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Welcome to Update #7

Date: Feb 8 2022

Welcome again to the Little Book . This is #7 of the Little Book . Again we warn all people that what is written in the Little Book may not be something you want to know about but many other people do want to know .

The Little Book is mostly a correction Book regarding many beliefs of many religions . The Little Book was written by LORD ELohim and has now been given to mankind . The LORD knows that not all people will appreciate what He has written but He hopes all people will at least read it and think about what is written by Him through me . We are now living in the End Times and the LORD wants people to understand Him and to know the truths about Him and even ourselves . Over the years people have made up many lies which caused many errors about the one true God and our Father LORD ELohim and He now wants to correct these many lies and errors about Him and about other things also .

The JB means the Jewish Bible and CB means the Christian Bible . The name Y'shua is the true name of Jesus . Y'shua was a Jew and the name Jesus is Greek for Y'shua . The LORD uses the true name of the Lamb of God in His Little Book which again is Y'shua and not Jesus . The mother of Y'shua real name was Miriam and not Mary . This ( R ) means the verses were Red Letter verses which means Y'shua is said to have said the words . The ( B ) means Black Letter verses which means it was not spoken by Y'shua but by other people . Back up verses means that the CB is using JB verses to back up what is written in the CB . NOTES is additional information . When the font is ' like this ' it means it is a verse from a Bible . If the font is ' like this ' those words are not verses from a Bible . KJV means the King James Version Christian Bible . NIV means the New International Version Christian Bible .

We have added a few coded word or words to this # 7 Book . The code for this is the same as all written before this # 7 book . A = 6 , B = 12 , C = 18 , D = 24 , E = 30 , F = 36 , G = 42 , H = 48 , I = 54 , J = 60 , K = 66 , L = 72 , M = 78 , N = 84 , O = 90 , P = 96 , Q = 102 , R = 108 , S = 114 , T = 120 , U = 126 , V = 132 , W =138 , X =144 , Y = 150 , Z = 156 . The code is called Gematria which means ' word measuring ' . All words or word must add up to 666 as in ' LORD ELohim ' adds to 666 . L = 72 , O = 90 , R = 108 , D = 24 , E = 30 , L = 72 , O = 90 , H = 48 , I = 54 , M = 78 , equals 666 . This symbol * divides the 666 words or word from each other . Again remember that the Little Book was created by LORD ELohim . It was the LORD who created the code and the English coded words and taught the coded words to people . The English language is the language of Spirits in Heaven so all Spirits already knew this language . LORD ELohim only knows three languages : English , Hebrew and ancient Egyptian .

Coded Words

- This code is * sent by God * LORD ELohim * . Numbers and * mathematic I add * shapes book * . Remember again * God of Israel * LORD ELohim * teach English * to humans * . New modern * English seal * the Little * Book language * in past ages * . This code is * called Gematria * . Book shapes * strange code * . Strange code * are truth * . LORD ELohim * Sabbath Day is * the day at hand * . Humanity * hear words * sent by God * LORD ELohim * . The code is * hidden evidence * sent by God * LORD ELohim * . Nay disbelief * strange code * . LORD ELohim * teachings all * are truth * . Torah shape * a prophetic * hidden teaching * for any men * an ye woman * on earth ark * . # Six opened * advanced Bible Code * . Take heed # six * opens new * decoded riddles * . God of Israel * LORD ELohim * give code key * . A old sinner * women help * LORD ELohim * and open new * advanced Bible Code * . Remember again * LORD ELohim * YHWH did make * the Little * Book code key * . 666 * is the access * Book code key * .

- Humanity * read web site * about what * Sabbath Day is * . Again remember * churches lie * paradise nigh * on earth ark * . Churches lie * about what * LORD ELohim * Abba cannot change * on earth ark * . Abba cannot change * all in a ruin * . Soon a time * global wars a * slaughter * for any life * on earth ark * . LORD ELohim * Abba cannot change * no afterlife * for any life * on earth ark * . Humanity * must die as * mortal life * on earth ark * .

- A God created man * . His Judaea name * LORD ELohim * . As the Father * LORD ELohim * God of Israel * begat species * mortal life * on earth ark * . Judaic Deity * LORD ELohim * begat humans * mortal life * on earth ark * . Again remember * Humanity * My children * . LORD did say * " I created them * on earth ark * " . God of Israel * LORD ELohim * made peoples * male and female DNA * . Male and female DNA * give life to a * mortal life * .

- Babel religion * in past ages * had many gods * . In past ages * Rome preached * many beliefs * . Behold today * the day at hand * Rome preached * Babel religion * . Babel religion * mankind fables * had many gods * . Babel religion * made false gods * in past age and * even today * . In past age and * behold today * Rome preached * mankind fables * . In past age and * even today * Catholic decree * had many gods * . In past age and * behold today * Vatican help * lies mankind * made by church * in God's Book * . Papacy cause * a global church * . Churches lie * had many gods * . Any Catholic * churches lie * Y'shua like * LORD ELohim * a savior God * . A global church * YHWH calls * terrible Babel * . Babel religion * churches lie * Y'shua ( Jesus ) called * a God of the Bible * . Terrible Babel * head has risen * on earth ark * . Vatican help * Babel religion * in past age and * even today * . Catholic decree * Y'shua like * LORD ELohim * God of Israel * . Churches lie * made false god and * corrupt * about what * Y'shua teach * Humanity * in past ages * . Even today * on earth ark * churches lie * .

NOTES : The names : Y'shua = 444 ; Jesus = 444 . The name Y'shua was the Lamb of God's true Jewish name and LORD ELohim hopes that people would call him by that name and not by the Greek name Jesus . Like it or not : Y'shua was a Jewish mortal man and not a Greek or Roman god . Y'shua was the Lamb of God and he deserves honor and great respect and your love and to be remembered by his true Jewish name Y'shua because he earned it . To call him by any other name is to forget who Y'shua truly was .

- Again remember * LORD ELohim * Abba not three * ancient Gods *. LORD ELohim * ' I AM ' is One God * . His Lamb of God * called Y'shua * not a God to * . Remember again * churches lie * Y'shua like * LORD ELohim * .

Non-Coded Work

We started with the book of Matthew in # 6 Little Book but did not finish it in that book so we will begin again with Matthew in this book where we left off in # 6 . We are not going to write every verse that is in a Bible but we will try to explain them in a couple of sentences as best we can .

Matt. 14 : 13 - 21 ( B ) ( R ) These verses are about Y'shua feeding a multitude of people in the desert though there was alot of grass there in that so called desert . The verses say Y'shua feed them with just five loaves of bread and two fish . It says about five thousand men, beside women and children were feed with these five loaves and two fish and there was a lot of left overs ; twelve baskets full of left overs . Did Y'shua just cause all these loaves of bread and fish to come into existance in a second ? LORD ELohim says there is no way that Y'shua or even Himself could have done that . If LORD ELohim could do that then when working through Y'shua , no human would have ever starved from lack of food anywhere on earth . Millions of people over the years have died from starvation and are dying even today from lack of food and there is nothing the LORD can do about that other then hope other people in the world will share their food with those in need of food . LORD ELohim created everything mankind would need to live and most of that is food items but God cannot stop floods , droughts , fires or locust and many other reasons crops and livestock fail . LORD ELohim says Y'shua never did this because he could not do this . ( There is more on this subject at Matt. 15 : 31 - 39 )

( 7 : 1 ) NOTES : LORD ELohim says Y'shua had no special powers and if LORD ELohim cannot do something , neither could Y'shua . The LORD cannot raise people from the dead or feed thousands with just a couple of fish and five bread loaves or heal all illness and so on . Again what LORD ELohim cannot do Y'shua a mortal man could not do either . Y'shua was a mortal man and not a God and as a mortal man he had no more powers to do these things then you do . Mortal means : all who are sure to die sometime .

( 7 : 2 ) NOTES : According to Christian theology there is a sin so serious that it can cause the death of the Soul and they call it the " mortal sin " . LORD ELohim says this is a great lie , a really great lie . Souls are LORD ELohim's Spirit children and Souls are in no way responsible for the sins of the mortal flesh they are in . Mortals do not live on after death as part of these Souls . The Souls are eternal and all will remain eternal . Remember the Souls have not sinned , it's the mortals who do that .

( 7 : 3 ) NOTES : Probably a lot of people are thinking about Moses and manna . LORD ELohim says He and even Y'shua cannot make thousands of bread out of a couple of loaves or thousands of fish instantly out of two fish . Moses wrote about a food called ' manna ' in which he claimed LORD ELohim created this food for the Israelites while in the wilderness . The LORD knows He needs to explain this one about manna because He has said often that He cannot create food instantly for mankind so He could feed the hungry people of the world . LORD ELohim created all the different foods we need in order to live . All vegetables , herbs , fruits and animals for meat were created by God but most need us to labor and farm them . LORD ELohim did not create these foods over night . It took billions of years of work for the LORD to create all of what we know exists today . LORD ELohim's first creation of mortal life from the dust of the earth that could be called a living thing was something like a bacteria and He went from there to create more complex living creatures and so on . That first mortal life like a bacteria LORD ELohim created it about 3.5 billion years ago on earth . Nothing that was created by the LORD was created over night or in one day . Did the LORD create food called ' manna ' ? LORD ELohim says He did not and could not create manna . LORD ELohim took the Israelites to regions He knew had food for them and occasionally they farmed the area for a few years . They were in the wilderness but it was not all desert . Why did Moses write that the LORD feed them manna that God Himself created for them ? LORD ELohim does not have an answer for this ? Maybe Moses was writing more for the future Jews then the Jews at that time and added a little drama to make them believe that LORD ELohim can do almost anything . Early Christians did the same with Y'shua . They taught Y'shua could heal all the sick , raise any who are dead and on and on . The Christians taught that Y'shua had to be a God to have such powers . We know Y'shua never healed the sick or raised any dead and we know he was not a God . Maybe Moses was just trying to give his people something to believe about LORD ELohim that draws them closer to their God LORD ELohim . Maybe it was Moses way of telling the Jews that LORD ELohim is always with them . Today we know the LORD is one Spirit and cannot be everywhere but He does go to the Synagogues every Sabbath and even other days just to be with His Jews . Why did Moses write it that way ? LORD ELohim does not know . Again no religions writings are perfect and without added drama . LORD ELohim wants people to know the truth that He cannot create food out of nothing which is why He cannot save the people who are starving but He hopes those who are better off will help to feed those in need .

( 7 : 4) Is there mortal flesh life creatures elsewhere in the universe ? LORD ELohim says that is very very unlikely to impossible . We mortals on this earth were created by the hands of LORD ELohim and all other mortal life here to . He started playing in the dirt of this earth about 4 billion years ago . There was no life of any kind on earth then except Him and Spirits . Life on earth now after many trials and errors are the result of the LORD's work over the past 4 billion years . LORD ELohim said the hardest to do was to find a way to give mortal life free will like all Spirits have . Also the creation of evolution was also very difficult for Him to do but it was needed if mortal life was to survive . Giving animals and other mortal life instincts was no easy task either . We humans and all other mortal life on earth are the result of the LORD's work over the past 4 billion years . Remember LORD ELohim created free will and without free will we would be limited to what we could do like other animals . Again the hardest thing for the LORD to create was free will within mortal flesh creatures like the Grays , Anunnaki and us Humanity . LORD ELohim did not just create flesh creatures , He also created free will , instincts and evolution and much more which took billions of years to do . How likely is it then that on a planet somewhere in the universe there are flesh creatures with free will running around sending their own rockets and telescopes into space to find us as we do to find them ? LORD ELohim only created mortal life on this earth and no where else in the universe . In a book about science it says " ... important to life , such as hydrogen , oxygen , and carbon ... . Organisms composed of these elements came into existence and eventually survived but what was responsible for how this happened remains a mystery " . If you add LORD ELohim playing in the dirt then the mystery is solved .

( 7 : 5 ) NOTES : I think we used the word Humanoids wrong in the last update . Humanoids are said to have lived over 10 million years ago . There is one Humanoid type that it says existed 4 million years ago and was the ancestor of humans . Humanoids were creatures who the LORD created and was yet working on . LORD ELohim says He never called these early Humanoids as being human . LORD ELohim began calling what He created ' humans ' at the time of Homo erectus . Today scientists call us ' Homo sapiens ' . The book says Homo sapiens came into being about 90,000 years ago but God does not agree with that . Grays existed at that time and the Anunnaki followed them and then six thousand years ago Adam was the first man to be called a human or mankind or the start of Humanity . The LORD did use the Humanoids DNA to work with to create mankind . The Humanoids were a work in progress . LORD ELohim says it's fair to call Humanoids ancesters of Humanity but we must remember that the Grays and Anunnaki were also of free will but a work in progress to . When it comes to Humanity : LORD ELohim's work is done . God does not believe any change to our DNA and the other stuff He did create could make us better then we are . The Grays , Anunnaki and Humanity all had free will and the LORD says that was a big mistake to give flesh . Three times that was proven to be the case . Sorry about this error in the last update . Still learning .

Matt. 14 : 22 - 33 ( B ) ( R ) These verses are about the story that Y'shua could walk on water . After feeding the multitude of people Y'shua went up a mountain and the disciples went on a ship to cross the sea . The waves and wind were tossing the ship about . And in the fourth watch of the night Jesus went unto them , walking on the sea . And when the disciples saw him walking on the sea , they were troubled , saying , It is a spirit ; and they cried out for fear . But straightway Jesus spake unto them , saying , Be of good cheer , it is I , be not afraid . Then Peter asked Y'shua to allow him to walk on water and go to Y'shua and Peter did but soon he began to sink . Y'shua saved him from sinking and said O thou of little faith , wherefore didst thou doubt . Then they both got in the ship and the wind ceased and men on the ship worshipped him , saying Of a truth thou art the Son of God . LORD ELohim says this is not true . Y'shua and Peter could no more walk on water then you can . This however is something LORD ELohim can do but only because He is pure Spirit and He can fly above the water and make it look like He is walking on the water . Y'shua was and is not a Spirit . Y'shua was as mortal as you are and he like Peter would sink . Neither Y'shua or Peter walked on water .

Matt 14 : 34 - 36 ( B ) These verses again are about Y'shua's fame and him healing the sick people . According to these verses Y'shua by then was a very famous man and known to most people for his healing of the sick . And when the men of that place had knowledge of him , they sent out into all that country round about , and brought unto him all that were diseased ; And besought him that they might only touch the hem of his garment : and as many as touched were made perfectly whole .

( 7 : 6 ) NOTES : I asked LORD ELohim when did He start working with me and He said at the age of six years old . At the age of 13 I refused to go to church anymore . I was a atheist many years before I was 13 years old but our Dad expected us to go with him to church every Sunday . I look back now at things that happened or what I did and now some things do make sense that did not make sense before . The preacher at the church favorite subject was hell and I never did understand or like that guy . Many of my friends were not Christians and to think there is a God who would make them suffer greatly for all eternity was a God I did not understand or like much either . Now I know the truth I have found many reasons to love LORD ELohim and His Spirit children over the years . You should be able to understand why LORD ELohim needed a open minded atheist to help Him put His Little Book into writing .

( 7 : 7 ) NOTES : We have skimmed through some chapters and there are a lot of verses LORD ELohim and me don't understand . These verses just don't make much sense or any sense at all . We will try our best to work with these verses but if they are beyond understanding we will say so .

