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Date: July 15 2024

Important Notes

Again : the Little Book is not for everyone . LORD ELohim is hopeful that by reading His Little Book He has helped you by teaching you the truth . Many people have been uncertain and even in fear about their death and the death of their loved ones . The LORD hopes that His teachings in His Little Book about death has taught you there is nothing to fear about death and has helped you find peace of mind for yourself and for your loved ones also . LORD ELohim is hopeful that the truth will help people enjoy a better mortal life and no longer fear LORD ELohim . Religions that write about LORD ELohim makes Him sound like a very cruel and wicked and evil God but that has no truth about Him . He is hopeful you will learn that He has always been a loving , caring and helpful Father regarding mankind , at least He tried to be with the help of the Hebrew Jewish people . The pagans made it very difficult for LORD ELohim and the Jews to help people have a better mortal life . The LORD is hopeful that His Little Book can help people by knowing the truth as the LORD corrects the errors and lies told and believed about Him and the mortal Jewish man named Y'shua and much more topics . LORD ELohim hopes you will think about what you read but Think Not Beyond Logic . The LORD ELohim does not have supernatural powers and neither did Y'shua .

General Information

Jesus was not the name of the Lamb of God . This mortal Jewish man's true name was Y'shua . All Jewish women named Mary , their true Jewish name was Miriam . Jesus and Mary are Greek names and are not Jewish names . CB means Christian Bible . JB means Jewish Bible . NT is the CB New Testament . OT is the CB Old Testament . LORD ELohim is the true name of our God and Father . LORD means LORD ELohim . Abba means Father which means LORD ELohim . EL means God who is only LORD ELohim . NIV means New International Version a CB . KJV means the King James Version of the CB . CBV means the Catholic Bible Version . (R) means red letters which is claimed that Y'shua spoke those words in the verses . (B) means Y'shua did not speak those verses . Words in Italic font are verses as written in the Bibles . When we use verses from any Bible we write it as it is written in the Bible even if names and stories are wrong or an error or even a lie . LORD ELohim will try to correct anything that is not true or is an error or is a lie .

LORD ELohim asked me to write this . The Little Book is LORD ELohim's . The LORD created the Little Book long ago and has been adding to it and the English language given to mankind over the years . LORD ELohim has given me full ownership of His Little Book including all that is coded . My name is Deborah of Calgary AB Canada . The Little Book will not be published into a paper book form for many reasons . LORD ELohim is pleased about what is happening by His Little Book being on this web site .

Something To Think About

We don't remember if we wrote this before but LORD ELohim says write it now . What the problem is with Christians calling Y'shua both the Messiah and the Lamb of God is that they have made one person named Y'shua to be both the Messiah and the Lamb of God . The LORD says the Messiah and the Lamb of God are two different people and not one person for both . Both the Lamb of God and the Messiah are written about in the Jewish Bible but again , they are writing about two different people . The Lamb of God was a fully mortal Jewish man called Y'shua who has come and gone . The Jewish Messiah , if he comes to be , will also be a fully mortal man also and like Y'shua the Messiah will also die someday from something like every other mortal human . So the Messiah has a lot to do in a very short time . It is the Messiah who may be a King of the Jews someday : not the Lamb of God . If you divide up the Prophecies in the JB between the Lamb of God about him and the Messiah about him , then the scriptures make much more sense about both these men . Neither of these two men is the only Son of God or is a God . They are both fully mortal . Neither of them have supernatural powers . Y'shua never feed thousands of people with almost nothing and neither can the Messiah and like Y'shua the Messiah will die from old age if not before and will never be resurrected from the dead either and so on . The fully mortal Jewish man Y'shua was the Lamb of God who willingly died for our sins to be forgiven by the LORD . The fully mortal Jewish man called the Messiah will be a great political leader who brings peace and justice to this world gone crazy . Like Y'shua , the Messiah will not be ' the Son of God or a God man ' .

1 - The Tattooist Of Auschwitz
There is a show on Showcase on Sundays that is called the above name . LORD ELohim watched the first show and He weeped for His Jewish people and for anyone else who suffered and were murdered in this death camp and other German made death camps . LORD ELohim knew nothing about the Holocaust when it was happening . He learned of this after the Germans lost the war and the Jews in Israel came to know of this also and were talking about it . The LORD wants to watch this show each week so He can learn more about what happened to His Jews and other people also in these Nazi death camps . Above all to try to understand why it happened and how it could happen that about six million Jews were slaughtered in these death camps and many other people also . In this section , if the LORD wants anything written about the Holocaust we will add it here .

2 - What Does LORD ELohim Hope For Us ?
The LORD hopes for many things for us mortal humans and all He created on earth . His greatest hope is for world peace . LORD ELohim is greatly hopeful that the blood shed caused by religions will end . The LORD wants all people of every religion to know He is not behind any violence and blood shed caused by any religion . The LORD wants peace among all religions and respect each others religion and even the Atheists . Do not shed blood in the name of the LORD because again , He does not approve of such hate and violence . LORD ELohim is only the God of those who love and are kind and good to other people of any religion . If others attack you , He does understand your need to fight back . The LORD is hopeful that the blood shed between nations will end and bring peace on earth . Remember the LORD taught mankind to not ' covet ' other peoples property and other stuff . Covet means to desire enviously what belongs to another . The bigger nations tend to covet the smaller nations and the LORD says this is truly wrong . The LORD says be satisfied with what you have now and make the most of it and leave others to do the same and stop the shedding of blood . LORD ELohim gave the Hebrew Jews the land of Israel about 3800 years ago and that land still belongs to His Hebrew Jews living today and into the future . LORD ELohim hopes that all mankind will obey His Ten Commandments and live their lives by The Simple Truth so people will live a much better mortal life .

The LORD is hopeful that there will never be a third world war or any more wars of any kind . The LORD is hopeful that mankind will replace their hate and cruelty and hostility and prejudiced opinions of others without just reasons , with love and kindness and goodness toward each other . The LORD does not care what religion exists now or in the future as long as those religions do not teach hatred and violence and prejudiced opinions without just reasons toward other people not of their faith .

The LORD hopes in the future mankind and nations will find a way to deal with human population growth but without war and man made pestilence or abortions to do so . The LORD recommends only one billion people living on this little earth in the future . That would help with a lot of problems we are having today and we will have even greater in the future if we continue to grow in numbers as we are now doing . The LORD is hopeful we humans will find greater joy and happiness and love in our life and live without anger , hate , troubled mind and so on . LORD ELohim is hopeful that we will love the animals He created more than we do now . The slaughter of His elephants for their ivory and whales for their oil and other mass slaughter going on with other animals , birds , fish , sharks is greatly wrong and the LORD would like it if we would stop this slaughter and give room on earth for all He created .

3 - Did The LORD Create Eve From Adam's Rib ?
Moses did not always get it right and this belief is what he did not get right . LORD ELohim says that He had to create both male and female Hominoids separately because of how different both must be from each other in order to have offspring . That was the same for most all animals and even some trees and plants that the LORD created . In 1 Corinthians 11 : 7 - 10 Paul is claimed to have written : A man ought not to cover his head , since he is the image and glory of God ; but woman is the glory of man . 8 For man did not come from woman , but woman from man ; 9 neither was man created for woman , but woman for man . 10 It is for this reason that a woman ought to have authority over her own head , because of the angels . What do Angels have to do with any of this Paul writes ??? This is that Paul guy making more rules for anyone who follows his way of following Y'shua . In verse 7 we don't understand all this ' glory ' stuff and neither does the LORD . Also in verse 14 and 15 Does not the very nature of things teach you that if a man has long hair , it is a disgrace to him , but that if a woman has long hair , it is her glory ? I asked my teaching Spirits if LORD ELohim has long or short hair and they indicated that the LORD's Spirit hair is as long as my hair , several inches below the shoulder . So much for Pauls rule about men with long hair being a disgrace . The LORD really does not care about what the hair styles of men or women are . Wasn't there more immediate problems back then to deal with , and even today , then peoples choice of hair style . LORD ELohim does not care in anyway what people do with their hair . Picky , picky Paul did not know the LORD or Y'shua . In 1 Corinthians 11 : 1 Paul writes Follow my example , as I follow the example of Christ . I asked the LORD if Y'shua had short hair and He said Y'shua's hair was long and a few inches below his shoulders . Again Paul never met Y'shua so how in many ways can Paul be a good example about anything regarding Y'shua ?

4 - Do Christians Really Know LORD ELohim ?
In the CB in John 17 : 3 (R) Now this is eternal life : that they know you , the only true God , and Jesus Christ , whom you have sent . We wrote about this verse before but we did not think in this way : do Christians really know LORD ELohim ? ( 1 ) LORD ELohim created all that was created , not Y'shua . Y'shua was also not the Jewish Messiah . Probably some Christians still believe that Y'shua created all and that Y'shua was a God which is all wrong but If you believe that who do you believe created Hell and the Lake of Fire and if you are Catholic , the places called Purgatory and Limbo . If Y'shua created all that was created then it would have to be him who created these horrible places to eternally punish people in with non-stop pain and agony or limbo a place where babies are eternally separated from the LORD . The truth is neither LORD ELohim or Y'shua created these places . Y'shua the fully mortal Jewish man is not a God so he could not do that and LORD ELohim who is the only true God never created them either . Hell , the lake of fire , purgatory and limbo do not exist and never have existed and never will exist . So if you as a Christian believed these places existed then you really do not know LORD ELohim the only true God or Y'shua the gentle and loving fully mortal Jewish man .( 2 ) Who do Christians believe puts people is these places of torture and suffering ? Someone would have to . Do you believe that the Spirits have nothing better to do . Do you believe that LORD ELohim is behind that . Do you believe LORD ELohim is that wicked and cruel and evil and without any love and goodness for all He created . If you believe that then you really do not know LORD ELohim the one true God and our Father who created us and all mortal life on earth and all Spirits in Heaven . ( 3 ) There is no new covenant about Christians having eternal life just because they believe something about Y'shua . LORD ELohim never promised any mortal human , not even the Jews and not even Y'shua eternal life and neither did Y'shua because it would be a lie . People created that strange belief without having proof that it is even possible for the LORD to do . If you believe LORD ELohim lied to people or even Y'shua lied you really don't know the LORD or Y'shua . This is a belief created by mortal people but not by Y'shua . ( 4 ) If you believe that God is three persons in one God you really don't know LORD ELohim the one true God . LORD ELohim is our one true Father and the one true God . There has never been three Gods . Y'shua the fully mortal Jewish man was never a God and never claimed to be a God . There has never been a Spirit who is the ' only Son of God ' and the Christian Holy Spirit has never existed either . If you believe in the trinity God then you really do not know LORD ELohim . LORD ELohim is One Spirit and the One and only God of all He created . ( 5 ) Is the CB inspired by LORD ELohim . There are so many lies written in the CB on purpose to scare people and to get people to join Christianity and there are some errors written by the true Prophets of the JB now in the CB , how could it be fully the Word of God ? The book of Revelation in the CB the LORD says is the worst of all books ever written about Him . In the JB and CB the second worst for fictional writings about LORD ELohim is the book of Job . LORD ELohim and Y'shua never knew Paul and Paul's writings are greatly in need for the most part a garbage can . If you believe LORD ELohim inspired all that is written in the CB or JB and that all written is true then you really do not know LORD ELohim the one true God . ( 6 ) If you believe in ' original sin ' you are believing in a lie . Adam and Eve never sinned because the Ten Commandments were not given to man-kind until He gave them to Moses and Moses to the world . The LORD has never put the sins or iniquities of a person upon other people , that never happened and will never happen . If you believe the LORD would do that and put other peoples sins upon you then you do not know LORD ELohim the one true God . The LORD has known many Jews , including Y'shua , who never sinned so how could that be possible if ' original sin ' were true . ( 7 ) If you believe LORD ELohim can raise people from the dead back to life again and you believe the LORD is ' all-powerful ' you are believing many errors or lies . LORD ELohim cannot raise back to life the truly dead mortals . No one can do that . If you believe the LORD can do everything and anything He wants to do , you do not really know LORD ELohim the one true God who cannot do anything that the nature of matter will not allow . Matter is the substance of which all physical objects are made of including us mortal humans . All LORD ELohim created , He created with matter that already existed before even LORD ELohim existed . Yes , the LORD ELohim was created . Once truly dead there is no turning back the clock . What Christians call ' salvation ' cannot happen . The LORD ELohim cannot raise the dead mortal bodies back to living bodies and people cannot live an eternal life after they die or even before they die . In the CB its claimed Y'shua said some people will have eternal life without tasting death first . That has never happened . Y'shua's mortal body was never resurrected as Christians believe and there was nothing about Y'shua that was a Spirit only Son of God , that Spirit does not exist . If you believe LORD ELohim is ' all-powerful ' you really do not know the LORD .

Throughout the history of mankind since the time of Adam and Eve the LORD ELohim the only true God has tried to help mankind live a happy and joyful mortal life . The LORD has given mankind His Ten Commandment and The Simple Truth and much more knowledge to help us mortal humans live a good and joyful life but most people have ignored His teachings . LORD ELohim our Father and the only true God has been a good and loving and kind and a deeply caring Father but mankind for the most part have been badly behaved brats and far to many people have been wicked , cruel and evil human children but the LORD kept trying to help us . LORD ELohim is our One and only Father and the only true God .

5 - About LORD ELohim
Many people who's God is LORD ELohim , the God of Israel , believe that the LORD has always existed and had no beginning . The LORD says that is not true . In the far distant past , trillions of years ago , LORD ELohim suddenly realized He exists . Before that moment He did not exist and He was not a living being like He is now . LORD ELohim does not know who created Him but He has always wondered who His parent or parents were and hopefully still are . The body and mind of the LORD is exactly the same now as the moment He knew He was a living Spirit being . The LORD believes who ever created Him put information in His mind how to create His Spirit children . It took LORD ELohim billions of years of work to figure out how to create the first living mortal life but it only took Him a few years to create His first Spirit child and that Spirit child was not Y'shua . LORD ELohim is the Father of all known Spirits and all mortal life . LORD ELohim and His Spirit children all had a beginning but will never have an end . The LORD is very hopeful that someday He will meet His parent or parents and find out why He was created and created as He is , a Spirit .

6 - Was Y'shua A Prophet ?
There seems to be two types of Prophets . I thought Prophets are only those people who teach what is inspired by LORD ELohim about future events but I was wrong about that . A Prophet is also someone who taught divinely inspired revelation given by the LORD about anything so I guess that would make me a Prophetess . The LORD says Y'shua was both a Prophet about the future and about other stuff inspired by the LORD . Y'shua teachings about the future were only about LORD ELohim's coming forgiveness of peoples sins and iniquities . Y'shua never spoke about hell , lake of fire , purgatory or limbo or people having eternal life or people will be living in the kingdom of God or much of anything else in the CB NT . This is important to know . Only LORD ELohim can choose His Prophets or woman Prophets . If a person was not chosen by LORD ELohim , then that person is not a Prophet of LORD ELohim's . The LORD did not have many Prophets during the time of Y'shua . The only Prophet of the LORD's when Y'shua lived was John the Baptist and Y'shua . The LORD says none of Y'shua's Disciples were His Prophets . If LORD ELohim never knew a person like Paul , then that person was not a Prophet of LORD ELohim's . A person not known by the LORD cannot be inspired by the LORD . People who were not Prophets of LORD ELohim at the time of Y'shua and after the Lamb died are : Luke , Paul , Barnabas , Apollos , James , Peter a Disciple , John a Disciple , Jude or any one else at that time . Again only Y'shua and John the Baptist were Prophets of the LORD . Y'shua was also the Lamb of God . In the CB there is very little in red letters that Y'shua actually spoke to people . I think in the past we got the John's mixed up . John the Disciple of Y'shua was not a Prophet . John the Baptist was the Prophet of LORD ELohim at that time . To be a true Prophet of LORD ELohim , He has to know that person and that person needs to have Teaching Spirits who teaches that person what the LORD has asked them to teach a person . Teaching a chosen Prophet usually starts at a young age . The LORD teaching Y'shua began when he was ten years old . Teaching me began at age eight . Only those people chosen by the LORD and taught by the LORD with the help of Teaching Spirits are true Prophets of our LORD , LORD ELohim . I asked the LORD if He ever tried to teach a Roman Catholic pope in the past what the truth is about many things and He said He did try to do that but the pope was impossible to teach anything to . The LORD did not know the name of that pope .

7 - Do Angels And The LORD Have Wings ?
JB Psalms 63 : 8  for You are my help , and in the shadow of Your wings I shout for joy . In the NIV CB this verse is in Psalms 63 : 7 Because you are my help , I sing in the shadow of your wings . The JB says that David wrote this verse . David is writing about LORD ELohim but the LORD does not have wings and neither does any Angel Spirits . There are no Angel Spirits called Cherubim . No Spirits have wings .

8 - Archangels
The LORD ELohim only created six Archangels and the rest of the thousands of Spirits are small Spirits . Archangels are about seven feet tall and the little Spirit Angels are about five inches tall . LORD ELohim is about nine feet tall . In the different Bibles it says the Archangels names are Gabriel and Michael . The LORD says no Archangels are named these names . I only know one name of one Archangel who's name is David .

9 - Melchizedek
This man named Melchizedek believed in only one God but in many ways Melchizedek was very very much a pagan according to LORD ELohim . Genesis 14 : 18 - 20 And King Melchizedek of Salem brought out bread and wine ; he was a priest of God Most High . 19 He blessed him , saying , " Blessed be Abram of God Most High , Creator of heaven and earth . And blessed be God Most High , Who has delivered your foes into your hand ." And [ Abram ] gave him a tenth of everything . LORD ELohim was not fond of this man and if Abraham could hear the LORD speak the LORD would have told Abraham to give this pagan priest and king nothing . The LORD says Melchizedek's god was not LORD ELohim but a pagan false god . In Hebrews 5 : 6 the verse says that it was LORD ELohim speaking to Y'shua saying : And he says in another place ," You are a priest forever , in the order of Melchizedek ." Again : LORD ELohim was not fond of Melchizedek ( we will call him Mel ... ) at all so why would the LORD say this to Y'shua ? The LORD says this never happened . In Hebrews 5 : 10 and was designated by God to be high priest in the order of Melchizedek . This Mel ... guy was not Jewish or a Hebrew or a chosen priest of LORD ELohim or of the faith of Judaism . The LORD changed the name ' Abram ' to ' Abraham ' so Mel ... lived about 1800 years before Y'shua was born . Mel ... according to the LORD was a very pagan priest and king . When Mel ... lived LORD ELohim was just beginning the Jews and the faith of Judaism through Abraham so why would He want very pagan Mel ... to get into the way of that ? The LORD did not want any of His Jews to follow the pagan ways of Mel ... . Who ever wrote this verse and claims that LORD ELohim spoke these words is lying that he actually heard the LORD say this to Y'shua . Even Y'shua could not hear LORD ELohim speak . Again : no one really knows who wrote Hebrews in the CB NT .

10 - About Y'shua
Hebrews 5 : 7 During the days of Jesus ' life on earth , he offered up prayers and petitions with fervent cries and tears to the one who could save him from death , and he was heard because of his reverent submission . LORD ELohim says that Y'shua never did this . Y'shua knew what the LORD asked of him and he knew he could not be risen from the dead and that he would truly die as the Lamb of God . Y'shua also knew he could at any time tell the LORD he did not want to be His Lamb and the LORD would be completely OK about that . Y'shua the Jewish fully mortal man agreed to be the LORD's Lamb and he went the distance with this agreement without complaining or crying about it . Y'shua never asked LORD ELohim to let him live : that never happened . Had Y'shua done so the LORD would get Y'shua's teaching Spirit to tell Y'shua to not continue as being the Lamb of God . Hebrew 5 : 8 & 9 Son though he was , he learned obedience from what he suffered 9 and , once made perfect , he became the source of eternal salvation for all who obey him 10 and was designated by God to be high priest in the order of Melchizedek . Y'shua before his last day alive never suffered much of anything other then what other people suffered also like a toothache . Y'shua lived a very good life . Y'shua had a loving family and several very close friends and so on . Y'shua was a very kind and gentle and loving mortal Jewish man who never sinned or did anything in his life that the LORD would call wrong . Why do Christians believe you have to suffer in order to become ' perfect ' in the LORD's mind about you . That's just silly . Y'shua never became the source of eternal salvation . Y'shua death as the Lamb of God was all about LORD ELohim's forgiveness of most all peoples sins and iniquities and the teaching of The Simple Truth . As a Rabbi Y'shua taught The Simple Truth . Y'shua's death had nothing to do with people having an eternal life with LORD ELohim in Heaven or on earth . Even Y'shua has no eternal life . Y'shua a fully mortal Jewish man willingly died so most all people could be forgiven by the LORD . Y'shua fully understood what the LORD was trying to do and fully agreed to be the Lamb sacrificed for that reason . Today many people may find this strange but back then animals were sacrificed for the forgiveness of peoples sins and not only by the Jews but other people of other nations did so also . Y'shua was the ultimate sacrifice for most all mankind everywhere on earth in the past , present and future to be forgiven of their sins and wrong doings by the LORD . LORD ELohim did not start sacrifices of animals for many reasons , people started that . The LORD was using what He knew people would understand .

