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Date: March 1 2024

Again the Little Book is not for everyone . The author of the Little Book is LORD ELohim . The author of the Little Book 666 code is also LORD ELohim the God of Israel and all mortal life . Through His Little Book the LORD is hopeful He can speak to all mankind on earth . There were a couple of mistakes I made like believing that people have Spirit Souls which I learnt from LORD ELohim that this is a wrong belief . We have corrected the errors in a few updates of the Little Book . The LORD wants people to understand many things like what our Judgment was all about or all the errors and even lies the different religions have made and much more . Sometimes it's just questions about things that only LORD ELohim would know for sure . Again the Little Book is not for everyone . Some people enjoy and find comfort in what they believe even though that belief is not correct according to LORD ELohim . If what you believe is very special to you then maybe you do not want to read LORD ELohim's Little Book .

Important Note

LORD ELohim goes to places where there are big gatherings of people talking about His Little Book . At these gatherings there is often many Christian Ministers and Priests and often Jewish Rabbis . For the most part LORD ELohim is very happy about what He hears people saying but there is one thing He is not pleased about . What He is not pleased about is the Catholics blaming the Jews for the errors and lies in the Christian Bibles . The Jewish Bible does have a few errors but the Christians Bibles have a lot of errors and even lies added by Christians and not added by Jews . What Christians believe or do not believe was and is fully up to the Christians and has nothing to do with the Jews .

The Christians themselves chose to use the Jewish Bible for their own religion . The Jews had nothing to do with that choice that Christians alone made . The Jews had nothing to do with what is written in the New Testament and Old Testament of the Christian Bible .

The Old Testament of the Christian Bible is most often not exactly the same as what is written in the Jewish Bible . Over the years the Jewish people had nothing to do with what Christians wanted to believe or what they did not want to believe . Again : the Jews had nothing to do with Christianity . Y'shua ( Jesus ) and his Disciples had nothing to do with the creation of the Christian religion . Christians wanted to believe Y'shua ( Jesus ) was a God . The Jews never believed he was a God . Christians wanted to believe Y'shua was the Messiah ( Christ ) . The Jews never believed that . Christians wanted to believe Y'shua was risen from the dead . The Jews never believed that and neither does LORD ELohim believe that and many other beliefs of the Christians . Christians wanted to believe they will have an eternal life . Most Jewish people never believed this either . Most Christians believe they will rule the world in the future . The Jews never believed that either and it goes on and on like this . LORD ELohim says what is written in the Christian Bible are 95 % written by Christians and mainly by the Roman Catholic Church and not by the Jewish people . Y'shua's Disciples did not write much of anything about Y'shua and certainly did not write what is in the Christian Bible New Testament . They certainly never wrote that Y'shua raised the dead , healed the sick , feed thousands with just a couple of fish and bread or that Y'shua promised eternal life to people and so on . These stories were all added by Christians to their Christian Bible . What the LORD is saying is that Christians , especially all Catholics , are not to blame the Jews for what Christians have written in their Christian Bibles : Old Testament and New Testament . If you as a Christian chose to believe that Y'shua raised the dead or is a God and on and on , that is your choice to believe that and is certainly not the Jews at fault for those beliefs .

The big mistake Christians made was to use the Jewish Bible in the first place for their religion , so don't blame anyone else but Christians alone for that big mistake . The Roman Catholic Church as far as the LORD knows never asked the Jewish people if their church could use and abuse the Jews sacred Book for their pagan religion of Christianity . LORD ELohim says every person is fully responsible for what they chose to believe or chose not to believe so don't blame anyone else for what you believe or what you do not believe . The early Roman Catholics were not Jews . The Jewish people had nothing to do with what is written in the Christian Bible New Testament or even in the Christian Bible Old Testament . The few errors the Jews have made in their Bible is theirs alone to deal with . The errors in the many Christian Bible Versions is for Christians alone to deal with also . The LORD ELohim says to Christians , especially to the Catholics , do not blame the Jews for what you have chosen to believe even if something like it is written in the Jewish Bible and is an error . Again : Christians or people of other religions are all personally responsible for what you believe or do not believe as are the Jewish people also . Do not blame others for what you have chosen to believe or not believe : it was and is your personal choice . LORD ELohim gave Humanoids free will so you are not a puppet on a string to instincts or to other peoples beliefs and so you can reason and make such choices like these ' on your own ' .

Meaning Of Words Or Symbols

LORD ELohim is our God and Father . He has many different names but His name EL or ELohim has been His name in Heaven for trillions of years . Abba means Father . The true name of Jesus is Y'shua . Jesus is a Greek name . Y'shua is a Jewish name and Y'shua was a Jewish man . Women named Mary in the Christian Bible is not these ladies true name . Their true name was the Jewish name Miriam . CB means Christian Bible . JB means Jewish Bible . NT means the New Testament . OT means the Old Testament . LORD means LORD ELohim . ( 21 : # ) ... NOTES means additional information . (R) means red letter verses in the Christian Bible New Testament which means that Y'shua is claimed to have spoken those words . (B) means black letter in the Bible and means Y'shua did not say those words . NIV means the New International Version of the CB . KJV means the King James Version of the CB . When we write verses written in the CB or JB we write it as it is written in any Bible in this font even if the verse is wrong in any way . This symbol * divides the word or words in the coded section so each word or groups of words add up to 666 .

Roman Numbers

The Little Book sometimes uses Roman Numbers . The Roman numbers are : I = 1 , V = 5 , X = 10 , L = 50 , C = 100 , D = 500    and M = 1000 . All 4's and 9's require subtraction as in IV meaning 4 or IX means 9 . XL = 40 and XC = 90 and CD = 400 and CM = 900 . Adding is simply : CCC = 300 and XVIII = 18 and DCC = 700 . Writing thousands MMM = 3000 and to write V for 5000 a line is written above the V meaning thousands but my computer does not know how to do that or I don't know how to do that . The Roman numbers DCLXVI = 666 . The number M = 1000 was added to the Roman numbers more recently .

LORD ELohims Names

LORD ELohim has many names . EL or ELohim has been His name for trillions of years . ELohim or EL means Father to Spirits and means the One and only Spirit God to mortals . His other names are EL Roi meaning ' God of seeing ' , EL-Shaddai meaning    ' God Almighty ' , Ab or Abba means ' God our Father ' ,    EL ELyon meaning ' God Most High ' , and other names are Yahweh , Jehovah , YHVH , I AM , I AM HE , LORD Almighty , LORD , and there are a few more . LORD ELohim says mortals can call Him simply their ' God or Father ' . Do not use EL or ELohim or even God for any other Spirit or as a name for any mortal or false gods . LORD ELohim says never call Him ' Alpha and Omega ' .

The Little Book Code

The Little Book code is a very simple code . The entire code is based on the number 6 . The code begins with A = 6 and then the number 6 is added to each following letters of the English alphabet : A = 6 , B = 12 , C = 18 , D = 24 , E = 30 , F = 36 , G = 42 , H = 48 , I = 54 , J = 60 , K = 66 , L = 72 , M = 78 , N = 84 , O = 90 , P = 96 , Q = 102 , R = 108 , S = 114 , T = 120 , U =126 , V = 132 , W = 138 , X = 144 , Y = 150 , Z = 156 . The only word or words in this coded section must add up to only 666 . The LORD's name LORD ELohim : L = 72 , O = 90 , R = 108 , D = 24 , E = 30 , L = 72 , O = 90 , H = 48 , I = 54 , M = 78 added together equals 666 . Again the * divides the 666 word or words .

Coded Information

A: LORD ELohim * is hopeful * the Little * Book language * called Gematria * help YAHWEH * teach in great * glad truth * regarding man * on earth ark * .   

B: Any Catholic * Bible deceiveth * Humanity * an Bible be about * money greed * an power and * cause life fear * of O LORD God * thy Father * LORD ELohim * . Again fear not * a living      being * as Spirit * . Remember again * LORD ELohim * a loving    old * creation God * who is called * thy Father * LORD ELohim .

Not Coded Information

Note : Probably in # 20 we wrote about the Ten Commandments in the Catholic Bible being different then in the Jewish Bible . The Catholic Ten Commandments was written in a book about Catholicism . We bought a Catholic Bible today and checked it regarding the Ten Commandments and in this Catholic Bible the Ten Commandments are just like in the Jewish Bible . So why would a Catholic writer write that the Catholic Ten Commandments are different then what is written in the Jewish Bible or Protestant Bibles ? We rarely use books written by people but sometimes our work is only as good as what information we can find in the many Bible versions or books written by people . Sorry for that error . Now that we have a Catholic Bible we can do our own research into many subjects . Again , sorry about that error if it is a error . Do Catholics have more than one version of their Bible ? We don't know .

Update #21

1: Did God Replace The Jews

Did LORD ELohim replace the Jews and Judaism with another religion and other people ? LORD ELohim says He has never replaced the Jews or Judaism to help Him and never will . The LORD has always been pleased with the work the Jews have done for Him . Consider how cruelly the Jews have been treated over the past 3,800 years by the pagans and yet today the Jewish people still exist which is very amazing . The Jewish people who have never forsaken LORD ELohim will never be forsaken by the LORD either . LORD ELohim says He will never replace the Jewish people with any other people or any other religion . LORD ELohim created Judaism and the Jewish people of that religion .

2: What Reveals The LORD

In a Christian book it says ' everything reveals God ' . LORD ELohim does not agree with that belief . Did wicked , cruel and greatly evil Hitler and his evil goons reveal something about LORD ELohim ? Do nuclear bombs reveal something about the LORD ? Did the pagans cruelty and evil doings towards the Jews reveal something about the LORD ? Does peoples hatred toward each other reveal the LORD ?    Does the belief that the LORD created a limbo , purgatory , hell and lake of fire to make people greatly suffer for all eternity reveal the true LORD ELohim ? And on and on ... ? The word ' reveal ' means to make known , to show plainly . Stuff like great love , kindness , goodness , forgiveness , caring , concerned for His children : Spirit and mortal life , wisdom , these reveal LORD ELohim and these things are becoming rare among humans .

3: The Archangels

Most people who believe in Angels believe there are many many Archangels . Many believe these Angels are the chief Angels . The LORD says He only created six Archangels because making seven feet tall Angels was a lot of work . After He created these Archangels He only made Angels who are about five inches tall and those Spirit children He made thousands of . Like mortal life , all Spirits are His children . Its believed by some people that two Archangels are named Michael and Gabriel but the LORD says no Archangel is named these names but there are a few little Angels named these names . All Spirits names are Hebrew names like David and Joseph . The other four Archangels I don't know what their names are yet . The Archangels Spirits are not chief Angels over the little Angel Spirits . All Angels are equal . The mortal Jewish man Y'shua was never a God or a Archangel or a Spirit of any kind . There is only One God and Father of all living beings except those who created LORD ELohim . LORD ELohim alone created all His Spirit children and all His mortal children .

4: Can Miriam Hear Your Prayers ?

The name of the mother of Y'shua was the Jewish name Miriam . Any other Jewish women in the CB called Mary were also called Miriam . Like the name Y'shua who the Catholics renamed Jesus the Catholics also renamed Miriam to the name Mary . Y'shua's mother Miriam was as mortal as Y'shua was mortal . When Miriam died she remained dead just like her son Y'shua . LORD ELohim cannot raise the mortal dead back to life . So Miriam cannot hear your prayers .

5: Can LORD ELohim Hear Your Prayers ?

Only if you are within hearing distance from Him . The LORD cannot read minds so your prayers have to be spoken prayers . Remember LORD ELohim is one Spirit and is only about eight feet tall . The LORD cannot be everywhere at the same time . No Spirit can be everywhere at the same time . Where is LORD ELohim ? That is something you will never know .

6: Was Miriam The Mother Of God ?

Y'shua was never a God in anyway or in any form so how could Miriam be the mother of God ? There is only One God and He is LORD ELohim and Miriam was not His mother either . Y'shua was the fully mortal Jewish Lamb of God and again , Y'shua was never a God so Miriam was not the mother of a God . The third God of Christians is the Holy Spirit and that Spirit does not even exist either .

7: Are You Waiting For The Kingdom Of God ?

New kingdoms will come but none will be the ' Kingdom of God ' . The only Kingdom of God is in Heaven with His Spirit children . Remember that in the near future LORD ELohim and all Angels will be going home to Heaven . Even if we had passed our trial the LORD says He would not create a Kingdom of God because He cannot interfere in our free will . If mankind wants that kind of kingdom , then mankind make it yourself says the LORD . If mankind cannot create such a kingdom without war killing people or other violence and torture then how is LORD ELohim suppose to do that for you ? Y'shua was not a God or the Messiah and mortal Y'shua the Lamb of God truly did die for our sins to be forgiven and for The Simple Truth . Y'shua is still dead and will be dead forever . LORD ELohim has no interest in being the King of your kingdom . How is He suppose to do that ? He cannot be seen or hear speaking and no Prophet is perfect . Sometimes it takes years to teach a Prophet one simple thing . Kings need to make decisions known within minutes and not years .

8: Does LORD ELohim Want People To Suffer ?

Some Christians believe people need to suffer greatly in order to become perfect for the Kingdom of God . LORD ELohim says He would never want people to suffer in anyway because this mortal life of yours is going to be a short life and your only life . You will never have an eternal life because the LORD cannot do that for you . We are mortals and we will die as mortals and our death will be eternal just like Y'shua's and Miriam's death are eternal and any other mortal who ever lived or will live . The LORD is hopeful you and all people about earth will have a mortal life free of any kind of suffering . He knows that most people will experience some suffering and some will experience much suffering and He cannot change that . Much suffering is because of wars and our health and terrorism and hatred and poverty and feelings of great sorrow and feelings of great fear and other things like floods and earthquakes causing great sorrow and so on , and there is nothing the LORD can do about any of these . If He could He would . Its a lie if your religion says you must suffer for any reason .

9: Is The Christian Bible Truly The ' Word Of God ' ?

The CB NT has a lot about hell , lake of fire , the coming Wrath of God , the Wrath of the Lamb Y'shua , a Kingdom of God on earth , a new city of Jerusalem coming from Heaven , new earth and new Heaven also believed coming and the sudden disappearance of the old earth and Heaven , a tribulation period caused by Y'shua , resurrection of all dead people , eternal life for all people : the good and evil , the claim Y'shua is a God , the claim Y'shua is the Messiah and on and on it goes .    Y'shua was never a God or the Messiah . How can any Bible or sacred writings be the Word of God and contain so many verses that LORD ELohim or even Y'shua never taught mankind . The CB NT is not the Word of God . There is very little in the CB NT that was taught by Y'shua or LORD ELohim . No religions beliefs are perfectly true says LORD ELohim . The LORD ELohim says do not just read your sacred Books , greatly think about what you do read and Think Not Beyond Logic . Accept the fact these Books all contain errors and some even lies and known to be lies by the writers , for all lies are for a wrongful purpose . Those errors and lies and much more are not the Word of God but the words of men . No : the CB NT is not fully the written Word of God as Christians claim . Again : no religion is perfect . Even in the Jewish Bible there are a few errors because no Prophet was perfect and the LORD says that the book of Job should not even be in the JB or CB because LORD ELohim and even David would never do that to a person . Even Paul writes in        1 Corinthians 7 : 10 & 12 To the married I give this command ( not I , but the Lord ) .... 12 To the rest I say this ( I , not the Lord ) Even whoever was this Paul guy he admits that not everything he wrote were the ' words of God ' but his own rules for people . Remember Paul was the king of rule making . LORD ELohim does not agree with Paul for most all written in his many books .

10: Children And The Christian Bible

The LORD says write about my experience in a Christian church . As a child my dad took us to a Christian church and the preachers favorite subject was about hell and what would happen if any of the people there were to leave Christianity or not join Christianity : they would be going to hell . Revelation was his favorite book . I cannot remember this man ever smiling or seeming as if he was happy . At the age of six because we moved my Dad took us to a new church and that preacher was not much different . This preacher like the other would rarely say that God is love and a kind God but then the next sentence they would rant on about the coming Wrath of God or hell or lake of fire and stuff like that . It was very confusing to me . I had several friends who were not Christians who were good and kind people and they made me happy hanging around with them but almost every Sunday the preacher would preach they were all headed for hell and for all eternity to suffer in great pain because that is where God puts the non-Christians . I could not understand why God would send my friends to hell and to suffer greatly forever . By the time I was seven I was a Atheist who could not believe in the Christian Gods who were the most wicked and cruel Spirit beings I ever hear of : even out ranking Satan in wickedness . I could not believe in many of the Christians other beliefs either . A lot of those beliefs made no sense to me . How do you teach a child about LORD ELohim ? Chose your words very carefully and very truthfully and do not be afraid to say the CB NT and OT is not perfect in truth . Like me : children do remember .