Matt. 15 : 1 - 20 ( B ) ( R ) The Pharisees said to Y'shua Why do thy disciples transgress the tradition of the elders ? for they wash not their hands when they eat bread . Y'shua and the Pharisees and scribes got into a strange disagreement about washing hands before people eat . Did this really happen ? If it did happen the Pharisees were right and Y'shua was wrong . LORD ELohim taught people good hygiene in order to avoid them from becomeing sick caused by bacteria or viruses . Not all the LORD'S teachings were just the Ten Commandments . The Pharisees called the washing of hands before eating a tradition of the elders . LORD ELohim taught man this tradition . There is several verses even God does not understand in this chapter . Y'shua is said to have said to them : Why do ye also transgress the commandment of God by your tradition ? For God commanded , saying , Honour thy father and mother and , He that curseth father and mother : let him die the death . What does Mom and Dad have to do with good hygiene ? The CB says in the JB Exodus 20 : 12 and Exodus 21 : 17 back up these verses . In Exodus 20 : 12 is the Fifth of the Ten Commandments Honor your father and your mother , that you may long endure on the land that the LORD your God is assigning to you . This makes good sense . But Exodus 21 : 17 does not He who insults his father or his mother shall be put to death . The JB explains the problem : The death penalty may be meant only rhetorically as a deterrent ... LORD ELohim says the Fifth Commandment is right but He never taught anyone that there is a death penalty for children not getting along with their parents and if Y'shua was a God and the son of LORD ELohim he would have known that . Then it goes on saying Y'shua spoke to the crowd saying : Listen and understand , What goes into someone's mouth does not defile them , but what comes out of their mouth , that is what defiles them . The Pharisees were not talking about that . The Pharisees were talking about clean hands before eating not what defiles people . It reads like Y'shua was trying to start a fight of words with them . LORD ELohim says this did not happen . Matt. 15 : 5 is strange in the KJV . It says Y'shua said But ye say ; Whosoever shall say to his father or his mother , it is a gift , by whosoever thou mightest be profited by me ; ... In the NIV it says for this verse But you say that if anyone declares that what might have been used to help their father or mother is ' devoted to God ' . In the KJV it says ' ... profited by me ' . In the NIV the same verse ending says ... ' devoted to God ' . LORD ELohim says Y'shua never called himself ' God ' as these verses said he did . I don't feel to stupid about not understanding these verses in Matthew chapter 15 . According to this Peter did not understand any of these verses either . In verse 15 it says Then answered Peter and said unto him , Declare unto us this parable . And Jesus said , Are ye also yet without understanding ? Then Y'shua continues to rant about what defiles people by what they say which has nothing to do with good hygiene which started this conversation in the first place .

Matt. 15 : 29 - 31 ( B ) ( R ) This is about Y'shua healing the lame , blind , dumb , maimed and others . Again LORD ELohim says Y'shua could not have done this . The word dumb is in the Bible . It's not a word the LORD or I would use . Maimed means people who are multilated , disfigured or a serious wound . Could Y'shua even regrow a limb or make scares go away ? Again LORD ELohim says this did not happen because it could not happen then or even today .

Matt. 15 : 31 - 39 ( B ) ( R ) Remember again that in chapter 14 : 13 - 21 it says Y'shua did feed 5000 men beside women and children with five loaves of bread and two fish . In 15 : 31 - 39 It says Y'shua with only seven loaves of bread and a few little fish feed 4000 men beside women and children . The strange thing about this in chapter 15 : 31 - 39 : Jesus called his disciples to him and said , " I have compassion for these people ; they have already been with me three days and have nothing to eat . I do not want to send them away hungry , or they may collapse on the way . Then His disciples answered , " Where could we get enough bread in this remote place to feed such a crowd ? " Then Y'shua said " How many loaves do you have ? " Jesus asked . The disciples said " Seven ," they replied , " and a few small fish . " The strange thing is that the disciples speak about feeding these people like Y'shua had never done that before when in Matt. 14 : 13 - 21 they helped him feed more then 5000 men plus women and children . You would think the disciples would have said something like " We will give you the few bread and fish we have so you can do this amazing miracle again and feed these many thousands of people to , like you did before " . What they did say sounds like this never happened before even though the Bible says it happened at least once recently before in Matt. chapter 14 . The KJV says 15 : 33 And his disciples say unto him . Whence should we have so much bread in the wilderness , as to fill so great a multitude ? Again why do the disciples speak to Y'shua like this never happened before ?

Matt. 16 : 1 - 4 ( B ) ( R ) The Pharisees asked Y'shua to show them a sign from Heaven . In the Bible somewhere it says to test Spirits and people and make them prove to be who they claim to be . So for the Pharisees to ask Y'shua who is by now said to be claiming to be a God in Matt. 15 : 5 the Pharisees are doing what they were told by LORD ELohim to do : put people like Y'shua to the test . Instead of a sign from Heaven it says Y'shua gives them a weather report . Today we say it this way " red sky at night sailors delight and red sky in morning sailors take warning " . Then Y'shua says O ye hypocrites , ye can discern the face of the sky ; but can ye not discern the signs of the times ? All the Pharisees asked for was a sign from Heaven like LORD ELohim taught them to do . Why would Y'shua not want to prove himself to the Pharisees regarding all he is said to be able to do and the LORD does not know what signs of the times means . The things Y'shua is said to be able to do mankind usually believes only a God could do that . If what is written in the CB is true then why did Y'shua not take the Pharisees to a grave at the graveyard and dig out the bones of one body and put the flesh back on the bones and wake up that body back to a living person again ? Why did Y'shua not go to the people with leprosy and heal them before the Pharisees to prove to them he is who he says he is ? Why not make two loaves of bread into a hundred while the Pharisees watch him do that ? The CB makes healing the sick and raising the dead and putting on a dinner of fish and bread from almost nothing to feed thousands sounds so easy for Y'shua to do . LORD ELohim says there would have been no reason why the Pharisees should not know what Y'shua could do ; if Y'shua could do these things . Remember that Y'shua could not heal the sick or raise any body from the dead or feed thousands this way but by going with what the Bible says : instead of accepting to be tested by the Pharisees Y'shua says A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign , and there shall no sign be given unto it , but the sign of the prophet Jonas . And he left them , and departed . LORD ELohim says He did not have a problem with the Pharisees and Sadducees at that time but if Y'shua did many of the things the CB says Y'shua did and said then LORD ELohim would have had a problem with Y'shua back then . LORD ELohim says this did not happen . There was no reason for Y'shua to speak to the Jews and Pharisees and others like that back then . I asked LORD ELohim , based on what the CB book of Matthew says about Y'shua so far : does He know this man they call Jesus ( Y'shua ) ? And LORD ELohim said this is not the humble , kind and loving Jewish man called Y'shua He knew and loved back then . They did write about Y'shua ( Jesus ) but not the truth about him and many other things . Y'shua was the Lamb of God but not the Christ ( Messiah ) and not a King of the Jews and not a God and not the only son of LORD ELohim . The true story of Y'shua is about a loving , kind and humble Jewish man without sin who was the Lamb of God and who deserves to be honored and remembered by his true name Y'shua but not worshiped .

Matt. 16 : 5 - 12 ( B ) ( R ) The disciples forgot to bring bread . Then Jesus said unto them , Take heed and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and of the Sadducees . And they ( the disciples ) reasoned among themselves , saying , It is because we have taken no bread . Which when Jesus percieved , he said unto them . O ye of little faith , why reason ye among yourselves , because ye have brought no bread ? Do ye not yet understand , ... Then Y'shua goes on about feeding the thousands , both groups of thousands like they had forgotten that and then repeats what he said about the Pharisees and Sadducees . Then understood they how that he bade them not beware of the leaven of bread , but of the doctrine of the Pharisees and of the Sadducees . We are having trouble with the word ' bade ' in the KJV CB . This same verse in the NIV CB says Then they understood that he was not telling them to guard against the yeast used in bread , but against the teaching of the Pharisees and Sadducees .

( 7 : 8 ) NOTES : According to a book the Pharisees believed in the immortality of the Soul , in a afterlife for mortals after death , in ressurrection of the dead , in predestination , in a end time judgement , in the coming Messiah . Most Christians believe at death the nonmaterial part of the person goes either to paradise or to a place where that part of the human will suffer in agony in the flames . The flesh and bone goes to the grave . There will be a time when whats in the grave will come out of the grave and it's flesh is restored on to the bones and the spirits go back to the body . This is their eternal form and will go to Heaven or hell . They are judged by God . All Christians believe Y'shua is the Messiah since they call Jesus ( Y'shua ) their Christ which means Messiah . Most Christians believe in predestination also as in CB Ephesians 1 : 4 For he chose us in him before the creation of the world . Other CB say .... before the foundation of the world . There is not a lot of differance between what the Pharisees believed and taught and what Christians say Y'shua taught . The Pharisees believed in a coming Messiah but did not believe Y'shua was the awaited Messiah and they were right about that . So why would Y'shua speak against them so much because of what they believed a taught when his teachings according to the Christian Bible were mostly the same as the Pharisees . It was the Sadducees who accepted only the written law and did not believe immortality of the soul or resurrection of the mortal body . So the question is : what did Y'shua really teach ?

( 7 : 9 ) NOTES : So what did Y'shua teach ?

( 7 : 10 ) NOTES : Both Pharisees and Christians believe in predestination according with what is written about both of them . Ephesians 1 : 4 - 5 For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight . In love he predestined us for adoption to sonship through Jesus Christ , in accordance with his pleasure and will .. Revelation 17 : 8 ... The inhabitants of the earth whose names have not been written in the book of life from the creation of the world ... Revelation 20 :15 Any whose name was not found written in the book of life was thrown into the lake of fire . Revelation 21 : 27 Nothing impure will ever enter it , nor will anyone who does what is shameful or deceitful , but only those whose names are written in the Lamb's book of life . This verse is about a city coming from Heaven to earth . Remember Rev. 17 : 8 says the book was written with the names of those saved to enjoy eternity before the earth was even created . Those whos names are not in the book of life will also live a eternal life but in the lake of fire and suffering even moment in great pain and torture . Does this make sense to you . How fair is that ? Is it fair to have even been born in the first place if LORD ELohim knew that these people and me were all predestined by Him to suffer horrible torture and pain and suffering for all eternity ? LORD ELohim says before the earth was created He had no thoughts about if dirt could even become a living creature . The LORD says this belief is just silly and would have been greatly unfair to those not written in the book of life . The LORD says there is no book of life and no human is predestined for anything past their death because there is no life for mortals after they die . And even if mortals could live beyond death LORD ELohim would not have predestined any person about where they will spend eternity and again there is no hell or purgatory or lake of fire . The Pharisees and Christians belief about predestination is wrong according to LORD ELohim . That is not something He would do because it is greatly unfair to all people and it's just stupid . This thinking comes from another error . Many Christians believe LORD ELohim knows everything about the future and about you . This is not true . LORD ELohim never knew you would even be born or how you would live your life or what faith you would believe or if you would be a atheist . Again there is no book of life and there is no purgatory , hell , lake of fire or afterlife in any form for mortals .

( 7 : 11 ) NOTES : Does LORD ELohim have a problem with people being atheists ? LORD ELohim knows that before the Little Book there was not a lot of evidence that there was a God . If someone does not believe every word of any religions writings does the LORD hold that against them ? God says He does not . No religion of any kind is without errors and even lies so how can someone be expected to believe every word written by man in any religion . What LORD ELohim does have a problem with is people whose mind is closed and not willing to question what is written in their religious books . People may read their religious book but most do not think about what they read and are even told not to question anything in their religious writings . An example in Revelation 7 where it lists the 12 tribes of Israel and it is not correct . It's missing the tribe of Ephraim and has Joseph as being one tribe . Joseph did not get a tribe : his sons Ephraim and Manasseh did . The JB and the CB Old Testament in Numbers chapter 1 has the right list . With all the Christians and Christian scholars how for probably over 1500 years have they missed this error and not corrected it ? Most every faith says every word in their book is correct and true but that is not true of any faith . Again the problem the LORD has with people is how closed minded they are and how not willing they are to question anything in their faith . LORD ELohim has no problem with atheists . Atheists are just mostly people who have trouble believing what others believe about God and most everything else people of religions believe in like hell . LORD ELohim does not believe a lot in different religious beliefs and writings either so why would He go against people who feel the same about religions as He does .

Matt. 16 : 13 - 16 ( B ) ( R ) It says Y'shua asked his disciples Whom do men say that I the Son of man am ? And they said , Some say that thou art John the Baptist : some , Elias , and others , Jeremias , or one of the prophets . He saith unto them , But whom say ye that I am ? And Simon Peter answered and said , Thou art the Christ , the Son of the living God . LORD ELohim says that reincarnation does not happen . The Dictionary says reincarnation is rebirth of the Soul into other people . Souls do go from one person to another when the person dies or when a baby is within the womb but nothing but the Soul goes with them . The word ' rebirth ' is wrong . The Soul does not rebirth : he is what he is . People with organ transplants can experience effects related to the donor of the organ but the LORD says that can happen because it is flesh and has nothing to do with Spirit .

Matt. 16 : 17 & 18 ( B ) ( R ) And Jesus answered and said unto him . Blessed art thou , Simon Barjona : for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee , but my Father which is in heaven . And I say also unto thee , That thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build my church ; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it . This is from the KJV CB . In the NIV CB it says Simon son of Jonah . LORD ELohim did not spend over thirty years with Y'shua so Y'shua could create a completely new religion . That's not what Y'shua a faithful Jewish man was suppose to do and he did not do that . LORD ELohim says this did not happen . The LORD's hope was for Judaism to become a world faith so people of different religions would stop killing each other and would stop sacrificing human children to their many false gods . Y'shua never said this to Peter . If Y'shua was a God who came down from Heaven he would not use the word ' hell ' because he would have known there is no hell . I think this is the first time the word ' church ' is used . In the NIV CB it uses the word ' hades ' for hell which is Greek for hell or the grave . Again LORD ELohim says Y'shua the very very faithful Jewish man who loved his faith of Judaism and never said this to Peter and Peter not to him . Y'shua had no intention to create a new religion . LORD ELohim had no intention to create a new religion either .

Matt. 16 : 19 & 20 ( B ) ( R ) It says Y'shua said to Peter And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven : and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven : and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven . LORD ELohim would have had more then just a few words with Y'shua , if He could do that , for making such a ridiculous promise to Peter . Again the LORD says : think not beyond logic . He has a beautiful and happy and peaceful and loving Heaven as it is now and has been for trillions of years . Do you really believe the LORD would let a mortal man make the rules for it regarding it's future ? Take a good look at mankind : past and present . If you were God would you let a mortal man deside what would be allowed and what would not be allow in your happy and peaceful and loving Heaven . If Y'shua came down from Heaven he would have known that it's perfect and needs no mortal to change anything . Again this is just silly . What is the Kingdom of Heaven ? That's confusing . Is it to be on earth or in the existing Heaven ? LORD ELohim says it will never be in His existing Heaven so it must be on earth . The LORD would never allow humans in His existing Heaven . The true Heaven is for Spirits only and always will be . But don't worry : the CB says the LORD is going to get rid of this old earth which we have mostly ruined and He will make a whole new earth in a matter of seconds for people . Also the CB says Spirits in Heaven billions of miles away from earth are making a great city made of gold , sapphire , amethyst , ruby , pearls and other precious stones that will come down from Heaven already built . Yah : these things are not going to happen either . Then charged he his disciples that they should tell no man that he was Jesus the Christ . The LORD says Y'shua was not the Messiah which Christ means and Y'shua never said he was the Messiah and neither did Peter . The next verse says Y'shua talked to his disciples about his coming death . The Jews expected their Messiah to be able to do a few things and dying before he did those things was and is not on that list .

Matt. 16 : 21 - 23 ( B ) ( R ) The first verse says Y'shua says he must go the Jerusalem to suffer much by the elders and priests and scribes . He says he will be killed and he will be raised from the dead on the third day . Peter made it known he was not happy about that and Y'shua said But he turned , and said unto Peter , Get thee behind me , Satan : thou art an offence unto me for thou savourest not the things that be of God , but those that be of men . I am old and my memory is not the greatest now but the Spirits and me do not remember Y'shua ever explaining why he must die to Peter and his other disciples ; so why would he be so abusive to Peter for not understanding what was going on . The man Peter just got the job of making all the rules for Heaven and earth and already he is in trouble with the boss .

Matt. 16 : 24 & 25 ( B ) ( R ) Then said Jesus unto his disciples , If any man will come after me , let him deny himself , and take up his cross , and follow me . For whosoever will save his life shall lose it : and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it . There is no life after death of the mortal man so there is nothing to find .

Matt. 16 : 26 - 28 ( R ) For what is a man profited , if he shall gain the whole world , and lose his own soul ? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul . Here Y'shua talks about Souls like they have something to do with life after death . If you were to lose your Souls : you would die shortly after . Souls have nothing to do with a afterlife . Souls have everything to do with you being alive now . Obviously there is nothing to give for one's Souls . The LORD is not a banker and Souls are Spirits who cannot be bought . Remember Souls are Spirits and like LORD ELohim they need nothing . For the Son of man shall come in the glory of his Father with his angels ; and then he shall reward every man according to his works . It says Y'shua said that people are rewarded by their works . It says nothing about being rewarded just for their faith regarding him . Many Christians today rarely make it to Sunday church service and do nothing that could be called works . And what are the rewards ? Even LORD ELohim has no answer for that question . Verily I say unto you , There be some standing here , which shall not taste of death , till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom. Was the kingdom of God on earth just because Y'shua was here ? LORD ELohim says earth has been part of His kingdom long before Y'shua was even concieved . The earth has been part of LORD ELohim's kingdom for many billions of years now : since He began playing in the dirt here . Y'shua did not and does not have a kingdom . There is no ' his kingdom ' . All those people at that time died without seeing Y'shua coming in his kingdom and again Y'shua had no kingdom and he is dead : forever dead . As with all in red letters in the CB : did Y'shua really say this ? LORD ELohim says " No "

( 7 : 12 ) NOTES : The word ' transfigured ' means the body of Y'shua was transformed when he was still alive as mortal flesh . Remember this : Many Christians scholars believe when his flesh body transformed it was the likeness of what his resurrection body would look like after he dies . Keep this in mind when reading what is to come .