11 - Did Y'shua Only Become A Son Of God Late In Life ?
In the book of Hebrews 5 : 5 it says LORD ELohim said to Y'shua " You are my Son ; today I have become your Father ." Again no human can hear the voice of the LORD . This verse makes no sense . Why would LORD ELohim say to Y'shua today I have become your Father ? We are all the sons or daughters of LORD ELohim . Y'shua like all male people was a son of the LORD the moment Y'shua was conceived of by LORD ELohim ( not by the Holy Spirit ) . LORD ELohim says He never said this silly verse to Y'shua . What does this verse mean to a Christian since the Christian belief is that Y'shua was LORD ELohim's only declared son trillions of years ago . Y'shua was dead when this was written . Y'shua was a fully mortal Jewish man and nothing about him and his body was Spirit .

12 - Why Did Y'shua Not Spend His Last Supper With His Family ?
  LORD ELohim says Y'shua wanted to drop a few hints about what was going to happen soon and why . Y'shua did not fully explain what would happen soon but he hinted enough about this that when he was taken away the Disciples started to put the bits and pieces together of what Y'shua told them at that supper and over the years with him and what John the Baptist said about the Lamb of God .

13 - To Hate The Jews Is To Hate Y'shua
During the Holocaust the Nazi's of the German fascist party did not know the people who they were murdering . They did not know what the lives of these people were , who they were , nothing . For the most part they only knew those people were Jews or Gypsies and other unwanted people . They had no justifiable reasons for murdering these people but they murdered them anyway . The Jews have had this happen to them in the past a few times without just reasons then also . LORD ELohim says if you hate the Jews just because they are Jews you are also hating Y'shua the Jewish Lamb of God to just because he was a Jew also .

14 - The LORD's Plan For Mankind Is Finished
The LORD has not done much in the last two thousand years since the time of Y'shua . The main problem was , was that much of the world went against His chosen Prophets and Teachers the Jews for no reason . For the Jewish people to be trying to teach non-Jews about anything became extremely dangerous for the Jews to do so . During the Inquisitions the Roman Catholic Church murdered many Jews and threatened others with death if they did not convert to being a Roman Catholic . The Jews never pushed anything about their faith onto other people but they did teach what they understood to be the truth about LORD ELohim and some of that went against the beliefs of Christians and other religions . Well over a twelve hundred years ago the LORD with the help of a teaching Spirits told the Jews to end any teaching to the pagans in general and the pagan Christians because the Jews were being murdered for telling the truth mostly by the Christians .

15 - Is The Christian Bible Perfect ?
The most common words of Christians is that the Christian Bible is perfect and fully the Word of God . We think we wrote about these verses before . Matthew 27 : 5 So Judas threw the money into the temple and left . Then he went away and hanged himself . Acts 1 : 18 With the payment he received for his wickedness , Judas bought a field ; there he fell headlong , his body burst open and all his intestines spilled out . So how many times and ways did Judas die if both of these verses are perfectly true and the Word of God ? How can the Bible be perfect when its so obvious that one of these verses is not true or maybe even both are not true . The CB claims Luke wrote the book of Acts . In Acts 1 : 19 about Judas death by falling it says Everyone in Jerusalem heard about this , so they called that field in their language Akeldama , that is , Field of Blood . That language would be the Jewish Hebrew language . Why does it say ' their language ' , like who wrote this in the CB NT was not Jewish . In the NIV CB it says the field is called Akeldama and in the KJV its Aceldama and in the CBV Hakeldama and all are said to mean the ' Field of Blood ' . Do they all mean the exact same thing ? Acts 1 : 20 " For , " said Peter , " it is written in the Book of Psalms : " May his place be deserted ; let there be no one to dwell in it ' , and " May another take his place of leadership ." The back up verses claimed by Christians in the JB is Psalms 69 : 25 and Psalms 109 : 8 . In Psalms 69 : 25 it should be 69 : 25 & 26 as in the JB . Pour out Your wrath on them ; may their encampments be desolate ; may their tents stand empty . The words ' them ' and ' their ' means more than one person . In all CB's the word ' their ' is also used but not in Acts . These verses have nothing to do with Judas . 109 : 8 in the JB says May his days be few ; may another take over his position . David is not writing about Judas but about his wicked and deceitful enemies . LORD ELohim who was always with Y'shua says that Judas was not the leader of the twelve Disciples , Y'shua being the true leader . The LORD says there was no distinct second leader but Peter was the one who would have been that leader and not Judas . In 109 David was writing a story and it was not about Judas . Christians cannot just use any verse about something else in the Jewish Bible and use it for whatever they want says the LORD . All these verses in Psalms have nothing to do with Judas or the Christian religion . Just like Y'shua had absolutely nothing to do with the making of the Christian religion . How did Judas die ? Did he commit suicide or was he just clumsy ? In the KJB it says in Acts 1 : 20 For it is written in the book of Psalms , Let his habitation be be desolate , and let no man dwell therein : and his bishoprick let another take . We don't know what ' bishoprick ' means but it is probably old English still written in the KJV . In the Dictionary it says ' bishopric ' means the office of bishop . The bishop is a member of a clergy ranking above a priest and typically governing a diocese . A diocese is the territorial jurisdiction of a bishop . The LORD says Judas was not a bishop . According to a book , Judas was only the treasurer taking care of money for Y'shua and the Disciples . The back up verse for verse 20 according to this Bible is Psalms 69 : 25 in the JB Pour out Your wrath on them ; may Your blazing anger overtake them ; In the JB the word ' them ' is used in this verse so its not about Judas . In the NIV something like that verse is in Psalms 69 : 24 and not in 25 ; same with the KJV and the CBV and in all three the words ' them ' is used so those verses have nothing to do with Judas Iscariot . We may have repeated verses . It's not easy working with four Bibles at my age . The only Bible that is correct about what is written is the Jewish Bible because it does not say this verse about ' them ' is about one man named Judas .

16 - Can LORD ELohim Create The Jewish Messiah ?
LORD ELohim says He cannot do that . The work of the Messiah is a lot more complicated then Y'shua the Lamb of God or Isaac the first Hebrew white skinned man . The LORD conceived Samson like Isaac and Y'shua . The purpose of Samson was to be the Messiah but that failed greatly . So the LORD did try to create a Jewish Messiah in the past . The Messiah is expected by many Jews to do certain things like to bring peace upon all the world and end all wars people have for any reason , resurrect the dead , heal the sick or crippled , people would have a longer life but not an eternal life according to one book . The LORD ELohim says to Jewish Rabbis and all Jewish people : you really need to rethink what a fully mortal Messiah can do if you believe these things . The LORD is hopeful that the Messiah can greatly help bring peace and greater happiness to this very troubled world but the rest of those hopes this mortal Messiah cannot do . Since LORD ELohim cannot resurrect the dead , heal the sick and crippled , give mankind a longer life time and so on , neither can a fully mortal Jewish man . The LORD says to all Jews who believed the Messiah could do all this : please rethink everything about the Messiah and Think Not Beyond Logic . It was wrong for the Christians in the first place to use the religion of Judaism and the beliefs and hopes of the Jews to create much of their Christian faith . The Jews made a few errors in their beliefs but those errors were their errors and no one else's . Using some of these errors in the Christian beliefs is not the fault of the Jews but the fault of the Christians . Y'shua was not the Messiah and Y'shua never raised the dead , healed the sick , or a leader of nations who brought peace on earth and greater happiness . So Christians also need to rethink what you believe about Y'shua the fully mortal Lamb of God and Think Not Beyond Logic also too . Again remember that Y'shua the fully mortal Jewish man was never resurrected and never will be because the LORD cannot do that and neither can a fully mortal Jewish Messiah . LORD ELohim says Y'shua was not the Messiah . In Mark 14 : 61 Y'shua was being question by the chief priests who said .... Again the high priest asked him , " Are you the Messiah , the Son of the Blessed One ?" Matthew 26 : 63 .... The high priest said to him , " I charge you under oath by the living God : Tell us if you are the Messiah , the Son of God ." In Luke 22 : 67 - 70 " If you are the Messiah " they said " tell us ." ... 70 They all asked , " Are you then the Son of God ? " LORD ELohim was there with Y'shua and Y'shua was questioned by the two Priests but the Jewish Priests never asked Y'shua if he was the Messiah or the Son of God . The LORD says that the Jewish Rabbis said Jews did and do not believe in an only Son of God . What I find strange is the belief that the fully mortal Messiah could resurrect dead people . Do Jewish people believe the LORD would help this fully mortal man to do that ? We have never read in any book about Judaism and Jews which says the LORD ELohim would be the one behind the Messiah doing that and not the Messiah himself . Again : LORD ELohim cannot resurrect the dead . Obviously mortal humans cannot do that on our own or the grave yards would probably be empty . So this I do not understand and neither does the LORD . What is obvious is that one error can lead to another error and on and on to more errors . The LORD would like every religion to think about this since some have their own kind of Messiah type and believe in the resurrection of the dead .

17 - Y'shua's Last Words According To The CB
Revelation is the last book in the CB and Revelation 22 is the last chapter . In Revelation 22 : 14 & 15 (R) Blessed are those who wash their robes , that they may have the right to the tree of life and may go through the gates into the city 15 Outside are the dogs , those who practice magic arts , the sexually immoral , the murderers , the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood . Some Christians believe eternal life will be in Heaven somewhere out in space and others believe Heaven will forever be on earth . The Heaven in these verses is on earth . Its about the great and massive Holy City called Jerusalem which they say was built in Heaven by Spirits and is brought down to earth coming from God . It's written about in Revelation 21 . According to these verses the people entering through the gates of this city , Christians and a few others , are going to live there . According to the NIV the city is 1,400 miles long , high and wide . New Jerusalem is a very big city . But outside of the city are other people not allowed into the city . Outside of the city seems much like it is today . So where does it go from there ? The Christian beliefs about the resurrections of people is confusing . There are three resurrection times : 1 Resurrection of the Christians at the rapture . 2 At the second coming of Y'shua Old Testament believers and those martyred during the tribulation are resurrected . 3 Resurrection of all believers after the thousand year reign of Y'shua and resurrection of the unsaved . Remember the LORD is not going to judge you and He cannot raise you from the dead . In Revelation Satan and the unsaved are judged in 20 : 7 - 15 . In verse 15 it says Anyone whose name was not found written in the book of life was thrown into the lake of fire . Then a new Heaven and new earth , then the Holy city coming to earth , LORD ELohim and Y'shua throne in the city and Y'shua's servants will serve him ... . What we are trying to do is understand the timeline of events . Again it’s in Revelation 22 : 15 about murderers and others who are outside of the city gates of the new Jerusalem . So are the so called saved people going to spend eternity inside of this city and be afraid to go outside even for even a camping trip ? The CB has writings about hell and lake of fire . Based on Christian beliefs and the CB , shouldn't these murderers who are probably then eternal suppose to be living in the lake of fire by now ? Revelation 20 : 14 & 15 says Then death and Hades were thrown into the lake of fire . 15 Anyone whose name was not found written in the book of life was thrown into the lake of fire . Then the city comes to earth . Heaven on earth does not sound like it would be a lot of fun . People would still be flesh and bone because the LORD cannot change what is flesh and bone into Spirit . Who is going to clean that city , wash cloths , clean toilets , make toilet paper , cook the meals , grow the food , ..... ? Again If you were resurrected you would still be mortal flesh and bone and you will die again someday if not the same day your mortal body is resurrected . It's very likely that a person who died at ninety years old and resurrected again to that age is not going to want the work of mopping the floor that seemingly never ends in this city . According to Christian scholars , people will not have an eternal body until after Y'shua has ruled over all the earth for a thousand years . That reign of Y'shua has not even started and the truth is , it never will . The CB timeline is very confusing . Y'shua's very last words is Revelation 22 : 20 He who testifies to these things says , " Yes , I am coming soon ." According to the CB Y'shua who was dead at that time spoke these words around two thousand years ago . It is long long past ' soon '. The LORD ELohim says Y'shua is not coming back because he was truly mortal and he truly did die on the cross and he is truly dead now and like all mortals the Lamb of God Y'shua cannot be resurrected .

18 - Can Angels Be Heard Speaking Better Than The LORD Speaking ?
Many verses in both the CB and the JB it's claimed that Angels spoke to the writers of those books . A good example is the book of Revelation in the CB . Whoever wrote this book not only claims to have heard the voice of Angels but also the voice of Y'shua after the fully mortal Jewish man Y'shua had died as the Lamb of God . Teaching Spirits did not speak to this writer of the book of Revelation nor did they create the visions . The Teaching Spirits say that visions are far more difficult to do than teaching words that the LORD ELohim asked them to teach a person . The Teaching Spirits indicate that visions only last for about three seconds not hours or days . There is not a lot that can be taught in three seconds and most times the person does not remember the vision just like we do not remember dreams or much of the dream . Teaching people words is not much better . Most Christians claim that the Disciple John wrote Revelation but the LORD knew John very well and He is sure that John did not write that book . In Revelation chapters 1 , 2 and 3 it’s claimed that Y'shua was speaking to the writer of this book . Y'shua could not have done this since he had been dead for many years before that book was written . Then most of the rest of that book it is claimed that the writer had many very long visions and heard the voice of many Angels . I have been helping LORD ELohim for over 25 years and I have yet to hear His voice or the voice of Angels and I only had two visions which I forgot most of . Its been a long road with hundreds of bits and pieces to put together like a very big puzzle . Us mortals cannot hear Angels any better then we can hear the voice of LORD ELohim . Ancient Prophets were the same . They had to rely on what the Prophets before them came to know and they had to put bits and pieces together like a puzzle also . Prophets were at their best when they were old and had learnt what the bits and pieces they were taught meant . Again we cannot hear the voice of Angels any better than LORD ELohim's voice .

This is now late at night and the Teaching Spirits ( Angels ) did this to teach me a little about how they work . Out of nowhere a song suddenly was in my thoughts . I am probably not writing the name of the song right but it was Chitty Chitty Bang Bang from an old movie . Parts of that song I remember still , it did not fade away . When Teaching Spirits teach it works better when the person has already some understanding of whatever is being taught . I have not seen that movie or heard that song for many tens of years but somewhere in my mind it still remembered and the Teaching Spirits in my head singing a part of that song for a couple of seconds brought that whole song back to my thoughts . It was cool how they did that . The more years a Prophet learns from the Teaching Spirits the more they gain an understanding of anything and as the years pass the more the Prophet has as a foundation for what he is been taught and the easier it is to write about . Prophets teaching Prophets worked well . Not all is perfectly right all the time but for the most part it has worked fairly well . When I started writing I asked LORD ELohim about a hundred questions a day and now I have a good enough foundation of what He wants written so I ask Him maybe about six questions a day and many other times mostly for His approval of what the Teaching Spirit and me have written . The Jewish people today have a good foundation about LORD ELohim and only a few errors are left to correct like the book of Job , the whole book of fiction .

19 - Y'shua Not The Messiah
In the KJV of Zechariah 9 : 9 it says : Rejoice greatly , O daughter of Zion ; shout , O daughter of Jerusalem : behold thy King cometh unto thee : he is just , and having salvation ; lowly , and riding upon an ass , and upon a colt the foal of an ass . In the NIV it say : Rejoice greatly , Daughter Zion ! Shout , Daughter Jerusalem ! See , your king comes to you , righteous and victorious , lowly and riding on a donkey , on a colt , the foal of a donkey . In the JB it says : Rejoice greatly , Fair Zion ; Raise a shout , Fair Jerusalem ! Lo , your king is coming to you . He is victorious , triumphant , Yet humble , riding on an ass , On a donkey fouled by a she-ass . The KJV this king will have salvation . The JB in this verse has no mention of salvation . According to the KJV this king will be riding two animals , an ass and the foal of an ass . This verse in the JB is used in the CB NT as a back up verse referring to Y'shua . Matthew 21 : 4 & 5 in the KJV says : All this was done , that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet , saying , 5 Tell ye the daughter of Sion , Behold , thy King cometh unto thee , meek , and sitting upon an ass , and a colt the foal of an ass . The word ' Sion ' is probably wrong for the word Zion but thats the way it is written . In the NIV it says : This took place to fulfill what was spoken through the prophet : 5 Say to Daughter Zion , See , your king comes to you , gentle and riding on a donkey , and on a colt , the foal of the donkey . The Jewish Bible is the correct Bible . These verses have nothing to do with Y'shua because Y'shua was not a Jewish king or the Jewish Messiah . Again the Christians using the JB to back up their claim that Y'shua was both king and the Messiah is wrong . LORD ELohim was there with Y'shua when Y'shua went into Jerusalem and the LORD says Y'shua walked into the city and did not ride a donkey or two donkeys at the same time into the city and people did not gather around him calling him a king or the Messiah . Y'shua's last return to Jerusalem was very uneventful . We repeated this in # 48 because we forgot we already did this but we did more work on this in 48 so we will leave both .

20 - Are Christians LORD ELohim's Slaves ?
In Romans 6 : 22 it says : But now that you have been set free from sin and have become slaves of God , the benefit you reap leads to holiness , and the result is eternal life . LORD ELohim does not do slaves . Christians are not His slaves and Y'shua is not a God and he is dead . Even the Jewish people have never been the LORD's slaves but only His willing helpers . I have never been His slave either but a willing secretary . Y'shua chose to be the LORD's Lamb of God . Y'shua had a choice regarding that and could have said no he did not want to do that but he chose to be God's Lamb . Y'shua could have changed his mind about being the Lamb at any time . What kind of benefit would you have gained if for all eternity you were a slave to LORD ELohim or a slave to a boss man like Paul who Christians say wrote this verse . Many Christians believe a massive city is coming to earth from Heaven and a lot of people will have to clean those thousands of toilets , clean the city , cook , do the dish and on and on . You would still be mortal if your mortal body was resurrected . No mortal has a Spirit called a Soul or any other Spirit so if you could be resurrected you would be fully mortal again and with all the needs you have now like needing a job .

21 - Can The LORD Give You Eternal Life ?
In Romans 6 : 23 For the wages of sin is death , but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord . Y'shua's death had nothing to do with people having an eternal life . The sacrifice of Y'shua was all about teaching mankind that the LORD has forgiven most all humans everywhere on earth of their sins and wrong doings who lived in the past , now and will live in the future and for the teaching of The Simple Truth . The gift of eternal life for all mortal humans is something the LORD cannot do for any mortals including Y'shua . Y'shua was not the Christ ( Messiah ) and never will be . Sin is not the cause of death for mortals . Cats never sin and they die just like humans do . We humans are just another species of mortal animals He created : says LORD ELohim . Just because we have free will does not remove us from the ' animal kingdom ' . Mortals die and the LORD cannot change that and even if He could change that , He would not change that . Billions of people have died in the past and had that not happened we would be living on this little earth shoulder to shoulder . The LORD cannot stop mortals from ageing and would not change that either because mortal life would not be much fun just being a fertilized egg and where would that come from . Mortal life as it is now cannot be much more perfect than it is now .

22 - Did Y'shua Die For Us ?
Romans 5 : 8 & 9 But God demonstrates his own love for us in this : While we were sinners , Christ died for us . 9 Since we have now been justified by his blood , how much more shall we be saved from God's wrath through him ! It is logical that Y'shua died while most all people were sinners because if we mortal humans were all Holy then there would be no need for LORD ELohim forgiving us of our sins and iniquities . If we were not mostly all sinners then there would be no need to be forgiven by LORD ELohim . There is no coming ' wrath of God ' . Many Christians believe that a time is coming soon when LORD ELohim and Y'shua are going to be the cause of a time of suffering and bloodshed that is greater than at any time in our history caused by man . Y'shua is dead and LORD ELohim has no interest in doing ' wrath ' against mankind . LORD ELohim and His Angels are not going to stoop down , far far down to most people's moral level throughout history . Because we mortal humans failed our trial the only thing the LORD is going to do in the near future is take His Spirit children home to the Heaven far far away from earth . There will be no Wrath of God ! So don't blame LORD ELohim or Y'shua or David because we humans cause each other great suffering like we have been known to do in the past . We humans will have caused that : not the LORD or Y'shua or David . Remember we wrote about the LORD's judgment of mankind was not about where people will be living in the future but where LORD ELohim and His Spirit children will be living in the future . The LORD says Y'shua did not die for just those who believe something about him : he died for the forgiveness of most all people of any religion , nation , color , race and so on . Those people who are fairly good people are all forgiven of their sins and wrong doings by LORD ELohim in the past , today and in the future . If you are a fairly good person you don't need to go to church and have a priest tell you that you are forgiven : the LORD ELohim is telling you that now . The evil , wicked and cruel people will never be forgiven by LORD ELohim .