11: The Holy Ones

Christians sometimes use the words ' Holy Ones ' . Who are the Holy Ones ? According to Christians the Holy Ones are Christians . LORD ELohim disagrees with this belief . LORD ELohim says He would not call any Christians the Holy Ones and it would be wise not to call the pope your Holy Father anymore also . Christians belief in three Gods : Father , Son and Holy Spirit , takes all Christians out of the running to be called Holy and the reasons beyond this are many . Christians being called pagans by LORD ELohim is the name He chose . The word        ' pagan ' means heathen and ' heathen ' means an unconverted person or nation that does not acknowledge the God of the Bible . The God of the Jewish Bible is only LORD ELohim and is the only God . LORD ELohim is the only God of the JB and the JB was written first . The Christians used the JB for a lot of their beliefs but the Christians changed many verses and added many lies and errors in their CB NT and OT . Again : The Jewish Bible was first . So to acknowledge the God of the Bible that would mean LORD ELohim and only LORD ELohim . If not only LORD ELohim as your God then the belief about three Gods would be a pagan belief . Again : the LORD ELohim would never call any Christians the Holy Ones . If LORD ELohim were to call people the Holy Ones it would be the Jews . In the coded work about Oak Island the LORD calls the Rabbis who helped Him with that ' Holy Rabbis = 666 ' and He says He meant that about all the Jews who helped Him create Oak Island and who put the many gifts from LORD ELohim there for the Hebrew Jews living today in Israel and those Jews in need elsewhere in other nations . Later the LORD's Knights Templars put even more gifts for the Hebrew Jews living now in Israel and to help the Jews living in poverty in other nations . Christians will never be called Holy Ones unless many changes are made by the church .

12: Who Would Be Saved ?

The truth is no people will be saved or in other words : have an eternal life . If LORD ELohim could save people for a good eternal life it would not be based on any religion . No religion is good proof about LORD ELohim existing and other stuff . For saving people the LORD would have to judge all humans as individuals and His judgment would have nothing to do with any religion , not even Judaism . LORD ELohim would judge you regarding stuff like if you kept His Ten Commandments if you heard of them , your love for others , you trying to live a life of peace , for forgiving most other people and yourself , for you helping others in need when you can , a life without hate , and so on . Since no mortal life will have an eternal life there is no reason to judge each person which is why the LORD judged mankind as a species and we as a species failed our six thousand years trial . Remember : Genesis 3 : 19 By the sweat of your brow Shall you get bread to eat , Until you return to the ground - For from it you were taken . For dust you are , And to dust you shall return ." No eternal life . No mortal can be saved . The LORD ELohim and even Y'shua never promised mortal humans that we will have an eternal life .

13: What If We Had Passed Our Trial ?

If we had passed our six thousand years trial the LORD ELohim and His Spirit children the Angels would continue to be with us on earth but the problem is that for all these years is that we humans were not a great joy to be around most all of that time and things are not getting any better . The LORD has seen enough brutal blood shed , hate , greed , sorrow , fear , torture , great suffering and all the other reasons we humans failed our trial and nothing seems to be changing for the better but heading for the worst possible . LORD ELohim and His Spirit children have grown tired of us . In the near future LORD ELohim and all His Spirit children will be leaving us and going home to the old Heaven . The LORD may return in a hundred or so years to see what has become of us and the animals He made but He will probably not be staying . Today He does enjoy going to the gatherings of people reading and talking about His Little Book , that He does enjoy and finds it very interesting .

14: Who Taught Who Evil ?

We mentioned this before . Many Christians put the blame of people being evil , wicked and cruel onto Satan ( David ) and Demons . The LORD wants to remind people that Spirits did not know the meaning of or even the words evil , wickedness , cruelty , hate and so on until LORD ELohim created mortal life with free will on earth . First the Grays and then the Anunnaki and then us Humanity . The word Humanoid means : having human form or characteristics . This does not include Spirits : it means mortals . All Grays , Anunnaki and us humans are Humanoids . The extent of mortal Humanoids wickedness , evil and cruelty caused by extreme stupidity was even a great surprise to LORD ELohim . So no Spirit , not even David , taught the Grays , Anunnaki and Humanity to be evil , wicked , cruel and that stupidity is still going on today says LORD ELohim . It was mortals who taught Spirits evil , wickedness , cruelty but Spirits are wise enough not to be any of these things . Like Humanoids Spirits to have free will but they are very much smarter to use their free will wisely so their life is loving , kind , joyful and forever happy . LORD ELohim gave mankind the same ability and His wisdom taught to do the same so our short mortal life can be more loving , kind , peaceful , sharing , caring and happier lives too . It's our choice .

15: Are There To Many People In The World

I asked LORD ELohim what He thought about around eight billion people in the world and He indicated that many people is far too many . In Genesis 9 : 1 The LORD blessed Noah and his sons , saying to them , " Be fruitful and increase in number and fill the earth . LORD ELohim did say to Noah with the help of a teaching Spirit " Be fruitful and increase in number but He never said fill the earth . LORD ELohim says the earth should have no more then one billion people on it so our earth can support us and our lives would be far happier . The reason for many of our problems is because there is just to many people on this little earth for the earth to support our many many needs and wants as mortals and for all people to be living a more happier life . The LORD says its time that all the world governments start thinking seriously about contraception before its to late and billions of more people suffer greatly as many people do today because of mass over population already in most all nations especially in big cities . The LORD says abortion and wars is not the answer and would be wrong . Allowing females to be aborted because male children are preferred in many nations allows for many men to be without wives and a small family of their own . Something like one child per couple would work if a few generations do so . Governments need a new math that has nothing to do with the population count going to work .

16: Are Humanoids Offspring Of Apes ?

LORD ELohim says that is true . LORD ELohim often used DNA and whatever from mortal beings already created by Him to create something similar . There were three things the LORD would work with to create a new species . DNA and two whatevers . I don't know what the two whatevers are so I will just write DNA for all three . We humans and other Humanoids did not evolve from apes but the LORD would change the DNA and whatever from generation to generation until He created what He wanted to create . Remember LORD ELohim created the first bacteria and the first DNA and the first reptile , bird , dogs , whales , fish , apes and every other species on earth including three kinds of Humanoids . The first Humanoid were the Grays from Ape DNA then the LORD used Gray DNA to create the Anunnakis and the Anunnakis were so massive so the LORD went back to using Gray DNA to make Humanity . So yes our ancient ancestors were apes and our greatest ancestor was the first bacteria the LORD made on this earth about 3.5 billion years ago but He says it took about 9 million years to figure out how to make that first living bacteria out of dust . What is the chance of life occurring on other planets without the LORD doing the work to make that happen : not likely at all .

17: Who Would Win The War, Grays Or Humans ?

I asked LORD ELohim if a war broke out between the Grays and us humans who would probably win that battle ? LORD ELohim says He would put that bet on the Grays winning . The LORD indicated that the Grays and Anunnaki had a couple of wars with each other and the Grays won those battles . When Grays lived on earth and warred against each other they used bombs like we use . Their last battle almost ruined the earth for most all mortal life so they had to live in space . Since then the Grays war weapons are now far more advanced .

18: Nostradamus

LORD ELohim says Nostradamus was not a Prophet , a least not the way most people think of him . LORD ELohim has heard about this man before . Nostradamus was a astrologer and physician . He live from 1503 - 1566 and was born in St. Remy France . His prophecies were not clear and were vague which allowed many interpretations . Some people believe he prophesied the rise of Adolf Hitler and the death of Henry II . Nostradamus was the Latin name of Michel DE Notre Dame . There was a show on TV about him and they talked about his End of Days prophesies . They talked about his prophesies about the End of Days , the third antichrist , floods , pestilences , famine , war tsunami , and volcanoes . If you want to read a book that has much the same prophesies its the Bible and his prophesies about the end of days and the antichrist is a give away that he read the Bible . These are all cheap prophesies that anyone then and now could make . Anyone who knows even a little bit about the nature of this earth and mortal life on earth could have made the very same prophesies . LORD ELohim says Nostradamus was never one of His Prophets and LORD ELohim does not make cheap prophesies like these .

19: Were All LORD ELohim's Prophets Perfect ?

LORD ELohim indicates that none of His chosen Prophets were perfect and a couple were extremely not perfect . The LORD says Daniel was not one of His best Prophets and Daniel wrote many errors .    In the book of the JB Daniel 7 : 9 & 10    As I looked on , Thrones were set in place , And the Ancient of Days took his seat . His garment was like white snow , And the hair of His head was like lamb's wool . His throne was tongues of flames ; Its wheels were blazing fire . 10    A river of fire streamed forth before Him ; Thou-sands upon thousands served Him ; Myriads upon myriads attended Him ; The court sat and the books were opened . LORD ELohim says that visions are very difficult to do and with some people impossible to do . The LORD indicates that the only truth in these verses is that His name is sometimes the Ancient of Days . There are no thrones in Heaven including those on fire . The LORD does not look like what Daniel says He looks like . There is no river of fire that goes before Him . No one attends or serves LORD ELohim in Heaven or anywhere else . What reason would it be that His Spirit children would have to serve or attend the LORD in anyway ? LORD ELohim did not create Spirits to be His slaves ; He created a loving family . LORD ELohim is their Father and not their God . The word God did not exist until the LORD created mortals and tried to help us . The word God and its meaning was created by mortals . The Jewish people are not His slaves either .    The CB is much the same . In the JB Daniel 7 : 13 & 14 As I looked on , in the night vision , One like a human being Came with the clouds of heaven ; He reached the Ancient of Days And was presented to Him . 14 Dominion , glory , and kingship were given to him ; All peoples and nations of every language must serve him . His dominion is an everlasting dominion that shall not pass away . And his kingship , one that shall not be destroyed .    Spirits look like human beings because LORD ELohim created them in His image just like He created mortal Humanoids in His image also . In the CB Daniel 7 : 13 & 14 it calls this human being the ' son of man ' which means mortal . No mortal can go to Heaven . Maybe the moon and Mars but not Heaven . Why does it say ' presented to Him ' like this mortal was a stranger . LORD ELohim does not give out ' kingship '. That is something people do and would have to do and not the LORD . If every human on earth    ' must ' serve him then what kind of world will it be . It does not sound like freedom . What if you don't want to be his slave , then what happens ? LORD ELohim says He would never predict that a mortal nation or even a mortal global nation will exist forever and certainly would not predict this mortal human man will rule forever because he being mortal , will die forever some day . In the NIV CB it says in Daniel 7 : 13 & 14    .... 13 ... a son of man .... 14 He was given authority , glory and sovereign power ; all nations and peoples of every language worshiped him . ... This mortal man the LORD says is not to be ' worshiped ' as a God not even by pagan Christians . This man will not be the Jewish man Y'shua since Y'shua is truly dead and will be dead forever . At best this awaited mortal man may be the Jewish mortal Messiah and even the Messiah is not to be worshiped by pagans or Jews . Who ever this mortal man is if this even comes true in the future , he will die and then what happens to the world he ruled with an iron rod ?

20: Will The World Peoples Respect The Jewish Messiah ?

I asked LORD ELohim when the Jews began believing in a Messiah thousands of years ago did He think back then that their hope may come true . Did He think that the pagans back then would respect the wisdom of this Jewish man ? The LORD indicated back then He did believe there was several reasons why this Jewish hope could work to bring peace and more joy among all mankind and much more . But today with all the anti-Semitism that is without sound reason as to why , He now believes the pagans will not give much respect to the Messiah who must be a Jewish man . Only a Jewish man can be the Messiah . Y'shua was a Jewish man but he was not the Messiah .

21: Only Christianity In Their Coming Kingdom

According to most Christians when the Kingdom of God comes to be on earth and lead by the Jewish man Y'shua the only religion allowed then among all humans on earth will be Christianity . Not to worry : according to LORD ELohim there will be no Kingdom of God on earth . Also the LORD knows if Y'shua were alive he would still be a very devote Jewish man who's religion would be Judaism and not Christianity . Y'shua had nothing to do with the beginning of the Christian faith and neither did his Disciples or others who were truly Jews . Put the blame on the Romans and the Roman Catholic Church for creating Christianity and the Christian Bible . If humans could stop fighting about each others religions the LORD would care less what your religion is as long as it brings no harm to other people and harms no one in those religions . LORD ELohim says He would not allow anyone , including Y'shua , to make all people to be of one pagan religion : Christianity . Remember the Inquisitions of the Roman Catholic Church and the slaughter and torture of many thousands who did not believe what the church was teaching . To make all people faithful to only the Christian religion , with no doubt , there will be future Inquisitions and millions or even billions of murders caused by the Catholic pope or other Christian leaders . Remember this :
LORD ELohim never asked the Jews to make all other people on earth Jews and to be faithful to only Judaism and He never will and Christians or any other religion should never try to do that either . The Jewish people are LORD ELohim's mortal teachers to help the people of this world live better lives and that He hopes will continue into the future but the Jews will not enforce anything they teach upon others as they never did in the past and Christians should not enforce their religion upon others either .

22: Is LORD ELohim Behind Today's Wars And Terrorism

I asked LORD ELohim who is the one and only God , is there anyone or many of a race or of a religion or nation on earth that is at war or involved in terrorism doing that because the LORD asked them to do so in ' His Name '? LORD ELohim says no mortals have been asked to war or terrorize other people in ' His Name ' for thousands of years and that was only three times way back then because of how extremely wicked and evil those people were toward other people . The LORD says those people were far far more wicked , cruel and evil then even the Romans and ancient Egyptians and even Hitler and his goons were . The LORD greatly feared for all other people on earth at those times and was concerned that those wicked people would destroy the good and loving people on earth . The LORD has not asked any race of people or any people of any religion or nation to war against or terrorize others ' in His Name ' for thousands of years . Those three wars in ' His Name ' happened long long before the time of Y'shua .

23: Can LORD ELohim Heal The Earth And Mortals After A Nuclear War ?

A Christian book says the LORD ELohim can heal all soil , water , air , climate and all surviving mortal flesh after a nuclear war and even after their believed tribulation . The LORD indicates that the Christian people who wrote that are completely wrong . We humans have already caused a lot of damage to our mother earth that the LORD our Father cannot repair . If there were a great nuclear war the radiation and other destruction caused by it will be un-repairable by man or the LORD and the climate change , even that the LORD cannot change to a better climate just like now . Water , soil , air and our food poisoned by radiation and other stuff will take mother nature a very long time before water , soil , air and food to be safe for you again . Again : LORD ELohim cannot do anything to heal the earth or to heal mortal life after a nuclear war or a nuclear power plant that does a melt down . Mankind has already greatly damaged the earth and LORD ELohim cannot change that damage . Its not up to LORD ELohim what our future will be for us : thats up to us humans now and our offspring in the future . A earth like this was not easy for LORD ELohim to find . To make it liveable for mortal life took millions of years for the LORD to do that . If we destroy this earth there is no place for us to go . This is a reason why the Grays are    and again the Anunnaki are still near this earth even today . Where are they going to go to and where would humans go to ? Mars and the moon did not work out well for them so don't expect these places to work out well for us either . Remember all Humanoids including us were created on earth so to survive in this climate , the earths gravity , the air we breath is what we are created to survive in . The vitamins and minerals and proteins and carbohydrates we need the LORD created what needed to be created here on this earth . The LORD did not create a atmosphere like on earth , gravity like earths , fruit trees , vegetables , herbs , fish , animals , birds and other stuff we need on Mars or the moon . All that the LORD created like trees , vegetables and much more on this earth that can survive earths climate , temperature , soil , rain and so on probably could not survive on Mars or the moon . Scientists would have to simulate on earth the climate of Mars or the moon if they wanted to develop GMO plants and animals that could survive on Mars or the moon . Back to the subject : the LORD cannot heal this earth , mortals , plants , water , soil , atmosphere , climate and all else after a big nuclear war .       

24: Can LORD ELohim In A Moment Change Lions Into Grass Eaters ?

( JB )    Isaiah 11 : 6 - 8 The wolf shall dwell with the lamb , The leopard lie down with the kid ; The calf , the beast of prey , and the farling together , With a little boy to herd them . 7 The cow and the bear shall graze , Their young shall lie down together ; And the lion , like the ox , shall eat straw . .... LORD ELohim indicates to change the nature and instincts of the lions a meat eater and the fear lambs have about lions would take probably no less the 9 generations to do that right . The LORD says He could do that but He would not do that . Meat eaters like lions and wolves and other species help to keep grass and leaf eaters like lambs and dears and other species herds healthy and meat eaters also quickly end the suffering of any injured and diseased grass and leaf eaters also . So LORD ELohim will never change the lions , wolves and other meat eaters into grass eaters . The LORD cannot do something like that over night and He would never do that . The LORD created vegetarian species first but because of their suffering He created meat eaters next . Now the vegetarian species are not suffering for long when hurt or diseased because of the meat eaters quickly ending their suffering . With both : vegetarian species and meat eater species : nature is in much better harmony .