Matt. 17 : 1 - 8 ( B ) ( R ) Y'shua with three : Peter , James and John went to a high mountian . And it says about Y'shua's body : And was transfigured before them and his face did shine as the sun , and his raiment was white as the light . And behold , there appeared unto them Moses and Elias talking with him . LORD ELohim says He has not seen Moses for about 3,250 years and neither has anyone else including Y'shua . He has never seen Elias around earth or Heaven since Elias died on earth Then answered Peter , and said unto Jesus , Lord , it is good for us to be here if thou wilt , let us make here three tabernacles ; one for thee , and one for Moses , and one for Elias . The word ' tabernacles ' in the KJV may be wrong . Everthing I read about tabernacles is that a lot of full grown elephants could fit into just one tabernacle . In the NIV CB it uses the word ' shelters ' and not ' tabernacles ' . While he yet spake , behold , a bright cloud overshadowed them : and behold a voice out of the cloud , which said , This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased ; hear ye him . The NIV says " This is my Son , whom I love ; with him I am well pleased . Listen to him ! " LORD ELohim's voice cannot be heard by people , dogs , cows , mice , me ..... . Our communcation between LORD ELohim , Spirits and me is like a sign language and we have got very good at this over these many years . The Spirits can node my head for ' yes ' or shake it side to side for ' no ' and move me in other ways and having a good conversation with LORD ELohim and other Spirits has become very easy over the years but I have never heard His voice and no one else ever has either . Visions , dreams or waking up knowing something I did not know the day before has happened a lot of times but no voice of God . And when the disciples heard it , they fell on their face , and were sore afraid . And Jesus came and touched them and said , Arise , and be not afraid . And when they had lifted up their eyes , they saw no man , save Jesus only . It's a interesting story but how much is true ? LORD ELohim says none is true . The name Elias is wrong . This man's Jewish name was Elijah . LORD ELohim will never understand why Christians changed the true Jewish names of His people to Greek or whatever else . It was just wrong to do .

( 7 : 13 ) NOTES : I asked LORD ELohim if He works at trying to make people fear Him and He said He does not do that . Some writers of the Old and New Testament wrote for us to fear God but that is not what the LORD wants . LORD ELohim hopes people will obey Him and trust Him out of love for Him and not because they fear Him .

Matt. 17 : 9 - 11 ( B ) ( R ) And as they came down from the mountain , Jesus charged them , saying , Tell the vision to no man , until the Son of man be risen again from the dead . And his disciples asked him , saying, Why then say the scribes that Elias ( Elijah ) must first come ? And Y'shua said Elias truly shall first come , and restore all things . In the JB Malachi 3 : 23 & 24 and the CB Malachi 4 : 5 - 6 Lo , I will send the prophet Elijah to you before the coming af the awesome , fearful day of the LORD . He shall reconcile parents with children and children with their parents , so that , when I come , I do not strike the whole land with utter destruction . It's believed that Elijah did not die . In 2 Kings 2 : 11 As they kept on walking and talking a fiery chariot with fiery horses suddenly appeared and separated one from the other ; and Elijah went up to heaven in a whirlwind . The LORD says these are two errors . First Elijah never went to Heaven and Second the LORD never said He would send Elijah to do this work . LORD ELohim knew of these errors in the JB but He thought it would never matter anyway . Christians cannot blame the Jews for the Matt. 17 : 10 - 13 error . Again LORD ELohim says every person and every religion is responsible for what they believe and if they use other religions beliefs and there is an error : don't blame them for their error becoming your error to . LORD ELohim did not expect the religion of Christianity to even happen . It was not suppose to happen . What Y'shua was all about was just to be added to Judaism and through the Jews to the world . Back to the errors : how can mortal flesh go to Heaven without a space ship ? Heaven starts billions of miles away from earth . Even in a space ship he would have died from old age long before getting there . Also LORD ELohim has no spaceship or fiery horses and fiery chariots . Mortal life has no afterlife . What is there of a mortal man when the flesh dies that lives on ' as that person ' ? The LORD says nothing remains of that person . The Spirit Souls go else where as the Soul and without anything added by that person they were in . Souls have their own personality and life and nothing from that person becomes part of the Souls personal life . Elijah is dead and some where on earth are his remains . There is nothing left of Elijah to send to earth to restore anything . And what does ' restore ' even mean ? This even LORD ELohim does not know .

Matt. 17 : 9 ( R ) We are going back to this verse above . In the KJV CB it says : ... , Tell the vision to no man , until the Son of man be risen again from the dead . If Y'shua said this what did he mean ' again ' he would be risen from the dead . When was Y'shua ever a dead man before being a living man called Y'shua ? LORD ELohim says that Y'shua was as mortal as any other human : only once to live and only once to die . In the NIV CB it says : ... , Don't tell anyone what you have seen , until the Son of Man has been raised from the dead . The NIV CB does not say ' again ' . The KJV is the older CB and hundreds of years old . The NIV is a recent Version of the CB . Did the NIV people correct this error or did they just go for their style of writing their Version of the CB ? This is something LORD ELohim did not know ; that the many Versions of the CB has ' Copyright ' and ' All rights reserved ' written in all of them . If anyone should have a ' Copyright ' and ' All rights reserved ' regarding the CB or JB or any other religious book with His name in it should be LORD ELohim and not mankind . It's strange that people believe they have the right to own such a book as the Bible . LORD ELohim does not agree with all that is written in these Bibles but if anyone has a ownership of them it is LORD ELohim and no human . The LORD is wondering if Christians long ago got the approval of the Jews to use their Jewish Bible in the CB which is called the Old Testament ? What LORD ELohim asked people to put in writing belongs to LORD ELohim and no others . LORD ELohim has no problem when people use His Books to learn , to share , or even to correct the obvious errors . The Copyright and All rights reserved belongs to the LORD ELohim and Him alone and yes I got His approval to use His Books for the work I do for Him .

Matt. 17 : 12 & 13 ( B ) ( R ) Then Y'shua was said to say But I say unto you . That Elias is come already , and they knew him not , but have done unto him whatsoever they listed . Likewise shall also the Son of man suffer of them . Then the disciples understood that he spake unto them of John the Baptist . Did the dead Elijah in any form enter into John the Baptist . There was no form yet living of Elijah to do that with . Did John restore all things before he died ? There is not a lot written about him other then baptizing people and calling people names like vipers and about his death . LORD ELohim says He does not know what ' restore ' means so the man John the Baptist did not disappoint the LORD .

Matt. 17 : 14 - 21 ( B ) ( R ) It says Y'shua cured a lunatick when his disciples could not . Then Jesus answered and said , O faithless and perverse generation , how long shall I be with you ? how long shall I suffer you ? bring him hither to me . Perverse means : turned away from what is good and right ; obstinate in apposing what is reasonable . It says Y'shua could cast out the devil in the boy and the disciples asked him why that did not work for them . Y'shua says Because of your unbelief for verily I say unto you , If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed , ye shall say unto this mountain , Remove hence to yonder place , and it shall remove and nothing shall be impossible unto you . Has any Christian ever moved a mountain to another place just by words ? This verse is ridiculous . Even LORD ELohim cannot do that and if He cannot do that by simply saying ' mountain move ' then neither can anyone else . It is unreasonable of Y'shua to think the disciples could really do that or that he could do that himself . Did Y'shua move a mountain to prove what he said was true ? No . Did all things become possible for the disciples to do ? No . Even LORD ELohim has His limits to what He can do . LORD ELohim created most of the universe but once the dust and gasses and so on became planets and suns and much became solids like the mountains He cannot move them now and neither could Y'shua or his disciples no matter how much faith they had . There is a lot of things that is impossible for flesh to do and faith , no matter how great it is will never change that . If you believe we are wrong : by words alone go move Mount Everest to the deserts of Saudi Arabia : they might enjoy a ski hill at the top and a great lake upon the sands . Ask first . The last verse says Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting . We do not know what this means .

Matt. 17 : 22 - 23 ( B ) ( R ) It's Yshua saying he will be betrayed and die but on the third day he will be raised and his desciples are sad about that . And they shall kill him , and the third day he shall be raised again .

Matt. 17 : 24 - 27 ( B ) ( R ) In Capernaum they were asked to pay tribute money . It says Y'shua told Peter to .... go thou to the sea , and cast an hook , and take up the fish that first cometh up ; and when thou hast opened his mouth , thou shalt find a piece of money : that take , and give unto them for me and thee . This magic trick is really hard to believe even for the LORD . LORD ELohim says this never happened . For even LORD ELohim to make this happen it would take years of work to make a human understand what He wanted him to put the coin in the mouth of a fish and then to : can you even train a fish ? The LORD would need a Spirit like a teaching Spirit to try to teach the fish and get the timing right and so on . LORD ELohim says this would have taken a lot of work to do . LORD ELohim does not do magic tricks but even as a miracle to impress people it would take the same amount of work and time to do which is why this never happened . LORD ELohim does not think He could even train a fish to do that and get the timing right and everything else . The LORD says this is a miracle that is almost impossible for Him and Y'shua to do .

( 7 : 14 ) NOTES : Many people believe in supernatural miracles caused by their God and even caused by people who others believe have such powers . In Genesis Moses made everthing sound so easy what LORD ELohim did . God said , " Let there be light " ; and there was light . It was not that easy . LORD ELohim's first finished creation of a living mortal life on earth was about 4.5 billion years ago but it took many millions of years before that just to figure out how to create the first living bacteria created from dirt and how to make it reproduce took even longer . He began many trillions of years ago to create what you see in the universe today . It was not just one Big Bang ; it was many Big Bangs for every galaxy . If the LORD is going to cause what man would call a miracle it means work and a lot of work for Him to do that and He does have His limits to what He can do . That's why mankind has not seen a lot of miracles caused by God . The LORD ELohim and Y'shua could not just say " you are healed " and that person is healed . For the LORD to heal most sickness He could only do it the way a doctor would do it . He cannot just say " mountain raise up " and the mountain moves and neither could Y'shua and neither can you or even the pope .The LORD is well aware of the Christian church and it's history of false miracles caused by them and not caused by LORD ELohim or Y'shua ( Jesus ) or Miriam ( Mary ) . These were and are not true miracles but false miracles to impress people into believing what the church teaches and to make people think the LORD is behind all they do believe . Remember that LORD ELohim calls Christianity a pagan religion so why would He do any true miracles for the church . The LORD knows how headstrong the Christian church is . They would say it was Y'shua or Miriam who did it anyway . It's not like LORD ELohim can sign His name on the miracle and rarely do Christians ever think of LORD ELohim as it is now and was in the past . LORD ELohim does not want to give the Christian church any reason to say Y'shua or Miriam did a miracle . Y'shua and Miriam are dead and they cannot do miracles .

Matt. 18 : 1 - 4 ( B ) (R ) The disciples asked Y'shua Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven and Y'shua called a child to him and said Verily I say unto you , Except ye be converted , and become as little children , ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven . The interesting word in this verse is ' converted ' in the KJV . It has a few meanings like ' change ' or ' change from one religion to another ' or ' cause to adopt a religion ' . In the NIV it says Truly I tell you , unless you change and become like little children , you will never enter the kingdom of heaven . LORD ELohim says in Heaven there are none called greater then others , or not so great , or not great at all . All Spirits in Heaven are equal . There are no kings , no slaves , no bosses , no preachers , no workers , no rich , no poor and on and on . It says Y'shua says Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child , the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven . Again there is no caste system or class system in Heaven . All Spirits are equal brothers and there is only one deeply loving Father of all of them , which is LORD ELohim .

( 7 : 15 ) NOTES : When you read the Bible of many religions you can usually tell who wrote it : man or God ? Lets use the subject of Heaven . People have a lot of belief about Heaven and many were written in their Bible about those beliefs . The word Bible can be used for any kind of religions sacred book . When reading any religions Bible about Heaven it's easy to know who wrote it ; man or LORD ELohim ; when you know the truth of what is Heaven . LORD ELohim's Heaven has no mansions , all Spirits are loving , kind and equal , there is and always will be one Father of all Spirits who is LORD ELohim who created them , there are no cities , there are no kings , LORD ELohim is the head of His Spirit family as the Father , there are none who were mortals in Heaven and never will be , there are no thrones or Temples , there are no Spirits whose job it is to worship the LORD constantly , there is no day and night , there is no altar , there are no books like the book of life or about each person , there are no Angels building a city to bring to earth , there is no gold or precious stones or money used by Spirits , there is no trumpets , there is no sex , there are no female Spirits , there are not any form of mortals there and never will be , there is no evil or lack of kindness and love , there is no war and hate in Heaven , there is no work to do , there is no religion , the Spirits do not need anything like air , food , heat or cold , water , cloths , a shelter or a job and so on . What Heaven is : is a six galaxy big play ground for LORD ELohim and His Spirit children to play in . Now you know what man wrote in the many Bibles about Heaven and what LORD ELohim did not ask someone to write . There is not a lot written by LORD ELohim in sacred Books about Heaven because there is not a lot to talk about . At night in a dark place and without clouds look up and there it is among all you can see .

( 7 : 16 ) NOTES : The reason there are no female Spirits in Heaven and on earth is because the LORD ELohim created all of them by the work of His hands . There was no reason for two sex types . The LORD and Spirits do not have sex organs . When LORD ELohim created flesh life most species needed a way to reproduce and God needed to create male and female for most all species . The LORD has nothing against women but the Spirits have always called themselves brothers long before mortal life , so why change that ?

Matt. 18 : 5 - 6 ( R ) And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me . But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me , it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck , and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea . The New Testament is full of reasons to fear not becoming a Christian . That is not LORD ELohim's way to bring people to believe in Him and it was not Y'shua's way either . The LORD does not have anyway to prove to you without any doubts that He even exists and Y'shua had no way to prove to people LORD ELohim is our true Father and our only God . When people come to believe in LORD ELohim He hopes it is out of love and not fear . LORD ELohim does not want people to fear Him other then the enemies of Israel a few times . But people in general He hopes they believe He is a loving and caring God who we have no reason to fear , even all who are not Christians . There is a lot worse things that happens to many children then losing their faith of any religion . There is far more reasons to fear many people of this world then to fear the LORD . LORD ELohim for many reasons is not going to punish people because they are not Christians . If you have been reading LORD ELohim's Little Book you know what some of those reasons are .

Matt. 18 : 7 - 9 ( R ) Woe to the world because of the things that cause people to stumble ! Such things must come , but woe to the person through whom they come ! Why would such things must come ? Mankind has been judged by LORD ELohim and mankind has failed . Our trial is over , there is nothing more to test us about . The whole of mankind has failed and not because of just one religion , one race , one nation , one form of government but people in general everywhere have failed . It's not just about what we as a species have done in life but about the suffering of people and even animals being so great . Again the trial is over so there is no reason to see who stumbles . Then in verse 8 it's about cutting off your foot or hand if it makes you sin so you don't end up in the eternal fire . Again LORD ELohim says that is not a good idea to maim yourself like that . What they said Y'shua said is just very bad advice and he did not say that . And again there is no hell . And verse 9 is the same except about eyes . Again bad advice and LORD ELohim says don't do this . Remember there is no Heaven or hell or lake of fire for any mortal life ; good or evil .