23 - What Does The CB Say About Being Saved ?
Romans 10 : 9 - 13 If you declare with your mouth , " Jesus is Lord ," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead , you will be saved . It’s written that the book of Romans is Paul's writings . According to the CB isn't everyone saved . Some people go to the city called New Jerusalem on earth and others to the lake of fire or living outside the city walls . If you go by the book of Revelation , after the Christians and a few others enter the city there is nothing written about Christians going to Heaven in the future which would make sense because mortals cannot live in space without a spaceship . 11 As Scripture says , " Anyone who believes in him will never be put to shame . In the NIV it says the backup verse is Isaiah 28 : 16 which says in the JB Assuredly , Thus said the Lord God : " Behold , I will found in Zion , Stone by stone , A tower of precious cornerstones , Exceedingly firm ; He who trusts need not fear . This verse does not seem to match Pauls verse 11 . In the NIV Isaiah 28 : 16 says So this is what the Sovereign LORD says : " See , I lay a stone in Zion , a tested stone , a precious cornerstone for a sure foundation ; the one who relies on it will never be striken with panic . The JB says ' cornerstones ' meaning more than one cornerstone but the CB says only one cornerstone . In Romans 10 : 12 &13 For there is no difference between Jew and Gentile - the same Lord is Lord of all and richly blesses all who call on him , 13 for , " Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved ." The CB NIV claims that the back up verse for 13 is in the JB in Joel 2 : 32 . There is no Joel 2 : 32 in the JB . Joel 2 only goes to 27 verses in the JB . In the NIV Joel 2 does go to 32 and it says in Joel 2 : 32 And everyone who calls on the name of the LORD will be saved ; .... Again there is no Joel 2 : 32 in the JB and there is no match to this verse in the JB in Joel 2 . The KJV does have Joel 2 : 32 much like the NIV . In the KJV it says the back up verse is Acts 2 : 21 & 29 and Acts verse 21 says the back up verse is Joel 2 : 32 . Acts 2 : 21 just says And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved . And 29 has nothing to do with being saved . For probably a few hundred years short of two thousand years Christians have been using the wrong name when calling to the Lamb of God Y'shua . Long after Y'shua's death the LORD heard non-Jews using the name Jesus for some-one . It was a long time before LORD ELohim realized these non-Jews were talking about Y'shua and had made Y'shua into a God they called Jesus . If LORD ELohim could save people and give us eternal life , that would not be based on what we believe about something like Paul writes . The LORD would base it fully on what a persons did during their life . Fairly good people would be saved and the wicked , cruel and evil people He would just leave them dead forever . What your religion , nationality and race is the LORD does not care as long as any of these caused no harm to other people .

24 - Can Christians Use Verses In Their New Testament To Back Up What Is Written In Their New Testament ?
Using the CB New Testament verses to try to prove what is written in their NT is true and correct does not work very well . How can one error back up another error like the first error . A few examples . Revelation 7 : 4 - 8 where Levi and Joseph are listed among the twelve tribes of Israel . The tribes in the JB in Numbers 5 - 16 does not list Levi or Joseph as tribes . Ephraim and Manasseh the sons of Joseph are listed as two of the tribes of Israel which is correct . If a Jewish person wrote Revelation he or she would have got the names of the tribes right . What about the genealogy of Y'shua in Matthew 1 : 1 - 17 and Luke 3 : 23 - 37 where the names are mostly different and the spelling of many names is also different and the number of the names is also different . In Luke there are 56 names but in Matthew there are only 41 names . The names are so different the KJV writers tried to claim that their genealogy in Luke is the genealogy of Miriam , Y'shua's mother and not Y'shua's but the math does not work out . Matthew is 41 generations and the LORD says a generation is 40 years : so 41 x 40 years is 1,640 years . In Luke there are 56 generations x 40 = 2,240 years . 2,240 - 1,640 = 600 years difference . Y'shua and Miriam would have lived 600 years apart from each other . Again remember the CB NT says that Judas hanged himself or fell and his guts fell out : which is true if even one is true ? Did Magi really see a new star ? The LORD says that never happened . Did king Herod really have babies murdered ? The LORD says that never happened . Were the Pharisees as bad as the Christians depict them to be . The LORD says that He never had a problem with them . Y'shua ' used ' one Priest to help cause his death . The LORD says He was never angry with this Priest because He knew Y'shua greatly provoked him to incite his anger . If any other person did what Y'shua did to provoke the Priest to that point of great anger that person would have been put on the cross also . Pharisees and others were only trying to protect the religion of Judaism and the Jewish way of life obeying LORD ELohim . The pagan Romans were everywhere and telling the Jews what they can and cannot do . Did Y'shua raise the dead ? No . Was Y'shua a God ? No . Could Y'shua feed thousands with just a few fish and bread loaves ? No . Was and is Y'shua a God ? No . Could Y'shua raise truly dead people ? No . Was Y'shua himself raised from the dead ? No . Was Y'shua king of the Jews ? No . Was Y'shua the Jewish Messiah ? No . And what about the claim of Christians that Y'shua said he would be dead and in the tomb for three days and three nights but Christians celebrate this beginning with Good Friday to Easter Sunday which is only 1 day and 2 nights . And on and on .... . How is it possible for the New Testament to back up the claims in the New Testament with so many errors and lies in the New Testament ? Can the Christian Bible Old Testament back up the Christian Bible New Testament ? No . The CB Old Testament should be exactly like the Jewish Bible and it is not in many many verses so the CB Old Testament cannot be trusted to be correct and true so to back up the CB New Testament . Is the JB perfect ? No . But the Jewish Bible is far better than any other writings about LORD ELohim and other stuff .

25 - Did LORD ELohim Hate Esau ?
In Romans 9 : 13 Just as it is written : " Jacob I loved , but Esau I hated . The back up verse is Malachi 1 : 2 & 3 in the JB I have shown you love , said the LORD . But you ask , " How have You shown us love ?" After all - declares the LORD - Esau is Jacob's brother ; yet I have accepted Jacob and have rejected Esau . In the CB NIV it says in Malachi 1 : 2 & 3 ... " Was not Esau Jacob's brother ?" declares the LORD . " Yet I have loved Jacob , 3 but Esau I have hated , ... . In the JB it does not say LORD ELohim hated Esau . LORD ELohim did not chose Jacob to father the Twelve Tribes of Israel until Jacob was 22 years old . The LORD does not hate . He never wastes time and thoughts on hatred . The LORD is wise ! The LORD ' rejected ' Esau to be the father of the tribes of Israel . The LORD says Esau was not a good person but Jacob was a very nice man and he believed in LORD ELohim which is why He chose Jacob for that . The CB OT is wrong to say the LORD hated Esau . That is not a Word that God would use because He cannot hate .

26 - Who or What Destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah ?
Many people of a couple of religions believe LORD ELohim destroyed these cities because the people who lived in these cities were wicked people . The LORD says this is not true that it was Him who destroyed these cities . This is a long story so what we will do is ' True ' or ' False ' regarding the verses in the JB starting with Genesis 18 : 1 The LORD appeared to Abraham .... False . The LORD ELohim cannot appear to people . Moses never saw the LORD either . If the LORD ELohim could be seen and heard by people the LORD would have never needed to create the Jewish people or the Jewish Prophets and Men of God or the need to acquire the help of a women who was a true Atheist and is now His secretary today . Verse 2 Abraham looked up and saw three men standing nearby . True . These three men were Men of God who were messengers trained by the LORD like He trained Prophets before the Jewish people existed through the bloodline of Abraham . The LORD says Abraham was about seventy at that time and Sarah was about sixty seven years old . It was these three Men of God who spoke to Abraham and Sarah about their son Isaac who was not born yet . Verse 17 Then the LORD said ," Shall I hide from Abraham what I am about to do ? False . The LORD says He did not say this . 22 The men went on from there to Sodom , while Abraham remained standing before the LORD . 23 Abraham came forward and said , " Will You sweep away the innocent along with the guilty ? False . LORD ELohim says He had no thoughts about destroying the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah and the LORD did not bargain with Abraham about the people of Sodom or Gomorrah . This is Genesis 19 : 1 The two angels arrived in Sodom in the evening , as Lot was sitting in the gate of Sodom . False . People can no more see or hear Angels then they can see or hear LORD ELohim . I asked if people at that time commonly 1 bowing low with his face to the ground , when they see strangers and the LORD says they did not . This to is False . 3 He prepared a feast for them and baked unleavened bread , and they ate . False . Angels like LORD ELohim do not eat because they have no need to eat and they have no throat or intestines and so on . Spirits have no need for food , water , clothing , housing , warmth and anything else . These were not Angels but Men of God , LORD ELohim's early Prophets before the Jewish people existed an these mortals ate with Lot . 4 ... the men of Sodom ...all the people to the last man - gathered about the house . 5 and they shouted to Lot and said to him , " Where are the men who came to you tonight ? Bring them out to us , that we may be intimate with them ." True . But not to that extreme . Lot protected them . 11 And the people who were at the entrance of the house , young and old , they struck with blinding light , so that they were helpless to find the entrance . False . The LORD says these men just left Lot's place on their own . Then it says these men gathered Lot's family to bring them out of the city . True . But these men also spoke to other people there and told them to leave the city also . 13 For we are about to destroy this place ; because the outcry against them before the LORD has become so great that the LORD has sent us to destroy it ." False . LORD ELohim was not about to destroy this cities of Sodom and Gomorrah . The LORD with the help of the Men of God tryed to save these people , all people in these cities . Lot with his wife and two daughters were forced to leave Sodom by these men . 17 When they had brought them outside , one said , " Flee for your life ! Do not look behind you , ... 20 Look , that town there is near enough to flee to ; ... True . 23 As the sun rose upon the earth and Lot entered Zoar , 24 the LORD rained upon Sodom and Gommorah sulfurous fire from the LORD out of heaven . False . LORD ELohim did not destroy these cities but what came upon these cities did come from outer space . 26 Lot's wife looked back , and she there-upon turned into a pillar of salt . False . LORD ELohim says that Lot's wife was old and was following behind the others and was to close to the city when it was being destroyed . A person would not be turned into salt if they were there . LORD ELohim has lived trillions of years in space and He knows space very well . LORD ELohim has also lived on earth for billions of years also . The LORD understands speed and direction and other stuff regarding celestial objects like near earth asteroids . What destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah were several asteroids in a large group raining down on earth in the region of Sodom and Gomorrah . The LORD says the Men of God were asked to tell all the city people to leave both Sodom and Gomorrah but the people of these towns did not believe these men . Lot and his wife did not believe them much either which is why Lots wife lagged behind and was killed by the asteroids strikes . Moses wrote Genesis but people at the time of Moses , many believed if something like asteroids hitting the earth was the work of a angry LORD ELohim if they were Jews or other angry gods if they were Gentiles . The common beliefs at that time obviously influenced Moses thoughts and writings . Moses was a great Prophet but sometimes he wrote what he wrote on his own like all other Prophets . Moses lived about 550 years after Abraham so he probably did not have a lot of information to work with .

27 - Did Y'shua Really Eat With People After He Died ?
In the book of Luke 24 : 40 - 43 When he had said this , he showed them his hands and feet . 41 And while they still did not believe it because of joy and amazement , he asked them , (R)  " Do you have anything here to eat ?" 42 They gave him a piece of broiled fish , 43 and he took it and ate it in their presence . This never happened . It sounds like the writers of the CB NT were trying to make people believe that Y'shua's flesh and bone mortal body was raised from the dead but there are a few problems with these verses . In verse 51 it says While he was blessing them , he left them and was taken up into heaven . Remember LORD ELohim cannot change Spirit into mortal flesh and bone and mortal flesh and bone cannot be changed into Spirit . No one can be half Spirit and half mortal flesh and bone . Living beings can only be fully mortal or fully Spirit . For Y'shua to have eaten the fish he would have to be fully mortal because Spirits cannot eat food . But in order for Y'shua to have been taken to Heaven he would have to be fully Spirit . A fully mortal human cannot fly to Heaven , not even in a spaceship . Only Spirits can fly to Heaven so the fully mortal man who ate the fish never went to Heaven . Also no mortal can live in Heaven . There are many reasons why the LORD chose this earth to play in the dirt . One reason is this earth , if we are right , is near the outer edge of a Milky Way arm . The earth is near where there is nothing like stars or planets in Heaven and Heaven is far from any Galaxies . There is definitely no place to grow a garden in Heaven . Again : Y'shua the fully mortal Jewish Lamb of God was never resurrected from being dead . Nothing in these verses is true or the Word of God .

28 - Does The Messiah Need To Suffer First
Luke 24 : 25 & 26 (R) He said to them , " How foolish you are , and how slow to believe all that the prophets have spoken ? 26 Did not the Messiah have to suffer these things and then enter his glory ?" The interesting thing about these verses it that the Christians have no back up verses in the Jewish Bible . Any time we read about the Messiah in books written by Jewish people , we don't remember any of them saying the Messiah must suffer before whatever happens which may be the reason why the Christians have no back up verses in the JB for these verses . LORD ELohim never said to a Prophet that the Messiah must suffer first . The only back up verses are in Matthew , John , Hebrew and 1 Peter . These back up verses prove nothing other than proving that one error or lie can multiply in the CB NT . Also these people are not Prophets chosen by LORD ELohim . Most were just Y'shua's Disciples . No one knows who wrote Hebrews . In Luke 24 : 27 And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets , he explaimed to them what was said in all the Scriptures concerning himself . The back up verse is Daniel 7 : 13 in the JB says As I looked on , in the night vision , One like a human being Came with the clouds of heaven ; He reached the Ancient of Days And was presented to Him . In the NIV it says ..... one like a son of man , coming with the clouds of heaven . In the KJV it says ..... one like the Son of man came with the clouds of heaven , The words ' son of man ' simply means a human being . The ' son of man ' is not just Y'shua but all mortal men . To call Y'shua the Son of man simply means he was a mortal human being . These verses have nothing to do with the Lamb of God named Y'shua . In Luke 24 : 46 & 47 it says He told them , (R) This is what is written : The Messiah will suffer and rise from the dead on the third day , 47 and repentance for the forgiveness of sins will be preached in his name to all nations , beginning with Jerusalem . We cannot find anywhere that the Messiah must suffer or that the Messiah would die as the Lamb of God and be raised from the dead on the third day . The only back up verses are in the CB New Testament and they are not good ones . Verse 47 has some truth in this verse , that the forgiveness of sins will be preached by the Jews but that did not last very long . Y'shua never would have said that the forgiveness of sin will be preached ' in his name ' ... . Y'shua knew he was not the Messiah . Y'shua would have said something like ' preach in the name of LORD ELohim who forgave most all peoples sins and iniquities ' . The LORD wants to remind all people that Y'shua a devoted Jew never claimed to be the Jewish Messiah and neither did his Jewish Disciples . Anything in the CB about Y'shua being the Jewish Messiah is a lie and Y'shua never claimed he was the Messiah . LORD ELohim says that the Jewish Messiah , should he ever come to be , will have nothing to do with the LORD forgiving most all people of their sins and wrong doings . Only Y'shua was the willing Jewish Lamb of God but only LORD ELohim could forgive peoples sins and iniquities and the LORD did that for most all people , that is done .

29 - Y'shua Declares He Is Flesh And Bones
This verses are mostly (R) letter verses about Y'shua after he had died . In Luke 24 : 37 - 39 it says They were startled and frightened , thinking they saw a ghost . 38 He said to them , (R) " Why are you troubled , and why do doubts rise in your minds ? 39 Look at my hands and my feet . It is I myself ! Touch me and see ; a ghost does not have flesh and bones , as you see I have ." Again : Y'shua had already died on the cross as the Lamb of God . In these verses Christians claim that Y'shua himself said he is ' flesh and bones ' risen from the dead which would mean he is still mortal and not Spirit . Mortals cannot go to Heaven , that is impossible for mortals to do that . So Y'shua could not have gone to Heaven since he himself said he is still flesh and bones . If all is true in the CB NT then you have to believe Y'shua said this . But these verses are not true since Y'shua was never resurrected from being dead . Think about it . These verses are not true but if these verses were true , if your mortal body was resurrected from the dead it would be as Christians claim Y'shua's resurrected body is : fully mortal again . You would be right back into this crazy world and like Y'shua , no where else to go to . Again : Y'shua's mortal body was never risen from the dead and had he not truly died on the cross the LORD would have known that . LORD ELohim says Y'shua did truly die on the cross as His Lamb and sacrifice for our sins .

30 - Law Of Moses
In the CB NT a few times in the verses the words ' Law of Moses ' is written . Moses did not create the Ten Commandments . LORD ELohim created the Ten Commandments . A Jewish writer would never call the Law the Law of Moses . This is really good proof that a Jewish person did not write those verses . According to the KJV Luke was a Gentile believer , meaning he was not a Jewish man , so that explains this regarding Luke . LORD ELohim says " Do not call His Ten Commandments the Law of Moses ." Remember the LORD ELohim and Y'shua never knew this man named Luke . Did he even exist ? Because of this error can you really trust everything written in this book ?

31 - Did LORD ELohim Give Christians Power ?
Luke 24 : 49 says (R) I am going to send you what my Father has promised ; but stay in the city until you have been clothed with power from on high ." The words ' from on high ' must mean LORD ELohim even though the LORD was on earth which even Y'shua obviously did not know in these verses and other verses . What ' power ' and for what reason ? LORD ELohim says this is a lie . Y'shua was dead at the time of this verse and LORD ELohim has no ' power ' that He can give to mortal life . If the LORD cannot do something , He also cannot give ' power ' to mortals to do what He cannot do like raise the truly dead , heal the sick or crippled , feed thousands with just a few fish and a few loaves of bread , make wine out of water and stuff like that . Y'shua could not do those things either . There is really nothing in the way of ' power ' that LORD ELohim can give to mortal humans says LORD ELohim . The city according to the KJV is Jerusalem . Remember that all the Disciples of Y'shua were Jewish people .

32 - Do You Need To Be A Christian To Be Forgiven ?
No . Any people of any race , color , religion , nation and anything else have been forgiven if those people were fairly good people . The wicked , evil and cruel people will never be forgiven even if they are very devoted Christians or even a pope . The LORD forgave people who were fairly good people of their wrong doings since the time of Adam and Eve to the time of Moses . After the LORD gave Moses His Ten Commandments and Moses taught people those Commandments then people could sin . The LORD has forgiven most all people of their sins and wrong doings ( iniquities ) since the time of Moses to today and all who are fairly good people in the future , as long as mankind exists . Again : the wicked , cruel and evil people will never be forgiven no matter their race , color , religion and nation . Remember the big one : says the LORD : You shall not murder .

33- About The Shroud Of Turin Again
Is there anything in the CB that indicates that the Shroud of Turin is not Y'shua's burial linen cloth ? The Shroud of Turin is one piece of cloth and is 14 feet long and 3 1/2 feet wide . This shroud is kept at Turin , Italy . In Luke 24 : 12 it says Peter , however , got up and ran to the tomb . Bending over , he saw the strips of linen lying by themselves , and he went away , wondering to himself what had happened . According to the CB the Shroud of Turin is not Y'shua's burial shroud because Peter saw strips of linen and not a single one piece of linen . The KJV of this says in Luke 24 : 12 Then arose Peter , and ran unto the sepulchre ; and stooping down , he beheld the linen clothes laid by themselves , and departed , wondering in himself at that which was come to pass . The KJV agrees with the NIV only it says linen clothes meaning more then just one large cloth like the Shroud of Turin . In Luke 23 : 52 it says that Joseph of Arimathia went to Pilate while the body of Y'shua was still on the cross . Going to pilate , he asked for Jesus body . 53 Then he took it down , wrapped it in linen cloth and placed it in a tomb cut in the rock , one in which no one had yet been laid . This could mean one cloth or more than one cloth . In John 3 - 5 Peter found strips of linen . According to the CB NT , Peter was the last one to see these linen clothes or strips of linen . In the Catholic Bible in John 20 : 6 & 7 Peter saw linen wrappings ... and the cloth that had been on Jesus head ... . In Luke 24 : 12 ..linen cloths . In the CBV in Mark the story is much different than in the non-Catholic Bibles . LORD ELohim went to the tomb with Y'shua's body and He says there were six separate linen clothes that were wrapped around the body , side to side and not head to toe . Also the LORD says Joseph did not take the body down off the cross , the Roman soldiers took the body down from the cross . So : according to Christian writings the Shroud of Turin is not Y'shua's burial cloth . Also remember we wrote before that the LORD and Spirits looked at a picture of the shroud and all said the image on the cloth does not look like Y'shua's face .

34 - A Statement By The Roman Catholic Church
The statement by the Roman Catholic Lateran Council in 1215 C.E. was " Outside the church there is no salvation " . LORD ELohim says this was a lie or an error . To be forgiven of our sins and wrong doings we only have to be a fairly good person . Even the Atheists who are fairly good people are forgiven of their sins and wrong doings by LORD ELohim . Remember that neither Y'shua or LORD ELohim created Christianity . The biggest players creating Christianity were the pagan Greeks and the pagan Romans and not the Jewish people , not even Y'shua's Disciples . Inside the church or outside of the church makes no difference . There is no salvation , eternal life for any mortal including humans .

35 - Was Y'shua Of The Same Substance As The LORD ?
The Roman Catholic Council of Nicea in 325 C.E. declares the Father and Son are of the same substance . This is not true . The physical material of Y'shua was dust and he was mortal and he died as a mortal and LORD ELohim our Father is Spirit and He is eternal . There was nothing about Y'shua's body that was Spirit . In 451 C.E. the Council of Chalcedon approves the teaching of the union of divine and human nature of Y'shua . LORD ELohim says He cannot mix flesh and bone with Spirit . It's impossible to do that . This is something we do understand . If Christianity began with Peter , Y'shua's Disciple then why did it take hundreds of years for the Roman Catholics to make this decree and other decrees . As we have written before , the Jews and even Y'shua a Jew had nothing to do with the making of Christianity . Blame the Romans and Greeks for that one . Also people could hear and see Y'shua because he was fully mortal and no mortal has ever seen the body or hear the voice of LORD ELohim so they could not be made of the same substance .