25: The LORD's Biggest Creation Error

LORD ELohim says His biggest error when He created mortal life on earth was the creation of the Humanoids with free will . We are so needy . Even the animals we domesticate usually become somewhat more needy to but Humanoids are top for being the most needy species on earth . When the LORD created other mortal animals He gave them very good instincts and the nature around them and sent them on their way and most all of these species He created did just fine on their own and all their needs were met in the area they lived in or migrated back and forward to . But Humanoids were different and almost hairless . The Garden of Eden LORD ELohim created was perfect for Adam and Eve and the family the LORD hoped they would have there but the LORD says Adam and Eve wanted more so the LORD let them leave the garden in search of more and most Humanoids have been doing that since the time of the first Grays living on earth tens of thousands of years ago . Humanoids wanting more then what they have is so common . Even the so called ' Lost Ten Tribes of Israel ' the LORD said left Israel in want of more . Most people came to North America in want of more though most Jews came here in need of a home . We need food , clothing , water , shelter and most people want much more then just these needs . The LORD thought most people would live in areas where we almost hairless human animals could be comfortable but many went north requiring even more needs . The populations grew and grew . Wars became common do to wants and hate . Famines , disease and poverty became often and so on . Our wants and needs out does any other mortal species needs and many people seem to always want even more and better than what they have already . We humans are slowly destroying the earth to accommodate our never ending wants and needs and our population keeps growing and growing . Again the LORD says giving Humanoids free will was His greatest error regarding His creation of mortals and He will never do that again .

26: What About Christmas And Other Christian Holidays ? 

Christmas is the yearly Christian celebration commemorating the birth of Y'shua , one of Christians believed Gods . Christmas is not just about Y'shua's birthday , which LORD ELohim says is the wrong day and month , its also about big and small businesses making a lot of big money profits with the help of the imaginary Santa Claus . Celebrating Y'shua's birthday is not a problem because this mortal man was born like any other mortals . Y'shua was not a God or the Messiah or the only Son of God or a lot of other things that Christians believe about him but Y'shua was a Jewish mortal man who greatly deserves to be remembered by all mankind . People do have holidays for Martin Luther King , Jr. Day , Lincoln's Birthday , Washington's Birthday , St. Patrick's Day , Columbus Day and so on , so why not Y'shua's Day which is not just about his birthday but about his mortal Jewish life and his death so to remember him also ? Y'shua was not the Christ ( Messiah ) so the name Christmas would need to be changed to avoid any confusion . Palm Sunday which is the Sunday preceding Easter and commemorating Y'shua's triumphal entry into Jerusalem on a donkey . LORD ELohim says Y'shua walked into Jerusalem and people were not laying palm leaves before him . Y'shua was known by many people but not as many as Christians say he was known by . Y'shua was a Jewish Rabbi and that was all he was known to be by the Jewish people at that time . Y'shua going into Jerusalem at that time was no big deal to anyone . Good Friday is the Friday before Easter and is in commemoration of Y'shua's crucifixion . A very good reason to remember the day Y'shua willingly was sacrificed as the Lamb of God for most all peoples sins to be forgiven and for The Simple Truth . Easter is about commemorating Y'shua being raised from the dead . That never happened . Y'shua was a fully mortal Jewish man who truly did die and was never resurrected . It would not have been a sacrifice if Y'shua the Lamb of God just got up and walked away . Again : Y'shua was never resurrected from dead and never will be just like you . The Christians math for the time of his body being put in the tomb and then said to have been risen from the dead is wrong according to what they said Y'shua said in Matthew 12 : 40 ... , so the Son of Man will be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth . Good Friday at dusk to Easter Sunday at dawn is only 1 day and 2 nights . What Easter Monday is , is the great unknown . We tried in every book and only found this in the Encyclopedia : The Monday after Easter, the President of the United States welcomes thousands of children to the White House lawn in Washington D.C. for an egg-rolling contest . That is all we could find . Even the Catholics we asked what Easter Monday is they did not know either .    Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent , the seventh Wednesday before Easter . Lent is the forty weekdays before Easter , a time of fasting and repenting of sins : which is not a bad idea but remember for most people those sins are already forgiven by LORD ELohim but He would like it if people did not sin over and over again .

27: Who Are ' Them ' ?

In a Christian book it refers to Y'shua and LORD ELohim as ' Them ' with a capital ' T ' . The LORD wants to remind Christians that there is no ' Them ' God or Gods . Y'shua was never a God or the only Son of God . LORD ELohim created all Spirits in Heaven and all mortal life on earth . LORD ELohim is our Father and the Father of all Spirits . LORD ELohim is the One and only God . There is no other God or Gods or gods . Y'shua was a fully mortal Jewish man and nothing about him was Spirit or a God . Y'shua never told any one that he was a God or the Messiah or the only Son of God . The Roman Catholic Church came up with these lies : not Y'shua . There is no ' Them ' God or Gods . Never was and never will be . The LORD says Y'shua was a very devoted Jewish Rabbi who like all Jews greatly believed in only one God called LORD ELohim .    Christians who are trying to make Y'shua out to be a pagan and a pagans God is just wrong . The JB says in Deuteronomy 6 : 4    Hear , O Israel ! The LORD is our God , the LORD alone . This verse in the CB in the NIV says Hear , O Israel : The LORD our God , the LORD is one . Most Christians believe there are ' three persons in one God ' . In a book it says that the Trinity is One God . It says that most Christians do not believe in three gods , but in one God in three persons . They write that these three persons do not share one God because each of these three persons is fully God . Confused ? The LORD says this belief makes no sense to Him . How can all three persons be fully each a God yet there is still only One God ? The only thing that does make sense is that the Christians came up with this belief in order to make Y'shua to be a God and one of their three Gods but wanting people to believe there is only one God as the Jews have written in their sacred Books which the Christians used for the foundation of their religion . LORD ELohim says to Christians to stop calling Him as being a ' person ' . Person means a human being . Y'shua was a fully mortal person because he was a fully human man and not Spirit in any form , the Holy Spirit never existed and LORD ELohim is alone our God . Again : there is no ' Them ' . There is only One LORD ELohim our one and only God and our one and only Father who is the Creator of all created . Again : Y'shua the Jewish man was fully mortal and died and will remain dead forever just like us . The Holy Spirit never existed so that makes LORD ELohim the One and Only true God of all mankind and all other mortals and all Spirits .

28: Blessed Are

Matthew 5 : 1 & 12 Y'shua is preaching to a crowd saying :
3 Blessed are the poor in spirit , for theirs is the kingdom of heaven . No mortal will ever go to Heaven . LORD ELohim says Y'shua never promised people anything about Heaven or eternity .    There are more ' Blessed are ' . There are a couple of them that Y'shua spoke something like them but others he did not teach . Verse 4 about    .. those who mourn for they will be comforted . Y'shua did mention this in his teachings but he meant people comforting people . The LORD cannot comfort people . Verse 5    Blessed are the meek , for they will inherit the earth . Y'shua never promised people the earth will be theirs . This is not Y'shua's teaching and not good news . The CB claims Y'shua said others are going to Heaven while this verse says the meek are stuck on earth . How is that good news to the meek . Verse 6    ... are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness , for they will be filled . We are not sure what that means . To become righteous is work for mortals to do and is not the LORD's work to do that for us . Verse 7 ... are the merciful , for they will be shown mercy . This is something Y'shua would say and did say something like it . Verse 8    ... are the pure in heart , for they will see God . No mortal is going to Heaven . No mortal flesh can see LORD ELohim . LORD ELohim cannot change mortal flesh into Spirit .    Verse 9 ... are the peacemakers , for they will be called children of God . All mortal life are children of LORD ELohim including all animals , sea creatures and all other mortal life . All Humanity are children of the LORD including the most wicked of us . Not all does He love . All mortals He created are already His children . Verse 10 ... those who are persecuted because of righteousness , for theirs is the kingdom of heaven . This is the same as verse 3 . Verse 11 Blessed are you when people insult you , persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me . 12 Rejoice and be glad , because great is your reward in heaven , for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you . Like some of the other verses the LORD ELohim says that Y'shua never promised a home in Heaven to any mortal . There are no rewards in Heaven for mortals and never will be . The way this says ' they persecuted the prophets ' sounds like Y'shua was speaking about the Jews persecuting the Jewish Prophets . I asked the LORD if His Jewish Prophets had problems with other Jews and He indicated for the most part there were no problems . The Jewish Prophets were respected by other Jews . The LORD says Y'shua never said these verses about the LORD's Jewish Prophets being persecuted by other Jews because there is not much truth to it . The LORD says only one Jewish Prophet was murdered by a couple of Jews who were not of any religious group within Judaism . 

29: Was Y'shua A Prophet Of The LORD's ?

I asked LORD ELohim if Y'shua was one of His chosen Prophets and He said Y'shua was not a Prophet . The LORD indicated that Y'shua never thought he was a Prophet . Y'shua was the willing Jewish Lamb of God . All LORD ELohim's Prophets got better at being Prophets with age . The longer they lived the better they got at being good Prophets . Y'shua being the Lamb of God the LORD did not put upon him the work of being a Prophet to . The LORD left Y'shua alone so he could enjoy being a dad and husband and a Rabbi and a friend to many while yet alive . Remember the LORD allowed Y'shua to chose where , how and when he would be sacrificed as the Lamb of God . LORD ELohim had nothing to do with that . The LORD thought Y'shua would make that happen in his later years but Y'shua chose the time he did die for our sins and The Simple Truth . Again : Y'shua was not a Prophet .

30: Y'shua : Spirit Or Flesh ?

Matthew 2 : 1 & 2    After Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea , during the time of King Herod , Magi from the east came to Jerusalem 2 and asked , " Where is the one who has been born king of the Jews ? We saw his star when it rose and have come to worship him . "     The CB says that Y'shua was born . The LORD ELohim's Spirit children were never born but created by LORD ELohim . Only mortal flesh needs to be born . Y'shua was the mortal man that was born that the LORD was hopeful about to willingly be His Lamb of God . Do you really think that the LORD would miss the birth of this mortal child ? LORD ELohim was there at the birth of Y'shua . The LORD remained with Y'shua from that time onward . LORD ELohim never saw any Magi claiming that Y'shua would be the King of the Jews . The LORD never intended Y'shua to be a King of the Jews . I asked LORD ELohim if He believed Y'shua when grown had many qualities for being a good King would He have let Y'shua do so ? The LORD said He would have been OK with that but Y'shua when grown had very few qualities needed for being a good King or the Messiah . It was not the best of times for that either . Herod was King and the Romans were everywhere in Israel . Herod was a puppet King and the true rulers over Israel were the Romans . Y'shua would have never been put on the Kings throne of Israel by the Romans . To be killed by the Romans is far more likely . What about the star ? I asked LORD ELohim if He ever saw a true star suddenly appear for maybe only a few nights in the night ski and then never again . The LORD says He has never seen such a star . In the desert among great darkness one would see billions of stars and galaxies so it would probably need to be a planet from our solar system but those planets which can be seen were already seen over and over again by mankind . This about a certain star representing a Jewish King being seen by the Magi makes no sense to LORD ELohim or me . Y'shua being born of flesh and bone and of a mortal flesh and bone mother named Miriam and could be seen and heard by mortals ; this should be a very good clue that Y'shua was fully mortal flesh and bone and not Spirit and not a God . In a book about Judaism it says Jews firmly believe that no mortal can be a God and they are completely right about that says the LORD . Y'shua was fully a mortal human Jewish man and not Spirit in anyway . Remember again : LORD ELohim says that He cannot change flesh into Spirit or Spirit into flesh .

31: We Are One Species And One Family

So why do humans war and hate and many being so cruel to other people so much ? Why so much death caused by us mortal humans ?

32: Did Y'shua Change His Disciples Names ?

LORD ELohim was always with Y'shua : from his birth to his death . The LORD says Y'shua never changed the names of his Disciples . The CB says that Y'shua changed Simon son of Jonah to the name Peter and the LORD says that never happened . Simon was a Jewish man and the name Simon is Jewish . The name Peter is Greek for rock . The Jews to have a name for rock . LORD ELohim says Y'shua could not speak Greek so why would Y'shua change Simon's name to a Greek name . Y'shua was never trying to create another religion and neither were his other Disciples . A good example : Matthew 1 : 21 She will give birth to a son , and you are to give him the name Jesus , because he will save his people from their sins . Matthew 1 : 25    But he did not consummate their marriage until she gave birth to a son . And he gave him the name Jesus . Y'shua's name was Y'shua and not Jesus . These verses are lies . If Joseph was told by the LORD to give a name to this child He would have said the name Y'shua or maybe another Jewish name and not the Greek name Jesus . So who renamed Y'shua the Greek name Jesus ? The LORD does not know the Greek language and neither did Y'shua . Y'shua died and at that time Y'shua was still called Y'shua by other people and the LORD . Who renamed Y'shua to the Greek name Jesus in the CB ? The Roman Catholic Church changed his name or approved of that Greek name changed by the Greeks . So who renamed Simon to the Greek name Peter ? It would have had to be the Roman Catholic Church or the Greeks . Y'shua and LORD ELohim never changed Simon's name to Peter or Y'shua's own name to Jesus . Those changes the non-Jewish Christians did . If you don't use the true name of the Jewish Lamb of God Y'shua , you are not remembering the true Jewish Lamb of God who willingly died for the sins of most people to be forgiven and for The Simple Truth to be taught to mankind . The following is something no one understands : Matthew 1 : 23    " The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son , and they will call him      Immanuel " ( which means ' God with us ' ) . So if the LORD said that this child should be called Immanuel then why did his Jewish parents name him Y'shua and the Christians named Y'shua the Greek name Jesus ? No people called him Immanuel that we could find and LORD ELohim says He never taught anything to do with the name Immanuel . Y'shua is a name like Joshua meaning : Jehovah is salvation . Christians claim the name Jesus is Greek for Joshua meaning : Jehovah is salvation . Immanuel is Jewish meaning : ' God with us ' but the LORD says that is not the right meaning for Immanuel . Christ is Latin Christus and Greek Christos meaning ' anointed ' . People who were anointed were Kings , priests , and Prophets . Again remember Y'shua was never anointed by mankind or by LORD ELohim . LORD ELohim says Y'shua should not be called Immanuel but he also should not be called Jesus or Christ . The LORD says this Jewish man who was His Lamb of God should be called Y'shua meaning ' Jehovah is salvation ' . Salvation does not mean ' eternal life ' but it does mean saving people from their sins which causes feelings of guilt , anger , rage , sadness and other feelings keeping people from truly enjoying their life . LORD ELohim says that Isaiah 7 : 14 in the JB has nothing to do with Y'shua : Assuredly , my LORD will give you a sign of His own accord ! Look , the young woman is with child and about to give birth to a son . Let her name him Immanuel . Note that in the JB there is no mention of a ' virgin ' as written in the CB : Isaiah 7 : 14 : Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign : The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son , and will call him Immanuel . The fact that Y'shua was never called Immanuel means this verse was never fulfilled and therefore has nothing to do with Y'shua or his mother Miriam . We read the whole chapter of Isaiah 7 and we don't understand how this verse even fits into Y'shua's time .

Y'shua's mother's Jewish name was Miriam and the church changed it to Mary . Mark is Latin for John . Saul was changed to Paul . Matthew name was also called Levi in Luke 5 : 27 & 29 and in Mark 2 : 14 & 15 . The Lamb of God true name and Jewish name was Y'shua and the church changed it to the Greek name Jesus . Mashiach is Hebrew for the English name Messiah and in Latin it is Christus and in Greek it is Christos and the church changed Messiah to Christ in most Bible versions . Y'shua was never the Messiah and he was never anointed by man or the LORD ELohim . Y'shua and Joshua means ' Jehovah is salvation ' . It was LORD ELohim who forgave the sins of most all people : not Y'shua . The LORD says neither Y'shua or Him changed the names of the Disciples or Y'shua's Jewish name to Jesus . It was the Roman Catholic Church or Greeks who did that .

Remember that Y'shua and LORD ELohim never knew Mark , Luke or Paul and many other people who are written in the CB NT . Did Paul or Mark and Luke or even these other people really exist ? If they did exist they write like they have no knowledge of The Simple Truth about who Y'shua was and why Y'shua willingly die as the Lamb of God and what that mea'nt for most all mankind .