Matt. 18 : 10 ( R ) Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones : for I say unto you , That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven . Think about this . LORD ELohim is one Spirit and we are in His image , almost , which would make Him in mans image , almost . The LORD takes up no more room than a very tall man . On earth right now there are over 7 billion people of all ages , so that would mean there are a few billion children right now also . A few billion children would mean a few billion Angels , one for each of them . It says the Angels of children are all where they can see the face of LORD ELohim in Heaven . How then would they know what is happening to the children on earth when they always spend their time staring at the LORD's face in Heaven ? Some religions believe every human at any age has two or three Angels always with each person . This verse says these Angels are in Heaven . Seven billion people X three Angels each : that would be a lot of Spirits made by LORD ELohim . Why did the writers of the Christian Bible New Testament always think LORD ELohim does nothing but sit on His butt on a throne in Heaven constantly like He has nothing better to do with His life ? Again remember LORD ELohim does not even have a throne in Heaven . That alone should be a hint that LORD ELohim and all His Spirit children will be or are busy playing , singing , danceing , and doing thousands of other things and having a happy , happy fun life in Heaven . LORD ELohim says no mortal has an Angel watching over them , including all children . There is also no Angels with every person who are writing in a book everything we say and do so that some day soon LORD ELohim can judge each of us seperately . That would mean the LORD would be sitting on His non existant throne for millions and millions of years listening to every person who has lived since Adam life stories . If you hate standing in a line up at the movie theater : your really going to hate this millions of years to get to the throne line up . Again : the LORD has already judged Humanity as a species and we failed as a species . LORD ELohim is not going to judge any person seperately , He does not need to . This is Judgment Day , the Sabbath Day , the Last Day , the Seventh Day which began in 2000 A.D. and we as a species have all been judged already . This verse was said to be spoken by Y'shua and at that time LORD ELohim was with Y'shua on earth and not in Heaven . If Y'hsua was a God he would have known that LORD ELohim was always with him . LORD ELohim has not been in Heaven since even long before Adam . So Y'shua many times said to saying this " my Father in Heaven " or " your Father in Heaven " and so on is an error . When LORD ELohim is finished on earth He will be going home to Heaven with all the Spirits who are here about earth .

Matt. 18 : 11 ( R ) These verses are about Y'shua . For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost . LORD ELohim says this is about all Humanity and not just Israel . However there are many lost who were of Israel . Most of the tribes of Israel are no longer Jews of the faith of Judaism . Many of those lost tribes people are now Christians today . Remember LORD ELohim created Isaac to be an Albino so his offspring would be the white race and the LORD would know most of the chosen people just by looking at the color of their skin . Before Isaac there were no white skinned people . Abraham and Sarah were black skinned people and that's why LORD ELohim had to make the egg and sperm of Isaac . Isaac had many children and the two mentioned in the JB are Jacob and Esau . The offspring of Jacob became the people of Israel and Esau of white skin also LORD ELohim lost track of that side of the family . Like Jacob , his brother Esau was Hebrew and of the faith of his grandfather Abraham . Judaism began with Abraham . Hebrews began with Isaac . All white skinned people on earth today are decendents of Hebrew Jews and most all except the Jews are the Lost Tribes of Israel . If you look around the world today many nations existing today were began by Hebrew people , the white race . LORD ELohim did not sacrifice Y'shua the Lamb of God just for the Jews but for all people of the world also . He hoped all people of the world would come to the faith of Judaism and keep His Ten Commandments and other teachings so while people were alive in this mortal life their lives would be much better then they were and are now even today . LORD ELohim says it was not any Jews who made the lies and errors in the CB . These errors and lies were added to the disciples writings long after their deaths . This was by the early church in Rome . The early pagan Christian church and their false writings and false beliefs and the pagan Romans influence on their already false beliefs destroyed what LORD ELohim had hoped for .

Matt. 18 : 12 - 14 ( R ) Y'shua talks about lost sheep and the joy of finding the one who went astray . Then Y'shua is to have said Even so it is not the will of your Father which is in heaven , that one of these little ones should perish . The word ' perish ' means to be destroyed or to die . We will all perish and there is nothing the LORD can do about that . What LORD ELohim has hoped for is that the mortal life we do have is happy and kind and a loving life and a life that lasts for at least eighty years . Good and bad alike and no matter what you believe as a religion we are all going to perish some day . It does sadden LORD ELohim that some children do die as children but again He cannot change that .

Matt. 18 : 15 - 20 ( R ) Y'shua talks about how to get along with other people and settle disagreements . It says he says again .... Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven : and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven . Again LORD ELohim would never allow humans to make the rules for Heaven . We can't even manage to get the rules right on this little earth . Y'shua then says For where two or three are gathered together in my name , there am I in the midst of them . This must mean in loving memory of this man because the Lamb of God is dead . In memory of him people all over the world could do this . If he were alive how could he be in tens of thousands of different churches around the world at the same time . Even LORD ELohim cannot be in two differant places at the same time but in peoples thoughts He can be with all His believers at any time and anywhere .

Matt. 18 : 21 - 35 ( R ) It's a story about forgiving people who sin against you . LORD ELohim does not agree with all of it . Then came Peter to him , and said , Lord , how oft shall my brother sin against me , and I forgive him ? till seven times ? Jesus saith unto him , I say not unto thee , Until seven times but , Until seventy times seven . LORD ELohim is very much for forgiveness but to forgive a person who over and over again 490 times doing wrong to you that's a little extreme on how many times to forgive that person . If you allow someone to sin against you 490 times , you really need to get help about that side of your personality . Sometimes it's just better to avoid such a person . The verses go on to say that if you do not forgive every one of your brothers trespasses against you , LORD ELohim will not forgive your sins and will put you some place that's not very nice . That will not happen . Forgiving those who do wrong to you or your loved ones , for some people forgiving them will help them heal physically and emotionally better but it does not work for everyone and every sin . Most of LORD ELohim's teachings were to help us make it through this difficult life with a smile but He is not without understanding how hard that can be for people and why the smiles are few .

Matt. 19 : 1 - 9 ( B ) ( R ) Y'shua goes to Judaea and great multitudes followed him , and he healed them there . Again : many verses say Y'shua is so famous that almost wherever he goes great multitudes find and follow him . Y'shua was not able to heal peoples illness and LORD ELohim says Y'shua was in no way a famous man for his ability to raise the dead , feed the multitudes , heal the sick and do other miracles because he never did any of these things . Y'shua was a mortal man and a Jewish Rabbi and with no more powers to do all these things then you have . Again the Romans were everywhere in Israel and if Y'shua was doing these miraculous things the Romans would have known and Y'shua would have ended up in Rome to be the personal doctor of Caesar and to be there to raise Caesar from the dead when he dies . If Y'hsua could do all these miracles he never would have been nailed to a Roman wooden cross in Israel . Had Y'shua done all these things the Pharisees would have known and their conversations with Y'shua would have been so differant then what is written in the Bible like this verse : The Phariees also came unto him , tempting him , and saying unto him , Is it lawful for a man to put away his wife for every cause ? This verse says : The Phariees also came unto him , which seems to mean they were there when he was healing the great multitudes and all the Phariees could talk about with him is about divorce . This is beyond being a little strange . If you were to witness the lame walking , the blind able to see , the deaf to hear , those with Dropsy , Epilepsy , Palsy healed and dozens more differant diseases cured in a moment would you have a more interesting conversation with Y'shua then the Phariees had with him about divorce . The rest of the verses are mostly about divorce and nothing about healing the sick , raising the dead , feeding multitudes , and other boring topics like these . A little strange the Pharisees conversation with Y'shua , very strange . Even if they were not there they would have heard about all these miracles because Y'shua has become a very famous man by then according to the CB . By this time Y'shua has cured thousands according to the CB and he had been doing this for almost three years by then . The Pharisees would have noticed that doctors were going out of business for lack of work by then . Again Y'shua could not heal the sick or blind or deaf and so on , so the subject of divorce at the top of the Pharisees list to talk to him about would now make sense . The LORD says to put what Y'shua said about divorce . The word 'away ' means divorce . And I say unto you , Whosoever shall put away his wife , except it be for fornication , and shall marry another , committeth adultery : and whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery . In Deuteronomy 24 : 1 - 5 that is not what Moses wrote . LORD ELohim says Moses is more right then Y'shua if Y'shua really said this . If a man divorces his wife because she is obnoxious ( disagreeable , offensive , hateful ) to him , he gives her a certificate of divorce and sends her away . If she becomes the wife of another man and gets another divorce the rule is that she cannot remarry her first husband or her second husband again ; or for others married often : any prior husbands . LORD ELohim says just because someone is divorced does not make him or her who remarry other people an adulterer . LORD ELohim saying do not remarry again a lady you divorced in the past is the LORD just trying to help people not to make the same mistake twice . The LORD does not have a big problem with people getting divorced for any reason . We all make mistakes and sometimes marrying someone is a mistake .

Matt. 19 : - 10 - 12 The disciples are still talking about divorce with Y'shua . The disciples come to the conclusion that " it is better not to marry " . Y'shua replied , not everyone can accept this word , but only those to whom it has been given . For there are eunuchs who were born that way , and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by others and there are those who choose to live like eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven . The one who can accept this should accept it ". LORD ELohim does not understand what is ment by for the sake of the kingdom of heaven . Most eunuchs were castrated ( sex glands and testes removed ) . That going on had nothing to do with LORD ELohim . What good would it do for the kingdom of Heaven : whatever that is ? The LORD says not a thing . This makes no sense to expect people to never enjoy a family life to . The Catholic church does not allow the clergy to marry and the words The one who can accept this should accept it may be the reason why but who said these words ? Y'hsua was a married man at this time . Was he a hypocrite . This reads like Y'shua is telling the disciples they and any other clergy in his church should not marry or have any sex like a eunuch . LORD ELohim would never say that to a Rabbi or any other preachers of any religion not to marry . Again Y'shua himself was married and had two children with ( Miriam ) Mary Magdalene so why would Y'shua tell others not to marry . Y'shua was a Rabbi . LORD ELohim never told the Rabbis and others in the religion of Judaism not to marry so why would Y'shua strongly hint that those who follow him should " choose to live like eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven" ? That alone would make Y'shua a hypocrite . LORD ELohim says Y'shua never said this and Y'shua was no hypocrite . The following : it is probably not new news to most people . It's a well known fact that some Catholic church priests and those of higher rank were involved in the rape of children and even little boys to . This is why the LORD would never say " don't marry '' to His Jewish Rabbis . Not allowing Catholic preachers and those of higher rank to have a family to financially support is more money in the church coffers .

Matt. 19 : 13 - 26 ( B ) ( R ) Y'shua blesses children And, behold , one came and said unto him , Good Master , what good thing shall I do , that I may have eternal life ? Y'shua says only God is good and then says but if thou wilt enter into life , keep the commandments . The Christian churches commonly teaches that Christians do not need to keep LORD ELohim's Ten Commandments because just being a Christian will get them to Heaven . Just being Christians is not what Y'shua said according to the CB . It's the opposite to what Christians believe and teach . Then Y'shua speaks what some of the Ten Commandments are . The young man saith unto him . All these things have I kept from my youth up : what lack I yet ? Jesus said unto him , If thou wilt be perfect , go and sell that thou hast , and give to the poor , and thou shalt have treasure in heaven , and come and follow me . We have mentioned before that there is no treasure in Heaven . There is just a lot of space with the occasional planet and sun and stuff like that : but nothing a human would call treasure . And there is no afterlife but giving to the poor is a nice idea for any person . The treasure gained is feeling good about helping people in need . But the young man heard that saying , he went away sorrowful : for he had great possessions . Then Y'shua says that rich people are going to have problems getting into the kingdom of heaven . The disciples then ask : Who then can be saved ? Then Y'shua says With men this is impossible , but with God all things are possible . Which does not answer the disciples question does it . LORD ELohim our God can do a lot of things like creating most of the universe , creating all Spirits , creating all mortal life and stuff like that but He cannot give any mortal eternal life or build a spaceship to take us to His Heaven before we die . The truth is , not all things are possible for LORD ELohim to do .

( 7 : 17 ) NOTES : First : there is no eternal life for any kind of mortal life including mankind . But there are some verses where people ask how can that person have eternal life . That's a strange question to ask if they and you believe in Heaven and Hell and the Lake of Fire . The CB over and over again teaches that all people have an eternal life after this mortal life . The Christians believed that all people who are Christians will go to Heaven to live in a mansion and the rest of us will eventually end up in the Lake of Fire after our stop over in Hell for a while . Hebrews 5 : 8 - 9 It says this about Y'shua .. he learned obedience from what he suffered and , once made perfect , he became the source of eternal salvation for all who obey him .... Matt. 25 : 41 & 46 Then he ( Y'shua ) will say to those on his left , Depart from me , you who are cursed , into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels . ... Then they will go away to eternal punishment , but the righteous to eternal life . There are many verses like these about eternal life that's a good time or eternal punishment that is not such a good time . Either way both means eternal life . Some people believe this life and eternal life after we die are both gifts from LORD ELohim but if a hell did exist those in it would not be saying " this is a great gift from God our loving Father " . So if this were all true : Heaven and Hell and the Lake of Fire and people believe this then why ask " how can I have an eternal life ? " when they believe that is guaranteed for all people . If someone believes all this , the wiser question would be : " how do I keep my eternal life out of hell and the lake of fire " . There are several different religions who believe only the people of their religion will go to Heaven and have a happy eternal life there so Christianity is not so different then those religions . The belief in a hell or another place for eternal punishment is believed in other religions to . People believe a lot of things that makes LORD ELohim seem like a very evil and cuel Father . LORD ELohim says it time people start believing He is a deeply loving and caring Father . LORD ELohim is not bringing a end to most mortal life on earth because He is that angry with us , but because He has seen the great suffering and pain of all species of mortal life including our suffering and He loves mortal life so much that He just wants to end the suffering . A few religions teach that in the end time which is now ; LORD ELohim is going to punish mankind so severe that we will be hopeful that mountains will fall on us . LORD ELohim says that day will never come . He has no interest in punishing mankind and He certainly never created a hell or lake of fire to eternaly torture us .

Matt. 19 : 27 & 28 Peter asks Y'shua what they get for giving up everthing and following him . And Y'shua was said to say Verily I say unto you , That ye which have followed me , in the regeneration when the Son of man shall sit in the throne of his glory , ye also shall sit upon twelve thrones , judging the twelve tribes of Israel . LORD ELohim would never allow man to judge man in the final judgment and Y'shua never thought of himself in this way : of his glory . Y'shua was a very humble man and never said this about himself . LORD ELohim is the judge of all mankind and even of other mortal life on earth . The word regeneration means : formed or created again ; spirtually reborn or converted . Converted means : to turn from one belief to another , transform , change . Again Heaven has no thrones or air so this would have to happen on earth but it's not going to happen . Our species has been judged and have failed . There is no other judgment : it's done . LORD ELohim is not looking for another Noah to restart Humanity someday when most all are dead from our wars , diseases , and whatever other reasons . Again His judgment is done and we have failed for many reasons .

( 7 : 18 ) NOTES : In many verses it says Y'shua spoke about himself like " ... the Son of man shall sit in the throne of his glory " . LORD ELohim says Y'shua never spoke of himself like that . Y'shua was a very humble man and never spoke of himself as being greater then any other people . Y'shua did not even know he was the Lamb of God until he 28 years old . Y'shua never thought of himself as being a God or the Messiah or to be a king or the only Son of God . He spoke very little compared to what the CB says he said and he was a good teacher as a Rabbi for about three years . Y'shua was a loving husband and loving father of two sons . Y'shua lived a normal life compared to others at that time . Again Y'shua never looked down on people and never thought he was better then others . Y'shua was mostly not the man the CB so far says he was .

Matt. 19 : 29 & 30 Back to this : the disciples want to know what they get for following Y'shua and giving up everything . And every one that hath forsaken houses , or brethren , or sisters , or father , or mother , or wife , or children , or lands , for my name's sake , shall receive an hundredfold , and shall inherit everlasting life . But many that are first shall be last ; and the last shall be first . Forsaken means to give up , to turn away from entirely . The disciples said they have ' forsaken all ' so what does an hundredfold mean ? Could it mean regarding what they gave up . Just what every man needs : a hundred wives and what could be hundreds of children . Lands and houses is possible but mother, father , sisters , brothers would not make sense . LORD ELohim does not know what this means either . The verse about first and last . It may have something to do with resurrection times . If it is about when resurrections are to happen remember LORD ELohim does not do resurrections . We did some research . Christians believe in four different resurrection times for the Christians to go to Heaven and those Christians living or dead at the time of the believed rapture will be resurrected first , who are among the last to be Christians . Christians believe there is only one resurrection time for those unredeemed ( the people going to hell ). This resurrection of the unredeemed will not happen untill a thousand years after Y'shua returns to earth and rules all the people here for that thousand years according to the CB . According to the CB these people will be judged as individuals and then they are cast into the lake of fire . Why bother judging people who are all going to the lake anyway ? LORD ELohim would never ever get a corspe out of it's coffin even if He could , just to torture him or her in the lake of fire forever . The LORD says this is a silly belief of Christians and other religions and makes Him sound like a mean and cruel Father . Again LORD ELohim has judged mankind as a species and not as individuals . You might think you are far better then others and most people will think that about themselves when reading the Little Book but the LORD's judgment was not all about if people are good or bad . God's decision has a lot to do with how well all mortal life is doing . It's about how much suffering , pain , hardships people and animals are experiencing now and did in the past . It's about how much joy and happiness and love there is everywhere on earth and much more .