36 - Pope Boniface VIII Proclaims
This pope proclaims in 1302 C.E. that it is " absolutely necessary for salvation that every human creature be subject to the Roman pontiff ," Subject means being under the power or rule of another . There is absolutely no truth to this statement . The Roman Catholic Church was out for the money and power over peoples lives , even starting long before this pope was pope . The LORD ELohim would never back up the Roman Catholic Church and there are a lot of popes who will never be forgiven of their sins and iniquities .

37 - The Roman Catholic Church Against Logic
A guy named William of Occam around 1300 C.E. supported the separation of ' logic from faith ' . He was a Roman Catholic scholar who obviously could not understand Paul or the rest of the CB either and realized that by using ' logic ' only proves a lot in the CB makes no sense and proves there are many errors and lies in the CB . The LORD ELohim and this guy would have never gotten along . The LORD has always indicated to me to use logic . In the coded words it says : Think Not = 666 , Beyond Logic = 666 . Not allowing the use of logic explains how the Roman Catholic Church and other Christian denominations got so lost along the way over the years . The LORD taught me that we can only find the truth by also using logic to do so .

38 - Pope Pius IX Condemns Freedom
In 1864 C.E this pope condemns freedom of religion and separation of church and state . Another pope who wanted to rule the world his way .

39 - A Pope Who Did Right
Pope John Paul II in 2000 C.E. went to the Holy Land and expressed deep sorrow for the suffering of Jews caused by Christians . That should have happened long before this pope but the LORD is pleased that this pope did that . Pope John Paul II is also known for addressing the on going problem of Roman Catholic clergy sexually abusing members of their congregation , especially children . Pope John Paul II died in April 2, 2005 at 84 years old .

40 - Did LORD ELohim Himself Or Y'shua Call You To Be A Christian ?
The answer is ' definitely no ' . Y'shua truly died before Christianity existed and Y'shua when he was alive only taught Judaism and the coming forgiveness of most all people's sins and iniquities and he also taught The Simple Truth . When Christianity was established long after Y'shua died it became a problem for LORD ELohim and for the Hebrew Jews to teach the truth to the world about the Lamb of God . His Jews were being murdered by Christians because they taught the truth about the Lamb of God and other truths that went against the lies that Christians taught . So why would the LORD want to add more people to what was a existing problem for Him and His Jewish people ? The LORD called not even one person to be a Christian or regarding any other religions . Even Jewish people have a choice to be Jewish or to not be Jewish . I never knew much of anything about the Jewish people and their history until LORD ELohim in His own way asked me to help Him with His Little Book . Since then I have learnt several things about the Jewish people and Judaism . I do not understand why the Jews have been treated so cruelly by other people , mostly by Christians . The books written by non-Jews give no reason why the Jews were and are so badly treated so I have come to think there never has been a good reason why . Some people I guess just love to hate other people even when there is no valid reason why they hate . Personally I have come to believe that the Jewish people are the most courageous people on earth throughout history and now and probably into the future and LORD ELohim feels the same way also about His chosen people because of how horribly they have been treated by pagans for no justifiable reason . The Jewish people are still LORD ELohim's chosen people and that will never change : they will forever be His chosen people . The land of Israel that the LORD gave to His Jews about 3,800 years ago , still today belongs to His Jews and it will forever be theirs . Christians are at the top of the list for being so cruel and murderous towards His Jews in the past and all for no good reason . So again : the LORD ELohim has never called any people to become Christians or to join any other religion . 

41 - Can Incarnation Even Happen ?
The Dictionary says : Incarnation regarding Y'shua was the union of divine nature and human nature in the person of Y'shua . Divine nature probably means the son of God who Christians believe was a God and human nature is a mortal being . LORD ELohim says He is the only One true God and the ' only Son of God ' did not exist and does not exist : not in Spirit form and not in mortal form . LORD ELohim is the Father of all Spirits and all mortals . Again the LORD cannot mix Spirit and mortal flesh and bone together to unite them as one being . In other words : incarnation cannot happen . The Jewish fully mortal man named Y'shua had no god within him and Y'shua never claimed he was a god and neither did any other Jewish person . It was not until Christianity came to be ( Roman style with some Greek also ) and they declared Y'shua was the only Son of God and was a God and was given the Greek name Jesus . It's like Spirit cannot possess people and take over their minds . Teaching Spirits have problems just teaching a person just one thing in that persons entire life time so how could a Spirit take over peoples mind ? Again : if Y'shua had a god Spirit within him that Spirit did nothing for you . That Spirit would not have truly died for you on that cross , and that Spirit would not have shed his blood for you because Spirits have no blood to shed . So what would that Spirit have done for you ? Absolutely nothing . It was the fully mortal Jewish man named Y'shua who willingly truly died as the sacrificial Lamb of God for most of you and willingly shed his blood for most of you so people could know that LORD ELohim has forgiven the sins and wrong doings of most all people who ever lived anywhere on earth or will live anywhere on earth in the future . So give credit where credit is due , to the fully mortal Jewish man named Y'shua and not to a false god who does not exist and would have done nothing for you anyway . John the Baptist got it right when he said " Look , the Lamb of God , who takes away the sin of the world ! John did not say the son of God.

42 Was Miriam , Mother Of Y'shua Taken To Heaven ?
Christians call this the Assumption . The belief is that LORD ELohim took Miriam's dead body after she had died to Heaven . LORD ELohim says that never happen and it would be impossible for Him to make it happen for any dead or living mortal person . There is no evidence that this happened and there is no logical thinking to believe this did happen . Where in the CB says it happened ? We found nothing . Miriam was fully mortal just as her son Y'shua was fully mortal and the LORD cannot resurrect mortals from the dead and cannot take mortal flesh to Heaven , living or dead . According to Christians there are a lot of Jews in Heaven . The LORD says only Spirits are in Heaven .

43 - A Jewish Bible Error
In the CB NT in Matthew 15 : 3 & 4  ... 4 For God said , " honor your father and mother " and Anyone who curses their father or mother is to be put to death . The back up verse is in the JB in Exodus 21 : 17 and it says He who insults his father or his mother shall be put to death . The LORD ELohim says He never taught Moses that . The JB says that the death penalty may be meant only rhetorically as a deterrent . The LORD would agree with that . In the JB Ten Commandments about this it says : Honor your father and your mother , that you may long endure on the land that the LORD your God is assigning to you . That makes sense so that the land goes from one generation to the next and so on and remains in the family .

44 - Do We Have A Spirit ?
In NIV Ecclesiastes 12 : 7 and the dust returns to the ground it came from , and the spirit returns to God who gave it . In the JB it says And the dust returns to the ground As it was , And the lifebreath returns to God Who bestowed it . This is about our mortal death . Some Jews think that the ' lifebreath ' means a spirit-body . In the NIV it says ' the spirit '. LORD ELohim says that He gave no mortal a Spirit to call our own or to call this is me . Lifebreath does not mean a Spirit either . We are conceived fully mortal and we remain fully mortal all our lives . We have no Spirit Soul or any other Spirit . The only Spirits which were in a very very few people like Abraham , Moses and the Jewish Prophets and Y'shua and me are Teaching Spirits in our head but they are not our Spirit but are completely seperate from our mortal body . We mortals do not have a Spirit so there is nothing that returns to LORD ELohim .

45 - Do Angels Serve People ?
In Hebrew 1 : 14 Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation ? LORD ELohim never gave Angels to Christians and no Christian or any other human will have salvation , eternal life . The LORD would never and will never make Spirits into slaves for any people or religion .

46 - Will There Be A Coming Trial ?
In the JB in the book of Joel 4 : 1 - 3 For in those days And in that time , When I restore the fortunes Of Judah and Jerusalem , 2 I will gather all the nations And bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat There I will contend with them Over My very own people , Israel , Which they scattered among the nations , For they divided My land among themselves . 3 And cast lots over My people ; And they bartered a boy for a whore , And sold a girl for wine , which they drank . These verses in the CB's are in Joel 3 : 1 - 3 . There is no chapter 4 in the NIV or KJV or the CBV in Joel . It's not easy to work with four different Bibles . Remember : if verses are used in the CB Old Testament the Jewish Bible is the right one to use even if the verses have an error because the CB's OT is suppose to be exactly like those verses in the JB . These verses are somewhat alike what is written in the CB's except the word ' contend ' in the JB is changed to the ' trial ' in the NIV . LORD ELohim says the error in these verses is that the trial for all Humanity began with Adam and Eve and ended in 2000 C.E. . When these verses were written those people were in all mankind's trial time . This is Judgment Day and the LORD has finished judging us , not as individuals but as a species . There will be no more trials or judgments . We as a species failed big time . Todays people as a whole are no better a people than the people living at the time of Adam and Eve or others throughout our history . If you know what we humans have done in the past and you know what is going on in the world today : you know that is true . Christians : don't blame Adam and Eve for our failure to pass our trial . They were only responsible for their wrong doings and not your sins and wrong doings . 

47 - Did The Holy Spirit Say .... ?
In Hebrews 3 : 7 - 11 So , as the Holy Spirit says : " Today , if you hear his voice , do not harden your hearts as you did in the rebellion during the time of testing in the wilderness , 9 where your ancestors tested and tried me , though for forty years they saw what I did . .... 11 So I declared on oath in my anger , " They shall never enter my rest ." The word ' rest ' means Israel . First : the Holy Spirit never said this because the Holy Spirit does not exist says LORD ELohim . The back up verse is in Psalms 95 : 7 - 11 . In verse 7 only in the CB's it says that the Holy Spirit said these verses . The JB in Psalms makes no mention that these verses were spoken by the Holy Spirit . LORD ELohim says He did say through a Prophet ' They will never come to My resting place ' but the verses 7 - 10 in Psalms 95 He says are not His words . To start off : LORD ELohim says He would have never called it a rebellion and the word ' rebellion ' is not in Psalms 95 . These Jews had just left several generations of slavery . The LORD did understand the influence pagans had on many of them while they were slaves so the LORD decided to wait until one generation passed away and to try to correct their errors while in the wilderness . He ment that one generation would never come to His resting place in Israel but He never stopped loving them . This was not the first time that the LORD dealt with this problem with His Jews because of pagans . LORD ELohim was not angry with His chosen people the Jews . Again the LORD was very understanding toward all of them . Not all these verses are in the Jewish Bible and every back up verse claimed by Christians have only the word ' spirit ' and not ' Spirit ' . The Jews would never call the LORD ' spirit ' , they would say ' Spirit ' with a capital ' S ' . The word ' spirit ' has many meanings to people including booze . The word ' spirit ' can mean : the soul , man's moral , religious , emotional nature , state of mind , an influence that stirs up and rouses , liveliness , cheerfulness , courage , vigour liveliness , loyalty , ... . The word Spirit means : God and also means the Holy Ghost in the Dictionary but again the Holy Spirit does not exist but the Dictionary is written based on peoples beliefs also , right or wrong and unproven . Even in the Dictionary when referring to the LORD as God , it is a capital ' S ' . Another back up verse in the JB is Judges 13 : 25 ; 14 : 6 , 1 Samuel 10 : 10 ; 16 : 13 -14 , Micah 3 : 8 and Joel 2 : 28 - 29 which all only have the word ' spirit ' in all of them so they are not writings about LORD ELohim or even a Holy Spirit that again does not exist . Anyway there is no Holy Spirit as Christians believe in . There is no trinity of three Gods in one God . The Holy Spirit Christian God does not exist and their Christian God Y'shua was not a God either . LORD ELohim is the one and only God and our one and only Creator which makes Him our Father .

48 - Did Y'shua Enter Jerusalem Riding An Ass ?
In Matthew 21 : 1 - 11 it says As they approached Jerusalem and came to Bethphage on the Mount of Olives , Jesus sent two disciples , 2 saying to them " Go to the village ahead of you , and at once you will find a donkey tied there , with her colt by her . Untie them and bring them to me . 3 If anyone says anything to you , say that the Lord needs them , and he will send them right away . " 4 This took place to fulfill what was spoken through the prophets : 5 " Say to Daughter Zion , ' See , your king comes to you , gentle and riding on a donkey , and on a colt , the foal of a donkey . " 6 The disciples went and did as Jesus had instructed them . 7 They brought the donkey and the colt and placed their cloaks on them for Jesus to sit on . 8 A very large crowd spread their cloaks on the road , while others cut branches from the trees and spread them on the road . 9 The crowds that went ahead of him and those that followed shouted , " Hosanna to the Son of David ! : " " Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord ! " " Hosanna in the highest heaven ! " 10 When Jesus entered Jerusalem , the whole city was stirred and asked , " Who is this ? " 11 The crowds answered ," This is Jesus , the prophet from Nazareth in Galilee . " A Jew would not have written ' in the name of the Lord ' but a Jewish person would have written ' in the name of the LORD ' , all capital letters for LORD . This was not written by Matthew who was a Jewish man . In a Christian book it say Hosanna means " save us , please ! " but they also wrote it was used as an exclamation of praise . It would have been interesting to watch one man riding two donkeys . Y'shua was never a king and he was never intended to be king of the Jews and Y'shua knew that . And the obvious is that this is not right : is the fact that the Lamb of God true Jewish name was Y'shua and not Jesus . Why would anyone write ' Son ' of David and not ' son of David '. Why did the people not say ' the Rabbi from Nazareth ' instead of calling him a Prophet ? John the Baptist was well known and he taught that Y'shua was the Lamb of God so why not call him that ? The back up verse used by Christians is Zechariah 9 : 9 (JB) Rejoice greatly , Fair Zion ; Raise and shout , Fair Jerusalem ! Lo , your king is coming to you . He is victorious , triumphant , Yet humble , riding on an ass , On a donkey foaled by a she-ass . In the CB in Zechariah it say much the same except it says Daughter Zion ! and Daughter Jerusalem ! also it says righteous and victorious , and lowly and riding on a donkey , on a colt , the foal of a donkey . This story is in Mark 11 : 1 - 10 , Luke 19 : 28 - 38 , John 12 : 12 - 15 . In Mark there is only one ' colt ' and people said 10 " Blessed is the coming kingdom of our father David " . LORD ELohim says its very unlikely that Jewish people would call David our father . Calling Abraham their father makes sense because he was the beginning of the Jews and Judaism but calling David their father does not make any sense . In Luke it says the whole crowd of disciples began joyfully to praise God in loud voices for all the miracles they had seen : I asked LORD ELohim to name even one miracle that Y'shua did and He could not even name one because Y'shua never did any supernatural miracles . It says the crowd said " Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord ! " " Peace in heaven and glory in the highest ! " That is not what Matthew and Mark wrote they said . In Luke it says that Y'shua did a lot of talking that the others do no mention . In the book of John it says people said to Y'shua " Hosanna ! " " Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord ! " Again as in the others it’s written ' Lord ' so it's very unlikely that a Jewish person wrote these words . The Disciple John was a Jewish man so he would have written ' LORD ' . This is interesting in John : its written that 12 : 14 Jesus found a young donkey and sat on it , as it is written : 25 " Do not be afraid , Daughter Zion ; see , your king is coming seated on a donkey's colt . " . Did the Disciples get him a male donkey or did Y'shua just find a donkey to ride on like John claims . How is it that Y'shua was said to be such a well known and well loved man and yet at his trial its like those people never heard of him , or his miracles Christians claim he did and so on . Why did Pilate not hear of the great healer who could raise the dead and feed thousands with almost nothing and so on . Romans were everywhere in Israel and they would have known about such miracles . Had Pilate heard of such miracles he probably would have made Y'shua his personal doctor and chef . LORD ELohim says that Y'shua was not well known . Y'shua was and acted like a fairly common Rabbi who knew a few people but not crowds of many thousands of people . No one thought of Y'shua as someone who would be the next king of Israel . There were a lot of Jewish men at that time who were the offspring of David . Solomon was not David's first born son and Solomon like his dad loved women , hundreds of women . The LORD says Y'shua walked into Jerusalem that day and there were no crowds of people cutting down trees and paving the road with them . LORD ELohim says Y'shua's return to Jerusalem was uneventful . In John 19 : 19 it says Pilate had a notice prepared and fastened to the cross . It read : JESUS OF NAZARETH , THE KING OF THE JEWS . Verse 20 says the sign was written in Aramaic , Latin and Greek . Aramaic was the ancient Semitic language of Hebrews and Arabs . Latin was the ancient language of the Romans and is still spoken today by the Roman Catholic Church clergy and Greek were Greeks . That must have been a big sign . LORD ELohim who was always with Y'shua says there was no sign with these words written on Y'shua's cross . Again : LORD ELohim says that Y'shua was not treated any more special or different than anyone else headed for a cross . Again we use the NIV Bible unless otherwise stated to be one of the other Bibles .

49 - Very Bad Advice !
In John 12 : 25 It says Y'shua said  (R) Anyone who loves their life will lose it , while anyone who hates their life in this world will keep it for eternal life . LORD ELohim says He does not agree with this verse and He said that Y'shua never said it . LORD ELohim has always tried to help mankind live a good and happy and loving mortal life . Mortals only have one life to live so why would the LORD or even Y'shua who knew that , teach that only grumpy and miserable people will have eternal life . That makes no sense . The LORD says " Do not take this advice created by Christians " . Take the LORD ELohim's advice : " As best as you can : find love , seek joy , share happiness and live a good moral mortal life and stay out of jail ." The LORD knows life for most people has never be easy , not today and not in the past . Most of our time is spent working a job that not a lot of people enjoy doing : but have to do that to pay the bills and so on which is why the LORD says " As best as you can ... ." Like LORD ELohim , Y'shua tried to help mankind live better lives also by his teachings . Y'shua never would have said such a silly verse . The funny thing about this verse is that the ' eternal life future ' of Christians does not look much different than mortal human life was back then and now . There is no true promise of people going to Heaven . The massive city called new Jerusalem if that were to come true will be on this earth and not in Heaven and outside the gates of the city are in Revelation 22 : 15 ... dogs , those who practice magic arts , the sexually immoral , the murderers , the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood . It sounds like people in this city will be prisoners there , afraid to go out the gates to enjoy fishing or riding a bike in the country or .... .

50 - Did Y'shua Want To Back Out From Being The Lamb ?
In John 12 : 27 - 29 it says (R) Now my soul is troubled , and what shall I say ? " Father , save me from this hour ? No , it was for this very reason I came to this hour . 28 Father , glorify your name ! (B) Then a voice came from heaven , " I have glorified it , and will glorify it again . " 29 The crowd that was there and heard it said it had thundered ; others said an angel had spoken to him . LORD ELohim says Y'shua never said any of these words and the LORD said He never spoke verse 29 either . Y'shua never backed away from being the LORD's Lamb of God : not even a whimper . Again : Y'shua could have back out at anytime if he wanted to and he knew that but he never did and he did not complain about it . Y'shua deeply believed in what he was willing to do for most all of his people the Jews and for most all other people born into this world . Y'shua never spoke these words in the book of John and LORD ELohim never spoke the words the book of John that says He did . Christians are into all this glory and glorified and glorify stuff : LORD ELohim is not . All He ever wanted , was to be our Father . None of these verses are true . Also the LORD's voice does not sound like thunder , His voice has no sound that mortals can hear and people cannot hear Angels speaking either .

51 - Thats A Lot Of Myrrh And Aloes
The book of John is very different about the burial of Y'shua than the other books . In John 19 : 38 - 42 it says Later , Joseph of Arimathea asked Pilate for the body of Jesus . Now Joseph was a disciple of Jesus , but secretly because he feared the Jewish leaders . With Pilate's permission , he came and took the body away . 39 He was accompanied by Nicodemus , the man who earlier had visited Jesus at night . Nicodemus brought a mixture of myrrh and aloes , about seventy-five pounds . 40 Taking Jesus body , the two of them wrapped it , with the spices , in strips of linen . This was in accordance with Jewish burial customs . 41 At the place where Jesus was crucified , there was a garden , and in the garden a new tomb , in which no one had ever been laid . 42 Because it was the Jewish day of Preparation and since the tomb was nearby , they laid Jesus there . The Catholic Bible Version is much the same as the NIV only in the Catholic Bible it says 39 ... Nicodemus , who had at first come to Jesus by night , also came , bringing a mixture of myrrh and aloes , weighing about a hundred pounds . LORD ELohim stayed with Y'shua's body until the round stone was put in the door way . The LORD says it did not happen this way . Joseph was helped by two Roman soldiers . The LORD never saw this Nicodemus guy unless he was one of the Roman soldiers . Nicodemus sounds like a Roman or Greek name with ' ' at the end of his name just like Jesus which is Greek . No one put spices on Y'shua body . They did wrap the body in strips of linen and then the soldiers rolled the round stone in front of the door and they all left . According to John there were no women who followed them to the tomb but in the other books there were women who followed Joseph to the tomb . Then they left to prepare spices and perfumes to put on Y'shua's body when the Sabbath Day had passed . LORD ELohim indicates that He has never seen any Jews put a hundred pounds of spices and perfumes on a dead body before so He does not think that happened . It probably would be more like a couple of cup fulls at most .