33: The Law Of The LORD

Acts 13 : 39 Through him everyone who believes is set free from every sin , a justification you were not able to obtain under the law of Moses . Luke 24 : 44 (R) :
He said to them , " This is what I told you while I was still with you : Everything must be fulfilled that is written about me in the Law of Moses , the Prophets and the Psalms ."      LORD ELohim does not understand anything in these verses . Moses did not make up any Law . The Law meaning the Ten Commandments ( no s on Law ) LORD ELohim was the author of and He taught Moses His Law and other teachings and Moses taught the Jews the LORD's Law and other teachings . Y'shua being a Jewish man and a Jewish Rabbi would never have called the LORD's Law the Law of Moses and neither would other Jews . The LORD does not know what are in His Law the Ten Commandments that Y'shua would need to fulfill something regarding them . Y'shua never said this . LORD ELohim only started thinking about The Simple Truth and a Lamb of God about seven hundred years ( around the time of Isaiah ) before Y'shua was conceived of so there is not a lot about the Lamb of God in the JB . Can a person be ' justified ' by keeping the Law of LORD ELohim ? The LORD says ' yes ' a person can be justified by simply keeping His Law . Justify or justification means : to pronounce free from guilt or blame , to prove just , right    or reasonable .    Through a few Prophets the LORD did say a day would come when He would forgive the sins of mankind . The LORD changed that to most all mankind's sins would be forgiven . So whoever wrote these verses is wrong : you can be justified just by keeping the LORD's Law , the Ten Commandments . Can Christians be ' justified ' by faith alone as they believe they are ? LORD ELohim says faith alone is not good enough regarding any religion .

During the Inquisitions several popes of the Roman Catholic Church were responsible for and allowed the mass murder and cruel torture of many thousands of people . These popes and their goons were not forgiven by LORD ELohim and certainly will never be justified either . These Roman Catholic    popes and many other popes over the years died in deep sins and if there were a hell all of these popes and their goons would be going there . Again : there is no hell . LORD ELohim says that faith alone will get you absolutely no where with Him . Its the deeds we do that count for or against us . We were reading in the CB the Ten Commandments and checking how many the Roman Catholic Church and even some Protestant churches have in the past or are even now breaking . # 1 You shall have no other gods before me . The Christians are breaking this Law because they have three Gods . # 2 You shall not make for yourself an image ... You shall not bow down to them or worship them ... Catholics are well known and some Protestants for their statues and paintings of Y'shua , the Miriams and other people they bow down to . # 3 You shall not misuse the name of the LORD your God ... Christians claim the name ELohim means more then One God which is a lie . # 4 Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy . Six days you shall labor and do all your work , but the seventh day is a sabbath to the LORD your God . On it you shall not do any work , .... Most all Christian denominations do not keep this Commandment . Most Christians Sabbath is on the first day of the week and that is wrong . Also its a 24\7 work world now where a lot of people are told they have to work the Seventh Day Sabbath and work even on the Christian sabbath . Money greed today beat out the LORD's Law .    # 5 Honor your father and your mother ... Not every family is perfect in any religion . # 6 You shall not murder . The Roman Catholic Church has often had a problem with keeping this Commandment . Again remember the Inquisitions , the slaughter of the Knights Templars and many thousands of others who were murdered by the Roman Catholic Church popes and goons for heresy and other reasons like gain of money and property and power over people and even Kings and to keep their religion from falling apart when people spoke against the Roman Catholics man made beliefs and rules . # 7 You shall not commit adultery . The Catholic church does not allow the popes or preachers to marry but LORD ELohim says He knows that some of the Catholic clergy , even some who became pope , do something even far more greatly evil then breaking this Commandment , a evil so wicked that those preachers and popes will never be forgiven for : the rape of children , both boys and girls which was and is all too common . You don't have to be a preacher or pope for never to be forgiven of rape . # 8 You shall not steal . The Inquisitions and the slaughter of the Knights Templars and many other murders allowed the Roman Catholic Church and Kings to gain lands , buildings and much money . The LORD calls that not only stealing but mass murders so to steal from the dead . # 9 You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor . There was a lot of false testimony given by the Catholic clergy and other Catholics during the Inquisitions and given against the Knights Templars and    Jews and other people over the years . Many thousands of people were murdered by the Roman Catholic Church because of false testimony given by the church against them . #    10 You shall not covet your neighbor's house ... The Roman Catholic Church did covet a lot which is why so much murder of people by the Catholic Church . Covet means to desire eagerly what belongs to other people . The Roman Catholic Church did covet power over people , money , lands and other property belonging to other people .    Protestant clergy and congregations have not kept a few Commandments also but in general : no where near to what the Roman Catholic Church has broken and how extreme over and over again in the past and some even today . These Ten Commandments are not the Commandments of Moses : they are the Law of your God LORD ELohim .   

34: The LORD Never Knew Them

LORD ELohim and Y'shua never knew Mark , Luke or Paul . These three and others were not among the twelve Disciples of Y'shua and yet they have probably influenced Christians more then Matthew , John or Peter or any other Disciples . Others like Timothy and Titus and so on the LORD and Y'shua never knew either and many other people in the CB NT . The question is : did these people even really exist ?

35: Keeping The Law Of The LORD

James 2 : 8    If you really keep the royal law found in Scripture , " Love you neighbor as yourself " , you are doing right . 10    For whomever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it . The Christians calling the LORD's Ten Commandments                ' the royal law ' is a new name to the LORD . The LORD says calling His Law ' the royal law ' is very wrong to do . The LORD is sure that a Jewish person would not have called His Law that name . LORD ELohim does not agree with verse 10 . The LORD indicates that if you do not keep one Law you only break one Law and not all Ten Commandments . 24 You see that a person is considered righteous by what they do and not by faith alone . 26 As the body without the spirit is dead , so faith without deeds is dead . Who ever wrote this is right about deeds . Just having faith alone is not good enough no matter how many times you pray in a day or go to church or wherever . Deeds shows more about a person then a person just saying he or she is a Christian or in any other religion . What is wrong is about being dead if you do not have the ' spirit ' . Often the word ' spirit ' means the Holy Spirit and many Christians believe that Christians alone have this spirit . There is no Holy Spirit and all mortal species do not have a Spirit with them to call their own . The LORD says deeds mean far more than just faith alone . Back to the subject of the LORD not knowing people . The sacred Books of any religion : how do you know that every word and verse is LORD ELohim's words or even Y'shua's words as Christians claim theirs is . How can that be proven ? Its easier to prove its not the words of LORD ELohim or even Y'shua's . Faith means believing in something where there is no proof that it is true . So a person would need not only faith in their God or Gods but also faith in their sacred Books and who wrote them . Regarding this the LORD says : Think Not Beyond Logic ! You will find what may be most likely true and you should be able to find the errors and lies also by using logic . The LORD ELohim says He never knew any in the family of Y'shua or other Jews ever to call Y'shua Lord Jesus Christ or Lord Y'shua the Messiah . To believe every word in the CB or any other religions sacred Books that it is the ' Word of God ' , you will need a lot of faith because where is all the proof of that being true . Do you still believe in a hell or lake of fire in a limbo filled with mortal babies crying or a purgatory full of suffering people ? More about this later .

36: Did Y'shua Bring A End To The Law ?

Galatians 3 : 10 - 13    For all    who rely on the works of the law are under a curse , as it is written : " Cursed is everyone who does not continue to do everything written in the Book of the Law ." 11 Clearly no one who relies on the law is justified before God , because the righteous will live by faith . .... Paul continues on by saying : 13 Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us , .... What is clear is that Paul does not love the Ten Commandments . Again : LORD ELohim says you can be free of sin simply by keeping His Law : the Ten Commandments . If there really was this man called Paul , he does not mention The Simple Truth . If this Paul guy truly knew about Y'shua and Judaism he should have been able to put the bits and pieces together to know The Simple Truth about the Lamb of God Y'shua . LORD ELohim and Y'shua never ended peoples need for the Law given to Moses by LORD ELohim . The LORD will never bring an end to the Law , not then , not now , not ever . The LORD still fully believes if all mankind were to keep His Law the world would be a world of peace , greater happiness and greater freedom and greater love and contentment . Our choice . Paul says in verse 3 : 24 So the law was our guardian until Christ came that we might be justified by faith . The word ' might ' simply means ' may ' as in maybe , less probability or possibility than ' may ' says the Dictionary . For a man who preaches like he knows everything for sure its strange that he would use the words ' might be justified by faith ' . LORD ELohim made it clear that no one can be justified by faith alone , any faith of any religion alone . Good , kind and loving deeds are what counts the most and keeping the LORD's Ten Commandments counts most of all . But remember The Simple Truth that Paul , Luke , Mark and others do not mention in the CB NT . LORD ELohim forgave the sins of most all mankind , past , present and future , almost two thousand years ago . So if you are a fairly good and loving and kind person your sins have been forgiven by the shedding of the blood of the Lamb of God . LORD ELohim says the wise would keep His Ten Commandments so to enjoy a even better life . The Simple Truth is a added bonus to even greater joy and given to us by LORD ELohim also with the help of Y'shua His Lamb of God : to forgive others and also to forgive ourself for theirs and our wrong doings and theirs and our many mistakes , just like LORD ELohim has forgiven most all of us for our mistakes and wrong doings . Again : a choice for each of us to make .

36: Not From LORD ELohim

Paul does this often : 1 Timothy 1 : 1 & 2 Paul , an apostle of Christ Jesus by the command of God our Savior and of Christ Jesus our hope , To Timothy my true son in the faith : Grace , mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord . Philippians 1 : 1 & 2    Paul and Timothy , servants of Jesus Christ , To all God's holy people in Christ Jesus at Phillippi , together with the overseers and deacons .2 Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ .                1 Corinthians 1 : 1 - 3 Paul , called to be an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God , and our brother Sosthenes , To the church of God in Corinth , to those sanctified in Christ Jesus and called to be his holy people , .... 3 Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ .    There are more like these . First : LORD ELohim never knew Paul , Timothy or Sosthenes . The preaching done by Paul was never the ' will of God ' LORD ELohim . Christianity was never the ' church of God ' and never will be the church of God unless changes are made in their beliefs and Bible . How could it be by the LORD's will since the LORD never knew Paul or these other people . When Paul writes : Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ . It sounds like Paul had lunch with LORD ELohim and Y'shua and the LORD and Y'shua said to Paul " say Hi from us to all the boys ." LORD ELohim and Y'shua never had lunch with Paul . Y'shua never knew Paul or these other people and neither did LORD ELohim . Y'shua never promised anyone eternal life through him and neither did LORD ELohim . Paul uses the name ' saints ' or ' holy people '. The word saint means : one officially recognized as preeminent for holiness , one of the spirits of the departed in Heaven , a holy and godly person . To declare someone to be a Saint should be up to LORD ELohim since it also means that a person has ' divine qualities ' . LORD ELohim has not met a lot of people like that and Christianity is a pagan religion to LORD ELohim and would be a pagan religion to Y'shua also so that eliminates all Christians as being saints or his holy people including all the many popes who were also declared to be saints or holy by the Roman Catholic Church itself and not by the LORD .

37: What Does Salvation Mean To LORD ELohim ? 

The word ' salvation ' has many meanings . The LORD did not create the many meanings of ' salvation ' : people did that . In the Dictionary it says salvation means : saving or being saved , a person or thing that saves , Christians believe that Christ is the salvation of the world , a saving of the soul , deliverance from sin and from punishment for sin , the saving a person from sin or its consequences especially in life after death , the saving from danger , difficulty or evil . What does LORD ELohim say salvation means ? The LORD says salvation is " His forgiveness of peoples sins and wrong doings " : and nothing more than this meaning . No mortal has a Spirit Soul and no people will have an eternal life . So what is the consequences of sin ? The LORD says : having a far far more miserable mortal life then you should have . What does LORD ELohim do to punish people who sin ? The LORD's answer for this question is most always ' absolutely nothing ' . The consequences of sin is usually enough misery brought upon themselves . Only three times in history the LORD was the cause of extremely wicked and evil people being punished by Him and those people were not Jews . Some people in the past like some Prophets would believe if most all of Israel was having bad days or years its because they were being punished for their sins by the LORD . The LORD says He was never the cause of the Israelites bad days or years . Other people were the cause of those . LORD ELohim says He has never punished the Israelites because they never gave Him reason to in the past or even now .

38: Did Y'shua Really Say This ?

(a) Remember LORD ELohim was with Y'shua from the time of his birth to the time of his death . The LORD remembers those days well . In Luke 23 : 42 & 43 it says Then he said , " Jesus , remember me when you come into your kingdom . " 43 (R) Jesus answered him , " Truly I tell you , today you will be with me in paradise . " LORD ELohim was with Y'shua when Y'shua was on the cross and the LORD says Y'shua never said this verse to any person . Why would Y'shua say this when he knew it was a lie . LORD ELohim made sure Y'shua fully knew the truth , that no mortal can be raised from the dead and no mortal can have eternal life . This man never went to Heaven and neither did Y'shua . Also Y'shua never said to any people at any time that he would be resurrected and someday ' soon ' he would have a kingdom on earth and he would be the eternal King of it .

(b)              Its claimed that Y'shua said " Father , into your hands I commit my spirit . " as written in Luke 23 : 46 . Again remember the LORD made sure that Y'shua understood that as the Lamb of God he would have to die and he could never be raised back to life from the dead and he would not have an eternal life . LORD ELohim says that Y'shua did not say this .

(c)                Did Y'shua say : Mark 15 : 34    And at three in the afternoon Jesus cried out in a loud voice , " Eloi , Eloi , lema sabachthani " ( which means " My God , my God , why have you forsaken me ? " ) . The following verses make no sense . Mark 15 : 35 & 36    When some of those standing near heard this , they said , " Listen , he's calling Elijah . " The possibility that it was the Romans who said this is extremely unlikely . What would Romans know about a Jew named Elijah who lived about the mid to late 9th century B.C.E. . And again we hope we have this date right . LORD ELohim has never heard of a Jewish person who believes Elijah would return and He never heard any person say this verse when Y'shua was on the cross . The Jews would know the Hebrew words for ' My God ' so why would Jewish people think Y'shua was calling out to Elijah and not to LORD ELohim . We could not find anywhere the name ' Eloi ' for LORD ELohim , so it this a correct name for the LORD ? we don't know . The LORD does not remember the Jews calling Him by this name . 36 Someone ran , filled a sponge with wine vinegar , put it on a staff , and offered it to Jesus to drink . " Now leave him alone . Let's see if Elijah comes to take him down , " he said . LORD ELohim says no one said this . The LORD also says that no Roman centurion said " Surely this man was the Son of God ! " as written in Mark 15 : 39 . LORD ELohim cannot speak or understand Latin , the Romans language , but no Roman soldiers paid any attention to Y'shua when he was on the cross or after his body was taken down . Y'shua was one of many that the Roman paid no attention to .

39: What Is The Future To Be For Humanity ?

LORD ELohim says what our future will be is for us to choose . War or peace , joy or sorrow , happiness or grief , love or hate , terror or peace of mind , troubled or satisfying and so on . What our future will be has nothing to do with LORD ELohim . LORD ELohim in the past over and over again tried to help all mankind live a much better life and mankind failed Him : He did not fail us . In the near future the LORD is going to where Heaven use to be and all His Spirit children too . So again , what our future will be is fully our choice : not His . Remember that Spirits and LORD ELohim in the past could not interfere with our free will so we probably will not notice any difference when the LORD is no longer with us mortals .

40: Are Humans Animals ?

LORD ELohim indicates that all in the mortal human species are animals . The only difference with us humans and other animals is we have free will and giving us free will is something LORD ELohim deeply deeply regrets . We mortal Humanity like the Grays and Anunnaki never learnt how to use our free will wisely . The LORD thought He could help us humans by teaching us His wisdom and that obviously did not work out well .

41: Did The LORD ELohim Create Life On Our Moon ?

The LORD says He never created any kind of life on the moon . If there is something like bacteria on the moon it was us who took it there by the astronauts or by probes mankind sent there . Also the LORD says that the Grays and Anunnaki were both on the moon so they could have taken even more than just simple bacteria to the moon . Mars is the same . Mankind has not been to Mars but our probes have and the Grays and Anunnaki have both been there a lot . So to say that life was created on the moon or Mars by chance , that would not be true . Both the moon and Mars were contaminated by mortal flesh created on earth by the LORD and possibly other planets and moons in our Solar System also . I asked LORD ELohim if He thinks that mortal life can occur without His work to create mortals and He said it would be impossible for that to happen . Over the past trillions of years LORD ELohim has been to many billions of planets and moons and many hundreds of galaxies and He never found anywhere where mortal life or even Spirits were existing .