( 7 : 19 ) NOTES : There is somthing called the ' great white throne ' . This is the judgment of those dead who did not believe in Y'shua being what Christians believe he was . There is a belief that the unredeemed will be judged by Y'shua just to give proof these people deserve to be punished for all eternity just because they did not believe Y'shua was a God , and the Messiah , and the king , and the ......... . Y'shua was the Lamb of God and nothing more for LORD ELohim . Again and again and again LORD ELohim would never punish any person based on what they believe as long as their beliefs and religious beliefs do not harm other people .

Matt. 20 : 1 - 16 ( R ) These verses are a parable about what the kingdom of heaven is like . Maybe some day we will study these but not this day . Just skimming through it there is the first and last stuff again . The last sentence says for many are called , but few chosen . Remember the little boy who said what things is he to do so to have eternal life and Y'shua said to keep the Commandments and the boy said he has kept all the Commandments and still Y'shua wasn't pleased with that as a way to eternal life and told him to sell everything and to follow him . So the question is what does it take to get into this Christian kingdom of heaven . You would think that Y'shua , a very faithful Jew without sin , would have said to him something like " just keep keeping LORD ELohim's Ten Commandments " . LORD ELohim says that the boy keeping His Commandments alone would have pleased Him and if He could give people eternal life , the good eternal life , that boy's wish would have come true : but why was Y'shua not pleased with that alone ? Did that even happen ? The LORD says if this had happened Y'shua who the LORD knew very well would have been pleased with that to . Again : no afterlife .

( 7 : 20 ) NOTES : The NIV CB does not have this part of the verse : 20 : 16 for many be called , but few chosen but the KJV CB does . The ' V ' means Version . King James Version or the New International Version and today there are many other versions of the CB . Version means : translation or an account or description from a particular point of view as contrasted with another . Contrast means : to show differences when compared . That is a big difference that this part of the verse is in or not in the many Bible versions . The year 1611 King James Version does have this verse . The word ' chosen ' is a big deal . What does it take to be chosen and when are those people chosen . There was a preacher recently trying to convert me to become a Christian and he kept saying " it's your choice " . The preacher said it was my choice if I go to hell or Heaven also . According to this verse it's not all about my choice or other peoples choice because we have to be ' chosen ' also . This reminds us of the verses in Matt. 19 : 23 & 24 where Y'hsua was said to say Verily I say unto you , That a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven . And again I say unto you , It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle , than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God . This verse does not say a rich unbeliever in Christianity , but just that any rich man would have problems getting into the kingdom of God . This verse does not say it's the rich man's ' choice ' but about being ' chosen ' . There are a lot of Christian preachers , especially T.V. preachers and preachers of other religions who would have a problem with getting through the eye of that needle .

( 7 : 21 ) We noticed this regarding Moses and Elijah being seen talking to Y'shua while Y'shua was alive in Matt. 17 : 1 - 8 . Moses and Elijah both have been dead for a long time before Y'shua was even born . According to the CB and Christian beliefs : Y'shua was the ' first fruit ' ( meaning first ) raised from the dead . This verse is talking about the resurrection of people from the dead . 1 Corinthians 15 : 22 & 23 For as in Adam all die , so in Christ all will be made alive . But each in turn : Christ , the firstfruits ; then , when he comes , those who belong to him . Colossians 1 : 18 And he is the head of the body , the church ; he is the beginning and the firstborn from among the dead , so that in everything he might have the supremacy . Again Y'shua died and is still dead . But going with what Christians believe Y'shua could not have been the ' first fruit ' raised from the dead if Moses and Elijah were seen with him before Y'shua even died . Matt. 17 : 1 - 8 Moses and Elijah would have needed to be raised from the dead before Y'shua was , which would make at best , Y'shua the third to be raised from the dead and not the first . But if you add this in also . Remember in the CB Y'shua and his disciples were said to have raised many people who were dead back to life . So if Y'shua and the disciples raised fifty people and counting Moses and Elijah to that would make Y'shua number 53 when he was raised from the dead . In Luke 23 : 32 - 43 it says two criminals were also crucified , each on a cross near Y'shua and one said " remember me when you come into your kingdom " and Y'shua said to him . " Truly I tell you , today you will be with me in paradise " .The word ' paradise ' means Heaven according to verses in the CB . If the criminal died and raised from the dead first then that would make Y'shua number 54 raised from the dead . Remember again the CB says Y'shua said he would be in the grave for three nights and three days and then raised from the dead in Matt. 12 : 39 - 40 . .... so the Son of Man will be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth . Why would Y'shua promise this man he would be in Heaven with Y'shua ' today ' when Y'shua is said to have told everyone that he would be in the grave and dead for three days and three nights and not in Heaven . We don't mean to be fussy , but if Y'shua was a full three days and a full three nights in the tomb which is a full 72 hours : would that mean he was raised from the grave after the first minute of the fourth day and not the third day . But Matthew 16 : 21 .... and that he must be killed and on the third day be raised to life . The third day he should have been in the tomb for a full 24 hours just like he said he would be ( three days and three nights ) so therefore the resurrection would have to be on the fouth day . Just food for thought . LORD ELohim never resurrected Y'shua and Y'shua never resurrected himself . What happened to Y'shua's body ? There is a few people LORD ELohim knew who had a few reasons why it was removed from the tomb . So it would seem the belief that Y'shua was the first mortal raised from the dead seems to be a error based on other verses in the CB . LORD ELohim says not even one mortal human has ever been raised from the truly dead and none ever will be including Y'shua , Moses and Elijah or Miriam ( Mary ) the mother of Y'shua because that is impossible even for LORD ELohim to do . We went to the JB about Jonah and the big fish . It says in Jonah 2 : 1 & 2 The LORD provided a huge fish to swallow Jonah ; and Jonah remained in the fish's belly three days and three nights . Jonah prayed to the LORD his God from the belly of the fish . Then in Jonah 2 : 11 it says The LORD commanded the fish , and it spewed Jonah out upon dry land . We could not find anywhere that says Jonah was spewed out of the fish on the third day . As with Y'shua it would have been on the beginning of the forth day if he spent a full three days and three nights in the fish . LORD ELohim says to add this : this never really happened to Jonah but the LORD thinks most people already know this . Again He says ' Think Not Beyond Logic ' .

( 7 : 22 ) NOTES : Why is there so much over dramatization in the many different religious Bibles ? LORD ELohim's answer to this : it's because humans wrote them . At best LORD ELohim can do little visions and dreams or put little thoughts into peoples minds but nothing like what is written . People have always added to them or simply wrote what they believe . If the LORD gives someone one sentence they will write twenty about that one . Why did Jonah write he was in a fish for three nights and three days when it is not true ? The LORD does not have an answer to this . I asked if Jonah was asked to write it so Y'shua could use it later and the LORD said it had nothing to do with Y'shua because Y'shua was not to be raised from the dead and he was not raised from the dead . The only thing the LORD can say about all the over dramatization in religious writings is " Think Not Beyond Logic " .

Matt. 20 : 17 - 28 ( B ) ( R ) These verses are about Y'shua explaining to his disciples about being betrayed and being condemned to death . LORD ELohim says that Y'shua was becoming very popular among the Jews because of his teachings as a Rabbi and the Pharisees and Scribes became concerned because not all that Y'shua taught did they believe in . Y'shua goes on to say that he would be delivered to the Gentiles meaning the Romans and crucified by them . LORD ELohim was behind moving the Pharisees and Scribes against Y'shua and the Romans to . By this time Y'shua knew he was the Lamb of God and has known that for a few years . Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto , but to minister , and to give his life a ransom for many . This is something LORD ELohim would never do again .

Matt. 20 : 29 - 34 ( B ) ( R ) These verses are about Y'shua healing two blind men which did not happen .

Matt. 21 : 1 - 11 ( B ) ( R ) Y'shua and his disciples were at the mount of Olives and Y'shua ... Saying unto them , Go into the village over against you , and straightway ye shall find an ass tied , and a colt with her , loose them , and bring them unto me . The CB says Y'shua did this to fulfill a prophet's prophecy in Zechariah 9 : 9 which says in the JB Rejoice greatly , Fair Zion ; Raise a shout , Fair Jerusalem ! Lo , your king is coming to you . He is victorious , triumphant , Yet humble , riding on an ass , On a donkey foaled by a she-ass . The JB says this image of the ideal future king ( Messiah ) has been very influential in Jewish tradition , and has influenced the depiction of Jesus in the Gospels . The problem with this , did it really happen and second Y'shua was never to be a King set upon a King's throne by LORD ELohim . Y'shua was never the Messiah either . Also what at that time was Y'shua victorious and triumphant about . The LORD said at that time Y'shua was not victorious or triumphant regarding anything . Why would the LORD make Y'shua the Lamb of God and also a King when at this time soon Y'shua will be crucified as the Lamb of God . It takes a lot of work for LORD ELohim to make someone into a King like David and Solomon . Y'shua was never a King because LORD ELohim never ment for Y'shua to be a King . So this prophecy about the King coming on a ass is not about Y'shua : it's about a true King when and if that day comes . Did this happen ? The LORD says it did not happen . The verses go on to say a ' great multitude ' did things as a sign of great praise for Y'shua . In Jerusalem if people did not know him they said Who is this ? And the multitude said , This is Jesus the prophet of Nazareth of Galilee .

Matt. 21 : 12 - 17 ( B ) ( R ) These verses are about Y'shua at the Temple of God and tossing the tables of the moneychangers and others . And said unto them , It is written , My house shall be called the house of prayer , but ye have made it a den of thieves . LORD ELohim says this did happen . In Isaiah 56 : 7 " I will bring them to My sacred mount And let them rejoice in My house of prayer . Their burnt offerings and sacrifices Shall be welcome on My altar ; For My House shall be called A house of prayer for all peoples ." Then it says the blind and lame came to him in the Temple and Y'shua healed them . This did not happen . It says the chief priest and scribes saw him healing people and children were crying out Hosanna to the son of David and that the priests and scribes did not like . Hosanna means " save us, please " and is also a word used to praise someone .

Matt. 21 : 18 - 22 ( B ) ( R ) This is about Y'shua cursing a fig tree because it had no fruit on it for him to eat and the fig tree withered away . The disciples saw that happen and marvelled . Again Y'shua repeated this ....... ye shall say unto this mountain , Be thou removed , and be thou cast into the sea : it shall be done . And all things , whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer ; believing , ye shall receive . This throwing a mountain into the sea by just speaking to it is something even LORD ELohim cannot do so neither could you . Did Y'shua prove that could be done ? No . In other words this is a lie said to be spoken by Y'shua . Did he really say this lie ?

( 7 : 23 ) NOTES : In Christian theology some believe LORD ELohim is all powerful but this surprised the LORD . In a Christian book it says ' for LORD ELohim to declare a sinner righteous this would be a misuse of His power ' . It goes on to say ' For the LORD to do so would bring LORD ELohim to be declared guilty of breaking His own rules and He would have to suffer the same judgment He puts upon people who do the same ' . The LORD wants these theologians to understand : LORD ELohim is the one and only God and none of you Christian theologians are gods any more then Y'shua was a god . If the LORD wants to call a sinner righteous He will do so . LORD ELohim says the rules He made for mankind were for mankind and not for Spirit and not for Him . The rules He made for mankind were to help mankind pass this trial . The bottom line is that LORD ELohim can do whatever He wants to do and without the permission of you Christian theologians . If you Christian theologians really studied the CB and corrected the errors , the LORD ELohim would not need to write His Little Book about the CB and do that for you . The next time you read the CB remember LORD ELohim says " this time Think Not Beyond Logic and truly think about what you read " .

Matt. 21 : 23 - 32 ( B ) ( R ) Y'shua went into the Temple and the chief priests and elders asked him by what authority does he do these things . The conversation ended with Y'shua saying he was not going to tell them . Then Y'shua gave a parable and talked about John the Baptist and in the end Y'shua told them that the publicans and the harlots go into the kingdom of God before you . Then Y'shua talked more about John and that the priests and elders did not believe what John has spoken . So far in Matthew there is almost nothing about what John the Baptist taught . Maybe in other books of the CB there is more about him and his teachings .

( 7 : 24 ) NOTES : We were looking for something and we found this instead . These verses are about how Simon ( Peter ) met Y'shua . Notice how different the stories about this are . Matt. 4 : 18 - 20 And Jesus walking by the sea of Galilee , saw two brethren , Simon called Peter , and Andrew his brother , casting a net into the sea : for they were fishers . And he saith unto them , Follow me , and I will make you fishers of men . And they straightway left their nets , and followed him . In the book of Mark 1 : 16 - 18 it is almost like Matthew's version of what happened . Luke 5 : 1 - 11 And it came to pass , that , as the people pressed upon him to hear the word of God , he stood by the lake of Gennesaret . And saw two ships standing by the lake : but the fishermen were gone out of them , and were washing their nets . And he entered into one of the ships , which was Simon's , and prayed him that he would thrust out a little from the land . And he sat down , and taught the people out of the ship . Now when he had left speaking , he said unto Simon ( Peter ) , Launch out into the deep , and let down your nets for a draught . And Simon answering said unto him , Master , we have toiled all the night , and have taken nothing nevertheless at thy word I will let down the net . And when they had this done , they inclosed a great multitude of fishes: and their net brake . And they beconed unto their partners , which were in the other ship , that they should come and help them . And they came , and filled both the ships , so that they began to sink . When Simon Peter saw it , he fell down at Jesus knees , saying , Depart from me ; for I am a sinful man , O Lord . For he was astonished , and all that were with him , at the draught of the fishes which they had taken : And so was also James , and John , the sons of Zebedee , which were partners with Simon . And Jesus said unto Simon ; Fear not from henceforth thou shalt catch men . And when they had brought their ships to land , they forsook all , and followed him . In the book of John there is his story about Peter who's original name was Simon met Y'shua . This is in the KJV John 1 : 35 - 42 Again the next day after John ( the Baptist ) stood , and two of his disciples ; And looking upon Jesus as he walked , he saith , Behold the Lamb of God ! And the two disciples heard him speak ; and they followed Jesus . Then Jesus turned , and saw them following , and saith unto them , What seek ye ? They said unto him , Rabbi , ( which is to say , being interpreted , Master ,) where dwellest thou ? He saith unto them , Come and see . They came and saw where he dwelt , and abode with him that day : for it was about the tenth hour . One of the two which heard John speak and followed him , was Andrew , Simon Peter's brother . He first findeth his own brother Simon , and saith unto him . We have found the Messias , which is , being interpreted , the Christ . And he brought him to Jesus . and when Jesus beheld him , he said , Thou art Simon the son of Jona : thou shalt be called Cephas , which is by interpretation , A stone . The NIV says in the book of John ... You will be called Cephas ( which when translated , is Peter ). In one book it says Cephas in Aramaic means ' rock ' and in Greek it means ' Peter ' . According to the CB there are at least three versions of how Peter became a disciple of Y'shua . Which if any is the true story about this ? How did it go from " Behold the Lamb of God " to " We have found the Messiah " . From what we could find written about what people expect of the Messiah the Lamb of God has nothing in common with the Messiah . Mark and Luke were not disciples of Y'shua when he was alive and many Christians believe what Mark wrote about in his book he learned from Peter . Luke is believed to have traveled a lot with Paul and Paul was never a original disciple of Y'shua either . John and Matthew were disciples of Y'shua when Y'shua was alive and their writings about how Peter came to know Y'shua are completely different . The lake of Gennesaret is in the region of the northwest shore of the Sea of Galilee . Some say it's another name for the Sea of Galilee .

Matt. 21 : 33 ( B ) ( R ) This begins with a parable and we are not going to write the whole parable . It ends with Y'shua saying the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people who will produce it's fruit .... When the chief priests and Pharisees heard Jesus parables , they knew he was talking about them . They looked for a way to arrest him , but they were afraid of the crowd because the people held that he was a prophet . LORD ELohim says by this time Y'shua was giving the chief priests and Pharisees reasons to go against him .