52 - What Was The True Meaning Of Y'shua's Life ?
The true meaning was that Y'shua was the willing mortal Lamb of God and he was also a Rabbi teacher who taught about the LORD's forgiveness of most all peoples sins and wrong doings coming soon and a teacher of The Simple Truth and that is pretty much it which is a lot if you think about it . Y'shua believed in what he taught people and he believed giving up his life for the forgiveness of sins would help people find peace of mind between them and LORD ELohim . Y'shua believed his teachings about The Simple Truth , that it would help people live a far better life and a far more joyful life . Y'shua's life was about love and kindness toward other people and teaching people that LORD ELohim is not just our God but our Father who also loves most all His mortal children . Y'shua's life had nothing to do with eternal life for people , being a false God , being the Messiah , being a mortal man of miracles , being a king and stuff like that because he was none of those things . Y'shua was the Lamb of God and a great Rabbi and teacher which is greater than any of these things that only Christians say he was . Also Y'shua was also a wonderful father of two sons and a good husband to Miriam Magdalene which the Roman Catholic Church hid from people about him . To be the fully mortal Lamb of God and a good Rabbi teacher and a wonderful family man was the meaning of Y'shua's life . The meaning of his sacrificial death as the Lamb of God was that most all mankind was forgiven of their sins and minor wrong doings by LORD ELohim . That might not seem important to some people but to the Jewish people it is of great importance to them , and Y'shua was a mortal Jewish man who also believed it was of great importance .

53 - If The Messiah Comes To Be , Will He Also Have To Be The Only Son Of God Also ?
According to a CB these two must go together : the Messiah must be the Son of God . The LORD says He has had billions of mortal sons and Spirit sons . Because Y'shua was a fully mortal man , he is also counted among those billions of mortal sons . The hope for a Messiah is a Jewish hope but it is for all Humanity everywhere on earth . What the LORD understands about this Jewish ' mortal ' man is that he only needs to be the Messiah who's main task is to bring peace to all people on earth . Now that would be a great miracle ! says the LORD . If LORD ELohim is still near earth and the Jewish Messiah comes to be , He will do all He can to help him with that nearly impossible task , but remember there is not a lot He can do when it comes to mortals . Does the Messiah have to be the son of God as Christians claim ? Since LORD ELohim already has billions of mortal and Spirit sons : it's a silly question I asked Him but many Christians do believe that the Messiah must be the Son of God . The Messiah would be a son of God because all mortal men are His sons and all mortal women are His daughters also . Obviously the Messiah would not be the only son of God . It’s a little too late for an only son of God since He does already have billions of sons . The LORD does not have an ' only son of God ' Spirits or mortals .

54 - Did A Roman Believe Y'shua Was The Son Of God ?
According to Mark 15 : 38 & 39 when Y'shua died on the cross the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom . LORD ELohim said that did not happen . Then it says 39 And when the Centurion , who stood there in front of Jesus , saw how he died , he said , " Surely this man was the Son of God !" LORD ELohim and other Spirits were with Y'shua the whole time he was on the cross and even after until Y'shua's dead body was enclosed in the tomb . The LORD says no Roman said that about Y'shua . Y'shua to the Romans was just another Jew because there was nothing special about him compared to other Jewish men . Had Y'shua truly raised the dead , healed the sick and all that other stuff Christians claim he did then the Romans would have thought he was a very special Jewish man , special enough to keep alive and ship to their emperor in Rome , but Y'shua never did any of those things so there was nothing the Romans thought to be special about him . LORD ELohim says no Roman ever called Y'shua the Son of God or a God , and no Jewish person including his Disciples ever called Y'shua that either . LORD ELohim says He never saw a Roman spending time with the Jews asking the Jews about their religion and beliefs . The belief about the only Son of God was not a Jewish belief anyway . Thats a Christian belief that came to be part of their Christian religion long after Y'shua passed away and even long after all his Disciples passed away also .

55 - What Needs Could Y'shua Have Had ?
In Mark 15 : 41 In Galilee these women had followed him and cared for his needs . If Y'shua could make food out of air or was able to heal the sick and so on , then what would he need help with from all these women other than maybe washing his cloths ? If he stubbed his toe and broke it he could heal himself according to Christians . If he got hungry he could create a full gourmet supper with all the fixings out of nothing according to the CB and so on . The truth is : Y'shua's needs to survive his mortal life were the same as your needs because he was fully mortal just like you . The LORD says that all these women did not follow Y'shua around . This is way over exaggerated by Christians . Y'shua did not have Jewish groupies following him around .

56 - Back Again To Very Confusing Days
In the book of Mark 16 : 1 - 3 it says When the Sabbath was over Mary Magdalene , Mary the mother of James , and Salome bought spices so that they might go to anoint Jesus body . 2 Very early on the first day of the week , just after sunrise , they were on their way to the tomb .... The Jewish day begins at sundown and ends at sundown when the next day begins . Very early on the first day of the week it would be soon after sundown but this verse says just after sunrise . Sunrise would be about half way through the first day of the week and not very early on the first day of the week . Very early on the first day of the week it would be dark , night time and not sunrise . If we are right : who ever wrote this was probably not a Jewish person . Learning about Jewish people and Judaism is something that I am still learning about but LORD ELohim helps me a lot . The book of Matthew is OK in 28 : 1 After the Sabbath , at dawn on the first day of the week , ... In Luke 24 : 1 is OK , On the first day of the week , very early in the mourning ... John 20 : 1 is OK , Early on the first day of the week , while it was still dark .. .

57 - The Book Of Jude
According to the KJV , Jude was the half brother of Y'shua . According to LORD ELohim , Miriam the mother of Y'shua did have two other sons with Joseph her husband but neither of them were named Jude or Judas . It says that Jude was the brother of James but LORD ELohim says the other brother was not named James either . According to a book the name James is Greek for Jacob but the LORD says Jacob was not the name of either of these sons . Again : Christians changing Jewish peoples names causes problems . Jude or Judah and Judas and Jacob were common names back then . For Christians to claim that even Y'shua's brothers believed Y'shua was a God is a just a lie to strengthen peoples false beliefs about that . But it's not true . Y'shua was never a God or the Messiah . So who was this man named Jude ? Did he even exist ? The book of Jude is the first nearest Revelation and Jude only has 1 chapter and only 25 verses , so we will just put it all in this section . 1 ... To those who have been called , who are loved in God the Father and kept for Jesus Christ . LORD ELohim has never ' called ' any human to Christianity . There are two too many false Gods in that religion . 3 Dear friends , although I was very eager to write to you about the salvation we share , ... Christians will not live an eternal life : that will never happen no matter how devoted you are to that religion . Y'shua never taught that and LORD ELohim never promised that to anyone . 3 I felt compelled to write and urge you to contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to God's holy people . Does ' holy people ' mean the Jews since it says once for all entrusted to God's holy people . Who else would it mean ? Contend means to : strive against rivals or difficulties , maintain . Which religion is this verse being written about ? God's holy people are certainly not Christians . The LORD says He would not call any group of people holy because the chances are many in that group are not holy people . The LORD says He has never called any human holy , not even Y'shua . 4 For certain individuals whose condemnation was written about long ago have secretly slipped in among you . They are ungodly people , who pervert the grace of our God into a license for immorality ... When Jude was alive the name Christianity probably did not exist . Jude was no Prophet because the LORD never knew him , but this verse would have been a good prophecy of the coming Roman Catholic Church which was not a godly religion by any means . 4 ... and deny Jesus Christ our only Sovereign and Lord . Now this is definitely Christian . Y'shua was not and never was our only Sovereign . Sovereign means a king or queen ; a supreme ruler , monarch , powerful . The word ' Lord ' has a few meanings which are commonly used . Non-Jews like Christians use Lord to mean God or Y'shua ; it also means House of Lords , Lord Chamberlain , Lord Chancellor in the UK . The Jewish people when referring to LORD ELohim write LORD . It thought it should be LORD ELohim Who is called our Sovereign LORD but He corrected me because the LORD does not rule over mankind and Y'shua never did that either . 5 Though you already know all this , I want to remind you that the Lord at one time delivered his people out of Egypt , but later destroyed those who did not believe . It says : in early manuscripts the name ' Jesus ' was used instead of ' Lord ' . What a lie this is ! LORD ELohim was the one who worked hard to bring His chosen people out of Egypt and out of slavery . The LORD did not destroy any of these Jews . The LORD worked hard to teach His chosen people what their ancestors believed about Him and much more regarding the Jewish way of life . Y'shua did not even exist at that time and Y'shua being fully a mortal man could not have done what the LORD managed to do to help His people . It was Moses who was a great help . 6 And the angels who did not keep their positions of authority but abandoned their proper dwelling - these he has kept in darkness , bound with everlasting chains for judgment on the great Day . Where do people get this stuff ? How can mortals know what they think they know about the LORD and about Angels ? Angels do not have positions of authority . Why would they . Spirits in Heaven do not need police or someone to rule over them . Angels sing , dance , play games , have live theater shows , and on and on : constant fun and great joy . The only authority over all Angels is LORD ELohim and the word ' authority ' is the wrong word . LORD ELohim is their Father and all Angels are His beloved children . Angels have never given the LORD reason to bound with everlasting chains and there is no reason to judge them on that great Day . There is no great Day coming . This is ' Judgment Day and the Sabbath Day '. Mortals were judged and for good reason , many good reasons ' as a species ' but there is no reason for LORD ELohim to judge the Angels . 7 About Sodom and Gomorrah : They serve as an example of those who suffer the punishment of eternal fire . There is no happy or miserable and painful eternal life because no mortal will have an eternal life . There is no hell or lake of fire and the LORD is not that evil and wicked to have made such places to torture His human children in for all eternity . If these places did exist for that purpose there would be a lot of Christians there to for all eternity , even many Roman Catholic popes . Remember that any faith ( religion ) alone will get you no where with LORD ELohim : its your deeds that count , not your beliefs . 8 In the same way , ...ungodly people pollute their own bodies , reject authority and heap abuse on celestial beings . Not everyone wants Christian preachers everywhere who think they are the boss and have authority over everyone else’s lives . I am one of them . Paul is a good example of someone who believed he had authority over peoples lives and Jude is not much different . I asked the Spirits ( celestial beings ) with me if a mortal has ever abused them and they all indicated ' No '. How can people abuse Angels ? If Jude is writing about Sodom and Gomorrah , those were not Angels , they were mortal Men of God . Today they would be called Prophets helping LORD ELohim communicate with people but at the time of Abraham , Abraham was the first and only Prophet . Have you personally ever seen a real true Angel or even LORD ELohim . The story that children could see Miriam mother of Y'shua could not have happened either . Miriam died like any other mortal and was never resurrected and LORD ELohim cannot make the sun dance . No Angels or LORD ELohim can be seen or heard by mortals , not then and not now . 9 But even the archangel Michael , when he was disputing with the devil about the body of Moses , did not himself dare to condemn him for slander but said , " The Lord rebuke you !" In the NIV it says verse 9 : Jude is alluding to the Jewish Testament of Moses ( approximately the first century A.D. ) In the KJV it says the back up verses are Deuteronomy 34 : 6 and Daniel 10 : 13 , 21 for Jude verse 9 . We tried but found nothing in the JB , NIV or KJV about this verse 9 . There is no Archangel named Michael and why would a Spirit like David want a mortal corpse that he could not even carry ? In Jude verse 10 - 13 is Jude just putting people down who do not do as Jude thinks they should do . Verse 11 we do not understand . Verse 12 in the KJV says the back up verses are Proverbs 25 : 14 and Ezekiel 34 : 2 , 8 but there is nothing there about this verse that has any meaning . 13 is just talk about other people again . 14 Enoch , the seventh from Adam , prophesied about them " See , the Lord is coming with thousands of his holy one 15 to judge everyone , and to convict all of them of all the ungodly acts they have committed in their ungodliness , and of all the defiant words ungodly sinners have spoken against him . I have the Book of Enoch and we can certainly understand why it is not in the Jewish Bible , and we have only read a few pages . Maybe later in this update we will give some highlights from the Book of Enoch . Back to verse 15 : we have been judged by only LORD ELohim . The LORD would never allow mortals to judge other mortals . Like Paul and Jude : if you don't believe exactly what they believe and act exactly like they say to act , you would be going to hell if there were a hell . Are Paul and Jude even ' holy ones ' as they seem to believe they are ? They are not even close to being holy according to the LORD . 16 These people are grumblers and fault finders : Look who's talking . ....they follow their own evil desires ; ... . Jude just continues to grumble about other people who he does not approve of . 19 These are the people who divide you , who follow mere natural instincts and do not have the Spirit . No person has the Spirit . This probably means the Holy Spirit who does not exist . 20 But you , dear friends , by building yourselves up in your most holy faith and praying in the Holy Spirit . When it comes to words like most holy faith that is up to LORD ELohim to judge if its a most holy faith and not for people to judge when He is one of their Gods . LORD ELohim judgment of Christianity is that it is very far from being a most holy faith mostly because of their history and whats going on now of the Roman Catholic Church and Protestant Churches . The LORD goes to gatherings of people who read and talk about His Little Book and He does have great hope for the Protestant Christians but not so much for the Roman Catholics yet . 21 keep yourselves in God's love as you wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to bring you to eternal life . Y'shua was a fully mortal Jewish man . If anyone could bring you to eternal life it would have to be LORD ELohim and not Y'shua the fully mortal man who is dead . The LORD ELohim cannot do that because it is impossible to resurrect the dead or even giving eternal life to the living . 22 ... 23 save others by snatching them from the fire ; to others show mercy , mixed with fear - hating even the clothing stained by corrupted flesh . Again there is no hell . The word hate or hating is a word the LORD does not approve of in any way . The LORD would never use the word hate . Hate has been the cause of many people to be murdered and mass murdered like the Jews and others for no just reason . Hate is also a reason why many people have a troubled mind and have problems finding joy in their lives . 24 To him , who is able to keep you from stumbling and to present you before his glorious presence without fault and with great joy - 25 to the only God our Savior be glory , majesty , power and authority , through Jesus Christ our Lord , before all ages , now and forevermore ! Amen . No where in Jude does whoever wrote this call Y'shua a God . In 25 the writer clearly states that LORD ELohim is the only God our Savior since he writes , through Jesus Christ our Lord . The Dictionary says ' Savior ' means one who saves , Jesus Christ . The Dictionary is wrong . Y'shua is not our Savior : LORD ELohim is if He could do that . Jude is right : LORD ELohim is the only God who would be our Savior and not Y'shua if we were to have eternal life . But the truth is no mortal will have an eternal life .

58 - Did A Spirit Incarnate into Y'shua ?
In 1 John 1 : 1 - 4 the headline says ' The incarnation of the Word of Life . There is sure a lot of different names for Y'shua . 1 That which was from the beginning , which we have heard , which we have seen with our eyes , which we have looked at and our hands have touched - this we proclaim concerning the Word of Life . LORD ELohim never ask any Spirit if he would go into Y'shua other than Teaching Spirits . LORD ELohim does not have a ' only Son ' Spirit . Y'shua was not from the beginning , he was born about 5 B.C.E. . It's the Jewish mortal man Y'shua that they had seen , heard and touched : not a Spirit . A Spirit cannot be seen , heard or touched , not even LORD ELohim . And most of all : a Spirit cannot die for our sins to be forgiven since Spirits cannot die . 2 The life appeared ; we have seen it and testify to it , and we proclaim to you the eternal life , which was with the Father and has appeared to us . Y'shua was never with the Father in Heaven but LORD ELohim was always with Y'shua on earth , from the time of his conception to the time his mortal body was put in the tomb . Y'shua did not suddenly appear to people . Y'shua was born into this world as a fully mortal Jewish man . No Spirit incarnated into Y'shua . Spirits cannot interfere with mortal humans free will . Y'shua had a very hard choice to make on his own : to be the mortal Lamb of God and die with no hope of resurrection or not to be the mortal Lamb of God and live a longer mortal life . LORD ELohim made sure it was Y'shua's choice to make and no other people and certainly no Spirit could make that choice for him . Word of life has no meaning that we could find . If these words means Y'shua created mortal life then it's a lie . LORD ELohim created all mortal life species and all Angels .

59 - Can Spirits Possess People ?
Many people think Spirit can possess people and take over their minds . LORD ELohim says Spirits do not have that ability to do that . It's extremely difficult for even Teaching Spirits to teach a human even one thing over many years . If Spirits could possess people like some people think they can , then LORD ELohim's chosen Prophets would know every word the Teaching Spirits taught them and they could have written everything the LORD asked them to write in a day and not in many tens of years as they did write them . Many people went to the movie ' The Exorcist ' many years ago and many people left the theater scared that it could happen to them . I was one of those people who went to that movie but the movie do not bother me because I was an Atheist who did not believe in hell , demons , the devil , a very wicked and cruel God and other stuff that Christians do believe in . I knew some Christians and they were terrified by that movie because they believed it could happen to them because it is written the their Bible that it did happen to many other people . In Matthew 17 : 15 - 18 " Lord , have mercy on my son , " he said " He has seizures and is suffering greatly . ... 18 Jesus rebuked the demon , and it came out of the boy , and he was healed at that moment . Mark 9 : 17 - 29 ...." Teacher , I brought you my son , who is possessed by a spirit the has robbed him of speech . 18 Whenever it seizes him , it throws him to the ground . He foams at the mouth , gnashes his teeth and become rigid . 20 ... When the spirit saw Jesus , it immediately threw the boy into a convulsion . He fell to the ground and rolled around , foaming at the mouth . .... 25 When Jesus saw that a crowd was running to the scene , he rebuked the impure spirit . " You deaf and mute spirit , " he said " I command you , come out of him and never enter him again ". If the Spirit is deaf then how could it hear Y'shua ? Luke 4 : 33 - 37 In the synagogue there was a man possessed by a demon , an impure spirit . He cried out at the top of his voice , 34 " God away ! What do you want with us , Jesus of Nazareth ? Have you come to destroy us ? I know who you are - the Holy One of God !" 35 " Be quiet ! " Jesus said sternly , " Come out of him !" Then the demon threw the man down before them all and came out without injuring him . Luke 8 : 26 - 39 Is about the demons going into the pigs after being cast out of a man and causing the pigs to run down the hill into the lake and the pigs drowned and so on . The LORD says none of these happened . There are no demons or impure Spirits but it is understandable that Christians who believe everything in the Christian Bible , they also believe that evil demons do exist and even believe the devil exists . Many were made very afraid after watching the movie . Again : Spirits are all the LORD's Spirit children and they all know the rule that they cannot interfere with peoples free will and they have always obeyed His rule . Spirits are all loving and kind and good Spirits who only want to have fun and enjoy a good eternal life . There are no evil and wicked Spirits .

60 - Did The LORD Give People A Gift ?
1 Peter 4 : 10 Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others , as faithful stewards of God's grace in its various forms . LORD ELohim did not give people gifts like the gift of knowing many languages without ever learning them , which is not true . This is also something that He cannot do . The grace of LORD ELohim is not in various forms . How many forms can there be of the LORD forgiving most all people of their sins and wrong doings : past , present and also good people in the future for as long as people exist . LORD ELohim says He gave no person a gift .

61 - Did Y'shua Say You Will Never Die ?
In John 11 : 25 - 27 (R) Jesus said to her , " I am the resurrection and the life . The one who believes in me will live , even though they die ; 26 and whoever lives by believing in me will never die . Do you believe this ? " (B) 27 " Yes , Lord ," she replied , " I believe that you are the Messiah , the Son of God , who is to come into the world ." This is a little confusing . Will believers die or not die ? The LORD says Y'shua never said this . Y'shua like many Jews , the question of eternal life or no eternal life was and is for many Jews a lets wait and see question after we die . Y'shua never taught anyone that they would have a eternal life ' because of him '. Y'shua never said he or LORD ELohim will resurrect dead people . That to was a wait and see if that happens after we are dead . Many Christians strongly believe in resurrection and eternal life but not all other people do . LORD ELohim cannot resurrect the dead and cannot give any mortal people an eternal life either . This mortal life is all there is . The belief that the Messiah had to be the Son of God is a Christian belief . LORD ELohim cannot remember the Jews talking about any Son of God .

62 - Did Y'shua Teach Don't Love The World ?
In the book of 1 John 2 : 15 -17 it says (B) Do not love the world or anything in the world . If anyone loves the world , love for the Father is not in them . 16 For everything in the world - the lust of the flesh , the lust of the eyes , and the pride of life - comes not from the Father but from the world . 17 The world and its desires pass away , but whoever does the will of God lives forever . Did Y'shua teach his Disciples this ? The LORD says Y'shua did not teach this hate . Remember there is a verse in John 3 : 16 that says this : For God so loved the world He gave His one and only Son , .... Again : Y'shua was not the LORD's one and only Son ,. LORD ELohim and Y'shua would have never said Do not love the world . If a person does not love its usually because of hate . Both the LORD and Y'shua taught people to love and not to hate . The will of God is that people love each other and stop the wars and stop the hatred in this world . When it comes to lust of the flesh LORD ELohim gave mankind like any other animals a heathy sex drive so the species would not die out , so that did come from Him though some people do abuse it . What the pride of life means is a big unknown . You can be the most perfect person in the LORD's opinion and you are still going to die and have no eternal life . These are the two things that every person of every religion , color , race and nationality have in common : death and no eternal life in any form . The LORD cannot change either of these for any mortal human . The LORD could not even do that for Y'shua who was almost perfect . LORD ELohim says even Y'shua was not absolutely perfect but he was always close to perfect . LORD ELohim says that Y'shua was a truly righteous man who loved the world and willingly died for most all people everywhere on earth , past , present and future . Y'shua willingly died for most all mankind : does that sound like something a person who hated the world would do for the world ? Y'shua never taught anyone including his Disciples and those who heard him teach , to hate anything . Y'shua never taught hatred and neither has LORD ELohim .