42: The Anunnakis Are Back

The LORD and Spirits indicates that for the last three years they have seen the Anunnakis space - ships four times near earth . I asked if an Anunnaki walked down the street would humans think they are seeing a non-human being and the Spirits indicated that people probably may think the Anunnaki is just another human only a very massive human and tall human . Both the Grays and the Anunnakis are Humanoids like us . The LORD used the Grays DNA to create the Anunnakis and the LORD used the Grays DNA to also create Humans . The Anunnakis were just bad news so the LORD did not use their DNA and other stuff to form Humanity . Remember LORD ELohim created all mortal life on earth beginning with bacteria . It was easier to use the existing DNA He created to create a different species instead of starting from scratch again for each species . Why are the Anunnaki back near earth again ? Probably the same reason the Grays are near earth today also . They are mortals who were created on this earth . They have the same needs like we have in which the earth supplies us with . Where else are they going to go to for those needs ???

43: Heaven or Heavens ?

2 Corinthians 12 : 2 I know a man in Christ who fourteen years ago was caught up to the third heaven . In Acts Y'shua was taken up , so is claimed by Christians . Acts 1 : 9 - 11 After he said this , he was taken up before their very eyes , and a cloud hid him from their sight . 10 They were looking intently up into the sky as he was going , when suddenly two men dressed in white stood beside them . 11 " Men of    Galilee " , : they said , " why do you stand here looking into the sky ? This same Jesus , who has been taken from you into heaven , will come back in the same way you have see him go into heaven ." None of these verses are true . According to many Christians there are three Heavens . Paul is said to have written 2 Corinthians and Luke is claimed to have written Acts . LORD ELohim and other Spirits say that there is only One Heaven and that Heaven is mobile . Heaven is wherever LORD ELohim and His Spirit children are except on earth . The LORD does not want His Spirit children to see mankind at our worst which is pretty much everywhere on earth so Heaven is not and never will be on earth . Again : the LORD says there is only One Heaven and thats wherever He and His Spirit children are at any time . The old Heaven is many many billions of miles away from earth and that is where the LORD and His family of Spirits will go to when the LORD is ready to leave us and earth .

44: Y'shua's Death

Mark 15 : 25 says It was nine in the morning when they crucified him .    Mark 15 : 34 - 37    And at three in the afternoon Jesus cried out in a loud voice , " Eloi , Eloi , lema sabachthani ? " ( which means " My God , my God , why have you forsaken me ? ") ... 37    With a loud cry , Jesus breathed his last . Mark 15 : 42 - 47    It was Preparation Day ( that is , the day before the Sabbath ) . So as evening approached , 43 Joseph of Arimathea ,    a prominent member of the Council , who was himself waiting for the kingdom of God , went boldly to Pilate and asked for Jesus body . 44 Pilate was surprised to hear that he was already dead . Summoning the centurion , he asked him if Jesus had already died . 45 When he learned from the centurion that it was so , he gave the body to Joseph . 46 So Joseph bought some linen cloth , took down the body , wrapped it in the linen , and placed it in the tomb cut out of rock . Then he rolled a stone against the entrance of the tomb . So according to Mark Y'shua was put upon the cross at nine in the morning , died at three in the afternoon and Y'shua's body was put in the tomb minutes before sundown and the beginning of the Sabbath Day . In Luke it says in 23 : 54 It was Preparation Day , and the Sabbath was about to begin . I asked LORD ELohim how long was the dead body of Y'shua on the cross . LORD ELohim says it was many hours . Y'shua died at about three in the afternoon but his dead body was on the cross until Joseph of Arimathea received the body from the Romans just shortly before night time . It was the Roman soldiers who took down Y'shua's body , not Joseph . Joseph put the body in the tomb minutes before sundown and the beginning of the Sabbath Day . Y'shua's body had been dead for several hour before it was taken down from the cross . There was no way possible that LORD ELohim could have resurrected Y'shua's lifeless body after the body being dead for that long . Mark and Luke's stories do not match regarding this time for Y'shua . Luke 23 : 46 says Y'shua said just before he died " Father , into your hands I commit my spirit ." and in Mark 15 : 34 it says Y'shua spoke .... My God , my God , why have you forsaken me ) ". LORD ELohim says that Y'shua did not say either of these verses . The LORD says Y'shua did not say anything .

45: LORD ELohim Has Many Names

The LORD says EL and ELohim are His true names but the Jews over the years made up other names for LORD ELohim and the LORD does not have a problem with most of them because those names were made with great respect for Him . The Christians created a new name for LORD ELohim also and even the same name for Y'shua that lacks greatly of any respect for either of them . That Christian made name is ' Alpha and Omega ' . LORD ELohim says never call Him or Y'shua by that Greek name which makes no sense and has no respect for LORD ELohim or for Y'shua . Alpha and Omega are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet . They are suppose to mean that LORD ELohim and Y'shua are eternal . Christians claim that all verses written in ' red letters ' means Y'shua spoke those verses . If a verse is not red letters verses but ' black letter ' verses then Y'shua did not say those verses . The name Alpha and Omega is written three times in the CB book of Revelation . In verse 1 : 8 it says in ' black ' letters meaning Y'shua did not say this verse so it would have to be claimed that LORD ELohim said it . " I am the Alpha and the Omega , " says the Lord God , " who is , and who was , and who is to come , the Almighty . "    LORD ELohim says He never said this to any human and He does not like to be called this by anyone . Rev 21 : 6 is also black letters so again the Christians claim that LORD ELohim said this . He said to me : " it is done . I am the Alpha and the Omega , the Beginning and the End ... . Rev 22 : 12 & 13 these verses are ' red letter ' verses so its claimed by Christians that Y'shua spoke these words . Look , I am coming soon ? My reward is with me , and I will give to each person according to what they have done . 13 I am the Alpha and the Omega , the First and the Last , the Beginning and the End . What does this even mean : the first and last of what ? the beginning and end of what ? LORD ELohim never heard Y'shua use these words . Y'shua was a Jewish man who only spoke Hebrew so the chances are that he never knew the Greek alphabet . LORD ELohim existed first before all Spirits He created and before all mortals He created , so how could Y'shua be the First and the Beginning . First of what and Beginning of what ? And what does End mean ? Y'shua was not the first resurrected because he was never resurrected . Y'shua was not the first mortal to go to Heaven because he never went to Heaven . So what was Y'shua the first of and beginning of claimed by Christians and what is he the end and last of too ? Its not possible that LORD ELohim and Y'shua also to both be the first and beginning of the exactly the same thing . LORD ELohim has existed for trillions of years before the fully mortal man Y'shua was born about 2029 years ago . There is a lot of questions about this Greek name : Alpha and Omega . LORD ELohim says do not call Him or Y'shua this Greek name . Its such a silly name an has no logical meaning . In Mark 15 : 34 it says Y'shua called out when he was near death on the cross saying " Eloi , Eloi , ... they wrote this name meaning in English " My God , my God , ... . The LORD says He has never heard anyone call Him this name ' Eloi ' before and He knows Y'shua never said that . The LORD hopes if the Rabbis use that name for Him , please tell Him what it means . He will be listening .

46: The LORD Reminds Us That We Humans Are Not The Cause Of Global Warming

This winter has been fairly warm , both days and nights . The LORD ELohim says this is to be expected since we are on the warming side of a recent Ice Age Climax . In the last million years the earth has had four Ice Age periods . Many scientists today now call these ' a natural phenomenon ' . The warming period between these great ice sheets forming on earth is also then ' a natural phenomenon ' . LORD ELohim has seen a lot of ice sheets form when the earth became cold and then watched the ice sheets melt during the warming period and even the LORD does not know why either of these happen and He agrees that both are ' a natural phenomenon ' . The oldest Ice Age that scientists know of happened 700,000,000 years ago . LORD ELohim was here on earth playing in the dirt at that time . In the past million years there have been four Ice Ages . The last cold period causing a massive ice sheet to form on earth lasted about 95,000 years and then the earth began to warm again for whatever reason and the ice sheet began melting about 20,000 years ago . The average warming period during the last million years is about 70,000 years so we may have another 50,000 more years of warming but it could also become cold again at any time . In the past million years the four Ice Age Climaxes and its ice sheets lasted about 64,000 , 156,000 , 55,000 and 95,000 years for the last recent one . A Ice Age and the global warming period cannot be predicted . Can mankind win a battle with this global warming period we are dealing with now ? LORD ELohim says we would very much most likely lose that battle . Paying carbon taxes will not change anything except to cause most everything we buy to go up greatly in price . Has global warming become just an excuse to tax people ? LORD ELohim says get ready for a bumpy ride on this earth in the near future . The LORD says when the ice sheet covered much of the northern hemisphere the global climate was much calmer than during the warming periods . The earth is very different during the Ice Ages but even the Eskimo peoples would have to move south . The ice sheet was 8,000 to 10,000 feet high . The ice sheet dug deep into areas of the northern lands and when the ice sheet melted it created many lakes . The Great Lakes in North America are only about 12 to 15 thousand years old and created by the last ice sheet . So much water became ice in the ice sheet that the global ocean level dropped about 300 feet and even today the ocean is still rising from that time and that could cause problems soon for some people . The earth is not perfect for mortal life but it is the best planet LORD ELohim could find in several galaxies . Like the LORD said about the Grays and Anunnakis : where else can they go to ? If people did keep the Ten Commandments and did not hate and war this earth would be a much better place for mortals to live on then it is now . There is probably nothing we can do about this natural global warming but we can do many other things about making our lives better then they are now . What we humans can make happen is peace on earth , greater happiness , peace of mind , greater love , more contentment and so on . That is our choice to make happen now . The LORD cannot do that for us . Most likely we humans will never change the climate change going on now but we could make a difference in our lives for the better by listening to our God and Father about His Law and The Simple Truth . The LORD cannot change the climate anywhere on earth . In the past global warmings and ice ages He did lose some species because of the heat and others because of the cold . LORD ELohim says " live for the moment " .

47: Why Is The LORD Leaving Us Soon ?

Mostly because we are no fun to be around . Much of Humanity is full of hatred , violence , war , terrorism , senseless bloodshed , cruelty , and on and on . The LORD is tired of us and He does not want to be here when the big war happens . If it were not for the LORD wanting to see what happens because of His Little Book , He would have left for Heaven years ago . He does enjoy going to the many gatherings where many people of different religions talk about His Book . The LORD wants to know if the world is willing to listen to Him now but that is not going to change His mind about going home to the old Heaven . He says He will return in about a hundred years to see if people in the coming generations were truly willing to listen to Him and keep His Law and benefit from The Simple Truth . He is also coming back to see if us humans even still exist because of the way we are going now .

48: Lets Pretend Or What If ?

(a) Again : this is about What If or Pretending . What if Y'shua was LORD ELohim's only begotten Son . Again we are pretending that Y'shua was the LORD's only Son . We know for certain that the LORD did give him the Jewish name ' Y'shua '. Again : LORD ELohim named him ' Y'shua ' and Miriam and Joseph called him Y'shua also . Then came along the Christians who changed his Jewish name Y'shua to the Greek name ' Jesus ' . The LORD's will was for people to know His Lamb of God by the Jewish name Y'shua . Lets pretend that Y'shua came from Heaven and he has had that Hebrew name for trillions of years : the name Y'shua . The Christians changing the Jewish name Y'shua to the Greek name Jesus would then mean what ? It would mean the Christians went against the will of the LORD and what LORD ELohim decreed and wanted and against the true name of Y'shua who was named by the LORD . The Bibles a few times mentions the will of God and to respect His will and we humans should obey His will . The truth is : Y'shua was not the only son of God and Y'shua was never a God and Y'shua was never the Jewish Messiah and Y'shua was never resurrected but that does not change the fact that the LORD Himself named His Lamb of God Y'shua and that the Christians should have never changed his Hebrew Jewish name Y'shua to the Greek name Jesus . The LORD has never worked through any Greek man or any other man named Jesus and remember this : He never will . If any man says that he is the Christians Jesus and the Jewish Messiah , you know for sure that the LORD had nothing to do with that guy . How could that Jesus be both Christian and Jewish at the same time ? The LORD wants to remind Christians and other people that the Messiah they believe in has to be a fully Jewish man or he is not the Messiah .   

49: No Original Sin

Ezekiel 20 : 18 : 20    ( JB )    The person who sins , he alone shall die . A child shall not share the burden of the parent's guilt , nor shall a parent share the burden of a child's guilt ; the righteousness of the righteous shall be accounted to him alone ; and the wickedness of the wicked shall be accounted to him alone . The belief of Christians that all of mankind is burdened by the wrong doings of Adam and Eve is a wrong belief . LORD ELohim says that most of what Ezekiel wrote is true in this verse . The LORD would never put the wrong doings or sins of someone upon other people . He has never done that and He never will . Then why the Original Sin belief which seems to have been created by the Roman Catholic Church . We could not find the reason why but it maybe its because even the best of people die and they needed a reason for that . A few times in the CB it promises eternal life to the Christian faithful but the faithful die like every sinner and non-Christians too . Ezekiel's error in this verse is to say that ' he alone shall die ' . We are all going to die . In the next verse Ezekiel writes     21 Moreover , if the wicked one repents of all the sins that he committed and keeps all My laws and does what is just and right , he shall live ; he shall not die . People use words in different ways . The words live or die , the LORD said to understand them just as they usually mean : all mortals will die if they have lived . No one will live again beyond their true death and no mortal flesh will live and never die . We mortals will all die . LORD ELohim never taught Ezekiel or other Prophets that mortal flesh will have eternal life . We live shortly and then die and are dead for all eternity . That is just the way it is and the LORD cannot change that . Again there is no Original Sin .

50: About Prophets

The LORD says even the best of Prophets had their own opinions , beliefs , hopes and dreams and those often got in the way of them being fully open to what LORD ELohim and His teaching Spirits were trying to teach them . Moses was the LORD's best Prophet and yet even Moses got a few things wrong . Daniel 3 : 19 - 30 .... 24    Then King Nebuchadnezzar was astonished and , rising in hast , addresses his companions , saying , : Did we not throw three men , bound , into the fire ? " They spoke in reply , " Surely , O king . " He answered , " But I see four men walking about unbound and unharmed in the fire and the fourth looks like a divine being . " .... Logic says and LORD ELohim says the fire in the furnace would have killed and cremated the boys and even a Spirit in the fire humans could not have seen that Spirit . This never happened . LORD ELohim says Daniel was the worst Prophet He ever had and should have been a fiction novel writer . Daniel did not last very long as the LORD's Prophet . This is why the LORD says to all people of any religion        " Think Not Beyond Logic " of anything you believe or is written in your sacred Book or Books . LORD ELohim says He never had a Prophet who was not a Hebrew Jew . It was up to the Hebrew Jews to put the bits and pieces together of what the Jewish Prophets and other Jews have learnt from the LORD and from generation to many many more generations . For the most part the Hebrew Jews did very well at this says the LORD , minus a few errors .

51: The Murder Of The Innocent

During the Inquisition there were other murders going on . The Inquisition began 1229 and ended in 1834 . At the time of the Inquisitions the Christian churches were involved in the murder of women who were believed to be witches . According to the Encyclopedia : Historians believe from 1484 - 1722 the Christian churches murdered about 300,000 innocent women who the churches called witches . The Protestant movement began in Europe in the 1500's and first named Protestant in Germany in 1529 . The Encyclopedia does not say which Christian denominations but it is very possible that it was not just the Roman Catholic Church involved in that . These people involved in such murders would test the women several times with different tests and this is one of their tests . The suspected woman was thrown into water and if she floated , she was thought to be guilty of being a witch but if she drowned and died she was believed to be innocent and not a witch . A lot of good that did for the women who were declared to be innocent . How ridiculous is that ? That reminds us of the Templars . In 2001 a document was found in the Vatican archives which says pope Clement V secretly absolved the Knights Templars of the charges of heresy and other stuff but the Templars were still slaughtered even after Clement V wrote that secret paper . A lot of good that did for the Templars who were tortured , hung or burned at the stake after Clement V wrote that secret document . Was pope Clement V trying to get rid of his guilty conscious for being involved with King Philip IV in the slaughter of the Knights Templars or was that document written by him just to have people think better of him in the future then what he truly was . Clement V was pope from 1305 to 1315 or into 1316 . That paper did absolutely nothing to help the Templars .       

52: Did LORD ELohim Foretell Prophets About Y'shua The Lamb Of God ?