Matt. 22 : 1 - 14 This is another parable . It's about a wedding banquet where many were asked to go to but did not . So the servants went to the street and asked anyone to go to this banquet and many went to it . One person who went was not wearing wedding clothes and for that reason alone the king had him tied up and thrown into the darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth . The story ends with : For many are called , but few are chosen . LORD ELohim says the word ' chosen ' is one of the things wrong with this parable . Remember again that LORD ELohim would never test people by using the world religions to do so . Any of the worlds religions should read : it is by your ' choice ' you belong to that religion . No religion should try to scare people into joining their religion by using the words ' hell ' or ' lake of fire ' . No religion should make people fear they may be murdered if they do not join a certain religion . Christians believe in a afterlife and that they were ' chosen ' to get the happy afterlife before the earth was even created by LORD ELohim . The word ' chosen ' means nothing to LORD ELohim because that does not happen that way except when He needs a Abraham or a Moses or a prophet or Lamb of God or a King ( David & Solomon ) or a secretary to write His book . LORD ELohim wants to remind people that we as people are far beyond a time when LORD ELohim even cares what religion you choose as long as no people are harmed by the teachings of your religion . This is the Sabbath Day , the Last Day , the Judgment Day . It's to late for LORD ELohim to work toward a one world religion again as He tried to do with Y'shua . LORD ELohim tryed to bring all people of the world to Judaism . We as Humanity are a failed species but the reason for that has very little to do with people's choice of religion .

Matt. 22 : 15 - 22 ( B ) (R ) These verses are about the Pharisees plans to trap Y'shua in his words . The Pharisees disciples asked Y'shua a question : .... what is your opinion ? Is it right to pay the imperial tax to Caesar or not ? But Jesus , knowing their evil intent , said , " You hypocrites , why are you trying to trap me ? Show me the coin used for paying the tax " . They brought him a denarius , and he asked them , " Whose image is this ? And whose inscription ? " Caesar's " , they replied . Then he said to them " So give back to Caesar what is Caesar's , and to God what is God's " . When they heard this , they were amazed . So they left him and went away .

Matt. 22 : 23 - 33 ( B ) ( R ) The Sadducees who don't believe in a resurrection asked Y'shua a question about if a women is married seven times to seven brothers who each died and then the women died " Now then , at the ressurrection , whose wife will she be of the seven , since all of them were married to her " . Jesus replied , ....At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage : they will be like the angels in heaven . In other words : there is no sex in Heaven . Angels have no genitals . The LORD created all Angels with His own hands so there was no reason for them to have genitals or to be either male or female Angels . All Angels if you asked them what are you male or female they would all say male . There are only boys in Heaven . Even LORD ELohim is a boy . Then Y'shua goes on to say " But about the resurrection of the dead - have you not read what God said to you , I am the God of Abraham , the God of Isaac , and the God of Jacob ? He is not the God of the dead but of the living . The JB in Exodus 3:6 says I am He said , the God of your father , the God of Abraham , the God of Isaac , and the God of Jacob . Is LORD ELohim speaking about the past or of the time of Moses ? The sentence He is not the God of the dead but of the living is not in the JB or in any CB we have in Exodus 3 : 6 - ..... Y'shua is talking about the resurrection of the dead . Is this statement by Y'shua his way of saying that Abraham , Isaac and Jacob are resurrected from the dead and alive since LORD ELohim is still their God ? Remember Y'shua said LORD ELohim is not the God of dead people . Abraham , Isaac and Jacob died long before LORD ELohim is said to have said this Moses . If Abraham , Isaac and Jacob are already resurrected back to life and among the living again then how can the body of Y'shua be the first to be resurrected from the dead as Christians believe he was the first of ? Colossians 1 : 18 And he is the head of the body , the church ; he is the beginning and the firstborn from among the dead , .... Revelation 1 : 5 ... and from Jesus Christ , who is the faithful witness, the firstborn from the dead , and the ruler of the kings of the earth . Remember Matthew 17 : 1 - 5 ... And , behold , there appeared unto them Moses and Elias talking with him . So Moses and Elijah must have been resurrected from the dead also before Y'shua was . Then again add all the dead people Y'shua and his disciples were claimed to have risen from the dead also . Y'shua's own claimed resurrection from the dead is far down the list of those resurrected before him . Now for the truth : LORD ELohim says no human or any other mortal life has ever been resurrected from the dead including Y'shua's body . Again the LORD ELohim cannot do that and neither could Y'shua and his disciples . And these verses end with : And when the multitude heard this , they were astonished at his doctrine .

( 7 : 25 ) Did Y'shua say all the verses they say he said ? If Y'shua came from Heaven as Christians claim he did , he would have known that Moses and Abraham and all the others said to be resurrected are not living there and that their bones are still somewhere on earth . Y'shua would have known there will be no resurrection of any dead mortal ; even him . Remember a lot of verses have been added to the CB long long after Y'shua and his disciples were dead so what did Y'shua say or not say is always a good question to ask . LORD ELohim does not remember every word Y'shua said but He does remember for the most part He was pleased with what Y'shua spoke . LORD ELohim knows that Y'shua did believe in resurrection of dead mortals including himself . The belief in resurrection of dead people was not a common belief of Jew's then or even today . If I wrote that Y'shua did not believe in the resurrection of the dead that was my error . He did believe in this . Again it's difficult for LORD ELohim to teach people and Y'shua was no different .

Matt. 22 : 34 - 40 ( B ) ( R ) The Pharisees heard that Y'shua teachings shut up the Sadducees mouths . A lawyer among the Pharisees asked Y'shua a question . Master, which is the great commandment in the law ? Jesus said unto him , Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart , and with all thy soul , and with all thy mind . This is the first and great commandment . And the second is like unto it , Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself . On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets . The LORD does not have a problem with these verses . Y'shua answer was the right answer .

Matt. 22 : 41 - 46 ( B ) ( R ) These verses even LORD ELohim does not understand so I am not going to even try . It's like a riddle that the Pharisees had no answer for either . The Pharisees were gathered near Y'shua and Y'shua said to them : What think ye of Christ ? whose son is he ? They say unto him , The son of David . He saith unto them , How then doth David in spirit call him Lord , saying . The LORD said unto my Lord . Sit thou on my right hand , till I make thine enemies thy footstool ? If David then call him Lord , how is he his son ? And no man was able to answer him a word in reply , and from that day on no one dared to ask him any more questions . Remember Y'shua was not the awaited Messiah or a King or a God and these facts about him makes these verses make no sense which is why the Pharisees never understood what Y'shua was saying about himself . Y'shua's bloodline was of David . The word ' Christ ' means ' Messiah ' . LORD ELohim says Y'shua was never to be the Messiah or a King and he was no God either .

Matt. 23 : 1 - 12 ( B ) ( R ) Y'shua was speaking to a mulitude , and to his disciples . Saying , The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses seat . All therefore whatsoever they bid you observe , that observe and do ; but do not ye after their work ; for they say and do not . The NIV CB says for they do not practice what they preach . All through the New Testament it says Y'shua was not very fond of the Scribes and Pharisees . In these verses it says Y'shua had respect for their teachings ; he just did not like their lifestyle . It goes on about the Pharisees . Then Y'shua says And call no man your father upon the earth : for one is your Father , which is in heaven . This is somthing that Y'shua was suppose to have said to his followers so why in the Catholic church are most clergy called ' father ' including the pope . The name Holy Father is used for the pope and LORD ELohim is not happy about that or calling the priests father to . Why would the Catholic church even start calling the clergy father when it is written in the New Testament not to and spoken by Y'shua himself ? Nor are you to be called masters ( instructors ) , for you have one master , the Messiah . Then it says the greatest among them will be a servant and the humble will be exalted .

( 7 : 26 ) NOTES : LORD ELohim wants Christians to remember that before Y'shua there was four thousand years of Humanity on trial also . The only writings we could find was that Old Testament believers in LORD ELohim as their God would be resurrected for going to Heaven but it says only the Saints . It says Jews and Gentiles Old Testament believers . How many Gentiles ever believed in LORD ELohim as their God ? Remember that LORD ELohim does not judge people based on what religion they were or are because He has always had problems proving Himself to even exist . What he does judge is what the religion teaches : love or hate , peace or war and stuff like that . If a religion causes no harm to other people then He is OK with that religion but if it teaches hate and violence to other people then He is not OK with that religion . Saying that only Old Testament Saints will go to Heaven is wrong . It's not fair to people who lived before Y'shua to be judged differently . How many Christians today and in the past could be called Saints by LORD ELohim . LORD ELohim does not know of any or in any other religions . Remember again that LORD ELohim is not going to judge every person who ever lived . His judgment is final and as a species we greatly failed . Again there will be no resurrection of any people including all Christians and including all who are called Saints by the Christian church . LORD ELohim says that the Christians use the word Saint far to easily . Christians saying with a smile on their face that billions of people will go to hell and suffer in great pain and torture for all eternity makes the LORD ELohim shake His head about you people . If you are as good and loving as you think you are you should have been calling to LORD ELohim to find a way to save those people to or simply do not resurrect them from the grave and wake them from their peaceful sleep . To simply not care about those billions of people is not good enough for any Christian to be called a Saint by LORD ELohim your God and Father . Remember that LORD ELohim calls the Christian religion a pagan religion . There are a lot of religions that the LORD calls pagan .

Matt. 23 : 13 - 39 ( R ) It has Y'shua calling Scribes and Pharisees hypocrites again . We just noticed that in this chapter alone between verses 13 - 29 Y'shua is said to have called the Scribes and Pharisees hypocrites or full of hypocrisy eight times and two times in this chapter verses 15 & 33 he said to them they were going to hell . And again there is no hell and LORD ELohim says Y'shua did not believe in hell but again he did believe in resurrection of the body . LORD ELohim says Y'shua was by words trying to anger them greatly so by their help and the Romans he would be sacrificed . Most people who read the Little Book have a CB so we are not writing all these verses . An example Y'shua says to the Pharisees and Scribes ... You travel over land and sea to win a single convert , and when you have succeeded , you make them twice as much a child of hell as you are . The CB says Y'shua also said You snakes ! You brood of vipers ! How will you escape being condemned to hell . Y'shua in this chapter gave the Pharisees and Scribes good reason to go against Y'shua . Again LORD ELohim did not have a lot of problems with the Pharisees and Scribes at that time and did not agree with all that Y'shua said to them but it did work to get their help to put Y'shua on the cross as the Lamb of God .

( 7 : 27 ) NOTES : The LORD says Judaism began with Abraham who lived in a world of many pagan religions . If over the years since Abraham there were no hard nosed Rabbis and Scribes and Pharisees and others like Prophets the faith of Judaism would have been lost in this world of pagans . The Pharisees and Scribes and others were not perfect in every way but they did keep Judaism alive and well and the lives of the Jews were better then the lives of the pagans for it . The Jews have suffered greatly from time to time and most times because of pagans but their faith in LORD ELohim and in Judaism helped them through those hardships in the past and even today .

Matt. 24 : 1 - 31 ( B ) ( R ) These verses are mostly prophecy about future events . Jesus left the temple and was walking away when his disciples came up to him to call his attention to its ( Jerusalem ) buildings . Y'shua said . So you see all these things ? he asked . Truly I tell you , not one stone here will be left on another ; every one will be thrown down . ....the disciples came to him privately . Tell us , they said , when will this happen , and what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age ? Jesus answered : .... For many will come in my name claiming ,' I am the Messiah ' .... wars and rumors of wars .... famines and earthquakes .... Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death , and you will be hated by all nations because of me .... many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other .... and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people .... increase of wickedness .... love of most will grow cold .... For then there will be great distress , unequaled from the beginning of the world until now - and never to be equaled again .... If those days had not been cut short , no one would survive , but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened . It says ' no one will survive ' but if you believe in a afterlife then that should be no big deal to you . There is more about false Messiahs but Y'shua was never the Messiah so people are still waiting for the first true and only Messiah so says LORD ELohim . Immediately after this distress of those days ' the sun will be darkened and the moon will not give its light ; the stars will fall from the sky and the heavenly bodies will be shaken ' . On earth mankind could unlease all the nuclear bombs , all thousands and thousands of them , and not even the moon would be effected in any way from that . The sun and moon themselves do not change but what is in our atmosphere greatly will change . The climate of the earth will change but not the sun or the moon . The stars and all in Heaven will not be shaken and true stars will not fall from the skies . Why would they ? Even LORD ELohim cannot cause that to happen . Then will appear the sign of the Son of Man in heaven . And then all the peoples of the earth will mourn when they see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven , with power and glory . Then his Angels will gather those saved from all the earth .... from one end of the heavens to the other .

Matt. 24 : 32 - 38 ( R ) Now learn this lesson from the fig tree : As soon as its twigs get tender and its leaves come out , you know that summer is near . Even so , when you see all these things you know that it is near , right at the door . LORD ELohim uses the word ' fig ' for Israel in the Bible . Many believe these verses are about Israel becoming a nation for the Jews again and that happened in 1948 . This next verse is a little weird . Truly I tell you , this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened . Y'shua was said to have said this about 2000 years ago . That was 50 generations ago since a generation in the Bible equals 40 years and most all has not happened since he promised the disciples they would be alive to see all these things happen . These prophecies are in Matt.24 : 1 -31 . Prophecies about earthquakes and famines and wars are cheap prophecies because those are on going on earth so LORD ELohim says they should not even count as being prophecies . Then it says Y'shua said But about that day or hour no one knows , not even the angels in heaven , nor the Son , but only the Father . If he did not know the day and hour then why did he say he did know it to the disciples about it will happen durning their life time ? LORD ELohim does not know what Y'shua is talking about . Then it goes on talking about when Y'shua is to return from Heaven to earth . LORD ELohim says this will not happen because Y'shua is dead and dead on earth . The mortal man Y'shua like all other humans have never been to Heaven because LORD ELohim does not know how to do that with mortal life without killing people because there is not a lot of air up there in space billions of miles away , or food or or or .... . Remember LORD ELohim does not know how to change flesh into Spirit or how to raise flesh and bone from the grave . With what is written in the Bible and how its written I asked LORD ELohim if it would be fair to judge people based on what religious books teach and He said " It would not be fair " . Y'shua promised the disciples that they would be alive when all this happens and since then , about two thousand years later , most if not all of these things have not happened . Then how can people believe what is written in their sacred books of any religion if there is even one error found ? This is why LORD ELohim does not judge people regarding their choice of religion that they believe in . Some people will believe in anything if they believe there is something to be gained by it . Other people need proof before they will believe in something no matter what is said to be gained by it . LORD ELohim says He would understand any people not believing in any religion because He does not believe or understand all that is written in any religious book either . And this chapter ends with weeping and gnashing of teeth .

Matt. 25 : 1 - 46 ( R ) These verses are a parable about ten virgins . We are not going to write all parables but they are just more information about how hard it is to get into this so called kingdom or Heaven or kingdom of God . The next parable is about bags of gold and just because one of the men did not double the gold that he was given the last verses say : And throw that worthless servant outside , into the darkness , where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth . The next parable is about treating people like sheep and goats . It says Y'shua will separate those who go to the kingdom and eternal life ( sheep ) and those who will go away to eternal punishment ( goats ) . LORD ELohim does not agree with these parables . The LORD would never punish someone for any of the unreasonable reasons in these parables . The LORD ELohim does not remember Y'shua saying any of these parables . Again remember that there are no servants in Heaven . There is one Father LORD ELohim and a lot of children who are Angels but no servants or mansions or thrones or cities or , or , or .

( 7 : 28 ) NOTES : There is something very noticeable in many verses . I have learnt over the years that there is a great difference with mankind compared to Spirits . A lot in the CB verses and a lot in other religious books mentions many of these about what mankind thinks Heaven is like : like kingdoms , thrones , mansions , Kings to rule over others , power , a lot of female virgins , personal glory , servants to be their slaves , a city made of gold and precious stones and so on . They even believe in a place called hell where they hope those who did them wrong will go to and so on . This is not Spirits speaking of their hopes and dreams being written about . These are mankinds hopes and dreams for their lives : for their eternal lives . The true Heaven has none of these things and the Spirits do not want any of that stuff . LORD ELohim has no mansion or even a throne and He does not want for such things anymore then His Spirit children do . Angels and LORD ELohim only want to play games , sing , dance , do live theater shows , and much more and to enjoy each others company and just having a lot of fun and a lot of reasons to laugh and above all : to love each other . All the Angels are equal . In the CB there are verses about Angels who do nothing but worship LORD ELohim constantly . This is a lie . It's people who want to live in mansions and have servants to take care of them and their mansion and to have power over others and to acquire personal glory for themselves and to be kings and to have even more servants to do their bidding and stuff like that . There is not even one Spirit who wants any of that stuff that people want including their and our Father LORD ELohim . So it's easy to tell who's words are written in any religious books : those of man or those of LORD ELohim and Angels .

