 : 1 - 8 it’s about Angels putting a seal on the foreheads of 144,000 from all the tribes of Israel . There would be 12,000 from each tribe sealed . Again the tribes of Israel listed in these verses are wrong . The tribes of Dan and Ephraim are missing and the tribes of Levi and Joseph should not be listed . Joseph was never a tribe leader and the Levi Jews were responsible for the teachings of the religion of Judaism among all the tribes and most were priests so they are not counted as being one of the twelve tribes . In one book it claims that all 144,000 of these Jewish people will be all male virgins . LORD ELohim does not understand why that would be needed . The truth is : according to the LORD this is not going to happen . Most of the people of these tribes , they are not even Jewish anymore . They are called the ten lost tribes of Israel . Most all Hebrews ( white race ) today are Christians who's blood line goes back to many generations of Hebrew Jews . Remember also that Abraham and Sarah were black skinned people . Isaac their son LORD ELohim made Albino and that began the white skinned people on earth who are still called Hebrew to this day by LORD ELohim . The LORD loves black skinned people as much as white people , He just needed to know who are the Hebrew people He would work through . All mortal people , all races and all colors of skin are His children .

7 Messiah - The belief of a coming Messiah is a Jewish hope for all mankind . The truth is : The Messiah must be a Hebrew Jewish man . Christians believe that the fully mortal Hebrew Jewish man named Y'shua ( Jesus ) was the Messiah . The name Christ means Messiah . Y'shua was a Hebrew Jewish man but he was the Lamb of God and not the Messiah . The Messiah needs to be a living Jewish human being and not a dead man . Y'shua did nothing that was expected of the Messiah . Y'shua was never raised from the dead and never will be raised from the dead . Should the Messiah come to be : the Jews will know . This man is their hope for all mankind to greatly benefit from . Christians believe that the Messiah has to be of the blood line of King David but LORD ELohim says that He has never heard that mentioned among the Jews . The LORD says that should not be important . If a Jewish Hebrew man comes along with the right stuff to be the Messiah that should be good enough . Remember Y'shua was not the Jewish Messiah and Y'shua is truly dead and LORD ELohim cannot raise him or any other person from the dead .

8 Millennium - Many Christians believe Y'shua will reign a thousand years . Y'shua is not able to do that because he truly did die . It's believed that in the future Y'shua who can be seen then would rule over all the world . If Y'shua can be seen he is not Spirit and therefore he would be fully mortal and he could not reign a thousand years . Y'shua would die from old age more than nine hundred years before his thousand year reign is over . Some Christians believe the best is yet to come when Y'shua takes the throne and rules over all mankind . LORD ELohim does not agree with the belief that Y'shua will return , but without Y'shua should it happen with the true Messiah is something He hopes will happen . The truth is : Y'shua was and is not the Messiah and Y'shua will never be risen from the dead . It’s time for Christians to rethink some of their beliefs . The belief that a fully mortal man can reign a thousand years is not possible . At best maybe 50 years a person can reign .

9 Spirit or Flesh and Bone - Is there something between Spirit and flesh and bone . LORD ELohim says there is only pure Spirit and pure flesh and bone and nothing in between . If Y'shua was seen after he died on the cross , he would have had to be fully mortal in order to be seen and heard . Someone who is fully mortal cannot fly up into the clouds without a plane or a very high mountain to climb . No mortal can fly to Heaven . The truth is : Y'shua truly died on the cross and he never went to Heaven and Y'shua will never return from the dead . It is impossible for any one to be half Spirit and half flesh and bone . Spirit and mortal flesh and bone cannot mix together .

10 Bodies Resurrected and Glorified - Most Christians and other people believe that our eternal bodies will be our mortal bodies , only glorified . The truth is : LORD ELohim cannot resurrect mortal dead bodies back to life again and LORD ELohim does not know what Christians mean about ' glorified ' bodies . No mortal has a Spirit to call their own . The LORD cannot change mortal flesh and bone into Spirit or Spirit into mortal flesh and bone . Mortal bodies cannot be made into eternal bodies . It is impossible for the LORD to do that .