We wrote that LORD ELohim did not think about the Lamb of God named Y'shua until about three hundred years before Y'shua existed . LORD ELohim has a problem when it comes to dates because in Heaven there is nothing to define time and even when He is here with us . The LORD indicated that He did give a little information about Y'shua to one Prophet : the Prophet Isaiah . Isaiah lived about 739 - 683 B.C.E. so it was about 700 hundred years before Y'shua was conceived that the LORD thought about The Simple Truth . In Isaiah 53 : 1 - 12 in the JB is the LORD's prophecy about the coming Lamb of God but remember it was not easy to teach His Prophets the truth about what He wanted the Prophet to teach others . In these verses there are some errors written by Isaiah so we will mostly write only what is true or correcting errors if needed . 2 He had no form or beauty ... The LORD did not know what Y'shua would look like . No charm , that we should find him pleasing . The LORD says Y'shua was a very charming , pleasing and delightful man . 3 Y'shua was not shunned by people . Y'shua did not suffer from disease and was not despised by many people . We will just write what the LORD says Isaiah should have only written . 4 ... Our suffering that he endured . 5 But he was wounded because of our sins , .... because of our iniquities . He bore the chastisement that made us whole , And by his bruises we were healed . 6    And the LORD visited upon him The guilt of all of us . 7 He was maltreated, yet he was submissive , He did not open his mouth . 8 For he was cut off from the land of the living Though the sin of my people , who deserved the punishment . Though he had done no injustice And had spoken no falsehood . 11 My righteous servant makes the many righteous , It is their punishment that he bears ;    12 For he exposed himself to death And was numbered among the sinners , Whereas he bore the guilt of the many And made intercession for the sinners . The LORD says that He would not say that through Y'shua's sacrifice all mankind suddenly became righteous . That certainly did not happen . Y'shua's death was no just for the sins of the Jewish people but for most all of mankind . Again : the Prophets often thought that if the Jews were in troubled times it must be because LORD ELohim is punishing them so its not surprising that Isaiah wrote what he did .

53: Did Life Begin On Mars ? 

Many people and even some scientists have trouble believing that mortal life could have been created on this earth by chance alone . Instead of thinking about LORD ELohim having created all that was created many have accepted the belief that we were created by mortal beings on another planet from a different star system far from us somewhere in the universe . Some believe that our beginning happened on Mars that is in our solar system and those created by chance then seeded this earth to create all mortals here . The obvious problem with this theory is how did mortal life begin on another planet by chance alone since they believe mortal life could not have happened by chance alone on this planet ? Now add LORD ELohim into this subject and there is the simple and true answer and a logical answer : LORD ELohim our Father spent billions of years creating all mortal life species on this earth and only on this earth . No mortal life or even most all Spirits came into existence just by chance anywhere in the universe : not even LORD ELohim . But logic is that the very first of all living beings happened by chance and evolved into a amazing living being and must have been a Spirit . This Spirit must have created LORD ELohim . Since then all known Spirits were not created by chance but were created by LORD ELohim trillions of years ago . When the LORD created mortal life on earth for most mortal species He did learn how to make them in a way that they could evolve somewhat but most all had to be created by LORD ELohim first . All mortal life on earth were created here on earth . Every mortal species started from the first surviving bacteria made by the LORD on this earth . Who created LORD ELohim is unknown to the LORD but He is hopeful that someday He will come to know who His Father was .

54: How Old Is The Universe ?

Many scientists believe that the whole universe is only 12 to 18 billions of years old and that dates back to the one and only one Big Bang : so they believe . LORD ELohim does not agree with this belief . LORD ELohim is a few trillion years old and when He came to know He was a living being there were some existing stars and planet that He could see . The LORD also says there was not only one Big Bang but a few thousand Big Bangs for each galaxy .

55: How To Know What Is Probably True Or False In Any Sacred Books And Religions ?

If the God you believe in is LORD ELohim then this might work for you . First : Be honest about what you do believe and why you believe that and be willing to challenge it . Second : What kind of God and Father do you think LORD ELohim is like ? Third : Think Not Beyond Logic . An example : If your a Christian do you really believe LORD ELohim is a deeply cruel and wicked and evil God who created hell and the lake of fire and purgatory where people are suffering now , and limbo where mortal babies are crying now and no one is there to hear their cries . Remember the Catholic popes and preachers in the past taught that these unbaptized mortal babies were sent by the LORD to hell for all eternity to suffer in great agony . Because many Catholics challenged that belief the Roman Catholic Church created a place called Limbo in their imaginations and said these unbaptized babies go there now . They claim that it is not as bad as hell but they also claim that those babies will never see the LORD or Heaven . Many Christians believe Y'shua was ' the Word ' who created all that was created . If Y'shua did create everything then it was Y'shua who created hell , lake of fire , purgatory and limbo . Do you believe that it is Y'shua who is the wicked , evil and cruel being if you still believe in the existence of these places ? LORD ELohim says no mortal has a Spirit to call : this is me . We have no Spirit to call our own . Truth is : mortal life is just a lot of dirt that LORD ELohim formed into mortals and gave life to and did not use any of His Spirit children to give us life . Thinking not beyond logic : if hell and the lake of fire is a burning fire the mortal resurrected bodies are thrown into those bodies would turn to burnt ashes in a moment . So why would the LORD spend many thousands of years for each one of us mortals , putting our dust back together and raise our mortal bodies from the dead to only have us die again in the places called hell or lake of fire if we are not Christians ? The LORD really must have better things to do with His life . Is it even possible for the LORD to put together the dust of our dead mortal body into a living fully mortal body again . The LORD says that is not possible for any one to do that , not even Him . Since our mortal body cannot be resurrected from the dead and we all have no Spirit to call our own then there is no eternal life for any mortal life . The truth is : LORD ELohim never created these places . Hell , lake of fire , purgatory and limbo do not exist and never have existed and never will exist . The Roman Catholic Church wrote about them in the CB NT . These places were created by mortal human imaginations to scare people . Y'shua never made these places either because he was a fully mortal man and not a God . All mortals die and no mortal can be raised from the truly dead . LORD ELohim is not a evil , wicked and cruel God and Father and Y'shua was not an evil , wicked and cruel mortal man . Y'shua was fully mortal and fully a human man and was never a God or the only Son of God or the Messiah or the creator of all created or or or .... . LORD ELohim is our only God and Father who is a deeply loving Spirit and kind and good and so was Y'shua as a mortal man . The LORD has never been evil or wicked or cruel and neither was Y'shua the mortal Jewish man . Also the LORD learnt what evil , wickedness and cruelty means from Humanoids , the Grays , Anunnaki and then us Humans , and not Humanoids learning evil , wickedness and cruelty from the LORD or other Spirits . The Spirits are wise enough not to be like us morals and ruin their lives too .

56: Does Spirit Remain With The Dead Body ?

This is a very strange belief . Some people believe when you die your Spirit Soul goes to Heaven and some other people believe the Spirit Soul remains with the dead body . LORD ELohim says both these beliefs are wrong . We don't have a Spirit Soul . What people believe about Souls is wrong and that kind of Spirit does not exist , which I have learned recently . Remember again that the LORD says mortal life of any kind does not have a Spirit to call ' this is me ' . Even if we did have such a Spirit the LORD would never make that Spirit stay with a rotting smelly dead body in a grave which will never be resurrected . How could this Spirit stay with a cremated body who's ashes a thrown to the wind ? That would be a very cruel thing for LORD ELohim to do to a Spirit and allow them to be buried six feet deep for tens , hundreds or thousands of years .    We don't need a Spirit for the function of our mortal body , which also I have learnt recently from LORD ELohim . Its not just a dead body that the LORD would not make a Spirit stay with . He would also not make a loving Spirit stay with a evil , wicked , cruel or hateful person too . That too would be cruel to do to a loving Spirit . Also He would not make a Spirit stay with a boring person either because that would be cruel to do to Spirits who love to have fun and each others company . .... and on and on . Bottom line : the LORD would never give any mortal a Spirit like people believe about Souls or any other kind of Spirit . Many Christians believe that ' the Spirit ' which is also called the Holy Spirit is always with them . The one Holy Spirit with many millions of minds does not exist either and if it were a Spirit the LORD would never make that Spirit stay with people just because they are Christians either . The LORD never created a Spirit that can be in millions of people everywhere on earth at the same time . Again this kind of Spirit does not exist . LORD ELohim says people have no Spirit within them as part of their being . The only Spirits He asks to go in people are the Teaching Spirits and they never become a part of those peoples body .

57: Did The Jews Fail LORD ELohim ?

According to some Christians the Israelites including all the Jews failed LORD ELohim . According to LORD ELohim the Jewish people have never failed Him though many Hebrew Israelites who left the faith of Judaism and were no longer called Jews did fail Him . Remember that the Hebrews were descendants of Abraham , Isaac and Jacob ( 1800 B.C.E. ) . Abraham and Sarah were the first Jews and their son Isaac was the first white skinned man and the first Hebrew and was also a Jew . All the white race are the offspring of Isaac and Jacob who were both Hebrew Jews . Then came a time that most Hebrews left Israel ( 722 B.C.E. ) when the Northern Israelites Kingdom was destroyed by the Assyrians . These tribes became known even today as the ' ten lost tribes of Israel ' . Most of these tribes are the ones who began failing LORD ELohim : not the Hebrew Jews who remained Jews and of the religion of Judaism . The tribe of Judah and the LORD believes many of the tribe of Benjamin also and many Levi Rabbis and Priests remained devoted Jews . These Hebrew Jews never failed LORD ELohim in the past or even today . We white skinned people who are not Jews today , it was our ancestors who failed the LORD by leaving Judaism as their religion . Most of the Hebrew white race today are Christians and they have failed LORD ELohim : not the Hebrew Jews . The LORD does not expect Hebrew Christians to all become Jews like their ancestors were Jews . LORD ELohim is not out to shut down the Christian churches . What He hopes for is that the Christians of any race will learn and their preachers will teach their congregations the truth about many subjects that are in His Little Book . Again the LORD ELohim says that the Jewish people have never failed Him . It's the rest of Humanity He has some problems with . LORD ELohim says He has never punished His Jewish people because they never gave Him reason to . The Jews suffering was caused by other wicked and cruel humans , even by other wicked and cruel white skinned Israelite non-Jews , and not by LORD ELohim . The ancient Prophets were wrong in believing that when ever the Jews were being harmed or enslaved it must be the LORD's punishment because of whatever reason . Again : the LORD never punished His Jews . Still today LORD ELohim's chosen people are still only the Jews . Many Christians believe that they and their religion of Christianity are the new chosen people and religion . LORD ELohim says this is not true and He would never make a pagan people and pagan religion His chosen . There are other people of other religions who believe they are the new chosen people and religion and the LORD says that too is not true either . What is true is that the Jews are still His chosen people .

58: Will There Be A Kingdom Of God On Earth ?

The LORD wants to remind everyone that there will not be a Kingdom of God on earth in the future . The simple reason is : He cannot do that .    LORD ELohim has many problems communicating with mortals and He does not know why we mortals cannot hear His voice or the voice of other Angels . Even if He could , He does not want that job . People have got to find their own way to global peace , greater happiness , greater love and kindness , helping those in need , to end hatred and violence and terrorism , to end all wars , to respect our differences as long as those differences do not harm anyone and so on . The LORD feels that He has done all He can do to help guide us to global change and great joy in our short mortal life . Now the choice is ours to make . Do we humans everywhere on earth want to keep the LORD's Ten Commandments and use His wisdom of The Simple Truth or do we continue ignoring His Law and The Simple Truth and His wisdom ? LORD ELohim does not want to make people into puppets but into people who are personally responsible for our own actions and choices we make . Only we can make a global kingdom of peace , great joy and love . The LORD cannot do that for us . The LORD taught us a lot about how to do that if we are willing to use His wisdom .

59: Stop Blaming David

We were reading a magazine and all evil we mortal humans do was blamed on Satan who's true name is David . LORD ELohim says the book of Job in the JB and OT in the CB is a lie . The LORD would never do that to any person especially a person who the LORD would call blameless and upright and who shunned evil . What we have read about Christians beliefs about Satan is that this Spirit is the one and only reason why mortal humans are so evil , cruel and wicked . The book of Job is often used by Christians to back up their beliefs about Satan . Note in the book of Job that Satan does not do any evil unless he has the permission to do so by LORD ELohim so that would make LORD ELohim as evil and cruel as Satan is believed to be . Many Christians believe that David ( Satan ) is behind every war that mankind has ever had , every sin every person has committed , every lies humans have ever spoken , the slaughter of any Jews at any time in history and today including the Holocaust , that Satan is the influence behind all terrorist groups , that he is behind all murders , all rapes , all criminals wrong doings and has deceived the world to believe in wrongful beliefs , and on and on . According to many Christians mortal mankind has not done any evil , cruel and wicked acts or thoughts on our own . They believe that David was behind all of that and much more and he has so much influence that he can make evil puppets of all people who ever lived . LORD ELohim reminds us that He never allowed Spirits , including David , to interfere in peoples free will . How could the LORD judge mankind if David did interfere in our free will and made evil and sinful puppets out of all of us . Also remember that even LORD ELohim has many problems in simply teaching us what He wants us to know , so how could David have far more influence in all mortal humans lives then LORD ELohim ? David is one Spirit who is about six feet tall . How could one Spirit influence many mega billions of people . There are only a few thousand Spirits created by LORD ELohim and none of them are evil , cruel and wicked Spirits , including David a Archangel . David only agreed to play the role of Satan if needed and so far he has never been needed to do that . As we have written before : David wants nothing to do with mankind and all other Spirits feel exactly the same as David does about us . All Spirits want nothing to do with us also and mostly because we mortal humans are no fun to be around and many are wicked and evil and cruel . No Spirit is making any mankind evil , wicked and cruel . People are doing that on their own . Its not David they are following , its their own beliefs or other peoples ideology that they agree with . The LORD could judge mankind because all we have done we did because we chose to do it or a very few people were forced to do evil , wicked and cruel things by others . Had David and other Spirits caused all the evil and sins we have done then the LORD could not have judged us mortal humans . The LORD says stop blaming Spirits , any Spirits , for the evil , wicked and cruel things we humans have chosen to do . Spirits had nothing to do with what we humans have done and will do . Instead of blaming Spirits for the evil done by mankind , be honest and try to bring a end to our hateful , wicked , evil and cruel ways before its too late for all of us .

60: When Is Judgement ?

John 12 : 31 & 32 (R) Now is the time of judgment on this world ; now the prince of this world will be driven out . 32 And I , when I am lifted up from the earth , will draw all people to myself . Its claimed that Y'shua said this verse . If Y'shua was a God he would have known that Judgement Day was on the LORD's Sabbath Day : the Seventh Day after our six thousand year trial . The LORD's judgement happened in 2000 C.E. and we failed our trial . The word prince is used for Satan . According to Christians the prince of this world Satan is not suppose to be taken out of this world until Y'shua returns to earth and that has not happened yet and will never happen . Y'shua was never lifted up from the earth . What does it mean he will draw all people to myself ? That never happened either . Christians are not the followers of the Jewish mortal man Y'shua the Lamb of God and who was never a God or the Messiah . Christians are followers of an imaginary God and a imaginary Messiah and a imaginary healer and imaginary so on that they named Jesus Christ who they wrote a lot about in their CB NT and OT . There is very very little in the CB and JB about the mortal Jewish man named Y'shua who was the Lamb of God . LORD ELohim says that Y'shua never said these verses and they make no sense to Him either .       

61: Is LORD ELohim Against Women Being Preachers ?

LORD ELohim says He would have no problems with qualified women being Priests , Ministers , Rabbis and so on of any religion just as qualified men are . The only problem is that no religion is perfect so will room be given for any women or even men to take issue with such errors ? Remember Paul did not even allow women to even speak about anything in his church . The LORD says that is a very wrong attitude to have toward women .

62: Can The Messiah Change The World ?

Y'shua was not the awaited Jewish Messiah . If the name Messiah is used that person would have to be Jewish . Can anyone change the world ? Christians believe they will rule the world some day along side of Y'shua and many also believe Christianity will be the only religion allowed everywhere on earth . Y'shua is dead so it will not be him involved in that task and he was never a Christian . It seems very unlikely that could happen without many wars , great slaughter and the leader being a cruel and wicked and stern dictator . LORD ELohim does not believe one person can bring peace to all earth's nations and all people and never any more wars , greater love , greater happiness , everyone fully happy and contented with their life , all people have homes and land and an abundance of food for everyone    and so on . This change needs all people involved : not just the need for one dictator and tyrant . Remember the LORD ELohim in the past indicated that this earth should only be supporting no more then one billion people , not eight billion people . There are a lot of problems just because we mortal humans are too many humans . It would take all people of all nations to agree to have much fewer children for a few generations so to correct this problem without any blood shed that a tyrant might do if all people did not agree to this . Regarding any changes all mankind needs to be willing to be apart of those changes .     

63: The New Covenant : True Or False ?