( 7 : 29 ) NOTES : Who created all that was created . The following verses are great errors written and imagined by mankind . John 1 : 1 - 4 In the beginning was the Word , and the Word was with God , and the Word was God . He was with God in the beginning . Through him all things were made . Then in Colossians 1 : 15 -17 The son is the image of the invisible God , the firstborn over all creation . For in him all things were created : things in heaven and on earth , visible and invisible , whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities ; all things have been created through him and for him . He is before all things , and in him all things hold together . These verses are so wrong about creation of all things . These are all black letters so Y'shua never said this . These verses are nothing more then the oppinions of men and probably added into the books long after Y'shua and the disciples were dead . Verses like these help the church to make it sound like Y'shua was a God when Y'shua was no God and never claimed to be a God . So far in Matthew there is nothing that we can remember of Y'shua saying anything like this . He is before all things . If Y'shua was the son of LORD ELohim then that means LORD ELohim had to be before all things and not Y'shua . I asked LORD ELohim if He knows who among Spirits He created was the first created by Him and He does not know because there was no reason to know this . All Spirits are His sons and all are equal . What does it mean and in him all things hold together ? The nature of the universe is what it is , and flesh and Spirits are what they are . The LORD ELohim is not holding the entire universe and all in it together nor is Y'shua who is dead and there is no need to . The nature of atoms and gravity and stuff like that do all of that for LORD ELohim . It also says that Y'shua created thrones or powers or rulers or authorities ; all things have been created through him and for him . What does this mean ? Does it mean we were his puppets and of a game he is playing with us as the pieces to the game he moved around and made to do his bidding ? LORD ELohim tried to guide us to a more joyful life and a more loving and peaceful life but He tried not to take away our free will at the same time . In other words the LORD tried not to make us His puppets . There was only one King that the LORD helped a little bit for him to become King and that was King David . I think I wrote this wrong before that LORD ELohim also made Solomon a King but Solomon the son of David became King because who his dad was . LORD ELohim did like Solomon so He was happy with that . Other then David , for the most part the LORD left people alone to make their own choices in life and He hoped for the best for all mankind . The truth is : LORD ELohim created all that was created and Y'shua maybe as a carpenter created a few chairs or tables but not the universe , mortal life or Spirits and anything else created by LORD ELohim . Y'shua is not your Father . LORD ELohim is your creator and Father . To say Y'shua created all is a lie told by the Christian church .

Matt. 26 : 1 - 25 ( B ) ( R ) When Y'shua finished the parables he said to the disciples Ye know that after two days is the feast of the passover , and the Son of man is betrayed to be crucified . The chief priests and Scribes and elders got together with the high priest called Caiaphas and they talked about how to kill Y'shua . A lady poured expensive perfume on Y'shua head and the disciples were indignant about it . Y'shua said she did it for his burial and to remember her in the gospel . Judas Iscariot makes a deal to betray Y'shua with the chief priests . Then they were having the Passover supper and Y'shua said Truly I tell you , one of you will betray me .

Matt. 26 : 26 - 31 ( B ) ( R ) Y'shua broke bread and called it his body and poured wine and called it his blood . All ye shall be offended because of me this night : for it is written , I will smite the shepherd , and the sheep of the flock shall be scattered abroad . The CB says this prophecy is in Zechariah 13 : 7 . In the CB it says Awake , sword , against my shepherd , against the man who is close to me ! declares the LORD Almighty . Strike the shepherd , and the sheep will be scattered , and I will turn my hand against the little ones . The JB says : O sword ! Rouse yourself against My shepherd , The man in charge of My flock - says the LORD of Hosts . Strike down the shepherd And let the flock scatter ; And I will also turn My hand Against all the shepherd boys , Usually if the verses are a reference to Y'shua in the Christian Bible the Jewish Bible mentions that in the side writings that are not verses . There is nothing in Zechariah 13 : 7 regarding this verse said to be about Christians saying it's about Y'shua and it is written a little different then what is written in the Christian Bible of the same verse . LORD ELohim says this verse has nothing to do with Y'shua . The LORD says this ' shepherd ' is a King in charge of My flock and the ' shepherd boys ' are those in the government of that King . Again this verse had nothing to do with Y'shua .

( 7 : 30 ) NOTES : The book of Zechariah was written around 522 B.C. and long before Y'shua . Remember the Jewish Bible was written first and is the one the Christian Bible should have the exact words of when using the Jewish Bible for their Christian Bible . It is often that the writers of the CB changed words regarding the JB such as in the CB Old Testament . The LORD says this is not right . If you are going to use other peoples writings in their Bible you need to write it the way it is written in their book . To change words in your book and claim it is written like that in other peoples religion is just wrong .

Matt. 26 : 32 - 35 ( B ) ( R ) Y'shua says But after I am risen again , I will go before you into Galilee . Peter says he would never be offended by Y'shua and Y'shua says Verily I say unto thee , That this night , before the cock crow , thou shalt deny me thrice . Peter said unto him , Though I should die with thee , yet will I not deny thee . Likewise also said all the disciples .

Matt. 26 : 36 - 56 ( B ) (R ) Y'shua and the disciples go to Gethsemane and Y'shua went to pray . Y'shua says My soul is exceeding sorrowful , even unto death .... and then he prayed to LORD ELohim saying O my Father , if it be possible , let this cup pass from me : nevertheless not as I will , but as thou wilt . Then he prayed again and again . The disciple were sleeping and Y'shua said Rise , let us be going : behold , he is at hand that doth betray me . Then Judas and many with swords came and Judas kissed Y'shua as a sign to them that he was the person the Pharisees wanted them to arrest . One of the disciples cut off the ear of a servant of the high priest and Y'shua told him to put the sword away . Then Y'shua said Thinkest thou that I cannot now pray to my Father , and he shall presently give me more than twelve legions of angels ? But how then shall the scriptures be fulfilled , that thus it must be ? Then he spoke to the crowd . Then all the disciples forsook him , and fled .

Matt. 26 : 57 - 68 ( B ) ( R ) They took Y'shua to the high priest Calaphas where the Scribes and elders were . Peter followed and sat with the priest's servants . Two witnesses spoke against him saying This fellow said , I am able to destroy the temple of God ,and to build it in three days . The priest asked Y'shua ... tell us whether thou be the Christ , the Son of God . Y'shua said Thou hast said ; nevertheless I say unto you , Hereafter shall ye see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power , and coming in the clouds of heaven . These people never saw Y'shua doing that . The NIV CB regarding these verses says the priests asked .... Tell us if you are the Messiah , the Son of God . Y'shua said You have said so , .... But I say to all of you : From now on you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of the Mighty One and coming on the clouds of heaven . The LORD ELohim says that Y'shua is not in Heaven and he will never sit at the right hand of God because this man is dead and there is nothing alive of him . Again none of these people ever saw Y'shua sitting next to LORD ELohim as Y'shua said they would . Then the high priest said .... He has spoken blasphemy ! and asked others what they think and they said He is worthy of death , Then they spit on Y'shua and hit him .

( 7 : 31 ) NOTES : Sometimes Y'shua spoke as a man with hopes and dreams just like all people have . There is a lot added into the CB that Y'shua never said but the LORD says that Y'shua from time to time did speak about his hopes and dreams which is common to any mortal man or women and Y'shua was a mortal man who had many of his own beliefs about some things . Y'shua was not a puppet for God . Y'shua had his own life and many of his own beliefs and not all were correct and true .

Matt. 26 : 69 - 75 ( B ) ( R ) In these verses Peter denied knowing Y'shua three times before the rooster crows just as Y'shua said he would . Before the cock crow , thou shalt deny me thrice .

Matt. 27 : 1 - 10 ( B ) The chief priests and elders took Y'shua to Pilate the governor . Judas gave the silver back to the chief priests because his regrets having betrayed Y'shua . Judas said I have sinned , he said , for I have betrayed innocent blood . The priests said What is that to us ? .... That's your responsibility ? Then Judas went away and hanged himself . Because the silver was now ' blood money ' they could not put it in the treasury so they used the money to buy a potter's field to bury foreigners .

Matt. 27 : 11 - 26 ( B ) ( R ) And Jesus stood before the governor : and the governor asked him , saying , Art thou the King of the Jews ? And Jesus said unto him . Thou sayest . When accused by the chief priests and elders he said nothing . The governor was willing to release one prisoner and the people choice Barabbas . Pilate asked what is he to do with Y'shua and the people sayed Let he be crucified . Pilate washed his hands before the multitude and said I am innocent of the blood of this just person : see ye to it . Then answered all the people , and said , His blood be on us , and on our children . Barabbas was released and Y'shua was scourged and delivered him to be crucified .

( 7 : 32 ) NOTES : The purpose of Y'shua's life was to be the Lamb of God sacrificed for all mankind . According to the CB Y'shua had brought many people back from the dead , healed many thousands , feed many thousands and did other miracles . It just does not make sense how fast people forgot all this if he really did all these things . There had to be people who's mother or father or sister or brother or friend were risen from the dead by Y'shua or were healed by him or feed by him in the multitude of people gathered there before Pilate , yet there seems to be none . If Y'shua did all these things surely Pilate would have heard of him but Pilate speaks like he knows nothing about Y'shua doing these things . If Y'shua was a common Rabbi and nothing much more then what happened between him and the chief priests and Pilate would make a lot more sense .

Matt. 27 : 27 - 34 ( B ) The governor's soldiers took Jesus into the common hall and many soldiers were gathered there . They stripped him annd put a scarlet robe on him and a crown of thorns and mocked him . Hail , king of the Jews ! they said . They beat him then took the robe off him and put his cloths back on him and took him away to be crucified . A man named Simon carried his cross for him .They went to a place called Golgotha . There they offered Jesus wine or vinegar mixed with gall and after tasting it Jesus refused to drink it .

( 7 : 33 ) NOTES : It depends on which CB you read about Y'shua being offered a drink with gall . One Bible says vinegar and the other says it was wine mixed with gall . Gall is a bitter poisonous herb plant . It was given to criminals before crucifixion to deaden the pain . So why would Y'shua not drink this ? Remember Y'shua said to his disciples at the last supper : " I tell you , I will not drink from this fruit of the vine from now on until that day when I drink it new with you in my Father's kingdom . Y'shua made this promise with his disciples that he would not drink anything made of grapes and both wine and vinegar come from the grapes ( fruit ) of the vine .

Matt. 27 : 35 ( B ) The NIV CB says : When they had crucified him , they divided up his clothes by casting lots . In the KJV CB it says : And they crucified him , and parted his garments , casting lots : that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet , They parted my garments among them , and upon my vesture did they cast lots . In the NIV CB there is no mention of a prophet writting of this but in the KJV it does mention a prophet wrote about this . The problem was is that the KJV does not make note of which prophet said this or where in the JB it could be found . We did a lot of work regarding this verse . Finally in the year 1611 KJV we found a note that the prophecy was in Psalms 22 : 18 . In the JB we found it in Psalms 22 : 19 not 22 : 18 . In the JB it says in Psalms 22 : 19 They divide my clothes among themselves , casting lots for my garments . In the JB it says ' a Psalm of David ' . LORD ELohim says David was never a prophet but he did write a lot . The LORD says the Romans and anyone else did not cast lots for Y'shua's cloths . Not a lot of people would be interested in wearing the humble cloths Y'shua was known to wear . Remember in verse 31 they took the scarlet robe off Y'shua before they walked him to Golgotha . King David probably wore a lot more expensive cloths then Y'shua did . Again it's Christians using Jewish writings to validate their writings . Why did the NIV take out what is written in the KJV : that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet , They parted my garments among them , and upon my vesture did they cast lots . ? Maybe they realized this was not talking about Y'shua and should not be in there or they could not find it in the JB or, or , or .

Matt. 27 : 36 - 43 ( B ) The Romans watched Y'shua. And set up over his head his accusation written , This Is Jesus The King Of The Jews . There were two thieves crucified with him . And they that passed by reviled him , wagging their heads . And saying , Thou that destroyest the temple , and buildest it in three days , save thyself if thou be the Son of God , come down from the cross . The chief priests and scribes and elders mocked him saying He saved others ; himself he cannot save. If he be the King of Israel , let him now come down from the cross , and we will believe him . Y'shua was said to have said he is the Son of God so they said He trusted in God ; let him deliver him now if he will have him ....

Matt. 27 : 44 ( B ) This is about the two thieves who were crucified with Y'shua . This is what the NIV says in Matt. 27 : 44 . In the same way the rebels who were crucified with him also heaped insults on him . In the KJV it says The thieves also , which were crucified with him , cast the same in his teeth . In Luke 23 : 39 - 43 it tells the same story about these two thieves but Luke tells it very differently . One of the criminals who hung there hurled insults at him : Aren't you the Messiah ? Save yourself and us ! . But the other criminal rebuked him . Don't you fear God ? he said , since you are under the same sentence ? We are punished justly , for we are getting what our deeds deserve . But this man has done nothing wrong . Then he said , Jesus , remember me when you come into your kingdom . Jesus answered him saying Truly I tell you , today you will be with me in paradise . There is no mention of this in Matt. In Matt. it says both the thieves insulted Y'shua . In Luke it says only one of the thieves insulted Y'shua and the other thief gave that thief heck for it . Y'shua's promise to the thief who was kind to him , that he would be in paradise with him was a promise Y'shua could not keep but the thief died and will never come to realize that failed promise . So which verses are true : Matthew or Luke . Did both verbally treat Y'shua badly or was one a good man to Y'shua and the other rude to him . Again : which is true ? Matthew was a disciple of Y'shua but Luke was not . Does that mean anything ? The LORD Elohim says " it does " . It's not a error of ours words , cast the same in his teeth . That's a weird way to say they joined the other people verbally abusing Y'shua if that's what it means . Again Christians believe Y'shua was the first among mankind to be risen from the dead but that would not have happened until his dead body was in the tomb three nights and three days . Y'shua said to the thief on the cross he would be in Heaven that day and long before the 72 hours Y'shua's body was in the tomb . If the thief was resurrected to Heaven that day then he would have been there before Y'shua and therefore Y'shua again is not the first to be resurrected . Y'shua could not keep this promise because LORD ELohim does not know how to do that for mortal life and Y'shua was never able to do that either . Again Y'shua had his own beliefs about things and one was that he did believe in the ability of LORD ELohim to resurrect dead people which the LORD cannot do .

Matt. 27 : 45 - 47 ( B ) ( R ) Now from the sixth hour there was darkness over all the land unto the ninth hour . LORD ELohim says this did not happen . The LORD cannot cause the sun to not shine . And about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying , Eli , Eli , lama sabachthani ? that is to say , My God , my God , why hast thou forsaken me ? Some of them that stood there , when they heard that said , This man calleth for Elias . Elias is the Christian name for Elijah . This makes no sense . Y'shua was calling out to LORD ELohim so who would have thought he was calling to Elijah . Y'shua said " My God , my God " . The Jews would not think Elijah is a God . There must have been a lot of non-Jews there . The LORD never had Elijah for a name and Elijah was never called God by the Jews . LORD ELohim shakes His head over this verses . He was there and He never heard any people saying Y'shua is calling Elijah when Y'shua was obviously calling to LORD ELohim .

( 7 : 34 ) NOTES : Some times I think the only reason why the Christian church change people names was just to keep people confused . It's taken a lot of work to do just the book of Matthew and one reason is to find the true names of people . LORD ELohim says there was no reason for the names of the Jews to be changed . Even some of the disciples of Y'shua names were changed and not by Y'shua . For many many hundreds of years the Catholic church made it unlawful for the common person to even have a Bible . They burned people at the stake if found with any CB writings so people would need a Catholic preacher and the church to teach them . When I was a child many years ago a friend of mine was Catholic and one Sunday I went with her to the church . I said to her that I did not understand what the preacher was saying and she told me she did not understand either . The preacher was speaking in Latin during the whole service . Latin was the language of ancient Rome . To this day I still don't get that . Helping the LORD with His Little Book I have learned that the CB is not a easy read . The Jewish Study Bible is not so hard to understand and it does explain pretty much everything and they are not out to confuse any people .

( 7 : 35 ) NOTES : Before we get into the next verses , which a few of do not make any sense lets do a quick study about what people believe about resurrection . Resurrection is the raising of the dead . The CB teaches that the flesh body will be raised from the dead and the Souls are waiting for that to happen . People commonly believe when the resurrection of the flesh body happens the Soul and body are joined together again and will be like that for all eternity .