63 - Are Christians All Righteous People ?
Romans 3 : 21 - 26 : it says But now apart from the law the righteousness of God has been made known , to which the Law and the Prophets testify . 22 This righteousness is given through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe . The truth is that only LORD ELohim can declare a person to be a righteous person . Y'shua could not do that . To be a righteous person is something you have to work at no matter what your religion is . You have to work and earn it to be called righteous by LORD ELohim because you cannot get that from faith alone . Only LORD ELohim can judge people and only LORD ELohim can decide who is righteous and who is not righteous . The word righteous is like the word saint and holy . Only LORD ELohim can say who is righteous or a saint or are holy people . Righteous means : doing right , virtuous , behaving justly , morally right or justifiable . Saint means : a very holy person , a person who has gone to Heaven , a person who has been canonized , holy and sacred , angels . The word holy means : belonging to or coming from God or a god , set apart for the service of God , sacred , perfect in nature and worthy of worship , pure in heart , godly , worthy of deep respect and love , a holy place . No dead or living person the Catholics called a saint has ever been to Heaven . The word canonized means : declare a dead person to be a saint , place in the official list of saints , glorify . This is something to think about : The LORD says if your religion is not righteous or holy then neither are the people devoted to every word of that religion . An example : There were two inquisitions . The first was the Papal Inquisition which began in 1232 C.E. . Pope Gregory IX started it . Roman Catholic people were asked to report heretics and many Catholic people did just that . Those people who confessed they were heretics received a penance like having to pray a lot or flogging . The ones who refused to accept the charges against them and repent were punished by the Roman Catholic Chruch . People were burned alive at the stake or hanged by the church . This Inquisition lasted deep into the thirteenth century . We don't know exactly when it ended but we count a least 26 popes from pope Gregory IX to pope Urban VI who became pope in 1378 late in the thirteenth century . It could even be more popes . Was this holy or righteous what the Roman Catholic Church did ? The people who told on people to the church , were they righteous or holy knowing that the Roman Catholic Church clergy often burned those people alive on the stake or hanged them ? The Spanish Inquisition was even much more cruel and wicked and evil because it was backed up by both the Roman Catholic Church and king Ferdinand and queen Isabella of Spain who funded Columbus's voyages . This king asked the pope for permission to start the Inquisition and the pope gave him full permission to do so . The king used this Inquisition to ' purify ' the land . Jews and Muslims were tortured and slaughtered by murderers during this Inquisition or forced to flee from Spain . The king appropriated all that belonged to the executed people that the Roman Catholic Church and state called heretics and what was left behind when some Jews and Muslims managed to flee from Spain . The church made financial gain on this too . How many popes sat on the throne throughout the Spanish Inquisition and did nothing to help the people being tortured and murdered by the king and by the Roman Catholic Church goons also . The word ' heretics ' or ' heresy ' simply means a person or a persons belief that does not agree with what the church says they must agree with and must believe also . In other words the Roman Catholic Church stripped people of their freedom to chose what they wanted to believe in . Not long ago if you did not believe Y'shua feed five thousand people with just a couple of fish and a few pieces of bread you could be tortured and burned alive on the stake or hung by the Roman Catholic Church . Was the Roman Catholic Church holy or righteous ? Not even close ! There are other religions who shed a lot of blood in the name of their religion and some still are today . Are they holy or righteous ? Not even close either ! Again the LORD says : if your religion and your beliefs are not righteous then how can you be righteous if you follow your religions teachings and beliefs faithfully . Can you acquire righteousness by simple believing something about Y'shua . The LORD says faith alone will get you no where with Him . No religion is perfect . Again : its your deeds that count and how you live your life and how you treat and care about other people and even the animals that the LORD created also . Its stuff like these and other good deeds that count for something with the LORD . Any religion teaching hate and pushing its people to murder other people will never be righteous in the LORD's judgment of that religion and its people who put up with those beliefs because they believe in these teachings to .

64 - Did Every Human Sin ?
Romans 3 : 22 - 25 says  22 ... There is no difference between Jew and Gentile , 23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God , 24 and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus . 25 God presented Christ as a sacrifice of atonement , through the shedding of his blood - to be received by faith . LORD ELohim says He has known many Jewish people who never sinned . Some of the writings in the CB NT makes it sound like keeping the Ten Commandments is an impossible task . Those Commandments are really fairly simple to keep and many Jews have lived a good life because they never broke any of the Laws . The word ' glory ' , even LORD ELohim has trouble using it . Would we be right to say ' the righteousness of God ' ? If thats what the writer means then probably no mortal will ever reach the glory of God . 24 Is somewhat right . Y'shua was not the Messiah or as Christians call the Christ . Not all people are forgiven by LORD ELohim . The wicked , cruel and evil people will never be forgiven of their sins even if they are Christians . Y'shua was a sacrifice of atonement through the shedding of his blood and his death but you do not need to be of the Christian religion to receive the LORD's forgiveness of your sins and wrong doings . You just need to be a fairly good person to be forgiven . Remember John the Baptist said in John 1 : 29 " Look , the Lamb of God , who takes away the sin of the world ! .. It’s a big world , many nations , races , religions and the LORD meant what He asked John the Baptist to teach . The LORD never said you need to have a special faith or religion to be forgiven : you only need to be a fairly good person for His forgiveness of your sins and minor iniquities . John the Baptist was to teach that the wicked , cruel and evil people of the world would never be forgiven by the LORD but he was murdered before he taught that and those murderers including Herod and his goons who beheaded John and the brat who told Herod to do that will never be forgiven . Again LORD ELohim says He has known many Jewish people , men and women , who have never sinned so it is possible for anyone to live without sinning .

65 - Can You Buy The LORD's Forgiveness ?
In the Catholic Bible there is a section about the history of the Roman Catholic Church . According to the CBV ( Catholic Bible Version ) it says in 1503 - 1513 pope Julius II raises funds to renovate St. Peter's in Rome by proclaiming Indulgences . An indulgence is a partial reduction of the punishment due to people's sins . Catholics believe that they will spend less time in purgatory if they get an indulgence from the church before they die . Many believe that the soul of their dead loved one will get to Heaven faster if the living family members or others acquire an indulgence for the dead . Some indulgences were giving alms , fasting and even pilgrimages . Often money was given to the church to buy an indulgence . During the time of Reformation that brought about the Protestant faiths , people like Martin Luther ( 1483 -1546 ) spoke out against the Roman Catholic Church selling of indulgences and promising rich people and the poor their indulgence would keep them our of purgatory or shorten their time in purgatory . Abuses in the manner of preaching indulgences and using indulgences was one of the main causes of Protestant Reformation . First truth according to LORD ELohim : you and your loved ones have no Spirit soul , they do not exist . Second : only LORD ELohim can forgive you of your sins and wrong doing : not even the pope can do that . Third : purgatory does not exist just like hell does not exist . Fourth : you will not have an eternal life . Fifth : no mortal will ever go to Heaven . Sixth : Remember this , LORD ELohim has already forgiven your sins and wrong doings and will continue to do so throughout your life if you are a fairly good person and continues to do good deeds . Seventh : LORD ELohim's forgiveness is free of any form of cost to you . You cannot buy with money or property or anything else His forgiveness . Eighth : If you are a wicked , evil and cruel person , you can give the Roman Catholic Church billions of dollars even all the money in the world for an indulgence and still the LORD will not forgive you of your sins and inequities . The bottom line is : you cannot buy forgiveness from LORD ELohim with money or even good deeds after doing something that cannot be forgiven . Once not forgiven : never forgiven . If you were forgiven and then do something like murder someone , the LORD will take away His forgiveness from you forever . So keep your money because these man made Roman Catholic Church indulgences mean absolutely nothing to LORD ELohim .

66 - The Roman Catholic Ten Commandments
We did write about this once before but we found something interesting today that probably explains what the Roman Catholic Church teaches about the LORD's Ten Commandments . In the Catholic Bible Version , in the Book of Exodus 20 : 1 - 17 , the Ten Commandments are somewhat the same as in the Jewish Bible and the Protestant Bibles we have . In Exodus in the Catholic Bible when the name of God is used its written ' LORD ' like the JB . The Catholic Bible ( CBV ) we have , it has a section called ' Sources Of Catholic Morality ' about page 20 or so near the front of the Bible  ( no page # ) . In this section it has the Ten Commandments : their way , the way they believe . 1 I am the Lord your God . You shall not have strange gods before me . 2 You shall not take the name of your Lord your God in vain . 3 Remember to keep holy the Lord's Day . 4 Honor your father and your mother . 5 You shall not kill . 6 You shall not commit adultery .7 You shall not steal . 8 You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor . 9 You shall not covet your neighbor's wife . 10 You shall not covet your neighbor's goods . For the most part this is not LORD ELohim's Ten Commandments . The 2nd Commandment in the JB and other CB's is not in the Catholic belief . # 2 in the JB says : You shall not make for yourself a sculptured image , or any likeness of what is in the heavens above , or on the earth below , or in the waters under the earth . You shall not bow down to them or serve them . This Commandment in the JB was taken out by the Roman Catholics Ten Commandments . The Catholics are well known for having a lot of statues and idols in their churches and homes and bowing down and praying before them . Another thing , when writing about their God as in 1 I am the Lord your God .... and 2 You shall not take the name of your Lord your God in vain . The name LORD is spelt ' Lord ' . In the CB's , when Y'shua is being spoken of its written ' the Lord Jesus ' or simply ' Lord '. Also # 3 Remember to keep holy the Lord's Day . This is not in the JB Ten Commandments , which means the LORD ELohim did not teach this to Moses and this is not one of His Ten Commandments . In Revelation 1 : 10 it says On the Lord's Day I was in the Spirit , and I heard behind me ... . In a Christian book it says the Lord's Day is the day Christians decreed sacred to Lord Jesus Christ their God for rest and worship , on the first day of the week , as a memorial to Y'shua's resurrection said to have taken place on that day . Y'shua was never resurrected from the dead . These 1, 2, and 3 commandments have nothing to do with LORD ELohim . It's all about Y'shua . The Roman Catholic Church went to far when they rewrote the Ten Commandments which are the Word of God given to Moses and for all mankind to know . Y'shua was not a God . Y'shua was a fully mortal Jewish man who willingly became the Lamb of God . Y'shua was conceived from a mortal egg and mortal sperm . There was no only Son of God Spirit incarnated into this moral human because no ' only Son of God ' Spirit God exists . LORD ELohim created thousands of Spirit sons , there is no ' only Son of God ' . All mortal species including humans are LORD ELohim's sons and daughters : He is our creator : not Y'shua . If Christians want to have LORD ELohim as their God and only God then you have to try to do things His way and keep His Ten Commandments as Moses taught except for one error Moses made in the 2nd Commandment starting with for I the LORD your God am an impassioned God ,...... Most of the CB's use the word am a jealous God . The LORD would never punish children for the iniquities of their parents and so on ...... The Catholic # 6 commandment should say You shall not murder , not the word kill . We humans all need to eat just like other animals . The LORD ELohim is willing to be the God and only God of the Christians but the lies and errors need to be corrected and only the truth told . Same goes for any other religion . The Ten Commandments of the Roman Catholic Church are for the most part not LORD ELohim's Ten Commandments and calling Y'shua a God is just wrong .

67 - Are You Still Waiting For The Messiah ?
Many people everywhere on earth are waiting for someone who can bring change to this world gone crazy . As the world is now , all the hatred , wars , terrorism , poverty , human trafficking , narcotic drug use , drug dealers , child laborers , on and on a million other problems . Also the damage we have done to mother earth . We have millions of problems that need to be dealt with . For one Jewish Messiah or another person to bring the whole world out of this hole of despair and worries about tomorrow that most people are living in is going to need a trick that is supernatural to change all for the better . But what if the world worked to try to fix some of those problems now so the Messiah or whoever in the near future would not be so overwhelmed by such an impossible task . No person is going to be born who has such supernatural powers but if there was not so much to deal with the more likely the Jewish Messiah or someone else will come to be who can make the changes needed for all to live a better and more peaceful and a much more stable life . Remember : Y'shua was not the Jewish Messiah so stop looking for him to return and for him to fix everything gone wrong and going wrong . Y'shua was never the Messiah and Y'shua is truly dead .

68 - Absolutism
The word absolutism is a theory that means kings and government should have unlimited power . A man named Jacques Bossuet ( 1627 - 1704 ) who was probably Catholic since he is written about in the CBV believed that government is divine and kings receive power from God . LORD ELohim says that is not true . The LORD did not even give King David any ' power ' , what ever that means . Even the LORD does not interfere with our free will and what power could He give a king or governments today ? If the Jewish Messiah came to be the LORD would support him as best He can , but there is not a lot the LORD can do . People tend to exaggerate what LORD ELohim can do to help people and what ' powers ' people believe He has . The LORD knows how to create galaxies but He does not know how to heal a person from cancer by Himself . Kings and kingdoms , government leaders of nations are not divinely created by the LORD except for Israel for His Jews about 3,800 years ago and which is still their land today and forever . People being people as we are , a king or leader of a nation having unlimited power is a very scary thought . Some nations are much like that today and a lot of the people in those nations live in fear of their leader's power over them .

69 - Pope Pius IX
This pope condemns freedom of religion and separation of church and state . The Roman Catholic Church in the past had a great deal of control and authority over peoples lives and even over the lives of kings . Many thousands of people were murdered by this church and sometimes with the approval of the state because the Roman Catholic Church had far too much authority and control over peoples lives and what people must believe and do . To take away peoples freedom of religion , to believe what we want to believe is a very big chunk out of the freedom we have today in many nations . The church and state having shared power only lead to a lot of blood shed of innocent people in the past . In many nations we are free to be of any religion or not to be of any religion today because the Roman Catholic Church lost a lot of it authority and control over people and governments because of Reformation and the Protestant movement .

70 - Sin Is Only If You Break Any Of The Ten Commandments
Some of the writings in the CB makes it sound like there are a thousand ways to sin and thats why it's claimed that all people who have ever existed have sinned many times . There are only Ten Commandments and only breaking any of these Ten do you sin . These Ten Commandments given to mankind by LORD ELohim through Moses are not hard to do . Mortals have created thousands of laws and yet most of us have managed to get through life without going to jail . The Ten Commandments are simple to understand and simple to keep and not to sin . The writers of several CB NT books are wrong when they write that no person has ever managed to keep these Ten Commandments . Many Jewish people have never sinned says the LORD . Most Christians if not all cannot say they have never sinned since they have three Gods , idols are common , they do no keep the seventh days Sabbath , in the past more then just some Christians have murdered people in the name of Christianity , adultery is not consider to be a really big deal , the property of people murdered during the Inquisitions and other times was often stolen by the church , during the Inquisitions a lot of Christians and clergy gave false testimony against people and at other times and often against the Jews , coveting was common and somewhat still is which is why the murderous slaughter of the Knights Templars and Jews or the Jews kicked out in some nations happened for no justifiable reason other to steal their possessions and land . It’s a good thing that LORD ELohim does not put the sins of someones evil and cruel doings upon other people who are innocent and never did such things . So much for the Christian belief in ' Original Sin ' , what a lie that is . In 1 John 1 : 8 - 10 If we claim to be without sin , we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us . 9 If we confess our sins , he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness . 10 If we claim we have not sinned , we make him out to be a liar and his word is not in us . Again there are many Jewish people now and in history who have never sinned , never did wrong regarding the LORD's Ten Commandments . These verses are probably not written by a Jewish person because the Jews know many Jews have never sinned just like Y'shua never sinned .

71 - LORD ELohim Cannot Be Seen
In 3 John 1 : 11 it says Dear friend , do not imitate what is evil but what is good . Anyone who does what is good is from God . Anyone who does what is evil has not seen God . No mortal , not even Moses , has ever seen LORD ELohim so this Christian verse is probably about Y'shua , one of their three Gods and it is not about the one and only true God our true Father LORD ELohim . After Y'shua died and his dead body was taken from the tomb for whatever reason , no one has seen the mortal Jewish man named Y'shua . No Christian has ever seen Y'shua dead or alive because there were no Christians when Y'shua died on the cross . Do you have to had seen him to be a good Christian ? Even Paul and Luke never saw Y'shua . The Ten Commandments are from God . But what a person does , right or wrong , good or evil is not from God because we all have free will and freedom to use that free will to make our own choices during our life . LORD ELohim taught us the Ten Commandments and The Simple Truth and other teachings to help us live a good mortal life but He has no control over what choices we make during our life including if we chose to use His wisdom or chose not to use His wisdom . Free will : that is from God .

72 - How Did Isaiah Die ?
In the King James Version there is an Introduction To Isaiah . In the introduction under Author above Isaiah 1 : 1 it says that a guy named Justin Martyr recorded the tradition that Isaiah died a martyr's death at the hands of King Manasseh and it says Isaiah was sawed in two . Is this true ? Isaiah was a Prophet of LORD ELohim and Isaiah had Teaching Spirits most often with him . The LORD says that the Teaching Spirits with Isaiah came to Him and told Him that Isaiah had died and the LORD was expecting to hear that because Isaiah was old and not well . The Spirits made no mention of Isaiah being sawed in half because that did not happen . If being sawed in half was the way Isaiah died and not from illness and age the Teaching Spirits would have told LORD ELohim because they were asked by LORD ELohim to watch over Isaiah until he passed away . Dates are hard to find but in the JB it says Isaiah lived durning the late 8th to to the early 7th centuries B.C.E. . Also in the JB it say King Manasseh was King from about 698 or 687 - 642 B.C.E. . If these dates are right , which the LORD thinks they are right , King Manasseh and Isaiah would have never met each other and therefore Isaiah was never cut in half by the order of King Manasseh . That's the best we can do on this subject so LORD ELohim says to let the Jewish Rabbis figure it out . There is nothing in the JB about Isaiah being sawed in half , its only in a Christian Bible the KJV that says that . I asked LORD ELohim that in all the years He spent time in Israel around Jewish Kings , Rabbis , Priests and Jewish people in general , if He ever hear of or seen people being cut in half and He says He never hear of or seen anyone who suffered that death . Where did Christians get this idea ? The Encyclopedia says that nothing is known of when or how Isaiah died but it does mention that traditional thought which says that he was sawed in half . Traditional thought is not proof of anything in anyway . Again we will leave this up to the Rabbis to figure out what is true or what is just wrong traditional thinking and correct it .

73 - Did The LORD Mention Y'shua In This Verse ?
In the book of Hebrews 1 : 6 it says And again , when God brings his firstborn into the world , he says , " Let all God's angels worship him ." The back up verse is in the NIV is Deuteronomy 32 : 43 which says in the JB O nations , acclaim His people ! For He'll avenge the blood of His servants , Wreak vengeance on His foes , And cleanse the land of His people ." Even in the CB's in Deut. does not back up this verse in Hebrews . The CB KJV says the back up verse in the JB is Psalms 97 : 7 which says All who worship images , who vaunt their idols , are dismayed ; all divine beings bow down to Him . There really is not any back up verse in the JB for the Hebrew verse 6 . In the KJV it also says a back up verse is Romans 8 : 29 which says For whom he did foreknow , he also did predestinate to be conformed in the image of his Son , that he might be the firstborn among many brethren . Again the CB NT cannot back up itself . Doing that proves nothing . The JB does not back up this Hebrew verse in anyway . LORD ELohim did not bring His firstborn into the world . Y'shua was fully a mortal human and certainly was not the first mortal human or the last . LORD ELohim never said " Let all God's angels worship him ." LORD ELohim would never say that to His Spirit children . Even His Spirit children have never got on their knees and worshiped LORD ELohim . The LORD is a deeply loving Father to all His beloved Spirit children and is not a God to them . So why would the LORD tell His Spirit children to get on their knees and worship a fully mortal human Jewish man like he was a God ? Any mortal worshiping Y'shua is worshiping a false god who never claimed he was a God , or the Messiah , or a King and so on . It was the Roman Catholic Church and probably some Greeks that claimed Y'shua was all these things which he is not . This verse in Hebrews is not the Word of God and is just all wrong and has no back up to prove its right .

74 - The LORD Never Punished Israel Or Judah
In the JB page 764 near the bottom of the page in the introduction of Isaiah it says : [ Assyria and Egypt would be punished in the future for their haughtiness and idolatry , but not for their treatment of Israel and Judah . After all , it was God who sent them to attack Israel and Judah in the first place . ] LORD ELohim says He has never punished Israel or Judah . Many Jewish Prophets believed that if the worst happens that could happen it must be LORD ELohim punishing the Jews for some reason . The LORD tried many times to correct the Prophets but they were so believing in this being true that the LORD and Teaching Spirits could not change their minds about this to correct them . Again : the LORD says He never punished His chosen people the Jews in the past or even today and most likely never . Its humans beings who were and are in places even today being so wicked and cruel to the Jewish people for no reason : not LORD ELohim . The LORD has wept for His chosen people many times in the past and even today .