Hebrews 9 : 15    For this reason Christ is the mediator of a new covenant , that those who are called may receive the promised eternal inheritance - now that he has died as a ransom to set them free from the sins committed under the first covenant .... LORD ELohim's first coven-ant was given to Noah and was for all mankind and all other mortal flesh on earth . The LORD's unconditional promise was that He would never use a flood of water again to destroy any mortal flesh again . That covenant is in Genesis 9 : 9 - 17 . What does this new Christian covenant got to do with the first covenant ? The first covenant has nothing to do with sins that we could find . The question always is when it comes to such noticeable errors is : who wrote the CB ? It is very unlikely that a Jewish person would make such an obvious error . The LORD says He never made a new covenant at the time of Y'shua and Y'shua never made a new covenant either . Y'shua being a Jew would have known only LORD ELohim can make covenants with mankind and about all other mortal flesh on earth . No mortal flesh can make divine covenants and Y'shua was mortal flesh . LORD ELohim does not ' call ' people to any religion or belief and Y'shua never could either . Christians were not chosen by LORD ELohim before the earth was created . The LORD could not do that and He would not do that or even want to do that . Also remember that He and all Spirits cannot interfere in peoples free will . There are a few hundred million Christians at this time and LORD ELohim only knows a very very very small handful of them : within a few hundred and most of them go to gatherings regarding His Little Book . When all the damage caused by lies and errors was done by Christians long ago regarding The Simple Truth and why Y'shua was the Lamb of God the LORD could only walk away from the Christians and hope for a chance in the future that He could repair all that damage done by the Roman Catholic Church . LORD ELohim says " Now Is That Time "    .   

64: Are Christians The LORD's New Chosen People ?

We have written about this before but LORD ELohim wants to make it perfectly clear to Christians and people of every other religion that His Hebrew Jews are still His only chosen people and will be forever His only chosen people . As long as the Hebrew Jews do not forsake LORD ELohim , He will never forsake them . The LORD since the time of Abraham has been pleased with the help the Hebrew Jews have done for the LORD and He is still pleased .   

65: Did LORD ELohim Destroy Sodom And Gomorrah ? 

LORD ELohim indicates that was not caused by Him . LORD ELohim is fairly certain that an asteroid or a few asteroids did that . It was common back then that if something like that happens , people believe the LORD was angry with people and He did that to punish people . The flood at the time of Noah was not caused by LORD ELohim either . What that was about is the massive ice sheet    from the last Ice Age Climax was still melting and there was a massive amount of water behind several massive ice dams holding the water back . The massive ice dams were melting and the LORD knew when the waters breaks through them it would cause great tsunamis in many places and extreme flooding over many lands . Remember the global ocean level dropped about 300 feet when the ice sheet was at its fullest . The LORD was out to save lives : not to end lives . The reason more people were not taken aboard the ship was because people were almost everywhere on earth at that time and many species of animals were not everywhere . LORD ELohim loves all species He created on earth . Again because people did not fully know what on earth was going on they believed the LORD caused that flood to punish people and the Anunnaki who were the giants written about in the JB . There was also a man named Gilgamesh ( I don't know how to spell his name ) who the LORD also got to do the same as Noah , to build a ship and save the lives of many species of animals . Neither Noah nor Gilgamesh traveled the whole world for animal species . Both of them gathered many species near or in the area they lived . The LORD was just concerned about the areas on earth that would get the full force of the tsunamis and great flooding . Much of the earths peoples would only notice the rising ocean water , flooding near the ocean and a noticeable change in their climate .     

66: Don't Call Y'shua The Last Adam

1 Corinthians 15 : 44 - 49 . 44 .... If there is a natural body , there is also a spiritual body . 45 So it is written : " The first man Adam became a living being " ; the last Adam , a life giving spirit .... 47 The first man was of the dust of the earth ; the second man is of heaven . Our mortal body created with dust of the earth does not have a spiritual body . The last Adam meaning Y'shua was not a Spirit and he was not a life giving spirit . Y'shua never came from Heaven to earth . Y'shua the mortal man was conceived on earth and was only flesh and bone like you . The Lamb of God's name was Y'shua : not Adam and not Jesus and not Christ and not Alpha and Omega or any other false names given to him by Christians .

67: Does Paul Avoid Dealing With Questions ?

Paul is the king of rule making but did he follow the rules that Christians say Y'shua made ? Christians claim Y'shua said :
(R) Matthew 5 : 22 But I tell you that anyone who is angry with a brother or sister will be subject to judgment . Again , anyone who says to a brother or sister , ' Raca ', is answerable to the court . And anyone who says , ' You fool ' will be in danger of the fire of hell . According to this Y'shua says it is possible for people to go to hell just for calling someone a ' fool ' . In 1 Corinthians 15 : 35 - 37 Paul writes : But someone will ask , " How are the dead raised ? With what kind of body will they come ? 36 How foolish !    What you sow does not come to life unless it dies . 37 When you sow , you do not plant the body that will be , but just a seed .... I asked LORD ELohim if He knows of any mortal anything that must die before it can live and He knows of no such animal , plant , tree or anything else . As a gardener I know seeds are not dead unless the seeds are old and are no longer living but when that happens the seed will not germinate and grow the plant . A dead seed is dead and nothing from it will grow . If this is the way Paul treated people , he was not a nice man . When he or other people told people that their dead and decayed mortal body will be resurrected in the future why would the teller of this story call people fools for asking that question ? Is this Pauls way of avoiding a question that he has no logical answer for ? Its claimed that Y'shua said if you call someone a fool you may go to hell for saying that . So why does Paul have no worries about hell when he calls people fools for asking this very sensible question ?

68: Was Y'shua A Prophet ?

Deuteronomy 18 : 14 - 18 in the JB    Those nations that you are about to dispossess do indeed resort to soothsayers and augurs ; to you , however , the LORD your God has not assigned the like . 15 The LORD your God will raise up for you a prophet from among your own people , like myself ; him you shall heed. In the CB it says ... 15    The LORD your God will raise up for you a prophet like me from among you , from your fellow Israelites . You must listen to him . Moses was speaking to the people of Israel as these verses say . Since the time of Moses there have been a few Hebrew Jewish Prophets chosen by LORD ELohim but Y'shua is not one of them . There were others He chose to be Prophets but they did not work out very well so He fired them . Being a Prophet was not an easy task because who's words in their thoughts are theirs and what words in their thoughts came from LORD ELohim by the help of a teaching Spirit ? The Prophets needed to know all the bits and pieces that past Jewish Prophets and Jewish scholars knew must be from the LORD ELohim . It took many many generations of Prophets to even gain a few bits and pieces that allows them to understand what the LORD is teaching not just to Hebrew Jews but also for all mankind . Moses was His best Prophet . Y'shua was never a Prophet because Y'shua was the willing Lamb of God and the LORD believed that was enough to put upon Y'shua .    John the Baptist was one of the LORD's Prophets and this John did very well as a Prophet but he was murdered before the LORD could finish working through him to teach the Jews and mankind more about The Simple Truth . The LORD was happy that the Jews put the bits and pieces together and did come to an understanding about The Simple Truth shortly after John the Baptist was murdered and Y'shua died . The Jewish people taught other people about The Simple Truth but when the Roman Catholic Church came to be , the Christians began murdering Jews who taught The Simple Truth so LORD ELohim shut down that teaching by the Jews about The Simple Truth . The LORD was hopeful in the future He would find a way to again teach the Jews and mankind The Simple Truth and ' That Day Is Now ' .

69: Why Does The LORD Not End Mortals Suffering ?

LORD ELohim does not regret creating most all species He created but the LORD does greatly regret creating animals with free will , meaning us humans . He also greatly regretted creating Grays and the Anunnaki with free will here on earth before creating us humans with free will . LORD ELohim was hopeful that if He shared His wisdom with humans , but not make us puppets , we would live greatly better lives and greatly happier lives . That did not work out very well . Most suffering on earth is caused by mankind and their hatred , terrorism , wars , destruction of homes , towns and cities , crops and much much more . Disease and plagues are most often short lived because many of these can cause death and then our suffering is over for all eternity but hatred can last for a life time , often many and many generations of life times . How is LORD ELohim suppose to end our suffering when for the most part we mortal humans are the cause of peoples suffering , even our own suffering ??? When will peoples joy , happiness , peace , contentment , peace of mind , kindness , and above all : love come to be a very big part of our lives ? The LORD ELohim says that can all happen when we mortal humans of all races , nations and religions choose to make that happen . The LORD cannot make that happen for us , how could He ? Keeping LORD ELohim's Ten Commandments and doing The Simple Truth , if your free will choses to , is a good start if we do choose as a species to change the main reason for our many sufferings : ourselves the human species .

70: Paul Is A Liar Says LORD ELohim

Romans 8 : 7 & 8 The mind governed by the flesh is hostile to God ; it does not submit to God's law , nor can it do so . 8 Those who are in the realm of the flesh cannot please God . This is not the only lie Paul made up . LORD ELohim says He has known many Jewish people who kept His Ten Commandments over the years . The LORD's Law is not impossible for anyone to keep if we chose to and His Law is not harsh . For most people it is the mind that rules the body and not the body ruling the mind though our body can have urges but the mind can control or ignore those physical urges . Paul is wrong that we cannot keep the Ten Commandments if we chose to keep them . Paul lies that LORD ELohim cannot be pleased by mortal mankind . The LORD says this is a lie . Over the past for about six thousand years since our trial began the LORD was often very pleased by His Jewish people and even by the works and words of other non-Jewish people . The LORD goes to the gatherings of people who talk about His Little Book and He is very very pleased by what He hears spoken by people of a few religions . Christians often say that every word in their CB is true and is the word of God . LORD ELohim says that is not true and these verses are an example of what is not true written in the CB . It's not hard to please the LORD . Paul also writes in Romans 8 : 5 & 6    Those who live according to the flesh have their minds set on what the flesh desires ; but those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their mind set on what the Spirit desires . The mind governed by the flesh is death , but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace . According to many Christians this ' Spirit ' is what they call the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost and ' life ' often means eternal life . This Holy Spirit does not exist says the LORD . Truth is we mortal humans are on our own : there is no Spirit guiding us like we are just puppets to play with . Many Christians believe that Satan is the puppet master also and thats not true either . The mind governed by the flesh is death , . We are all going to die . According to Christians they have had the Holy Spirit for two thousand years and fifty generations . If their Holy Spirit is so powerful over what is in the mind of Christian people then why did this Holy Spirit make the Roman Catholic Church do the Inquisitions if man alone did not chose to , and helped the slaughter and murder of many tens of thousands of Jews , help torture and murder thousands of Templar Knights and make Christians in general burn alive innocent women at the stake the Christians called witches , steal peoples land and money and on and on and on . This Spirit cannot be Holy if he was the cause of such evil and cruel wickedness done by men . Many Christians believe that Satan is the cause of people being wicked and evil and cruel , so how do Christians know which Spirit , the Holy Spirit or Satan , is making them do such things as the Inquisition if not done by wicked and cruel and evil mortal men alone . Which Spirit do they think was the cause of the Inquisition if not done by men alone and so on : Satan or the Holy Spirit ? How can they tell the difference since both are claimed by Christians to be equally evil , cruel and wicked ? Did Satan have that kind of power over the Roman Catholic Church and what is written in the CB about three Gods when there is only one God : LORD ELohim ?      Who is to be blamed when mortal men will not blame themselves and if the Roman Catholic Church does not want to take full responsibility for that and the others evils done to people by the church popes and Catholic goons . This so called Holy Spirit of the Christians is one mean and wicked and evil and cruel Spirit and certainly is not Holy if it were that Spirit that caused the Inquisition and all the other evil wickedness done by Christians to people . ( According to the CB I'm headed to hell for writing that about this Spirit but the LORD says keep on writing .) No Spirit can give us life ( eternal life ) and peace . We will all die and thats eternal and for peace during this mortal life , that is something we mortals have to do on our own because no Spirit can do that for us : not even LORD ELohim . We are not the puppets of any Spirit because no Spirit can interfere in our free will so we can make choices about stuff on our own , good or evil . David ( Satan ) has never caused any harm to any mortal and never influenced people to be wicked    and cruel and evil either . The LORD says no Spirit had anything to do with the cruel and wicked and evil doings of mortal mankind . In Mark 3 : 28 & 29 (R) in the KJV : Verily I say unto you , All sins shall be forgiven unto the sons of men , and blasphemies wherewith soever they shall blaspheme : 29 But he that shall blaspheme against the Holy Ghost hath never forgiveness , but is in danger of eternal damnation : . In the NIV it says : (R)    28 Truly I tell you , people can be forgiven all their sins and every slander they utter , 29 but whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven ; they are guilty of an eternal sin ."    Blasphemy means the act of expressing a lack of reverence for God . Since LORD ELohim is the one and only God and the Holy Spirit does not exist , then blasphemy cannot be charged against me . The Christian God named the Holy Spirit does not exist says the LORD . The LORD ELohim never created a single Spirit that can be in all Christians at the same time and all the time . That kind of Spirit does not exist , never has existed . Why would LORD ELohim spend mega billions of years creating such a Spirit with billions of minds since no Spirit is allowed to influence any of us humans in anyway , including Christians . Mega billions of years ago the LORD did not even know that someday we human mortals would even exist by being created by Him . David ( Satan ) is innocent because he had nothing to do with mankind ever in the past and he wants to keep it that way in the future . People are alone responsible for all cruel and wicked and evil stuff that happened in the past and today and most likely will continue into the future . So stop blaming innocent Spirits for all that evil, wicked and cruel stuff mankind alone has done . Christianity is not the only religion that has a cruel and wicked and evil history some people don't want to talk about today . Mankind as a species failed as a species because of all our history and whats going on today everywhere on earth that is wicked and cruel and evil . The Christians are just a small part and are not alone for the many many many reasons why mankind as a whole failed the trial . Again : there is no hell .

71: Who Is Without Reverence For LORD ELohim ?

The word reverence means : a feeling of deep respect ,    mixed with wonder , awe and love . Again : who is without reverence for LORD ELohim ?    Anyone who claims there are other Gods who are their Gods or also their Gods : has no reverence for the LORD . Anyone who believes LORD ELohim is a very evil , cruel and wicked God who created hell and the lake of fire for the purpose of the LORD to cause great suffering and great pain for those people there and for all eternity : has no reverence for the LORD . Anyone who claims LORD ELohim created limbo to separate babies from Him for all eternity just because these innocent babies were not baptized before they died as a baby : has no reverence for the LORD . Anyone who believes the LORD made a purgatory to punish people and for the purification of people : has no reverence for the LORD . Anyone who believes that the LORD with the help of a dead mortal man named Y'shua will cause the evil , cruel and wicked Seal , Bowls and Trumpet Judgments written about in the CB NT book of Revelation so to cause as much pain as possible to mankind , men and woman and children , who are not Christians : have no reverence for the LORD . Again : Y'shua was never resurrected from the dead . Anyone who believes Job or Revelation are true stories about the cruel , wicked and evil nature of LORD ELohim when the truth is the LORD would never do that to any people : you have no reverence for the LORD . Anyone who does not believe LORD ELohim is pure love and a very kind and caring God and Father for all He created : you have no reverence for the LORD and on and on ... . When you read the CB and even a little in the JB and the sacred Books of other religions , keep aware of whom the writers are putting the blame of our cruel and wicked and evil behavior on . If you believe that LORD ELohim is that wicked , cruel and evil then you have no reverence or true understanding of LORD ELohim our one and only loving and caring and kind God and Father .

72: What Does It Mean ?

In Revelation 12 : 1 - 6 there is a story about a pregnant woman who gives birth to a son . 4 ... The dragon stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth , so that it might devour her child the moment he was born . 5 She gave birth to a son , a male child , who will rule all the nations with an iron scepter . And her child was snatched up to God and to his throne . ... This is not the story of Y'shua's birth since Y'shua never went to Heaven as a baby and this is about the future . So who is this child who will rule the world in the future ? We looked everywhere and found nothing written about this story . Christians say its Y'shua who will rule the world in the future so who is this child who Christians also say will rule the world in the future ? : this is written in their Bible . Mortals cannot be snatched up to a throne that does not exist . Remember : Heaven is a very big and empty place except for thousands of Spirits living there and a few galaxies near it . A mortal baby would never survive the trip . Y'shua the mortal man was never snatched up to LORD ELohim as a baby . The LORD was on earth during Y'shua's time and since then and before then . LORD ELohim has no idea what these verses mean because He will have nothing to do with it . The LORD has no plans of any kind regarding this story . There is no only Son of God Spirit so it is not about incarnation or reincarnation since people have no soul Spirit to call their own , not even Y'shua . Y'shua is dead so it has nothing to do with him . LORD ELohim is pretty much retired from trying to help mankind so it has nothing to do with Him . The Little Book is His last attempt to help mankind . Who even wrote the book of Revelation ? John the Disciple of Y'shua was not a very good Prophet but he was not as bad at it as who ever wrote the book of Revelation . The LORD does not think it was John who wrote Revelation or even a lot of writings in other books that are claimed by Christians that John wrote those too . LORD ELohim calls Revelation a really silly book with a lot of really silly lies .

73: Did Jews Fail LORD ELohim ?