Matt. 27 : 48 - 51 ( B ) Again someone tried to give vinegar to Y'shua again . The rest said , Let be , let us see whether Elias will come to save him . Jesus , when he had cried again with a loud voice , yielded up the ghost . When mortal life who have Souls die the Soul leaves the body quickly . Souls are the only Spirits in the body of mortal flesh unless there is a teacher Spirit . A Soul could fit into a tea cup . Remember most Jews then and now do not believe in resurrection . Then it says the temple veil riped in two and a earth-quake happened which LORD ELohim says did not happen .

Matt. 27 : 50 - 53 ( B ) These verses are telling a story about corpses raising out of graves within moments after Y'shua died . Jesus , when he had cried again with a loud voice , yeilded up the ghost . And , behold the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom ; and the earth did quake , and the rocks rent ; And the graves were opened ; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose , And came out of the graves after his resurrection , and went into the holy city , and appeared unto many . Again Y'shua said ' he ' would be in the tomb three days and three nights in Matt. 12 : 40 For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale's belly , so shall the Son of man be three days and three night in the heart of the earth . These verses 50 - 53 say Y'shua was resurrected the moment he died . 53 And came out of the graves after his resurrection .. So which is the truth ? Was he resurrected at the moment of death or 72 hours after being put into the tomb ? We tryed to find any writings that said resurrection means when a person dies their ghost leaves the body . All written about resurrection means when the dead flesh body is risen from the grave or from where ever with their old flesh and bones put together again and the Souls have returned to the flesh and the flesh is alive again : that's resurrection . If the flesh body must come back to life then Y'shua was not resurrected while his flesh was still hanging on the cross . This verse said Y'shua was resurrected first and then the saints were raised from the dead moments after Y'shua's was resurrected . But Y'shua's dead body was still on the cross so how could he have been resurrected ? According to the CB the resurrection of Y'shua body would not happen for three days and three nights after his body was put into the tomb . Again the clock did not start ticking at the time of Y'shua's death but at the time his body was put into the tomb . If resurrection simply means the Souls ( ghost ) have departed the dead body then many billions of people dating back many tens of thousands of years were resurrected before Y'shua . Again confusing isn't it . If it is the dead flesh body that is resurrected then these saints were resurrected before Y'shua and add also all those dead Y'shua was suppose to have raised from the dead and Moses and Elijah and so on ; which means Y'shua was not the first resurrected from the dead but the CB says Y'shua was the first to be resurrected . Revelation 1 : 5 ... and from Jesus Christ , who is the faithful witness , the firstborn from the dead , ..... A Christian book says there were no witnessess to the resurrection of Y'shua . People only saw the appearance of the resurrected body of Y'shua , so is claimed by the church . LORD ELohim says on that day no saints crawled out of their grave and no person saw these people in the city . Again the LORD ELohim does not know how to raise the dead and neither did Y'shua . Again these verses in Matt. 27 : 52 - 53 are a lie . It would be hard to make them an innocent error . Again the graves did not open and the flesh and bones of saints were not resurrected from their graves and people did not see them strolling through the city streets naked . The LORD does not resurrect old fabric fluff back into garments either . The Jewish people are more aware of their history then any other people on earth . Had many bodies of Jewish saints arise from their grave and walked through the Holy city , God is sure the Jews would remember that even today . These verses are a lie but if it were true where on earth are these saints today ? LORD ELohim says that no man or women has ever gone to Heaven including Y'shua . What the Christian church needs to do is define what resurrection means a lot better then they have . Is it called a resurrection just because Y'shua and other peoples Souls leave the body or is it when the flesh and bones are put back together and the Souls return and then the body is raised from the grave being alive again ? Either way what is written in the CB states that Y'shua was not the first to be risen from the dead .

( 7 : 35 ) NOTES : What does Messiah mean ? LORD ELohim says the Messiah would be a common mortal man like any other human . Some beliefs about the Messiah is that he will be a Jewish leader like an anointed King who will unite the world , bring renewed peace and compassion and love to the world nations , restore justice and right all wrongs , allow for many Jews to return to Israel , be a spiritual guide to all mankind , establish God's kingdom on earth , to rebuild the third Temple , and he will resurrect the dead , end wars and usher in the golden age of happiness . Not everyone believes all of these are expected of the Messiah like raising the dead . The LORD ELohim has hoped for most all this to happen for thousands of years but none of these have happened yet and one is impossible for the Messiah to do : resurrecting the dead . This is something LORD ELohim cannot do so a mortal man could not do either . LORD ELohim said that Y'shua as a Rabbi did believe that the LORD could bring all dead people back to life but most Jews then and even today do not believe in resurrection of the dead and they are right . Any writings about resurrection being possible is a error . It would be interesting to see how the Messiah does all the other ' almost impossible ' things to do . LORD ELohim just wants to remind the Jews that the third Temple is not important to Him but if it's built He would not care if it is not on the Temple Mount but built somewhere else in Israel . Some would say that Y'shua was a spiritual guide to the world but LORD ELohim says what happened with the creation of Christianity was not what He planned for . There is to much in the Christian beliefs that are errors or just plan lies told by the church . In other words LORD ELohim calls all that is the Christian religion is a " pagan religion " . Y'shua did not teach people the Christian religion . Y'shua taught people Judaism and the Christian church much later added everthing else including that Y'shua was a God which he was not . Yshua did nothing mentioned above about what people believe the Messiah will do so therefore Y'shua was and is not the Messiah . Y'shua was never ment to be the Messiah because he was ment to be the Lamb of God , which he was . Y'shua died as the Lamb of God and he is not coming back to be and do all these things expected of the Messiah to do because he is dead and the LORD ELohim does not know how to raise dead people back to a living person . I asked LORD ELohim if it was Him that taught the Jews about a Messiah and He said they came up with that by themselves but He hopes it will come true for the Jews and for all the people of the world some day and soon but we are on our own with that .

Matt. 27 : 54 - 56 ( B ) The verse says the Romans guarding Y'shua became terrified because of the earthquake and all the other stuff said to have happened and he said , Surely he was the Son of God ! LORD ELohim says the earthquake and bodies raised from the graves an so on did not happen . The LORD says nothing special happened when Y'shua died . Many women were there watching from a distance . Miriam ( Mary ) mother of Y'shua and his two brothers and Miriam ( Mary ) Magdalene and other women . Y'shua was a son of God but all flesh men are His sons and all women are daughters of LORD ELohim to . Y'shua was not the only begotten Son of God as the CB claims he was . LORD ELohim wants to make this perfectly clear to all people : Y'shua is dead and he was not a God or the Messiah or a King and he is not coming back because he is dead and will forever be dead just like all people when they and you die .

Matt. 27 : 57 - 61 As evening approached , there came a rich man from Arimathea , named Joseph , who had himself become a disciple of Jesus . Going to Pilate , he asked for Jesus body and Pilate ordered that it be given to him . Joseph took the body , wrapped it in a clean linen cloth and placed it in his own new tomb that he had cut out of the rock . He rolled a big stone in front of the entrance to the tomb and went away . Mary Magdalene and the other Mary were sitting there opposite the tomb . The body of Y'shua was entombed just before sundown on Friday . Sundown Friday started the clock ticking with the first night ( 12 hours ) in the tomb .

Matt. 27 : 62 - 66 The next day the chief priests and Pharisees went to Pilate asking that the tomb be watched until the third day . They worried that the disciples would steal the body and tell people he had risen . Pilate agreed and gave them a guard .

Matt. 28 : 1 - 8 After the Sabbath ( Saturday ) , at dawn on the first day ( Sunday ) of the week , Marry Magdalene and the other Mary went to look at the tomb . There was a violent earthquake , for an angel of the Lord came down from heaven and , going to the tomb , rolled back the stone and sat on it . .... The guards were so afraid of him that they shook and became like dead men . LORD ELohim says no person has ever seen an Angel except in visions and dreams and even not a lot even that way . Angels go through rock and would have no way to roll it away and they do not cause earthquakes . In all these years and dealing with many Angels I have never seen one because they are invisible to us . The angel said to the women , Do not be afraid , for I know that you are looking for Jesus , who was crucified . He is not here ; he has risen , just as he said . Again people cannot hear Angels speaking . If we could hear Angels speak LORD ELohim would have no need of preachers to lead mankind down the right way in life . Every house of worship and every King would be an Angel leading the way for us . LORD ELohim says Y'shua was not risen from the dead but what happened to his dead body LORD ELohim does not know who took it . There were a few people who had reason to take it and in a position to have the guards to look the other way or payed the guards to look the other way . Come and see the place where he lay . Then go quickly and tell his disciples : He has risen from the dead and is going ahead of you into Galilee . There you will see him . Now I have told you . Again hearing Angels is like seeing these Spirits , they cannot be heard or seen . When LORD ELohim needed people to help Him , which are called ' men of God ' it took a lot of work to do so . The three men who went to talk to Lot were ' men of God ' and they were mortal men and not Angels . But LORD ELohim did not send men of God to the tomb because Y'shua was dead and there was nothing more to do regarding the body because Y'shua was the Lamb of God and the sacrifice for all mankinds sins . So the women hurried away from the tomb , afraid yet filled with joy , and ran to tell his disciples .

( 7 : 36 ) NOTES : Christians believe they alone will be saved who lived after Y'shua died . Some believe some Jews before the time of Y'shua will be saved but only the saints so that would not be many . The defination of saints by the Christians is a lot different then LORD ELohims definition . There are no Christian saints as far as LORD ELohim defines them . LORD ELohim says the Christians are wrong . First of all there is no afterlife for any person , meaning all Christians to . LORD ELohim has always given believers in Him as their God and Father a way to be forgiven for their sins . Since the time of Abraham , the first Jew , sacrifice of animals was a way to aquire forgiveness of sins by LORD ELohim . LORD ELohim did not make that rule for forgiveness . At that time people all over the world were sacrificing animals and many even human children to their gods for many reasons so the LORD just went along with that for the forgiveness of sins for His Jews . Soon after Abraham LORD ELohim also taught the Jews Yom Kippur as The Day of Atonement . So if there was a afterlife most all Jews who ever lived since the time of Abraham would be climbing out of their graves just as Christians believe they will do someday . LORD ELohim says that when the Jews started practicing Yom Kippur they no longer needed to sacrifice animals and it's still that way today . Yom Kippur is not just a time to seek LORD ELohim's forgiveness for one's sins but to forgive other people and to ask others to forgive you .

( 7 : 37 ) NOTES : Christians believe in ' original sin ' which means that LORD ELohim put the sin of Adam upon all people since Adam . Which means you were conceived having already greatly sinned before you took you first breath . Judaism teaches all people are conceived and born innocent and without any sin . Judaism also believes that each person is responsible only for his or her own sins or mistakes . LORD ELohim says the Christians are wrong big time and the Jews are completely right regarding this subject .

Matt. 28 : 9 & 10 ( B ) ( R ) And as they went to tell his disciples , behold , Jesus met them , saying , All hail , and they came and held him by the feet , and worshiped him . Then said Jesus unto them , Be not afraid , go tell my brethren that they go into Galilee and there shall they see me . LORD ELohim is sure of two things : Y'shua did die on the cross and no one raised his body from the dead .

Matt. 28 : 11 - 15 ( B ) The story goes that the soldiers told the chief priests about all these things in verses 1 - 7 and they gave the soldiers a lot of money to start the rumor that the disciples stole the body when they were asleep . So they took the money , and did as they were taught : and this saying is commonly reported among the Jews until this day .

Matt. 28 : 16 & 17 ( B ) The eleven disciples went to Galilee . And when they saw him , they worshipped him : but some doubted . Why would some disciples doubt this man was Y'shua if this really happened . It's not like they have not seen him for years . They saw him 1 day and 2 nights and a couple of hours before that time . What changed about him ? He would have only been dead for 1 day and 2 nights and a few hours so he should not be looking like the ' walking dead ' zombies yet .

Matt. 28 : 18 ( B ) ( R ) And Jesus came and spake unto them , saying . All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth . The word ' power ' is way over used by Christians . LORD ELohim can make galaxies because He knows what already exists to do that with . LORD ELohim made people and animals and plants but He started playing with dirt and salt water on earth around 4 billion years ago and at that time He did not know what He could do with dirt . The first bacteria made by LORD ELohim goes back about 3.5 billion years ago . It took LORD ELohim about half a billion years just to figure out how to create that bacteria . That's when LORD ELohim with many trials and errors began creating more complex mortal life on earth and that took almost a couple of billion years to . LORD ELohim says His creation of dinosaurs was one of those errors . If it wasn't for atoms being what they are the LORD could not have created what He created because He did not create atoms . People talk about LORD ELohim like He just has to speak the words " create earth " and the earth was created . That's not what happened . All that LORD ELohim created took a lot of work and a lot of time and a lot of trials and a lot of errors to learn from . Remember from the time of Adam and Eve we have been one of those trials and we failed so we are one of those errors . If Y'shua said " All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth " what does ' all power ' even mean ? Does that mean he would rule over all created by LORD ELohim ? That is something a mortal man would say and even care anything about . Spirits would never say or want that . LORD ELohim is their Father and that's the way they like it . When LORD ELohim says He could not raise Y'shua's mortal body from the dead : believe Him . When He says He cannot raise your mortal body from the dead : believe Him . When our one and only Father says He cannot heal our sickness or feed the hungry without your help : believe Him . When LORD ELohim says Y'shua the mortal man could not do any of these things either : believe Him .

Matt. 28 : 19 - 20 ( R ) Go ye therefore , and teach all nations , baptizing them in the name of the Father , and of the Son , and of the Holy Ghost . Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you and , lo I am with you alway , even unto the end of the world . Amen . First : our Father is LORD ELohim . It's a lie to say Y'shua created all that was created . LORD ELohim created all that was created including all Spirits so therefore Y'shua was not His only begotten son . Y'shua was a mortal man like all other mortals . The only differance is that Y'shua had a small Spirit named Joshua who was always with him as a teaching Spirit . Y'shua was a son of LORD ELohim but we are all sons and daughters of LORD ELohim and Spirits are all sons of LORD ELohim to . LORD ELohim does not know of any Spirit called the Holy Ghost or also called the Holy Spirit . No Spirit created by the LORD is like a fog . All Spirits have a body like we do . The ' s ' is missing on the word ' always ' . Y'shua had no more Spirit then you have other then Joshua . If it were true he could be with you and a few other millions of Christians always , in all people , in all nations , all the time he would have to be a fog all over the earth and again LORD ELohim never created such a Spirit . So how can Y'shua be with all Christians all of the time ? That's impossible .

( 7 : 38 ) NOTES : Matthew is the first book in the New Testament and is the main book that we used for all coming updates . It seems a lot of Mark , Luke , John and the rest of the New Testament books repeat a lot that is written in Matthew . Having never read any of those book from start to finish we have no idea where they will take us . How much work the book of Matthew is was unexpected . The book of Matthew is the first book in the CB that a few Spirits and me have ever read from start to finish so what's in the other books is yet mostly unknown at this time . We have noticed while doing Matthew that there is a lot of repeats of what Matthew has but some of those repeats are completely different stories about the same things . We will do our best to get all right but understanding the CB is not easy and I'm still learning .

( 7 : 39 ) NOTES : Again LORD ELohim says He does not care what religion you are involved in as long as the teachings cause no harm to other people . This is the end times , the Sabbath Day , Judgment Day and it's to late now for LORD ELohim to try to change things about mankind . The LORD has been trying to do that since Adam and Eve and we as a species mostly went our own way and not His way for us . We failed our six thousand year trial and there is no going back to try again . When will most mortal life end on earth ? That is the unknown . It could be soon or many generations yet to come . The only thing for sure is that day will come . LORD ELohim and all Spirits have grown tired of us and mortal life in general and are looking forward to going home to Heaven . LORD ELohim will never create mortal life again . We failed our trial for many dozens of reasons just like the Grays and Anunnaki who had free will also and the LORD has declared us and other species of mortal life on earth to be an error having created us and them . LORD ELohim your Father and your creator wants you to know that one of the reasons He will bring an end to people is because of His great love for us . The LORD has seen a lot of suffering and great pain and hardship and for most people life is very difficult . He has not seen a lot of happiness and joy among people in general anywhere on earth . Love has grown cold and hate has become global . Wars and violence and terrorism are becoming common . Another great war is soon coming . LORD ELohim has much pity for mortal life especially for mankind but for animals also . The LORD wants you to know this .

Genesis 6 : 5 -7

The LORD saw how great was man's wickedness on earth , and how every plan devised by his mind was nothing but evil all the time . And the LORD regretted that He had made man on earth , and His heart was saddened . The LORD said , " I will blot out from the earth the men whom I created - men together with beasts , creeping things , and birds of the sky ; for I regret that I made them ."


This is the end of number 7 update and the book of Matthew.

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