75 - Did LORD ELohim Anoint Y'shua ?
Hebrews 1 : 8 : 9 says But about the Son he says , " Your throne , O God will last forever and ever ; a sceptre of justice will be the scepter of your kingdom 9 You have loved righteousness and hated wickedness ; therefore God , your God , has set you above your companions by anointing you with the oil of joy ." Anointing Jewish Priests and Kings and others was a Jewish thing : not a LORD ELohim thing to do . The LORD never anointed Y'shua and no human ever anointed Y'shua . If the true Jewish Messiah ever comes to be , he will probably be anointed by the Jewish people as the ' anointed one ' . No person ever even asked Y'shua if he was the Messiah .

76 - Y'shua The Mortal Man
The LORD ELohim says Y'shua was a very kind and gentle man who treated all people with great kindness . Y'shua was a humble man and not harsh or stern to other people , not even to the Romans . Y'shua was a very concerned about man about the poor and sick people . The LORD says Y'shua was not known by many people even as a Rabbi and he was a good Rabbi who taught about the LORD's coming forgive-ness of most all peoples sins and wrong doings and taught The Simple Truth . Y'shua fell in love with Miriam (Mary) Magdalene . Some Christians say Miriam Magdalene was a prostitute and others say Y'shua cast demons out of her . The LORD says neither are true about Miriam M. . Y'shua married Miriam before Y'shua became a Rabbi . Y'shua was a very good father of two sons and a wonderful husband to Miriam . Before Y'shua died on the cross he made sure that his family would be taken care of . Y'shua was always a very devoted Jewish man to the religion of Judaism and so was Miriam . Their children were age six and five when Y'shua died . Y'shua loved being a Jew just like his whole family . The LORD asking him if he would be willing to be the Lamb of God ; Y'shua felt honored that LORD ELohim would ask him that through the Teaching Spirits . As like most Jewish people : to serve LORD ELohim their God is what being a Jew is all about and Y'shua felt the same way which is why he said yes to being the Lamb of God . LORD ELohim left it up to Y'shua as to when , where and how . The LORD thought Y'shua being a family man would make that happen when he was much older but Y'shua probably made that happen when he saw how he could use the Romans for that purpose at that time . Y'shua never tried to back out of helping the LORD as it is written in the CB NT he did . Y'shua never during his life tried to create a new religion and neither did his Jewish Disciples . Y'shua loved and believed deeply in what Judaism was all about and he loved his God LORD ELohim even more . Y'shua truly did die on the cross as the Lamb of God that allowed the Jewish people to come to the understanding that LORD ELohim has at the moment Y'shua died forgiven the sins and wrong doings of most all mankind living at that time and in the past and into the future . Y'shua the fully mortal Jewish man deserves to be remember and honored for what he did to help LORD ELohim and to help the world , even most all pagans .

77 - Are We The Antichrists ?
1 John 2 : 20 - 23 it says But you have an anointing from the Holy One , and all of you know the truth . Who is the ' Holy One ' we are not sure : Y'shua or the Holy Spirit who does not exist . Y'shua and his Disciples probably knew a lot of truths when they were all alive but not the Roman Catholic Church who probably wrote this verse . 21 .... because no lie comes from the truth . 22 Who is the liar ? It is whoever denies that Jesus is the Christ . Such a person is the antichrist - denying the Father and the Son . 23 No one who denies the Son has the Father ; whoever acknowledges the Son has the Father also . Lies can come from the truth if people distort the truth enough to make the truth a lie which is common in the CB NT . To be an antichrist you only have to not believe Y'shua was the Messiah . I have no problem not believing that Y'shua was not the Messiah so there are going to be some devoted Christians who will call me and the Jews and LORD ELohim antichrists . LORD ELohim says He would not punish a person just because that person does not believe in something that has no proof of being true . There is no proof and what is written in the CB does not make it true because we have found so many errors and lies written in the CB NT . What is such a big deal to some Christians about their belief that the Jewish mortal man Y'shua needs to be called the Messiah by everyone or else you are called an antichrist by them ??? Y'shua never did one thing to indicate to anyone and the Jews that he is the Messiah . The hope for a Messiah is a Jewish hope for all mankind and the Jewish people and LORD ELohim back then never believed Y'shua was the Messiah so why would I believe he was the Messiah . Who would know better than the Jews and LORD ELohim ? Certainly not me and certainly not the Roman Catholic Church . Had Y'shua brought world peace when he was alive , that would have been remembered by all the world even today and certainly by the Jews : now that is proof but it never happened . The LORD says it’s wrong to call people the antichrists just because we do not believe Y'shua was the Jewish Messiah or as Christians wrongfully call ' the Christ ' . Just because people do not believe Y'shua was the Messiah does not mean they are denying the Father and the Son . Had Y'shua been the type of man who the LORD thought would be a good Messiah , a good strong global politician , the LORD would not have asked Y'shua to be the Lamb of God but Y'shua would not have made a good Messiah , but he was a very good Rabbi . According to Revelation the antichrist is coming yet in the future . He would have a lot of company regarding that belief . What is written in the whole book of Revelation , there is not much of anything to be believed .

78 - Did LORD ELohim Ever Promise People Eternal Life ?
In the book of 1 John 2 : 24 & 25 .... . you also will remain in the Son and in the Father . 25 And this is what he promised us - eternal life . LORD ELohim and Y'shua never promised anyone eternal life because that would be a lie and the LORD does not lie and neither did Y'shua . If you think you were promised eternal life you got that from your religion and not from LORD ELohim . The LORD says ' you are not in Him ' or Y'shua . The LORD says that Y'shua never taught what he could not prove to be true . That's one of the reasons why Y'shua was such a good Rabbi .

79 - Did Y'shua Anoint His Disciples ?
1 John 2 : 27 ... As for you , the anointing you received from him remains in you , and you do not need anyone to teach you . But as his anointing teaches you about all things .... LORD ELohim says Y'shua never anointed his Disciples or any other person . The Jewish anointing of someone meant something . Not just anyone , not even Y'shua , could go around anointing people . Let pretend he did do that . Being anointed with oil would not teach you about all things . It just being dripped on with oil , it was not brain surgery .

80 - Was Y'shua Sacrifice Only For Christians ?
1 John 2 : 1 -2 But if anybody does sin , we have an advocate with the Father - Jesus Christ , the Righteous One . The righteous one who's name is Y'shua died almost two thousand years ago and cannot be your advocate . 2 He is the atoning sacrifice for our sins , and not only for ours but also for the sins of the whole world . Verse # 2 is fully correct . But it's only correct if this means good people of any religion , any race , any color , any nation , male and female . But you read the next few verses it’s obvious that this is only speaking of those who believe as Christians are told to believe . Y'shua was not sacrificed for only those who believe all the Christianity stuff , like Y'shua was and is a God , Messiah and on and on . Y'shua was sacrificed for all fairly good people anywhere in the world , of any religion , of any race , of any color , of any nation , of all good men and women and for all who are good people who have never heard of Y'shua even by the false name Jesus . Y'shua was not sacrificed for just good or evil Christians . Evil Christians just like all other evil and wicked and cruel people will never be forgiven of their sin and iniquities by LORD ELohim . If the Roman Catholic Church or other Christians forgives the sins and iniquities of such wicked people they are lying because the LORD never gave the Christians the position to do that . Only LORD ELohim can forgive sins and wrong doings : not even Y'shua could do that .

81 - Can You Be Righteous Because Y'shua Was Righteous?
1 John 2 : 29 If you know that he is righteous , you know that everyone who does what is right has been born of him . Can people be ' born again ' or ' born from above ' . People can change in many ways but LORD ELohim would not go so far as to say someone is born again and what born from above , which some Christian call it means no one knows . Y'shua was in the LORD's opinion and His judgment is the only one that counts for something : Y'shua was a very righteous Jewish mortal man . Some Christians think that if you believe all stuff like Christians believe about being ' a born again Christian ' you also will become a righteous person in our LORD's judgment of you also . The LORD says that is not the way it works . Y'shua truly earned the LORD calling him a righteous man even long before Y'shua died . You have to earn the name righteous by your own deeds just like Y'shua did by his deeds .

82 - Being Forgiven Does Not Make You Holy Or Saints
In a Christian book it says : Christ died for the church in order to make it holy , and thus its individual members are called "saints" ( holy ). The LORD says , just because you were forgiven of your sins and wrong doings does not make you holy saints . For LORD ELohim to call you righteous or a saint or a holy person , that would be based on your deeds and not based on what you believe about something . Y'shua did not die for a ' church ' or any other religion . Y'shua died for most all peoples sins and wrong doings to be forgiven and for the teachings of LORD ELohim forgiveness and The Simple Truth . You know some of the history of Christianity . Had the LORD forgiven ' the church ' of its sins and wrong doings the moment Y'shua died on the cross , the LORD would have soon after taken that forgiveness back from the ' church ' because of the wickedness and cruelty and evil doings of the church and the church would have never been forgiven again . The sins and iniquities of the Roman Catholic Church are not forgiven by the LORD and will never ever be forgiven . Again : to be called holy or righteous or a saint is something you have to earn by your deeds and not by what you believe , and the LORD ELohim says no Christian so far has earned any of these names and certainly not ' the church ' . The Christian ' church ' did not exist in any form when Y'shua was alive and when Y'shua died . The LORD says none of Y'shua's Disciples were involved in the creation of the Roman Catholic Church , not even Peter . After Y'shua died most of his Disciples became Rabbis and continued to teach people what the Jewish man Y'shua had taught people and the LORD was pleased with their Jewish teachings and so were the Jewish Priests and Pharisees . Remember : Y'shua caused his own death by making statements around a high Priest and some Pharisees and the Romans just to make them very very angry . Y'shua's death had nothing to do with his common teachings so the Disciples never had a problem with those people . They were good friends and the Disciples teachings were well respected by the Priests and Pharisees and the Jewish people just as Y'shua's teachings were respected also .

83 - Are Only Christians Children Of God ?
In 1 John 3 : 1-2 it says See what great love the Father has lavished on us , that we should be called children of God ! And that is what we are ! This is obviously wrong . LORD ELohim is the one and only God and Father of all that was created because it was LORD ELohim who created all that was created by someone . The LORD ELohim is our Father , our creator so He has been our Father since He created the first mortal bacteria on earth and went on from there to create all other mortal species who ever lived and died on earth . You do not have to be Christian to be a son or daughter of LORD ELohim , you are a child of LORD ELohim . 2 Dear friends , now we are children of God , and what we will be has not yet been made known . Many Christians believe they will be kings and ruling the whole world with Y'shua forever . This is something that will never come true . But we know that when Christ appears , we shall be like him , for we shall see him as he is . That is true that we will all be like Y'shua someday : dead and soon just dust and a few bare bones . If someone knows where Y'shua's dead body is , that is what you would see him as he is today because that is the way he is now and that is not going to change . Y'shua was never resurrected and never will be resurrected , just like you .

84 - Most All Mankind Never Knew Y'shua
1 John 3 : 6 No one who lives in him keeps on sinning . No one who continues to sin has either seen him or known him . This verse in the NIV is probably missing the ' n ' on ' either ' . The KJV says Whosoever abideth in him sinneth not : whosoever sinneth hath not seen him , neither known him . Now there is the problem . How many people met Y'shua when he was alive . Not many at all , only a very few people . Y'shua was not a well known man . Since he died and hundreds of years later people have come to rely on the CB as a book about learning about the Lamb of God but the CB is full of error and lies about this man and about LORD ELohim and even about the Jewish people . Y'shua was not a Jewish man who had supernatural powers and LORD ELohim is not a very cruel and wicked and evil God who would even send unbaptized babies to hell . Innocent babies going to hell is not in the CB NT that we know of but that is what the Roman Catholic Church did teach in the past about the LORD in their false teachings . LORD ELohim would never punish someone who did not believe in a religion and their very strange and untrue beliefs that are far far beyond logic like Christianity and other religions .

85 - David Is Back In The News
1 John 3 : 8 says The one who does what is sinful is of the devil , because the devil has been sinning from the beginning . The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil's work . From the beginning of Hominoids with free will the LORD ELohim had a rule : Spirits are not allowed to interfere in our free will . David ( Satan ) had no problem with that rule because David has never wanted anything to do with us . As time went by David had many more reasons not to have any-thing to do with us . What some people might call the devils work is fully the work of mankind and not the work of a Spirit . The LORD says , the truth is David has never sinned and like all Spirits the LORD has never found fault in David . The Lamb of God Y'shua a fully mortal Jewish man had nothing to do with ' to destroy the devil's work since there was nothing that David did wrong down here . The Lamb of God was just about the LORD forgiving most all peoples sins and wrong doings and teaching The Simple Truth . Again : the so called devil's work is fully the work of mankind .

86 - Wow ! Did Someone Get This Wrong ?
1 John 3 : 9 & 10 No one who is born of God will continue to sin , because God's seed remains in them ; they cannot go on sinning , because they have been born of God . That would mean a lot of Catholic popes and clergy were definitely not born of God and a few Protestants to . What does ' born of God ' even mean ? If you look at the past of Christian churches and even the Christian people LORD ELohim would not call them ' born again ' or ' born of God ' whatever that means ? 10 This is how we know who the children of God are and the children of the devil are : Anyone who does not do what is right is not God's child , nor is anyone who does not love their brother and sister . There are some Christians in jails . Does that mean they are no longer Christians . The words bother and sister means other Christians . It’s easy to love those who are alike ourselves but what about other people who are very different than you are , like a different religion , nationality , color of skin and so on . How well do you love them ? Now loving them also would really count for something with LORD ELohim . No one is a child of the devil . The most evil , cruel and wicked people who have ever lived and their goons , did much of all that is wickedness , cruelty and evil on their own . The LORD says that people have got to stop blaming innocent Spirits for what people chose to do on their own .

87 - When People Are all Equal
1 John 3 : 15 Anyone who hates a brother or sister is a murderer , and you know that no murderer has eternal life residing in him . You are only a murderer if you really murder someone or many . In the end we are all equal . The most righteous and the most wicked people will die and neither of them will have eternal life : good or a bad eternal life . With mortal species all will die someday . The LORD cannot change that and would not change that . Mortal life is not for most people and other animals an easy walk and the older we get the more difficult life becomes for most all mortal life . So the LORD would never change the fact that all mortal species will die . I asked LORD ELohim if He knew back then , billions of years ago when He first started playing in the dirt , what He knows now about mortal life would He have created mortal flesh and bone life ? and He says He would have never created any mortal flesh . The LORD's biggest regret is making Hominoids and giving us free will . He will never do that again . In the Jewish Talmud Rabbis questioned if it would have been better for mankind not to have been created by the LORD and they decided that it would have been better had mankind never existed . The LORD agrees fully with them about that . Flowers and trees maybe he would have created , but only flowers and trees .

88 - The LORD Tried To Help Us
People are like dinosaurs : once they are created they are hard to get rid of . LORD ELohim was very happy that the asteroids hit earth and took out most all dinosaurs . Extreme cold and other stuff pretty much took out most of the rest of them . The first Hominoids which the LORD called humans also with free will were who people call the Grays and then the next humans the LORD made were the Anunnaki and then us humans . The LORD could not just get rid of the Grays so He tried to make a better Hominoid human using the Grays genes and those were the Anunnaki and the Anunnaki were worse in doing evil and wickedness than the Grays . So the LORD tried once more to make a better human using again the Grays DNA and whatever and changing it somewhat and that was us He made and we have been a little better then the Grays and Anunnaki but only a very little better . So the LORD thought if He could guide us and teach us what could help us live a better and more peaceful mortal life we would stop the wars and hatred and all else that was wicked and evil and cruel about us . The only problem was is that mortals cannot see or hear the LORD or any other Spirits . The LORD ELohim had great wisdom to share with us : but how ? He tried with Men of God first with the help of Teaching Spirits . Men of God were mortal men and that did not work very well because what little they understood was very little and when they died most always what they did learn went with them . The LORD realized He needed to make it so one generation learnings was taught to the next generation and on and on . He also needed to know who those people were . You probably know the rest . The LORD chose Abraham and Sarah to be the first Jews . The LORD worked on their son's DNA and Isaac was the first Hebrew , a white skinned human , first ever on earth . Even Abraham and Sarah were black skinned people . Isaac was a true Albino . The LORD and Teaching Spirits worked with those the LORD named Prophets who were all chosen from among the Jews . Shortly after Abraham the Men of God died out . Through the Jews the LORD tried to share His wisdom with the pagan world and the Jews tried very hard to be His voice to teach the world but that did not work out as good as the LORD hoped it would . The Hebrew Jews were not the problem , it was everyone else on earth that was the problem . As time went on many of the Hebrew people left Israel and the religion of Judaism and were no longer Jews . And as time went on these Hebrew white skinned people who were no longer Jews , generation after generation and mostly during the time of Christians , began treating the Jews worse than anyone else and many of them still do today . The Hebrew Jews who never turned away from LORD ELohim , generation after generation , are still His voice today in this still pagan world . Because the Hebrew Jewish people have never turned away from LORD ELohim : LORD ELohim will never turn away from His chosen people , the Hebrew Jews . The truth is : LORD ELohim is kind of hoping for more asteroids striking earth only this time much much bigger .

89 - The Messiah
We read a couple of books about Judaism regarding the Messiah . Remember the Messiah is a Jew-ish hope . This hope was not created by Christians and the non-Christians have abused and lied greatly about this hope of the Jewish people . This Messiah has to be Jewish and he also must be a fully mortal man . The Jews hope that the Messiah can unify the world and bring peace to all the nations . The Messiah is to be a Spiritual guide and the LORD hopes this will come true . Messiah means ' the anointed one ' , meaning ' chosen to lead ' as a political leader . Many Jews hope the Messiah will rebuild their Temple in Israel . If that comes true the LORD does not care where it is built as long as it is in Israel somewhere but He really does not care if a Temple comes to be . A few believed that the Messiah would raise the dead but remember this man will be fully mortal and a mortal cannot do that . It would have to be LORD ELohim working through this man and even LORD ELohim cannot raise the dead so this hope can be scratched off the list . According to these Jewish books compared to Christian beliefs about the Messiah they do not mention that the Messiah must suffer , or need to die and be resurrected , or to be a God , or be the only Son of God . One book says the Messiah would be a King and of David's blood line but the LORD would not be that fussy . Many Jews believe when the Messiah comes to be that would bring about the ' Messianic Age ' , a time of world peace but remember this mortal man will die sometime like any other mortal , so the question is : will the world nations have learnt well enough from him , enough to maintain world peace after the Messiah dies . How will the Jews and mankind know who is the true awaited Jewish Messiah ? He gets these jobs done except for raising the dead because he will be fully mortal .

90 - Christian Errors Stand Out
In every book about the CB it says the CB is perfect and without errors . Is that true ? The genealogy of Y'shua in Matthew 1 : 1 - 17 and Luke 3 : 23 - 37 do not match is numbers or in names of people . These genealogies are so different the KJV tried to cover it up by saying the genealogy in Luke is that of Miriam's ( Mary Yshua's mother ) . We did the math and there is a difference of 600 years or 15 generations . The NIV claims both Matthew and Luke are the genealogy of Y'shua , probably thinking no one is going to do the math . Many of the names are not even Jewish Hebrew names . What about the birth of Y'shua . In Matthew 2 : 10 & 11 it says When they saw the star , they were overjoyed . 11 On coming to the house , they saw the child with his mother Mary , and they bowed down and worshiped him . In Luke 2 : 12 This will be a sign to you : You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger ." So which is it : was Y'shua born in a barn or a house ? According to the LORD , Y'shua was born in a house where a friend of Miriam's lived . At Christmas time most Christians have a doll in a manger and not in a doll house . The LORD ELohim says that Y'shua birth was very uneventful . No shepherds , no pagan Magi worshiping him , no star indicating where he would be born , no one calling him the king of the Jews , and on and on . Joseph and Miriam and their fully mortal child , Y'shua , went to Egypt because Joseph had work there to do . Can you imagine pagans worshiping a Jewish baby ? When their face was near the ground and their rump's were up in the air , Joseph would probably have kicked them in their highest point for worshiping a Jewish mortal child as if he were a pagan god . In Revelation 7 : 4 - 8 there is a list of the tribes of Israel but those are not right . Livi was not a tribe and Joseph was not called a tribal leader either , Ephraim and Manasseh his two sons were . The two tribes missing are Dan and Ephraim from this list in Revelation . A Jewish writer would have never made this error . And the errors and lies go on and on .