We have read in Christian writings several times that the Jews disobeyed and failed the LORD many times . We have written about this before but the LORD ELohim wants to make this very clear to Christians and other people that the Jews did not fail LORD ELohim's expectations of them . A lot of Hebrew Israelites who became no longer Jews : they did fail LORD ELohim's expectations of them . The Hebrew Israelites who remained Jews and faithful to the religion and teachings of Judaism in the past , present and future , those Jews did not and will not fail LORD ELohim . All white skinned people are Hebrews and descendants of Abraham and Sarah who were the first Jews . Their son Isaac was the first white skinned human on earth and he was the first Hebrew and the first Hebrew Jew . LORD ELohim was hopeful that the Hebrew Jews and generations after generations would remain Hebrew Jews and faithful to the religion He taught the Hebrew Jews called Judaism . That did not happen . Many Israelites over the years left Israel and the religion of Judaism but the Hebrew Jews in the past and now did not forsake the LORD ELohim or the religion of Judaism therefore the Hebrew Jews never failed LORD ELohim in the past or today . White skinned Hebrew people in the past and now who are not Jews are the ones or the offspring of those who did forsake and failed LORD ELohim . Again : those Hebrew Jews in the past and today and in the future who remain Jews and faithfully of the religion of Judaism did not fail and will not fail LORD ELohim . The Jewish Hebrews who are faithful to the religion of Judaism are still LORD ELohim's chosen people and always will be because they did not fail the LORD like other Israelites did fail LORD ELohim . Today the Christian followers are mostly Hebrews , white skinned people . LORD ELohim never asked any Christians to help Him in the past and now . Christianity and other religions were always a big problem for the LORD to deal with but He never expected anything of people of the Christian faith or any other religion that were and are not Judaism . What LORD ELohim did expect of His chosen people the Hebrew Jews , the Jews did very well for Him so again the Hebrew Jews never failed LORD ELohim in the past or today and most likely not in the future either . The LORD did expect some Hebrew Jews would leave Israel and their religion of Judaism in the past and maybe some even today or in the future . The LORD does not feel these people who left the religion of Judaism failed Him . Its never been easy to be a Hebrew Jew or a Jew of any race and much of that is an unknown reason to LORD ELohim . That's why the LORD cherishes the Jews who were Jews in the past and today and will be Jews in the future .     

74: What Does The Chosen People Mean ?

The LORD cannot be heard speaking or seen by mankind so the LORD had to think about how He can help mankind pass our trial and live much better lives . He knew even with teaching Spirits He would have problems teaching mankind what He knew would help us if we are willing to use His wisdom . LORD ELohim knew He needed people who He could work through and for those people to share the LORD's wisdom with the human world over thousands of years . The LORD needed to know who those people are from generation to generation . All humans were black skinned people including Abraham and Sarah so with their child Isaac the LORD made him an albino and that began the white race He called Hebrews . The Hebrews were the Jews and the religion of the Jews He named Judaism . The Jews were not His slaves : by their free will they were willing to help LORD ELohim . The LORD gave the Hebrew Jews the land called Israel so He knew where to find His chosen people and it was also a gift of thanks to the Jewish people for being willing to help Him help all mankind . To be His chosen people a person must be a Hebrew Jew . And it all went from there . The chosen people kind of means like the LORD saying to them : " If you Hebrew Jews are willing we have a lot of almost impossible work to do together to help all mankind ." Its been that way since the time of Abraham around 3,824 years ago and 96 generations of Hebrew Jews ago . The LORD is very pleased that even today the Hebrew Jews and the Jewish Rabbis are willingly helping people to understand LORD ELohim and His Little Book and to understand much more also then they did before , even about themselves .

75: How Many Popes Do We Know Who Will Never Be Forgiven ?

The Roman Catholic Church began the Inquisition in 1229 C.E. and ended the Inquisition in 1834 C.E. . If what we read is right and our math is right the pope Gregory IX began the Inquisition and pope Gregory XVI was the pope when it was ended . We counted 84 popes and antipopes in office during the 605 years of the Inquisition . That would be about 15 generations of people who had to live in deep fear of the Roman Catholic Church during that time . ( The word antipope means : a man who has been improperly elected pope . These men set themselves up in opposition to the pope who has been regularly chosen in accordance with canon law . ) During that same time also women had to fear being called witches from 1484 C.E. to 1782 C.E. which was 298 years and 8 generations . Historians believe about 300,000 women were very cruelly murdered for being blamed to be witches during this time . Also during the time of the Inquisition the Knights Templars were slaughtered and murdered by the King Philip IV of France with the help of pope Clement V beginning in 1307 C.E. until 1314 C.E. when the Grand Master Jacques de Molay was burned alive at the stake . King Philip IV was allied with pope Clement V and many thousands of Knights Templars were horribly and painfully tortured and murdered by these guys and their goons . The reason we are writing about this again is because obviously the Roman Catholic Church Inquisition brought way down the morals and any good ethics of the Roman Catholic Church and society in general which allowed for the mass murders of hundreds of thousands of innocent other people also for the same reasons or other reasons . Hitler brought the morals    and good ethics of most German people way down to which allowed for the mass murders of about six million Jews and many hundreds of thousands of mass murders of other ' unwanted ' people also . And on and on .... The LORD says all these and much more is something we need to learn from : how one evil , cruel and wicked event allowed to happen can lead mankind to other evils and wickedness and low morals that allows much more other evil and cruel wickedness to happen also . Over the years there has been even more then just 84 popes that the LORD ELohim will never forgive but the popes and their goons are not alone in that . There have been kings like Philip IV , many emperors like the cruel Romans , many extremely cruel and wicked tyrants like Hitler , cruel pharaohs and other leaders and their willing goons and many many other people who the LORD ELohim will never forgive because of how evil , wicked and cruel they were . The LORD would not expect people to forgive such people either but LORD ELohim hopes you can find peace of mind and get past the sorrow and pain they have caused you and your loved ones so you and your loved ones can live in love , joy and happiness again .   

76: Is Y'shua And LORD ELohim In You ?

Romans 8 : 10 & 11    But if Christ is in you , then even though your body is subject to death because of sin , the Spirit gives life because of righteousness . 11 And if the Spirit of him ( the Father ) who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you , he who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies because of his Spirit who lives in you . In these two verses there is not one word that is true . Christians claim Paul wrote these verses . Y'shua is not in any Christians because this fully mortal man named Y'shua is dead and was never a Spirit or a God . Sin has never been the cause of death . The cause of death is because our body is made from dirt as are all other animal species . We mortals will someday all die and our death will be eternal . Only the LORD ELohim can proclaim someone to be a righteous person and there were several He did call righteous . LORD ELohim our Father is not in you or any other human . The LORD has never done that . LORD ELohim never raised Y'shua from the dead and never will because He cannot do that . He could not do that for Y'shua and He cannot do that for you . LORD ELohim ( the Father ) is not living in any human and never has done that and neither is Y'shua in people . Nothing about the fully mortal man Y'shua was a Spirit and nothing about Spirits is mortal flesh and bone . How can a nine foot tall Spirit named LORD ELohim our Father be in many hundreds of millions of Christians all the time and in all at the same time . The LORD never created any single Spirit Christians made up and called the Holy Spirit that can do that and there are only a few thousand Spirit children created by LORD ELohim and all but six are only about five inches tall . The teaching Spirits are the little Spirits but they never become a part of any human body or human minds . LORD ELohim cannot give people eternal life by raising our dead mortal flesh and bone body from the grave nor would He want to because of our suffering and because of all the problems and constant needs we have that takes away from the happiness and joy in life for most all people . Our lives are a one way trip to death and at my age I don't mind that at all .

77: Why Do People Want Their Mortal Body Back Again ?

This is something that even LORD ELohim does not understand . Many people believe they have a Soul and that this Spirit is   ' who that person is ' . Many people greatly believe that the Soul leaves the body when the person dies and the Soul goes to Heaven but will return to earth and to their same mortal body when their same mortal body is risen from the dead . Some believe the Spirit called the Soul remains with the corpse in the grave until the dead mortal body is risen back to life then the Soul stays with the risen flesh and bone body again . If people believe the Soul is Spirit which needs no constant maintenance and is who they are , then why do people want their rickety old flesh and bone high maintenance mortal body back again ? The LORD says people do not have a Soul . LORD ELohim never created any Spirits for that purpose and He would never do that because it would be a very very cruel thing to do to any Spirit who just wants to play and have fun with their Father and brothers . So if the mortal flesh and bone dead bodies of humans were raised from the dead , life would be no different then our life is now if the LORD were to raise all the dead ' today ' . People who died thousands of years ago would have to go to school so they could get a job today to pay for their high maintenance mortal life again . The LORD says that would add about two billion more people , going back to Adam and Eve , to the eight billion people living today . How is this suppose to work for the better for all ten billion people when there are so very many people alive right now who are homeless , hungry , without a pay check and most people have so many other problems . If LORD ELohim could raise corpses back to life again , what He raised would be exactly what went into the grave or urn or what ashes are left somewhere from people who were burned alive at the stake and on and on . What if a person died at the age of ninety from old age and then raised from the dead a thousand years later . That person would still be ninety years old and with all the problems of the body he or she had just before he or she died and on and on . How is LORD ELohim suppose to raise peoples dust or ashes and whats left of dry bones back to life again ? The LORD wants people to know that this is impossible for the LORD to do . Again : He cannot do that , not even for Y'shua and Y'shua never raised any one from the dead either . All species of mortal animals lives begins as a very small fertilized egg and grows from there into an adult and then into a old mortal if they live that long . Trying to put the dust of a corpse back together again cannot be done by anyone , not even the LORD . There will be no eternal life for any people including Christians . No mortal life has a Spirit to call their own Spirit . So why do people want their high maintenance mortal body raised from the dead since they would be fully mortal again and would die again someday and if they are ninety years old and died from old age the second death would be very soon in minutes or even seconds and not years ???? Again remember also that Y'shua could never heal the sick and neither can LORD ELohim . Thats why we have mortal doctors . Why do Christians want their mortal flesh and bone body raised and alive again in order to live as a mortal again if they believe the Soul ' is who he or she is ' and is fully Spirit and is able to go to Heaven when their mortal body dies ? I do not understand this and neither does LORD ELohim ? Remember that Spirit cannot be changed into mortal flesh and bone and mortal flesh and bone cannot be changed into Spirit . Again : no mortal life has a Spirit Soul to call their own but the word Soul also means mortal flesh to . Like Y'shua no mortal life will be raised from the dead because the LORD cannot do that .

78: Did The Prophets Get It All Right ?

LORD ELohim does not know why mortals cannot hear His voice and He cannot be heard or seen by us . In the CB NT it is written a few times that people hear the voice of LORD ELohim as in Matthew 4 : 17 And a voice from heaven said , " This is my Son , whom I love ; with him I am well pleased . And in Mark 9 : 7  Then a cloud appeared and covered them , and a voice came from the cloud : " This is my Son , whom I love . Listen to him ! " This is a lie that people heard the voice of LORD ELohim say these words . In the JB the writers often say " the LORD says " or ' said ' . I use the word ' says ' also though I cannot hear the voice of the LORD or my teaching Spirits . If the LORD could be heard speaking to people He would have no need for the Hebrew Jews helping Him communicate with mankind or the Jewish Prophets or for the Lamb of God Y'shua . If He could be heard He would have just spoken to people wherever needed , like to teach the Ten Commandments and The Simple Truth and other teachings to help us if we chose to listen to His wisdom . But again LORD ELohim's voice cannot be heard speaking by mortal mankind so what is written in the CB NT about people hearing the LORD's voice is not true like the above verses . The LORD wanted to help mankind so He thought if He could teach over many generations of the same one family of people they maybe able to help Him teach the world but He knew He could not use His voice to do that . The LORD chose Abraham and Sarah to begin that one family because Abraham and Sarah believed in only one God while most other people believed in many Gods . Abraham and Sarah were the first Jews and Isaac their son was the first Hebrew Jew and first white skinned human and then came Jacob and then the Twelve Jewish Hebrew Tribes of Israel . From this one family the LORD chose His Prophets . At best the Prophets understood bit and pieces of what the LORD was teaching them through teaching Spirits but over the years and generations the Prophets and Rabbis put many of the bits and pieces together to understand what the LORD was teaching them to teach to the world . Prophets could not hear a voice but now and then it was like they suddenly knew something they did not know before which was the same for me regarding the Little Book . Because the Israelites were one family and one religion called Judaism , generation after generation they added the bits and pieces together and came to know more of what the LORD was teaching . Again : LORD ELohim says Moses was His best Prophet . The other Prophets probably did the best they could also to make sense of what they believe the LORD was teaching them . This was all very difficult for LORD ELohim and the teaching Spirits and the Prophets to but in the long run it worked fairly good . Most people today know the Ten Commandments and who the one and only God LORD ELohim is and the LORD hopes soon most people will know The Simple Truth also . Through the Little Book He wants to correct the many lies and errors and teach people what is the truth about Him and many other subjects . The days of the Prophets is gone . That happened before the time of Y'shua and Y'shua was never a Prophet . Today the LORD has no interest in finding a Prophet now because His Little Book is working in the way He hoped it would work and the Hebrew Jewish Rabbis and other Hebrew Jewish people are supporting Him in this new way to communicate to mankind and for that He is very thankful for that support of the Jewish people , His chosen people .

79: Only God Knows

Often when people do not have an answer regarding something they often say " only God knows ." Is this true ? LORD ELohim is not everywhere on earth or in the universe . The LORD is one Spirit about eight feet tall . The LORD created Humanoids in His image as the JB says He did . So its impossible for Him to be everywhere all at the same time . There is no Spirit that can be everywhere at the same time because He also created all His Spirit children in His image to and the LORD does not have His Spirit children watching over mankind all over the earth and all the time either . LORD ELohim did not know about the Holocaust and the mass murder of six million Jews in Europe until after all was over and He heard Jews in Israel talking about it when they found out about it . LORD ELohim does not know everything about everything , so the saying " only God knows " is not true .

80: How Should The Righteous Act ?

Matthew 6 : 1 (R) " Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of other people to be seen by them . If you do , you will have no reward from your Father in heaven . How are the righteous suppose to act in front of other people ? Righteous means : acting or being in accordance with what is just , honorable , and free from guilt of wrong : upright , virtuous , noble , moral , ethical . How can a righteous person not act as a righteous person and yet still be a righteous person ???    LORD ELohim calls this verse another very silly verse . Notice also that who ever wrote this blames LORD ELohim for it ' ... , you will have no reward from your Father in heaven ' . The truth is : Y'shua never said this and LORD ELohim would love to see people all over the earth acting righteous in front of everyone . Why would He not want that to happen ? As for the rewards this writer says is in Heaven : there are no rewards in Heaven . Other then Spirits , Heaven is a very big empty space in space . Even on earth , what rewards can the LORD give you ? The LORD is trying to give Israel and the Hebrew Jews today gifts but it took a lot of ancient Hebrew Jews and Rabbis to make them and gather other stuff together and make the Island and then put them there in Oak Island . The LORD could not do that on His own . Other then that how is LORD ELohim suppose to reward people for any reason ? So the LORD has no rewards for anyone acting righteous or not acting righteous and He certainly would not give a gift to the unrighteous or to the righteous acting unrighteous as this verse says they should act . How would LORD ELohim know who is righteous and who is not righteous if everyone is acting unrighteous as this verse says they should act . Again it's a really silly verse that makes no sense . Because of this verse the LORD wants to focus on the red letter verses in the next update that Christians claim Y'shua said . We looked this verse up in the 1611 King James Version of Matthew 6 : 1    Take heed that yee doe not your almes before men , to bee seene of them : otherwise yee haue no reward of your father which is in heaven . Remember this Bible is written in old English spelling . It does not use the word righteous but it does use the word ' almes ' which written in todays English is ' alms ' . Alms means something given freely to relieve the poor . There is a big difference between the eight ways to be righteous and just one way regarding what you give to the poor in need as money and gifts . The NIV has changed the meaning of this verse a lot . Todays King James Version that we have also uses the word ' alms ' . Should you hide the fact that you give to a charity to help other people ? LORD ELohim says that we should not make a secret about it . When we go shopping we give to the food bank and people behind us often do so too . When we forget to do that and the person in front does give it reminds us to give to the food bank also . Sometimes it helps just to be an example . The LORD says don't be afraid that other people see you giving to those in need . Your reward is within yourself . This following verse is also in Matthew that goes against what this above verse says also in Matthew . This verse is also claimed to have been spoken by Y'shua . Matthew 5 : 14 - 16 (R) .... 16 In the same way , let your light shine before others , that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven . This verse is written in Matthew before the verse in Matthew 6 : 1 about Be careful not to practice you righteousness in front of others ... . So which is it ? Let people see your good deeds or do not let people see your good deed ? What makes more common sense than the other ? I asked LORD ELohim for that answer . LORD ELohim says    let your light shine before others is the right verse to believe in .

THE END of # 21

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