11 Satan In Chains - Many Christians believe that when Y'shua begins his reign on earth David ( Satan ) will be chained up and David would remain bound up for the full thousand year reign of Y'shua . The strange thing about this belief is that David would be released at the end of the thousand years . David is released so he could lead a rebellion against God and will lead people to in that rebellion . Which Christian God ? The truth is : David is not an evil Spirit . No Spirits are evil . If David was evil and so easy to catch , why would the LORD ELohim allow him to cause problems for Himself and people to for 6000 years since Adam and Eve ? How could the LORD ELohim judge mankind if our free will was tampered with by David and Demons ? If LORD ELohim and the true Messiah ( not Y'shua ) were able to bring peace on earth and righteousness among most all people then why would the Messiah or LORD ELohim want to end that by releasing David ? The LORD has worked hard to find ways to help us make our mortal life better and better so why would He release David if he was evil and could make our mortal lives miserable again : if David had really caused problems in the first place . LORD ELohim is not going to chain David and He would never allow any Spirit to interfere in the lives of people and our free will . David ( Satan ) is a good and loving Spirit who wants nothing to do with mortals and there are no Demons .

12 Hell and Lake of Fire - Many Christians believe that LORD ELohim or Y'shua created Hell and the Lake of Fire where mortals who do not believe stuff Christians believe in about Y'shua will be sent to . The truth is : LORD ELohim never created hell or the lake of fire and neither did Y'shua the fully mortal man . These places do not exist and never have existed and never will exist . People do not have an afterlife in any form , including Christians , and Spirits are not evil so these places would have no purpose . Above all : LORD ELohim is not a cruel , wicked and evil God and Father . The LORD would never torture people for any reason . Just because people do not believe in what Christians believe is far from being a good reason to torture non-believers for all eternity . Where is the proof that Y'shua is a God , risen from the dead , the only Son of God Spirit God and on and on . If something cannot be proven to be true then the LORD is not going to punish someone for not believing in it . Even LORD ELohim never saw Y'shua walking around after Y'shua had died so there is no proof that even LORD ELohim would believe in . So why would the LORD punish someone who do not believe Y'shua was resurrected . Since LORD ELohim never resurrected Y'shua , who else could have done that ? There has never been a only Son of God Spirit God . What is written in the Christian Bible New Testament is not good enough to be proof of anything . The CB NT says Y'shua raised the dead , feed thousands with just a couple of fish and bread , healed all kinds of sickness and on and on which is impossible stuff to do . So how can the LORD punish people who do not believe in the impossible when LORD ELohim Himself cannot believe in it either .

13 Original Sin - Many Christians believe in what's called original sin . It means that all people are born with sin because of Adam's disobedience to God . In other words : Christians believe the LORD ELohim put the sins of Adam on all human beings . The reason for this belief may be because many Christians believe that sin is the reason why mortal humans die . Some people have gone through their lives without sinning , so the church had to give a reason why they died from having sinned even though they never sinned . Putting Adam's sins upon all humans covered the reason why even those who never sinned still died . The truth is : LORD ELohim would never put the sin of one person upon any other people . Adam and Eve's sins were their sins and not any other persons sins . Sin is not the cause of death , never has been . Also Adam and Eve never sinned because sin did not exist until Moses received the Ten Commandments . Only not keeping the Ten Commandments is a sin , the rest is wrong doings or iniquities . Being mortal is the cause of death and there is no way around it .

14 Book of Life - Many Christians believe in this book . They say it is a record book of peoples names who are Christians and believers in Y'shua ( in the old Christian way ) . It's believed people who are not Christians , their names are not in the book of life . It’s also believed that the Christians names were written in this book before the earth was even created by God . Which Christian God ? It's believed that if a persons name is not in the book of life they are definitely headed for the lake of fire . The truth is : LORD ELohim never made a book of any kind . The Little Book was created in His mind but was never put on paper using pens or a computer until now by me . Where is the LORD suppose to get paper and pens or a computer in Heaven before the foundation of the world ? There is nothing in Heaven except on earth to get that stuff from and mankind would have to make it but a human would still need to write it . The book of life does not exist . LORD ELohim had no way to know which people would believe anything . The LORD does not know what the future will be regarding mankind and almost anything else . Before the creation of the earth the LORD did not even think about what He could create from dirt . The only way the LORD could know who would be Christians is by interfering with peoples free will and making the Christians His puppets . But why would the LORD create a religion He calls a pagan religion ? Spirits cannot interfere with our free will , not even LORD ELohim . If before the earth was created LORD ELohim knew what mortals with free will would be like He never would have created the Grays , Anunnaki and us Humans says the LORD . He says He would have just created some of the animals though .