91 - Could Paul Prove Y'shua Was The Messiah ?
In Acts 17 : 1 - 5 ..... 2 As was his custom , Paul went into the synagogue , and on three Sabbath days he reasoned with them from the Scriptures , 3 explaining and proving that the Messiah had to suffer and rise from the dead . " This Jesus I am proclaiming to you is the Messiah , " he said . There are no back up verses in the JB for these verses according to the CB's . There are a few in the CB NT but that proves nothing to be the truth . What JB Scripture verses is Paul talking about that makes Y'shua both Lamb of God and the Messiah also ? According to the CB : there are none in the JB . If there are verses that say the Messiah must die and must be raised from the dead the Jewish Rabbis would know about them . We could not find any in the JB Scriptures that say that . There are verses about the Lamb and there are verses about the Messiah but we could not find any verses that say these two people are only one person . 5 But other Jews were jealous ; What was there about Paul or what Paul said to be jealous of ? We have found nothing and neither did the LORD . Its very unlikely that the Jews were jealous of this guy if this even happened . Again : the Lamb of God was Y'shua and the coming Messiah is another man that is not Y'shua . Paul claiming that Y'shua is both Lamb of God and the Messiah is just wrong . The LORD ELohim says if Paul was a truly devoted Jewish man as he is claimed to be in the CB : he probably would have known there is a problem with this belief that Y'shua was both the Lamb of God and the Messiah . Again LORD ELohim says that Y'shua was only the Lamb of God and not also the Messiah . The LORD is sure Paul could not prove Y'shua was the awaited Messiah .

92 - Where Are The Women ?
In Revelation 14 : 1 - 5 says that in Heaven 3 .... No one could learn the song except the 144,000 who had been redeemed from the earth . 4 These are those who did not defile themselves with women , for they remained virgins . Even LORD ELohim is wondering where are the women ? The LORD did not create women just for breeding men . Like men we women too are children of LORD ELohim also . The LORD would have done half men and half women . And what is it about women that ' defile ' men ? This is something Paul would have wrote or maybe a Roman Catholic monk . Remember , even Y'shua was not a virgin when he died . How could the Angels get 144,000 Jewish mortal men to Heaven who were standing on Mount Zion moments before ? Remember that the LORD cannot ' rapture ' Christians from the earth into Heaven in the blink of an eye so He would have the same problem rapturing Jews too . That is not going to happen . These men are probably the 144,000 Jews who were sealed on their foreheads who are servants of the LORD in Revelation 7 : 3 - 8 . That is not going to happen either .

93 - The Romans And The Greeks Probably Had More To Do With The Making Of Christianity Then Any One Else
According to the Encyclopedia the Romans and the Greeks had thousands of deities around the time Y'shua lived . Many of the planets in our solar system are named after these false gods like : Jupiter , Mars , Neptune , Mercury , Pluto , Saturn , Venus . The Greeks had much the same gods only the names are different . The Roman King of the Gods was named Jupiter and the Greeks called him Zeus . The Greeks had so many deities that each year they had a Festival to the unknown gods so they left no gods out . The Romans adopted most of their gods from the Greeks . The Greeks had a great deal to do with the writing of the Christian Bible and also has a lot of Roman influence also . It’s not surprising that they made Y'shua into a false pagan god and created the Holy Spirit who does not exist into a false pagan god also . It was the Roman Catholic's and Greeks who made Y'shua their false pagan ' God of Creation ' (John 1 : 1-5) : not the Jews . They also make Y'shua the ' only Son of God ' who is also a false pagan god (John 1 : 14) . They also named LORD ELohim and Y'shua ' Alpha and Omega ' which are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet (Revelation 1 : 8 , 21 : 6 , 22 : 13) . Do not call LORD ELohim or Y'shua that name . According to a Christian dictionary : Y'shua never claimed to be the Messiah but it is believe that Y'shua calling himself the ' Son of Man ' made reference to him being the Messiah . Y'shua was not the creation God : LORD ELohim was . Y'shua was not the only Son of God because the LORD has lots of sons , mortal and Spirit . The LORD's name and Y'shua's is not Alpha and Omega , again never call them that name . Y'shua was also not the Messiah .

94 - Judaism Was The First
The religion of Judaism was the first known religion to believe and teach that there is only one God and there are no other Gods . There was a non-Jewish man named Melchizedek who was a priest and king of Salem . Abraham knew this man according to the JB . LORD ELohim also knew him and knew Melchizedek to be a pagan man and a believer in more than one God . In Hebrews 6 : 16 - 20 ..... 19 We have this hope as an anchor for the soul , firm and secure . It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain , 20 where our forerunner , Jesus , has entered on our behalf . He has become a high priest forever , in the order of Melchizedek . Again : this guy was not Jewish . Abraham and Sarah were the first Jews . LORD ELohim says Y'shua did not become a high priest forever , in the order of Melchizedek . Y'shua was a good Jewish Rabbi . The claim is that Psalms 110 : 4 backs up these verses . In the JB Psalms 110 : 4 says The LORD has sworn and will not relent , " You are a priest forever , a rightful king by My decree ." In the NIV Psalm 110 : 4 The LORD has sworn and will not change his mind : " You are a priest forever , in the order of Melchizedek . Melchizedek is not mentioned in the JB in this verse so the CB OT is wrong . We did find that Melchizedek was used as an example that a person could be both king and a priest but the LORD was not very fond of Melchizedek because he was a pagan who believed in other false gods to . The KJV uses this man also in this verse . LORD ELohim would never tell someone to follow the pagan religion of Melchizedek . The LORD has no problem with a Jewish King who is also a Priest of the religion of Judaism .

95 - Parables
Matthew 13 : 1 - 16 This is about Y'shua talking in parables and the Disciples asked him : 10 The disciples came to him and asked , " Why do you speak to the people in parables ?" 11 (R) He replied , " Because the knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven has been given to you , but not to them . 12 Whoever has will be given more , and they will have an abundance . Whoever does not have , even what they have will be taken from them . This is why I speak to them in parables . LORD ELohim says Y'shua never spoke to people in parables and the LORD would not have approved of Y'shua not making his teachings clear in understanding to all people of the world . If you think of the CB NT and all this Heaven or Hell and Lake of Fire stuff , leaving people out of a true understanding of what Y'shua teaches would be Y'shua himself condemning most people to suffer greatly in hell and then the lake of fire for all eternity . The LORD says Y'shua never said this and there is no Kingdom of Heaven for mortals and there is no hell or lake of fire and there is no resurrection coming or eternal life , good or bad , for any mortals . LORD ELohim was always with Y'shua and the LORD never heard Y'shua even once speaking in parables and he also never mentioned a kingdom of Heaven for mortals either . Y'shua's teachings were mostly about helping the Jewish people who were under the rule of the Romans and other people to live a better life like teaching the Ten Commandments and The Simple Truth . Y'shua loved to help people in his teachings .

96 - Can The Law Be Fulfilled ?
Matthew 5 : 17 (R) Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets ; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them . Y'shua did fulfill the prophecies about the Lamb of God but how can the Ten Commandments be fulfilled also by Y'shua ? The word ' fulfill ' means : to put into effect , finish , complete . The Ten Commandments were completed and were put into effect by LORD ELohim through Moses about 1250 years before Y'shua lived so that cannot mean that . The LORD ELohim will never abolish ( do away with ) the Ten Commandments or change them other than one error Moses made . There was and is nothing about the Law to put into effect because they have been forever in effect since the time of Moses and there is nothing to finish or to complete about any of the Ten Commandments . So this makes no sense to us . The error Moses made is in the second Commandment begins where it starts saying .... For I the LORD your God am an impassioned God , [ .... then the error .....] showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments . The error is : For I am an impassioned God , visiting the guilt of the parents upon the children , upon the third and upon the fourth generations of those who reject Me . LORD ELohim would never put the sins and iniquities of parents upon their children . It’s like the ' Original Sin ' Christians believe in . The belief is that Adam's sins were put upon all mankind by LORD ELohim therefore all humans are sinners which is a lie . Children are not responsible for the sins and wrong doings of their parents either . The LORD says that a thousand generations means for all eternity and even when those people are dead He will always love those who loved Him and kept His Ten Commandments . A common error that Christians have made is writing the sixth commandment : Thou shalt not kill . It should be You shall not murder . People need to eat .

97 - Roman Catholics Changing The Law Is Wrong
According to the CB in Matthew 5 : 18 20 Y'shua teaches that the Ten Commandments are to be kept by all people as they are , as the LORD ELohim taught Moses except for one minor error says the LORD . 19 Therefore anyone who sets aside one of the least of these commands and teaches others accordingly will be called least in the kingdom of heaven , but whoever practices and teaches these commands will be called great in the kingdom of heaven . The Roman Catholic Church changed the Ten Commandments to the point they are not the LORD's Commandments for the most part . The second Commandment was completely taken out by the church . The fourth Commandment is their third and it says Remember to keep holy the Lord's Day which is not LORD ELohim's Sabbath . The Lord's Day is the first day of the week and it is a memorial day of Y'shua's resurrection on that day which never happened . LORD ELohim's Sabbath Day spoken of in the fourth Commandment is the seventh day of the week . Their fifth Commandment is You shall not kill . That command should be You shall not murder and the Roman Catholic Church and even other Christians did not obey that Commandment a whole lot . The tenth Commandment the church splits into two Commandments so there would still be ten Commandments . The Roman Catholic Church Ten Commandments are not LORD ELohim's Ten Commandments . The Christians claim that Y'shua also said in verse 20 For I tell you that unless you're righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees and the teachers of the law , you will certainly not enter the kingdom of heaven . LORD ELohim did not have a problem with the Pharisees or teachers of the Law at the time of Y'shua and neither did Y'shua until he used the high Priest and the Romans to put him on the cross . If this verse were true a lot of popes and other Christians will certainly not enter the kingdom of heaven . There is no Kingdom of Heaven for mortals . There is a Kingdom of Heaven for Spirits only .

98 - Must You Forgive Others To Be Forgiven By The LORD ?
In Matthew 6 : 14 & 15 For if you forgive other people when they sin against you , your heavenly Father will also forgive you . 15 But if you do not forgive others their sins , your Father will not forgive your sins . This is not true . If you are a fairly good person , your sins and wrong doings were forgiven already at the moment Y'shua the Lamb of God died on the cross , long long before you were even born . The LORD is very understanding and reasonable . There have been many people so evil , wicked and cruel who even LORD ELohim will never forgive , many many people over the years . In The Simple Truth the LORD ELohim suggests we forgive others but He would never go as far as to say that all Jews should forgive the most evil , cruel and wicked man Hitler and all his wicked , cruel and evil goons for the slaughter and cold blooded murder of about six million Jews and many other people who were the so called ' unwanted people ' . Many people have a good reason not to forgive someone or many people but the LORD hopes those people will find a way to not let that ruin their life and they will find joy in their life . It’s a lie that the LORD would not forgive you for that reason . Y'shua never said that .

99 - Isaiah 53 About The Lamb Of God
In Isaiah there are verses about the Lamb of God but LORD ELohim says Isaiah did not get all verses he wrote right . In the JB Isaiah 53 : 2 For he has grown , by His favor , like a tree crown , .... He had no form or beauty , that we should look at him : True : The LORD says this is true . Y'shua was not a handsome man but Miriam loved him anyway . No charm , that we should find him pleasing . Not True : Y'shua was not the best looking man but the LORD says he was a very charming and delightful man to be around . 3 He was despised , shunned by men . Not all true : Y'shua was not despised or shunned by men until Y'shua around the age of 33 started messing around with a Jewish Priest and especially the Romans so they would put him on a cross . A man of suffering , familiar with disease . Not True : The LORD says Y'shua being fully a mortal man was not a sickly man . He had his share of toothaches and stuff like having a cold , but no more than what was common for anyone else . As one who hid his face from us . Not True . Y'shua was not very well known but he was out and about most every day . He was despised , we held him of no account . Not All True : Again Y'shua was not despised until he was ready to die as the Lamb of God for our sins to be forgiven by the LORD . Y'shua for the most part was teaching what was common for a Rabbi to teach . He did teach The Simple Truth and that the LORD would forgive the sins of most of mankind ' soon ' . Y'shua was never a Rabbi superstar as the CB claims he was . 4 Yet it was our sickness that he was bearing , Our suffering that he endured . We accounted him plagued , Not True : LORD ELohim never put upon Y'shua the sickness of other people and when Y'shua died the sickness of other people did not suddenly heal and go away . Smitten and afflicted by God ; Not True : The LORD never caused Y'shua to be ill or harmed in any way . The LORD never made Y'shua be the Lamb of God either . When Y'shua was on the cross the LORD made sure he felt no pain . 5 But he was wounded because of our sins , Crushed because of our iniquities . He bore the chastisement that made us whole , And by his bruises we were healed . Mostly True : Y'shua was not crushed and we are fairly sure that ' healed ' means forgiven of our sins and iniquities . No persons sickness was healed because Y'shua died . Again , LORD ELohim never punished His Jewish people . 6 We all went astray like sheep , Each going his own way ; And the LORD visited upon him The guilt of all of us . True . 7 He was maltreated , yet he was submissive , He did not open his mouth ; Like a sheep being led to slaughter , Like a ewe , dumb before those who shear her , He did not open his mouth . True : According to Matthew 26 : 64 and 27 : 11 Y'shua did speak a little but 26 : 63 ... it says the high Priest asked him Tell us if you are the Messiah , the Son of God ". From what I understand the Jewish people never associated the Messiah as also being the Son of God , so can you trust the other verses ? The LORD says Y'shua never spoke even one word . Y'shua knew the old prophecies about him and he followed them as best he could . 8 By oppressive judgment he was taken away , Who could describe his abode ? For he was cut off from the land of the living Through the sin of my people , who deserved the punishment . True : But Y'shua died for the sins and iniquities of most all the people of the world , not just the Jews . Where is Y'shua's abode ? Most like in an ossuary , a bone box , somewhere in Israel . Y'shua was never resurrected . I feel that the Jewish Prophets were really overly harsh with the Jewish people back then : the LORD agrees . 9 And his grave was set among the wicked , And with the rich , in his death Though he had done no injustice And had spoken no falsehood . Mostly True : Again , LORD ELohim was always with Y'shua except when he was sleeping . The LORD says that Y'shua asked Joseph of Arimathea to put his body in a tomb and Joseph agreed to do that for him . Joseph was a rich man . The LORD is sure Y'shua's grave is not among the wicked but where his body went out of the tomb even the LORD does not know . Y'shua was a sinless man and a righteous man who never did speak any falsehoods . But remember the Roman Catholic Church and some Greeks did write a lot of falsehoods claimed to be Y'shua's falsehoods . 10 But the LORD chose to crush him by disease , False : The LORD never caused Y'shua any illness . That , if he made himself and offering for guilt , He might see offspring and have long life , And that through him the LORD's purpose might proper . Mostly True : Y'shua chose to be the Lamb of God : not LORD ELohim . Y'shua did have offspring , two sons with Miriam but he died at the age of 33 so his life was not long . Again remember : when , where and how was up to Y'shua , not the LORD . Y'shua was not just the Lamb of God but a Rabbi who mostly taught The Simple Truth and the coming of the LORD's forgiveness of most all people's sins and iniquities so he had that purpose too . 11 Out of his anguish he shall see it ; He shall enjoy it to the full through his devotion . Probably True : Y'shua was a very devoted Jew to Judaism and especially devoted to LORD ELohim . Y'shua greatly believed in what the LORD was trying to do for all mankind including his people . He probably felt it was a great honor to help the LORD . Remember there were two Lamb of God Jewish men before Y'shua and both tried very hard to make it happen , to be the LORD's sacrificial Lamb , but the opportunity to do so just never happened for them . When Christianity came to be many years later and the Roman Catholic Church was making up a lot of lies about LORD ELohim and Y'shua and began killing Jews who taught the truth , the LORD began thinking that Y'shua may have died in vain but He kept hoping things would change some how in the future . That change is now . My righteous servant makes the many righteous , False : Y'shua was in the LORD's opinion was a very righteous man but Y'shua's death did not make anyone else righteous . The LORD's forgiveness of people sins and iniquities did not make those people righteous either . If you want to be thought of as righteous by the LORD , you still have to earn that name like everybody else . It is their punishment that he bears ; True : Y'shua took upon himself your sins and wrong doings if you a fairly good person and for all other fairly good people everywhere on earth who lived in the past , at Y'shua's time and who lived in the future and for all eternity . 12 Assuredly , I will give him the many as his portion , He shall receive the multitude as his spoil . False : Y'ahus is dead and will never be resurrected from the dead just like you . In the JB resurrection is a metaphor for the renewal of the nation at the end of the exile . Israel in exile is described as dead ; the nation is brought back to life when the exile ends . Spoil means plunder : to take the goods of by force or wrongfully ; something taken by force or theft . We are having trouble understanding what is his spoil ? We think people are his spoil but it makes no sense . When the LORD does not understand something : I don't feel so bad that I don't understand it either . Y'shua is dead . It could be that maybe Isaiah did believe in resurrection of dead people , which is wrong . For he exposed himself to death And was numbered among the sinners , Whereas he bore the guilt of the many And made intercession for sinners . Mostly True : Y'shua did take upon himself our sins and iniquities but Y'shua had no reason to pray to LORD ELohim for us sinners . Y'shua knew his sacrificial death as the LORD's Lamb was for the forgiveness of most all sinners sins and wrong doings . He had no need to pray for us . The idea for the Lamb of God was LORD ELohim's , not Y'shua's but Y'shua did know what purpose it was for .

100 - Your Treasure Is On Earth
Matthew 6 : 19 - 21 (R) Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth , where moths and vermin destroy , and where thieves break in and steal 20 But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven , .... 21 For where your treasure is , there your heart will be also . Because moths and vermin can destroy these treasures you may have and people can steal them , this is not about a spiritual something or a metaphor . It’s about material man made stuff people have . We think you would have a problem finding a moving company that can get your grandmothers push pedal Singer sewing machine to Heaven billions of miles away from earth . This verse makes no sense . LORD ELohim says Y'shua never taught this verse . Y'shua was a very smart man . Whoever wrote these verses : probably not so much .

101 - A Great Lie
2 Peter 2 : 4 For if God did not spare angels when they sinned , but sent them to hell , putting them in chains of darkness to be held for judgment ; The Angels this Peter guy is talking about are LORD ELohim's beloved Spirit children . It's one thing for Christians to lie about mankind in this way , but to tell such a lie about the LORD's Spirit children , the Christian writers have gone too far . All Angels are loving , kind , caring and without sin . To say that LORD ELohim would do such a thing to His Spirit or mortal children is saying that the LORD is a very evil , wicked and cruel God and Father . LORD ELohim is not these things . The LORD is a deeply loving , kind , caring and devoted God and Father to His Spirit children and most all mortal children . Again : there is no hell . LORD ELohim never created a hell or lake of fire or purgatory or limbo . No one created those places . Where do people get such ridiculous ideas about LORD ELohim and His Spirit children from ? How would a mortal even know anything about the Spirit world , especially stuff like this ? The LORD ELohim judged mankind and we greatly failed our trial but He has no reason to judge His Spirit children because they have never given Him reason to do that . Now : stop calling LORD ELohim a wicked , cruel , and evil God and Father . End the lies now about LORD ELohim and His Spirit children .

102 - Correcting A Error We Made
We wrote somewhere in this update that a Christian book says Y'shua never said he was the Messiah but only implied that by calling himself the Son of Man . That is what the writer wrote . Our error is that we did not check if that was true . It is true that Y'shua never said he was the Messiah , but the CB says he did . Matthew 24 : 4 & 5 Jesus answered : " Watch out that no one deceives you . 5 For many will come in my name , claiming , ' I am the Messiah ,' and will deceive many . Matthew 16 : 13 - 17 ... he asked his disciples , " Who do people say the Son of Man is ?" They replied , " Some say John the Baptist ; others say Elijah ; and still others , Jeremiah or one of the prophets ." 15 (R) But what about you ? "he asked . " Who do you say I am ? " 16 Simon Peter answered , You are the Messiah , the Son of the living God ." 17 (R) Jesus replied , " Blessed are you , Simon son of Jonah , for this was not revealed to you by flesh and blood , but by my Father in heaven . Again : the truth is that Y'shua never claimed to be the Messiah and the Jewish people never thought he was the Messiah but in the CB there are lies that Y'shua did claim to be the Messiah . The Christian book is right in an indirect way : that Y'shua never claimed to be the Messiah , but the CB claims that Y'shua did claim to be the Messiah and that is a lie says the LORD .

103 - Did Jews Believe In Reincarnation ?
Reincarnation means : a rebirth of the soul in a new body . The above verses say the Disciples said to Y'shua when he is claimed to have asked " Who do people say the Son of Man is ? " They are said to have said " Some say John the Baptist ; others say Elijah ; and still others , Jeremiah or one of the prophets ." From what we under-stand there is nothing in the Torah about what happens after death so the Jews pretty much just say ' only LORD ELohim our God knows ' . The LORD says : What people call Souls do not exist and if they did exist they would need to be Spirits and the LORD would say to the Souls " to be some mortal's Soul , once is enough " but He never created such Spirit children . The LORD was never that cruel to His Spirit children . Would you want to be inside a human's smelly flesh body for years and years ? Can you imagine LORD ELohim making Spirit Souls for people , the way people breed like rabbits . It would be a full time job for Him . There is about 8 billion people on earth now and probably a billion or a few more billion in the past around the world . LORD ELohim would never do that to His Spirit children , to put them into a mortal flesh and bone body because most would be their suffering from extreme boredom and loneliness and most would be constantly miserable for sixty or more years . That would just be so cruel to do to them . Think of how boring most peoples lives really are . There is no reincarnation after a person dies because no mortal has any Spirit in them to call ' me ' : says the LORD . Souls do not exist and never will . People have no Spirit , not even the one Christians believe in called the Holy Spirit .

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