15 Heaven - Heaven is six galaxies big and the our galaxy is one of the six . Heaven is mostly empty space and has countless stars and planets and stuff like that . The part of Heaven that the LORD and Spirits call home most of the time has no suns or planets near them , just a great deal of empty space . Many Christians believe Heaven has many mansions , at least 25 thrones , very strange living creatures with many eyes everywhere , a scroll , Lambs book of life , souls , golden altar , incense , censers , trumpets , multitudes of people going there ..... . Many Christians believe in a hell and lake of fire and LORD ELohim says those do not exist so they are not in Heaven or anywhere else in the universe . The truth is : None of these things are in Heaven and no mortal people will ever go to Heaven . For LORD ELohim and Spirits Heaven is perfect for them . No mortal without a spaceship could survive there . The LORD does not know what glorified mortal bodies means and since He does not know what it means He cannot do that .

16 Y'shua's Incarnation - The word incarnation means : the taking on of human form by a divine being . The truth is : LORD ELohim says Spirit cannot do that . Spirit and flesh and bone cannot mix together so Y'shua the mortal flesh Jewish man had no Spirit in him other than the teaching Spirit occasionally . Christians talk a lot about an only Son of God Spirit God who they worship . The LORD says that Spirit , the only Son of God Spirit God does not exist . LORD ELohim created all His Spirit children and they are all His sons so there is no ' only Son of God Spirit God . Y'shua was a fully mortal Jewish man who willingly gave up his mortal life for the forgiveness of sins and wrong doings by LORD ELohim and for The Simple Truth . If there were a Son of God Spirit God ; that Spirit would have done nothing for you because he was not the one who gave up his life for most all of you . It was Y'shua the mortal man who did that for you . Y'shua truly died and according to Christians the Spirit only Son of God named Y'shua went to Heaven and has been sitting on a throne and playing for almost the past two thousand years while Y'shua the mortal man has been dead for almost two thousand years . Again : LORD ELohim says there has never been a ' only Son of God Spirit God ' . LORD ELohim is the only God and Father of all creation . LORD ELohim has always been our only God and our only Father who created us and all that was created . The LORD says no Spirit can take on a human form . Spirits cannot change their Spirit form into a human form , therefore no Spirit incarnated to be a human person . Y'shua was fully a mortal Jewish human and nothing about him was Spirit except a five inch high teaching Spirit who did nothing more than teach Y'shua about The Simple Truth and to ask Y'shua for LORD ELohim if he would agree to being the Lamb of God . Again : no Spirit can change form so to become human in form . That is impossible for Spirit to do . LORD ELohim and I have always thought that Christians believed that the Spirit Christians call the only Son of God just went into the body of the mortal man called Y'shua and took over this man's life . But every book about Christianity says ' incarnation ' which means the Spirit itself changed form into a human form . Either way the LORD says is impossible for Spirit to do . Even LORD ELohim and myself are still learning new things .

17 Worshiping the Messiah - Again the belief in a coming Messiah is a Jewish belief going back thousands of years . Christians believe Y'shua is the Messiah which they call the Christ which means Messiah . The Christians also worship Y'shua as a God . Christians believe Y'shua their God will be able to rule over all mankind for a thousand years and beyond , therefore the Messiah would have to be fully a Spirit to live for all eternity and not a mortal in any way . The truth is : The Jews are waiting for a mortal Messiah . Jewish people do not believe a mortal can be a God which is true . The Jewish Messiah would not be able to live a thousand years but only a normal mortal lifetime . A lot of good can be accomplished in one mortal lifetime such as Moses and Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. and President Abraham Lincoln and many many others . The Jewish people are hopeful that the Jewish Messiah will bring world peace and do other things in his one mortal lifetime . The Jewish Messiah will not be a God , but a fully mortal man . Christians corrupted the Jewish belief about the Messiah . To worship the true Messiah would be very very wrong because he would not be a God . Y'shua was never the Messiah and to worship Y'shua is very very wrong to do also because he was never a God or the only Son of God . Y'shua was fully a mortal Jewish man and the fully mortal Jewish Lamb of God .


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